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The American Wealth Today


There is nothing wrong with wealth.  What is wrong is the gap between have’s and have-not’s.  Capitalism is a good thing and helps to develop wealth.  Capitalism goes sour when it becomes centralized and similar to the economics of a centralized economy in the failed Soviet Union.
The disgust with wealth in America today can be expressed as follows:
  1. Emphasis on quantity over quality
  2. Considering human beings as “economic units,” robots, or slaves (like the plantation owners of the South; like the Romans did)
  3. Cutting corners to make the cheapest possible products and utilize our vastly overrated marketing networks to sell shoddy products (Jesus Christ became violently angry when shoddy products were sold in the temple)
  4. Laziness at the top, making lousy role models for the American work ethic, then blaming American workers for not having a “work ethic”
  5. Emphasis on greed and selfishness of the individual to such extremes that the good of the society is negated completely
  6. Monopolistic attitudes among cronies;  no different than the centralized control and cronyism which eventually aided the destruction of the Soviet Union (Soviet system was not communism)
  7. Mis-aligned ideas of capitalism and wish a return to the economic feudal/landlord/ mercantile systems which preceded capitalism, not recognizing how it was capitalism and democracy which made this nation great
  8. Through large corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonalds (and others), have goals to destroy the mom and pop small retail businesses in America, in the same manner the Ancient Chinese destroyed the Mandarin merchant class and plunged China into centuries of poverty (perhaps the wealthy in America are listening too much to advice of the Chinese today who DON’T have our best interests in mind?)
  9. Anarchists, promoting any type of action, even if it smacks of swindling and deception, to make a buck, and go to extreme lengths to validate these actions – including … “doing this in the name of the LORD!”
  10. No longer do the wealthy put their sons and daughters in the line of duty to defend this great nation and get wackos like Allen West to justify what they do; look back at the wealthy ones like Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Marinus Willett, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and countless other wealthy Americans who would put THEIR lives on the line to defend this nation, not just the ones who are unemployed.  Side note:  was it the poor “communist” who deplored the draft and sought an end to it?  No.  It was sons and daughters of wealthy ones who led the protests against Vietnam and the draft, far different than the poor Irish immigrants who protested Lincoln’s draft in the 1860s.  About the only official in the wealthy / elite Washington crew that I have heard has children serving in the Armed Forces is Vice President Joe Biden.   Perhaps there are others?  Please tell me.  The ending of the draft, I believe, was more beneficial for the wealthy ones, not for the Middle and lower classes.  The wealthy today can withhold their investments and create an environment where poor people have no choice but to volunteer to serve in the military.  What sick people the wealthy Americans are today.  Sickos.  The wealthy no longer sacrifice for this nation, and expect the “Roman-warrior” types in the lower classes to sacrifice.  The draft created an equalizing force in America. We need to implement more than just a draft, but a 2-year compulsory service by every American, regardless of wealth.

    I had a wealthy ancestor who sacrificed big time for the American Revolution.  He nearly went broke in funding this new nation when all the tax dollars were going to Britain.  I think the wealthy ones today should do the same thing as my ancestor did by putting this nation first.  And guess what?  There were no “communists” at the time my ancestor lived.  But go ahead – call him a “communist” or a “socialist,” Mr. West.  And while you are at it, Mr. West, call me, a good CAPITALIST supporting SMALL BUSINESS in America, a “communist,” too!  Go right ahead.  You bastard… and all the goons who lack any intelligence who support you.

    This last issue in number 10 is a big one for me.

    I wish to ask Jeb Bush how much HIS ancestor sacrificed for this nation and then ask him to consider how much HE sacrifices for our nation today – with investments and buddies in Saudi Arabia?  HUH?  I learned that Jeb Bush and I are both members of the same organization – the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).

    How much did George Bush sacrifice for this nation?  Had it been necessary for me to be drafted, I would have gone.  It would not have pleased me.  But the draft ended by the time I became 18.  That would be the same for Neil and Marvin Bush, but not for Jeb and George.

    When guys were STILL leaving for Canada, I remained in this nation.  When I was offered a job opportunity in Canada – teaching – I remained in this nation.  Those were tough decisions for me to make, but I chose the solution which I felt was best.  Jimmy Carter was president when I was offered that job in Canada.  Imagine my disgust when smooth slick Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980 – and I was told I should just simply put up with the situation.  Imagine it.  I could have been a Middle Class citizen in Canada on the Canadian healthcare system today – which I have heard is not so bad, despite what wealthy Americans beholden to the “black hole money pit” of big insurance and big Pharm, keep propagandizing about.

    The people who run those corporate conglomerates know nothing about sacrifice for America.  Again, they prefer to destroy than to compete.  Compete with companies in the Western world which have lower expenses due to universal healthcare? NAH!  These bastard pigs wish to destroy, rather than figure out ways to compete.  Compete with companies where per capita healthcare costs are 1/3 those of American healthcare costs?  Hell no!  Destroy the idea of lower cost healthcare instead.

    It will be nice to have sensible people like Patrick Murphy in Congress, rather than the divisive wackos doing duty for the Murdock / Norquist / Koch / Rove (racist) wealthy group.

About Being Gay and the Nasty Politics / Religion Today

Recently, a “bishop” told congregants of some church that those who vote for Barack Obama are “going to hell.”  There are many churches with bishops.  The Roman and Anglican (Episcopal) and the United Methodist (once called the Methodist Episcopal) all have bishops.

Let’s take note that sane religious groups do not make such statements.  But if we did, we certainly have plenty of reason to say, “don’t vote for Romney / Ryan or you will go to hell.”  The biggest reason is Paul Ryan, but there are plenty of reasons why Mitt Romney is evil.

Let’s take Mitt Romney.  He bullied gay people when in high school.  You like that kind of man for president?  A bully?  You do, huh?  You like that?  How about if I, as a gay man, bullied YOU because you, as a man, have sex with a woman – out of wedlock?  How about if I bullied YOU for not taking responsibility for your actions and just freely having sex with the “one who you are with?”  HOW ABOUT THAT? Why don’t I bully people like that?  Because of Jesus Christ.  Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbor.  Jesus Christ taught us to do to one another as we would have done to ourselves.  I don’t know about you who actually bother to read this post, but I would not bully myself, so why would I bully another person?

Then there is Paul Ryan.  His worship of Ayn Rand makes him very evil.  At least those Roman Catholics who accept gay people are following the words of Christ:  love your neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do to you.  The pope rejects the true Christians, but would accept a congregant who follows the words … no WORSHIPS … an atheist anarchist who believes no one should take responsibility for his/he actions?  How can Paul Ryan have any conscience and attend a Roman Catholic Church?  How can the pope accept such a person, but would deny John Kerry the sacraments because he supports gay people?  John Kerry practices the true Christian religious beliefs.  Paul Ryan and countless other HYPOCRITES are evil creatures doing the will of the beast whose name is created by adding a “d” to the word “evil.”

Barack Obama does not go around ADVOCATING abortion, but accepts the fact that women have a choice.  Ayn  Rand ADVOCATED abortions.  Do people even realize this as they go to the polls in America?

But it’s being gay which impacts me.  My freedom and liberty could be curtailed, should a Republican administration take charge.  Does anyone even care enough to consider this?  I am a RESPONSIBLE gay man, unlike the homosexuality promoted by Ayn Rand – “do your own thing and don’t give a damn about those around you.”  “Love the one you’re with,” according to Ayn Rand.

Here I have spent a lifetime being careful to take responsibility for my actions.  And due to a stupid Jewish woman – an atheist – her followers could really bully me by using churches and universities like Palm Beach Atlantic U. to do their dirty work.  These irresponsible people who promote anarchy USE a bishop to tell his congregants to be self-righteous and judge a good man who has worked hard for the Middle Class for four years now.  Stupid suckers in America who buy this crap from a bunch of paranoid losers fearful that they might be gay.

It matters not that I have had to endure those who FORCE me, using the fear of societal “traditions,” into heterosexual relationships when I truly was always gay.  So, Mr. Rick Santorum, the devil himself, how did YOU lose your freedom and liberty?  Who removed that from you, … you SOB?  Who did that to you?  And the owner of Chick-fil-a… who removed YOUR freedom and liberty?  Did someone FORCE either of you bastards to marry someone of the same sex?  Sorry to use such strong language, but if the truth were known, I wonder what these guys say under their breath about people like me?

Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum (and others) are paranoid losers propped up by a Nazi pope.  PERIOD.  And what did Jesus Christ have to say – FORCEFULLY – about HYPOCRITES?  Maybe you should read your Bibles, Mr. Romney the bully and Mr. Paul Ryan and Mr. Rick Santorum.  And I have a suggestion.  Don’t rely on “traditions” and THEN go to the Bible to dredge up your stinko stuff.  That’s called proof texting.

Romney is a paranoid bullying loser propped up by the money extracted from the members of his faith – as the elders in Salt Lake City command.

Where, Mr. George H.W. Bush, in the supposed “liberal” mainstream Media, do we hear what I just said?  NO WHERE.  Screw your “new world order,” Mr. Bush … and Mr. Romney.  Screw your “kinder, gentler nation” horse shit, Mr. George H.W. Bush.  HYPOCRITES – as Jesus Christ said.

All of you have a hidden agenda.  Push gay people back into the closet or into drag.  I despise drag and I don’t wish to be pushed back into a closet.  There are gay people who might like drag, too.  Let them like it. That is the freedom we are SUPPOSED to have in the USA, but which the witches of the right wing wish to deny us.

Consider this.  There are many of us who truly are gay and are gay for many reasons, some of which consist of physical things like genetics and hormones and such.  But the reason for being gay is not limited to physical reasons, either.  But are there gay Ayn Rand worshipers who also maintain a hidden agenda?  Are there gay people who pretend to be gay in order to NOT take responsibility for ones self in society and make loads of money?  After all, with no kids to raise, a gay man can become filthy rich, don’t you know?

And that is the irony of the platform of the Republican Party.  The position of that evil party is to trash gay people who are responsible, in favor of the Ayn Rand type of gay man or woman.  Trash the ones who are responsible, then use an iron-fisted approach to those who insist on being outside the closet.  Deny these responsible people finances and jobs and healthcare and retirement, don’t you know?

The gay couple who wishes to adopt a child from overseas.  Trash them because they don’t fit the “traditional” definition of a family.  But the promiscuous ones?  Well… just don’t do it in front of us – same with you promiscuous heteros… just keep it quiet … and DON’T GET CAUGHT… or else!  LOL!  Shallowness! LOL!

The gay couple who wishes to live a private life in a committed relationship, rather than cruise the streets and bars.  Trash them, too.  But the ones who get their jollies from multiple partners – either hetero OR homo… why… just let them do their thing – the Ayn Rand way… go down low… with multiple partners…. be irresponsible, but … OH!  don’t get caught doing it.  And LOL!  Shallow laugh!

Jesus Christ:  “Satan is the father of the lie.”  Jesus Christ:  violent reaction against DECEPTIVE business people bilking the masses as they went to the synagogue.

Ayn Rand encourages promiscuity.  Domestic partner and marriage / civil union laws acknowledge what Jesus Christ said.  Ordination of gay clerics allows the ministering to those who are being responsible in committed relationships and having to face the horse shit of bullies like Romney – who apparently has Romnesia.

And yes, I may not be an executive like Lee Iacocca who published the words I just used.  But I am no different from someone who has money – and don’t you forget it.  Position does not give more rights to do something that others cannot do – and that includes the elevated position some people give the representative of Satan himself – the pope in Vatican City… or the elders in Salt Lake City.  If you are a bully, you are a bully, Mitt Romney.  It matters not how much goddamn money you have, Mittney, when you use if for evil purposes – like ship jobs overseas.

Ayn Rand followers promote promiscuity, whether it be in the heterosexual or homosexual communities.  These are shallow people who lack compassion for their fellow human beings.  “Down low” deceptiveness is okay, but not committed relationships and responsible families, regardless of sexual identity.  They sucker in those of institutions like Palm Beach Atlantic University and other institutions promoting the destruction of gay people.  Even those of us who are AGAINST abortion, but believe legislation of morality, a failure for centuries, is NOT the approach to use.

Nasty politics from nasty people who lack compassion.  These people promote a vicious form of capitalism called crony fascist capitalism – based on Ayn Rand and Libertarian evil beliefs.  I prefer the type of capitalism NOT modeled after Vatican City and Salt Lake City.  I prefer democracy and democratic capitalism which consists of free market capitalism and nixes the huge corporate conglomerate monopolies which don’t compete, but destroy their competition.  I prefer the model of capitalism of the ‘trust buster” and Republican who ran for president exactly 100 years ago – Teddy Roosevelt.  Teddy Roosevelt and Nelson Rockefeller and Jacob Javitz were all better Republicans than the lot we have today which consist of evil people.

And that is the problem with the paranoid Taft family of Ohio.  That election of 1912 split the Republican Party in half.  Teddy Roosevelt had more people who believed his PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN way, but nasty right wing Howard Taft – with the smallest numbers – insisted in being right.  Think about it.  Where is the Taft family of Ohio today?  What impact did that family have on the 2004 election?  Think about it.  Where are the Teddy Roosevelt folks today?  I’ll tell you.  They are being brushed aside by nasty Republican fascists today.

The ones who deserve respect are the responsible gay people today, not the Ayn Rand irresponsible ones.  But nasty politics brush good people aside – as the nasty politics destroy good RESPONSIBLE people, too.  The people who have actually worked hard to EARN their money, rather than take from others.


I Support President Obama and the Democrats

I support our leader, President Barack Obama.  I support most of the ideals of the Democratic Party.

I find the Republican Party message to be offensive and fascist.  It’s a message from a bunch of people unwilling to negotiate, whether those negotiations take place across the aisles in Congress, at a collective bargaining negotiation session, or at the diplomatic negotiating sessions in the Middle East.

I am against handouts, so therefore find some of what Democrats support to be offensive. But it’s far better than what I hear on the Republican side, particularly the narrow vision of the Republicans with regard to civil rights and related social issues.

I would prefer to see a Federal agency like the WPA replace unemployment benefits.  I would prefer to see the military spend some of its money on “defense” projects such as our American infrastructure which, when could reverse crumbling infrastructure such as dams and levies (to name a few) which leave us vulnerable in some situations.  The Army Corps of Engineers, for instance, could handle such projects.  I would prefer a mandatory 2-year military service time for all American youth and part of that could be work on infrastructure projects.

I would prefer such projects provide enough money to feed those who are involved in them.

But I have heard no such proposals from EITHER of the political parties.  Nevertheless, based on historical facts about the impact of these two political parties, I choose the Democrats.

I don’t make my decision based on a candidate’s personality, although there are times when that does make a difference.

I don’t make my decision based solely on the person, but I make my decision based on the people who surround the person.  There are racist and bigoted goons surrounding Romney and Ryan.  I don’t like hateful, mean-spirited people and recognize that a vote for Romney / Ryan provides ammunition and power to such goons.

I also recognize that we are human beings and at times need to recognize that President Obama is not perfect.  I need to reduce the expectation of perfection.  My apologies to the president for comments I made on this blog  a year or so ago.  But it is tough, at times, to deal with what is heard coming from the fat negative putrid mouths of many of the president’s detractors.  I do remain consistent in attacking such negativity and false commentary.

Paul Ryan, Ayn Rand, and Socialism

As portrayed in the fantasy world of a fictional character named John Galt (and others – “where is John Galt?”), public transportation is a communist and socialist plot to destroy the world.  Republicans like Paul Ryan take this “socialist plot” seriously.  Same with Sid Dinnerstein in Palm Beach County, as he derides any attempt to improve public transit systems. And Rick Scott who turned back money from the stimulus package to build a high-speed rail system.

I see this issue of public transit in a different light.  I see public transit as a healthy competitive force in the transportation and energy industries, competing against corporate monopolies.  There are some metropolitan areas which are able to break even and sometimes make a profit on public transit.

If it is run correctly, public, or mass, transit is as capitalist as Mom, apple pie and baseball are American ideals.

After World War II, a Republican general named Douglas MacArthur became Supreme Commander of Japan.  We TRAINED the Japanese and changed their culture from one of an ancient feudal landlord system to a modern-day economic giant.  The Japanese auto industry came here and ate our lunches.  But all the same, the Japanese HAVE invested in high-speed rail.  Detractors would look for the negative in those investments, but consider how well that society and culture has competed in the world markets?

Republicans who worship Ayn Rand would turn back the clocks to the days of the feudal landlords, rather than moving America forward.  Paul Ryan would do the same.  Yet it was a REPUBLICAN – Gen. Douglas MacArthur – who molded the Japanese nation into the competitive force it has become.  Due to his effective leadership in Japan, this has enabled that nation to think in long-term strategic investment strategies and have been very successful.  In contrast, powerful Americans stupidly embrace short-term investment more aggressively than ever before.  “Me first and I want it now” is the evil words in America today, contrary to what truly works.

Only President Obama has provided a long-term vision for America, through investments in industries which can help us become energy independent, including public transit systems, which use less energy.

Despite the fantasy world created by Ayn Rand, there are also side benefits to public transportation.  One of those is the ability to solve our drunk driving problems and reduce the punitive nature proposed by iron-fisted law and order jerks.  In nations where public transit is more prevalent, a person who drinks too much is not allowed to get behind the wheel of a car, but has an option to take public transportation instead.  Long-term, perhaps this can be a more efficient solution, too.  But of course, silly me – American wealthy ones refuse to think in terms of long-term efficiencies, don’t you know?

Paul Ryan may flip-flop and say what people want him to say.  But in the end, he does wish to invoke policies based on the greed of Ayn Rand, reducing programs like Medicare, Social Security, and public transportation, despite the case some of us can make that these systems CAN better stimulate a capitalist free market – competing with the big corporate monopolies.  That is the hidden agenda – the big corporate monopolies which act like a Soviet politburo, but pretend they are not by pointing false fingers at those who wish to invoke free market capitalism.

I would argue that the former Soviet Union was a form of crony capitalism.  But Paul Ryan and other Ayn Rand worshipers are so caught up in the Atlas Shrugged fantasy world that they miss this point.

President Obama has a better sense of what it takes to get this nation running again.  But he needs our cooperation, not a knife in the back by people who are suckered into the negativity of Fox Noise and other Media outlets – and refuse to consider there might just be a positive side which is not being fully presented.

Go ahead.  Attack what I say.  Stubbornly ignorant ones intent on holding on to what they believe will ALWAYS find something wrong with any solution which does not quite fit into their narrow line of vision.

“Seek wisdom, not certainty.” — Diana Butler Bass.

Advertisement Tonight on CNN, 10.23.2012

Once again, let’s expose lies of the Republican Party.  An advertisement tonight explains why a man is voting for Republicans.  He implies the other choice is socialism.  Oh, really?  I grew up on Main Street USA and had my own little capitalist businesses which don’t exist today for American kids.  Why?  Not due to socialism or communism or government, but our problems today are due to the fascists on Wall Street.  In 2008, Barack Obama made a distinction between Main Street and Wall Street and is then accused of being a socialist?

I am supportive of real competitive free market capitalism.  Republicans support oligarchic and crony capitalism.  A one-time Republican myself, I reject this stand by Republicans.

From a young age, I was working – on farms, mowing lawns, shoveling snow, and delivering newspapers.   It was not the union folks who removed these jobs from the kids today, but those who move in here from other lands, somehow claiming they have a better work ethic to succeed.  That’s baloney.

Who are the ones who refused – deliberately refused – to pay back student loans which our government was nice enough to grant them?  Look around.  They are more likely the ones who support Republicans and Libertarians today.

There should be opposite viewpoints on CNN when such lying advertisements are broadcast.

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