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Letter to Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe

Dear Mr. Jacoby,

I came across your May 6, 2012, op-ed on the web:  “Thanks, Obama, but wealth is not theft.”
First of all, “those who peddle class resentment” are today’s wealthy 1%.  They pay less taxes than the wealthy did in the 1950s when the economy hummed along quite nicely.  American CEOs are the highest paid in the world and the gap between CEO and the lowest paid worker has increased astronomically.  Yet, when I was working in a corporation and executives respected management guru, Peter Drucker and CEO, Lee Iacocca, more than Ayn Rand, the Drucker idea about the gap between the highest paid CEO and the lowest paid worker was advocated.  It’s a much smaller gap than what we see today.  Business worked quite well under these circumstances and more people owned a piece of the American pie.  I refute your negativity towards working people and the 99% of America.
Philosophers might argue about what “piece of the pie” means.  The argument might be:  my statement presumes there is a limit to wealth.  I choose to think in terms of an infinite “pie.”  So nah nah nah nah nah nah… to all the detractors who wish to make an issue out of something and miss the point:  the small business merchant class has been destroyed in America, the same as what happened in Ancient China as that economy imploded due to austere measures.
Descendants of American individuals who once owned their own retail outlets and small farms are now forced to work for the big conglomerates with CEOs making 200 to 300 times what the lowest-paid worker makes.  What I am saying here is not an advocacy for socialism or communism, but a revelation of the facts that small farms which once provided enough finances for individual families have been destroyed by big agri-business with a few people at the top controlling the wealth and paying the descendants of small farmers peanuts while expenses within the economy – the things that block family “profits” or discretionary income – have risen astronomically when considering more than just the “government breadbasket” statistics which are out of whack.
Secondly.  Funny, but Romney and Ryan have created a platform in the Republican Party rife with fascist definitions of the family, but refuse to acknowledge the facts about family profits.  The pot is stirred up regarding envy and jealousy of those who make better five-figure salaries, while never recognizing the number of people who make six-, seven-, eight-, nine-, ten- or more figure salaries.  There is a definition that de-values work from teachers, but places great value on techies, accountants, and lawyers who make far more money doing things like – ambulance chasing, figuring tax deductions and how the wealthy can escape paying their fair share.  Teachers can loose their jobs while these others are a valued part of the economy?  Lawyers and tax accountants are sacred cows?  While the average family is told by the Republicans how morality is supposed to work and “if you make too much of a five-figure income” and just beginning to turn a profit, after many years of living paycheck to paycheck , you ain’t worth shit.
Mr. Jacoby, perhaps you need to consider there are gray areas, not just black and white.  For if you work from the premise there is only black and white – socialist or capitalist – then you can come to the conclusions you drew in May of this year.  BUt I challenge you to stop being stubbornly ignorant and consider the gray areas.  Consider the role President Obama plays in stimulating free-market capitalism which flies in the face of the McDonald’s, Wal-Marts, and Chick-fil-a’s, whose focus is about destroying competition (and those they disagree) than to compete with them on a level playing field.  McDonald’s vision years ago was to destroy the “mom and pop” restaurants.  The same is true today with Wal-Mart.  But in either case, you probably will not see such “vision” written down on paper. just deceptively implemented.  
Something I recently read about wealth and wealthy tycoon, Andrew Carnegie:  Andrew Carnegie condemned wealthy leaders who inherited their wealth.  Examples of Romney, Ryan, and the Bush family come to mind.  Apparently, he believed that those who inherited the wealth had no idea what it meant to WORK in order to EARN their wealth, so were not worthy of being “captains of industry.”  He believed those who worked hard, earned their money after many years of hard work, made better leaders because they know what it is like to EARN, rather than destroy competition and take from others.  Carnegie believed in being a giving person.    Those modeled after Carnegie’s ideas would be Barack Obama and Joe Biden.  Barack Obama was chastised in 2008 for “lack of experience.”  But such criticism, by Carnegie’s standards, was unwarranted.  And what do the Republicans do to those who have gained this wisdom after many years of experience and working their way up from little or nothing?  These hapless SOBs wish to put most of us “out to pasture” with little means of supporting ourselves.  Just when we “begin to turn a profit,” the rug is pulled out from beneath us by wealthy people claiming “there is not enough of the American pie to go around.”  As I said, it’s an infinite pie which the 1% wish to claim is finite.  
There are numerous statements from some wealthy people who preceded the jackass wealthy of the 21st Century which berate the attitude of the Ayn Rand followers.  What is unbelievable is that those who embrace the Ayn Rand attitude act like communists who took power in Europe in the 20th Century.  They believe utopia is found when everyone believes the same thing as these wealthy ones believe (this is called fascism) and wish to rip apart everything from the past, as if it was always a failure – except some perceived idea of perfect morality which existed in the past (a fantasy).  America became a great nation, due to attitudes from Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, and “trust buster,” Teddy Roosevelt (conservationist, too).   These attitudes  conflict with those of Ayn Rand and others.  
America became a great nation due to religious leaders like Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the “power of positive thinking” which would have negated the focus and generation of extremist attitudes towards minor negative aspects of ObamaCare.  This negativity generated by big business ignores many of the positives about ObamaCare.    
Dr. Peale’s “positive thinking” flies in the face of conservative religious dogma generated by the pope, elders in Salt Lake City, Liberty U. (and the Southern Baptists) in Virginia (and Dixie), and Billy and Franklin Graham, among other televangelists.  Original blessings is really what Jesus Christ endorsed, not the concept of original sin.  Original sin is a doctrine from a church of men.  The pope and others do not like this Dr. Peale positive attitude, so, as conservative Republicans wish, the pope and others wish to destroy those who endorse original blessings.  The pope has already done so by excommunicating a priest who endorses original blessings.  To the pope, elders, and deacons of narrow-focused dogmatic churches, I say:  “Seek wisdom, not certainty.”  
Mr. Jacoby, there ARE gray areas, not just the black and white defined by narrow-focused religions and their goons in business leadership.  

23 July 2011

Blog 0708


In an advertisement for Charles Schwab, we are led to believe Mr. Schwab made the following statement:  “I make money the old-fashioned way – I earn it.”


I challenge Americans to find someone who lives up to this.  Not to brag, but the abrasiveness I feel in today’s society might possibly be due to my attempt to live up to this core value which is lost to Ayn Rand horse shit of greed and selfishness.


Americans today look for the easy way out rather than considering how to earn money.  Our society of Ayn Rand worshipers creates this environment and encourages it to perpetuate it.  I think it is deplorable, it stinks, and it makes for a lousy life in America today.  There are better solutions for ridding us of this, but no one is willing to listen.  Why?  Because everyone has become so “me, me, me…”  … thinking only about how solutions will help each individual.  Rick Scott only thinks about himself.  The career politicians in Tallahassee and Washington only think about each self, not about our society.  Fuck them all because they are leading America astray.  They use propaganda in the media to encourage bad solutions which benefit only a few people.  And meanwhile those of us here at the bottom are at each other’s throats when we should all be working together as a team of Americans, not individually.  That sucks and I am stating my disgust over it in hopes SOMEONE will recognize how much it sucks and DO SOMETHING about it – change this fucking environment which I have come to despise.


I should be afraid of Rick Scott and other cowards who don’t know how to lead – just know how to invoke their stupid laws to bring down hard-working Floridians and NOT create new opportunities so we can EARN our keep, not go for handouts – as Rick Scott did with his corrupt practices in Medicare.  I should be afraid of these cowards we have as leaders because I speak out and cowards would rather seek vengeance on a little guy like me – even use others who are around me in order to invoke fear, intimidation, and take away my ability to EARN rather than to seek a handout.  Fuck Rick Scott and other cowards with money.  THEY ARE NOT LEADERS, BUT THEY ARE COWARDS, so FUCK THEM.  They don’t know what it means with regard to Charles Schwab’s alleged statement.  In fact, my bet is that the company with Charles Schwab’s name on it conforms to the Ayn Rand rules of individualistic greed and selfishness – take from others before they take from you.  YOU BASTARDS.  YOU make human beings into animals rather than the higher order humans we are supposed to be.


These guys react this way because they are racists and bigots who disliked the Martin Luther King, Jr., movement to protect the rights of GROUPS of people, rather than the rights of individuals.  The rights of individuals leads to anarchy and humans becoming a bunch of fucking beasts – animals – and I despise this and the leaders who do this.  May they go to hell.  I seek positive HUMAN solutions rather than those which lead us to anarchy.


As I have said, my hero is Teddy Roosevelt.  He almost pulled off a third-party presidential win a century ago.  ALMOST.  There were several factors which I have discussed in this blog.  Another factor was an assassin’s bullet.  While giving a speech, an anarchist shot at TR.  Fortunate for TR, he had protection in his pocket which did not allow the bullet to penetrate very far.  But the ANARCHIST’S BULLET curtailed TR’s campaigning in 1912.  Fuck anarchists – and Rick Scott, Scott Walker, Allen West, and others are anarchists.  The Koch brothers are anarchists.  Anyone who believes in Ayn Rand is an anarchist, so fuck you.  GO to hell and the sooner the better.


Anarchists and fucking violence in America.  Yet these bastards HATE the non-violent stuff of MLK, Jr.  Fuck you, all of you, in your power to bring us all to being animals and at each other’s throats – you bastards.


Does this sound positive?  No.  But positive solutions are being brushed aside.  Due to the cowards and anarchists in the Republican Party, those of us who have worked, tried to save, been responsible with our money, and attempted to make LONG-TERM INVESTMENTS are being screwed – in favor of the anarchists and the pervasive attitude in America to take from one another – and as Rick Scott did – TAKE FROM THE FUNDS WE AS AMERICANS HAVE INVESTED.  I am angry at a man who took from the money I INVESTED IN MEDICARE.  YOU BASTARD WHO NOW LEADS ME AND COULD SCREW ME BIG TIME. YOU BASTARD.  WHY WOULD I NOT BE ANGRY AT SUCH A BASTARD.  THAT IS MY MONEY, YOU FUCKING COWARD AND BASTARD.


Now, to solve the problem, stupid ignorant career politicians and a wimp in the  White House, chooses to put Medicare and Social Security at risk so that many of us who have invested big time in it will not have the money WE INVESTED. YOU BASTARDS.  WHY AM I ANGRY AT THIS?


Furthermore, these bastards support big insurance.  Big insurance interferes with the patient-doctor relationship, not Medicare.  Yet, my deduction for Medicare is LESS THAN THE DEDUCTION TO BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD FOR MY SON WHO HAS FAR LESS MEDICAL NEEDS THAN PEOPLE MY AGE.  YOU GREEDY SOBs and BASTARDS.  You refuse to implement regulations regarding CASH VALUE EARNED… EARNED… EARNED – you SOBs…..   over time… EARNED … when we don’t make claims on auto, home, or whatever.


You cowards mock capitalism by CLAIMING no government interference, then you interfere on the side of the SUPPLY SIDE – the big greedy bastards who head the corporations.  YOU BASTARDS.  YOU COWARDS.  YOU SOBs.


You pick on the little guys in unions and what not – the guys who work hard.  Yet, I know many hard-working union guys all over this land.  YOU COWARDS who call yourselves leaders.


Rather than get at the roots of problems, you deny hard-working Americans the ability to EARN and INVEST.  You don’t do something about the waste in the FRS DROP program from those who double-dip.  Instead, you deny the rest of us the ability to EARN money in the DROP system.   YOU BASTARDS AND COWARDS.  You refuse to look at those who take unemployment due to layoffs in seasonal jobs (in the North, in particular), while a union man in the North stood up and spoke out AGAINST such practices of waste in unemployment.  You brush that little guy off – and one has to wonder why.  The Mafia which encourages such horse shit?  BTW.  Teachers have seasonal jobs and NEVER have such an opportunity.  But NON-UNION roofers are able to do this?  YOU BASTARD COWARDS WHO CALL YOURSELVES LEADERS.


And much of this also begins with catering to immigrants who come here and take the money WE HAVE INVESTED LONG TERM IN SOCIAL SECURITY AND MEDICARE.  FUCK THE LEADERS WHO WON’T DEAL WITH THIS PROBLEM AND CATER TO A FUCKING MAFIA AND THEIR “GIVE ME YOUR TIRED YOUR POOR…” So, as Mafia from Europe and the Roman Catholic Church has done – SCREW AMERICANS, particularly WASPs.  Americans, finding nothing, just participate in these charades which create handouts and slavery.  Fuck this idea because this is NOT America, the beautiful.  My AMERICA.

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