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“Now why’d you choose such a backward time ‚Ķ And such a strange land?”

In the 1970s, the rock musical, Jesus Christ Superstar was introduced. I purchased the original vinyl album. I have seen the on-stage productions of this rock musical.

At the time JCS was released, we had two students from Cortland State College, student teachers at our high school, boarding with us. I had purchased the album. I found these two guys interesting to speak with about the music of JCS. Many discussions ensued, in addition to discussions about history because the two of them were history history education majors.

Lyrics in JCS were a good description. But I recall the few which asked questions. For example, “Now why’d you choose such a backward time … And such a strange land?” As a junior in high school, it was difficult to answer those questions.

As my life has progressed and I have maintained my faith in God, I believe I have, with wisdom, developed a HYPOTHETICAL answer to those questions. Hypothetical means there is no certainty, but there is plenty of evidence to determine a hypothesis. So we seek wisdom about it.

My wisdom of age, created by humble learning over time, has provided me with a possible answer. Today, we have people who lie, slander, and libel other good people, based on a love of money and materialism. Love of money is evil. Money is NOT evil. Profits are NOT evil, except when done solely for the love of money. I have read about this and learned about this over time.

Guidelines for a civilized society work in creating a civilized society. It is not a perfect solution, but it helps overcome the evils of the selfishness and greed of egomaniacs with a love and worship of money.

The Roman Empire is known as being one of the most brutal and vicious group of people to control a portion of the world which has ever existed. Am I certain about this? No. But I have humbly learned, over time, about this and gained wisdom. There is plenty of evidence and facts to support what I say. Some folks may feel biased against what I say, so go ahead and shoot me down. What will you accomplish in an attempt to find the truth?

The Roman Empire was in control of Israel during the 1st Century. As a Christian all my life, I am aware of most of the teachings of Jesus Christ and consider Him to be the “word” of God made flesh. I consider that Christ came here to be the “light of the world.” Those are MY beliefs and I am not FORCING you, as vicious people do, to believe what I believe.

I feel I have to say all of this because the egomaniacs of the world just work to shoot holes, as if I want control. It’s those people who shoot holes in hypothetical theories, based on their own egotistical bias, who are likely the perverts who wish to control others.

But this brings me to answering that question in the JCS rock musical: “Now why’d you choose such a backward time
And such a strange land?” It was due to the opposition our Deity had to how a group of people are treated badly by those who seek power over others in corrupt and evil ways with a love AND WORSHIP of money.

In my belief, based on what I have learned over time, including Thomas Jefferson’s (remember him? one of the USA’s FOUNDING FATHERS?) documentation about the Gospels. This is a Deity who imparts the message that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (not words from God, but words from human beings who recognize a Deity more powerful than humans; a Deity which imparts a love for His/Her children. (Strange words to say, right? His/Her? God has not always been proven to be a “Father,” but a “Parent”).

Again. I do not expect one to feel controlled by my beliefs. But I also do not have an inkling of desire to follow the beliefs of bashers of other human beings as they resist coexistence.

The word of God became flesh. That is my belief system. The reason was to choose a place and time when one group of people were being controlled by perverted lovers of self and money, while the crowd went along and had the word of God executed. Perverted ones to convince the crowds were lawyers and religious leaders, all with a love of money. Money first. A Deity would choose that time and place to impart the message, as people suffered and were convinced by lovers of money to find a scapegoat.

But is it not possible that scapegoat was determined in order for a Deity to impart the message about loving one another (coexistence)? Is it not possible the message was also about human beings learning to reject those who are hypocrites and lovers of money?

Jesus Christ himself is quoted as hurling accusations at hypocrites of those days; Jesus Christ himself, with actions, not words, overturned tables of the money changers, lovers and worshipers of money. Yet, why is it we relinquish control to give it back to power mongers with a love of money and then blame our government? Even Jesus said, “render unto Caesar his due.” In other words, pay your taxes and look at something else besides scapegoats and a government as the reasons for our problems, out of fear of a “mafioso” in centralized businesses created by supply-side Reaganomics, destroying small business competition in the process.

Adam Smith wrote books about the creation of capitalism. Wealth of Nations and Theories of Moral Sentiments. Adam Smith also intently studied the words of Christ. Yet, the “sheep” in this world go along with the lovers of money who attain the power which corrupts and absolute power which corrupts absolutely. They do not even have knowledge of what Adam Smith wrote which was presented as an economic system with balance and a “moral sentiment” for a process in which humans predominate over money, as presented by Jesus Christ, and not the other way around (money over humans).

Today, we have in place, the SEC which allows the biggest stockholders to have more votes in a corporate stockholder meeting than the common folk who own the stock. It is like these people are money changers during the 1st Century when Jesus Christ walked the earth. They don’t give one damn about the common folk and cheat and lie to get their way. Same thing with those money changers of the 1st Century by not only selling in the temple, but also selling SHODDY and LOUSY animals for sacrifice on the altar.

For many of us, we have experienced the lousy way that those with the most stock have treated us. It was one of the many wars that the shoddy and corrupt people with the most stock, Republicans, pulled the rug out from beneath me and many others. They skimmed money off a cash cow of a company, so as to allow vicious other Republicans (primarily) to come in and buy out the company. The only ones to benefit were the shoddy fat pigs at the top, skimming the money off the corporation. Meanwhile, the rest of us stockholders were not even allowed in secret stockholder meetings held in Houston, Texas (for a Florida corporation) and many of us common folk then lost our stock holdings in the process.

How many times do I have to explain this to common folk, hoping to get support, rather than stupidity hurled at me, as well as hatred from common folk? How many times? And do we really need the return of Jesus Christ when we have the knowledge right here in front of us, given to us in the 1st Century? How many times do we have to pray for “Christ’s return.” A loving Deity may treat us kindly, but that Deity must wonder, “Gosh, I gave them the information when the word became flesh. Why do they not see it?” But I can’t speak for God, as so many TV evangelists and perverted proselytizers try to do – constantly.

My mother even had a problem with proselytizers in her life. But at least there were more people like my mother who understood. My generation and younger generations are apparently full of a bunch of stupid jerks who are not humble enough to learn by seeking knowledge and wisdom, but rely on the hearsay of Fox and other groups who push an end all for everything – a certainty that they have all the answers.

This is a lengthy message. I really don’t care if you don’t like it because it is. Those in the World War II generation and before would read essays of great length. They were able to demonstrate humility and learning for the sake of human beings over money.

JC, JC: “Now why’d you choose such a backward time … And such a strange land?” Because it took that type of environment to get many people to learn. W hat is the problem with those who don’t wish to learn today? Instead, they wish for an Armageddon to start all things over, when the proof is in a Deity who DID teach human beings and there is no excuse for not understanding it. Stop pushing us towards chaos with power and control from lovers and worshipers of money in the form of greedy, self-centered, egomaniac centrally-controlled dictatorial corporations run by an oligarchy. Because you are pushing us towards disaster by supporting such egomaniacs with power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The foundations for these problems are not the government created by my ancestors and Founding Fathers. The problem is the oligarchy which attempts to take control of our government and take it out of the hands of the people. WE THE PEOPLE. And there are many of us who have wisdom and knowledge based on the TRUE DEITY and the TRUE Jesus Christ. Supply-side Reaganomics ultimately tosses away those of us who are followers of the true word of God made flesh because the ones who worship money are fearful of the loss of their power – a corrupt one which leads to absolute power which corrupts absolutely. And they become like the vicious Roman Empire of the past. Like the vicious rulers who come out of the hills of Russia.

“Now why’d you choose such a backward time… And such a strange land?” Is it for me to know and you to find out? Because the answer is there before us, just by studying and learning about the word of God made flesh. To learn that this happened and for a purpose.

I pity those who do not understand what I am saying. But that is okay. Because I won’t control you with my belief. I just try to teach. I am not a perfect teacher, but I sure to work towards wisdom, not certainty or purity.

I do this because my grandmother was always saying, “judge not lest you be judged.” But she always encouraged me to be a teacher. Praise the LORD for my grandmother and many others who have encouraged me in my life and offered me opportunities, not always handouts. The ones who provided a temporary safety net which may have been in the form of some handouts, but the word “temporary” is important to note here. Then I would encounter the “jubilee year.” Don’t know what “jubilee year” is? Then humble thyself and learn what it is. Would be good for those money lovers to consider when discussing student loan debt.

On and on I go. But I now understand what was meant in the questions found in lyrics of JC Superstar. “Now why’d you choose such a backward time … And such a strange land?” ūüôŹ ūüĖĖ

Sadness Rates in the World (and America)


Dear Editors:

I have read David Brooks columns for many years.  I have listened to David Brooks commentary Friday evenings on PBS.  Many times I see eye to eye with Brooks’s somewhat more conservative ideas.  Many times I don’t see eye to eye with Brooks.  That is what America is about.  Considering commentary (sometimes opinion, too), learning and gaining wisdom, and synthesizing into our own thoughts. 

There is no way we can always see eye to eye with a person 100% of the time.  Whether that person is our spouse or just a friend or acquaintance, we can never be in agreement 100% of the time.  That is the way things should be, but they are not, as fascist Republicans use scare tactics to mesmerize the minds with opioid treatment. 

With this being said (and extending my message with more words), I now must comment about the commentary, with facts, presented by Mr. Brooks on 2 Nov. 2022.  His facts are about a “grim tide of sadness” in the world.  He uses facts to demonstrate that the lower portion of society are in the lower sector of society who have seen an increase in sadness. At the same time, those in the upper classes (I shall call the oligarchy) have seen an increase in happiness.  In other words, at the expense of the lower classes of people, the upper classes are happier.  The lower classes are not as happy.  Facts presented as part of his opinion-editorial (op-ed), but I see it more as a commentary with facts, not an opinion.  (The media has caused the problems we have by calling these op-eds). 

Mr. Brooks discusses such facts from various Asian nations.  Communist China is one such nation.  The oligarchy in a presumed communist nation (which should NOT have an oligarchy) have experienced this ordeal and an increased wealth among those at the top has been revealed. 

This sounds like what has been happening in a presumed capitalist nation like the USA.  Reaganomics and supply-side economics, in my humble opinion (I can provide facts, too), are at fault for this happening in the USA.  A twisted idea of what capitalism truly is, as we think of capitalism as “supply-side economics,” while Adam Smith (18th Century contemporary to our Founding Fathers) defined capitalism as something to challenge the oligarchy of supposed divine-rights kings and feudal landlord nobles and barons with the idea of SUPPLY AND DEMAND.  Balance and not individualism at the top.  In this practice, only government can regulate the balance between supply and demand.  Reagan claimed “government” is a problem, due to such regulation.

Another side to what Mr. Brooks says harks back to my days of learning from a Christian pastor who embraced the ideas of Deist Thomas Jefferson, that ideas from the Hebrew scriptures regarding creationism do not have to be examples of rejection of evolution and survival of the fittest (Darwinism and atheism).  This pastor pointed out that the men who wrote those Hebrew scriptures were merely attempting to come to grips with what God was about in the universe.  That seven days in the lives of men could be millions of years in the eyes of God. We cannot be certain about God because human beings did not have the knowledge of God. 

Another aspect I learned from this Christian pastor had to do with Darwinism and atheism.  This pastor represented survival of the fittest as meaning our human species having dominion over animals, but that Jesus Christ came as the WORD OF GOD (John 1:1) to help dispel such ideas by centering on a love of one another, all human beings. 

This means that survival of the fittest is not between “chosen people,” as Israelis contend, or between white and black people, or between Latinx and others, or between straight or gay, or between men and women.  It is not a matter of surviving by having control of one human species over another.  Rather it is about all human beings having love for one another and working in community, not as selfish and greedy individuals who berate their fellow human beings. 

Examples.  White supremacists think they are better than black folk. I have heard this crap expressed against former President Obama. On the other hand, black folk who proclaim the election of Obama as being a “first.”  White supremacists who have invoked lynch mobs during the era of Jim Crow.  They only accept black folks unless they follow the marching orders of white folk (i.e., Thomas or Walker).  The males reject females when someone like my mother runs in a Republican primary for a political office and many males say, “they don’t want her to be town supervisor because she is a woman.”  The black man who thinks we need to get rid of abortions, for the sake of black folk and no consideration of the entire human race and particular situations where the mother might lose her life (the fetus is more important than the mother, so both must die?) or there is rape or incest involved.    In all of these examples, people have thick skulls and don’t allow the elevator to go all the way to the top.

Thus, we get supply-side economics and the development of only the “me, me, me” individualist greedy attitudes which Mr. Brooks addresses in his own way.  We are living with the lack of love for one another and no care or consideration for one another, due to individualist “survival of the fittest” attitudes.  We don’t think about providing opportunities for all people and many times it’s more about providing handouts instead, although that, too, is objectionable to white supremacists and others. 

America HAS been the shining light, compared to Communist China and other sections in the world.  For the sake of “survival of the fittest” of the Chinese people, CBS Sixty Minutes report this past Sunday pointed out that the Communist Chinese version of Tik Tok is very controlled so as to EDUCATE their own people.  But for the rest of the world, they put it out there in an “anything goes” fashion.  It helps the Chinese survive while helping to destroy the education and learning capacities of our Western civilization. The Chinese embrace what Western classical music can do for the brains of people, while our Western people, stupidly, reject it and demonstrate their stupidity and lack of a brain, in the process. 

The net result since the Reagan and the birth of supply-side economics, has been  several developments in America.  (1) we want opinions, not facts; (2) we have big fat pig newspaper publishers who reject good journalism, local investigative reporting, local information and commentary, and do everything by sensationalism; we then wonder why “nobody reads newspapers;” (3) Ronald Reagan, Jr., who identifies himself as being an atheist and one has to wonder whether he supports “survival of the fittest” as being between those in the human species, not between humans and animal species – anything goes, but stop two consenting adults from doing what they wish to do; (4) defense of greed, narcissism, love of money, and lack of caring for one another, due to “survival of the fittest;” (5) love of gladiator-type games and being mesmerized by blood and guts and guns splashed on television screens. 

In the 1950s, the character, Perry Mason said just the opposite of what publishers say about newspaper journalism and the facts.  Perry Mason:  “I don’t want opinions, I want the evidence.” 

In the 1980s, the character, J.B. Fletcher said, “I have a theory [not a conspiracy theory] but I need the evidence and facts.  All opposite of what is being said today throughout our society when invoking greed and narcissism and validating it with “survival of the fittest.”  Then the far left liberals wish to spend all our time protecting the animals with which humans have dominion.  That is fine to have such opposition when humans massacre animals for the sake of greed and selfishness.  But to protect us from losing our own food stocks, such actions by the far left push the envelope too far.  Example. 

Killing predators of deer and domestic livestock, we kill off the coyote.  Then the deer populate to such a point that they become a nuisance for drivers and for those who maintain gardens for the sake of human needs for consumption.  When, in actuality, When in actuality, the “survival” factor could be to have donkeys protect the livestock because they are able to stomp on any coyote which come close to the livestock.  Nature working together for the sake of “survival of the fittest” among animal species, but to consider that God does not intend “an eye for an eye” among the human species because Jesus Christ said something contrary to “an eye for an eye….”

Sad to hear the sadness rate increases for “lower class” humans.  This should be stopped. An attitude adjustment contrary to survival of the fittest among the human species needs to occur.  Balance can be accomplished by regulation of business so as to eliminate the creation of monopolies with the use of supply-side economics.   Mr. Brooks only presented the facts, but really did not identify solutions.  Thus, I refer to Mr. Brooks and his facts, but also present ideas for solutions, too.  

My writing is not a letter to the editor because it is too lengthy.  My writing is not an op-ed because it is a commentary with solutions. Really.  It is not too lengthy to be an op-ed or a commentary.  Thank you, Mr. Brooks, for the facts included in your commentary. 

Moderation in All Things

I don’t like to quote the Bible. But since I have to deal with so many fundagelical puritanical people (puritan is saddened if there is someone, somewhere who is happy and having a good time).

Fundagelical puritans proclaim their form of Christianity as being the only and one way. BS (that is my college degree, right? Wrong. It is a BME). They will pick up the Bible and throw it at those of us who have a TRUE faith in GOD, his son, the Holy Spirit. HA! HA! I am thinking so big of myself, right? Well, what do the fundagelical puritans think? I have religious freedom in the USA, granted by the U.S. Constitution, so my belief and faith are just as important.

I mention these scriptures because of the word, “moderation.” Because of the word, “gentleness.” The fundagelical puritans are extremists and practice their faith, far from “moderation” or “gentleness.” They support the ideas of Hitler and that is far from being gentle, at all.

Moderation. All things in moderation. God helps those who help themselves. We pray, but don’t demand from God because we live up to his standards of love for neighbor. We don’t believe in “an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth” (vengeance like the vengeful attitudes of a sick man with the surname of Trump).

God says, “vengeance is mine, says the LORD” (Deuteronomy and/or Romans epistle). These folk who think they can have vengeance, like Putin and Trump, but they are not Christians just because they get support from fundagelical puritan dictators (or the Russian Orthodox Church).

Trump once spoke against the words of Christ who overturned the ideas of “eye for eye” and said to turn the other cheek. Forgiveness would be offered only to those who repent, not those who dig in their heals with vengeance.

Politically, moderation means “somewhere in the middle of the political spectrum” (paraphrase from Alfred North Lighthead). Fascist Republicans seeking a dictatorship in America proclaim those of us who are “moderate in thinking” as being extremist left wing. May their mouths be zippered shut with their lies and smearing of good Americans. ūü§ďūü§ďūü§ďūüßźūüßźūüßźūüėéūüėéūüėéūü§©ūü§©ūü§©

Republicans Who Support Tea Party are Traitors to This Country

The tea party is attempting to turn people against our Constitutional-based democratic-based country, attempting to destroy our U.S. Constitution which is described by former Israeli prime minister, Menachim Begin, as one of the greatest documents ever written. ¬†The Constitution begins with “We the people…” ¬†The tea party wishes to change it to, “We the corporate monopolists…” ¬†I refuse to accept that this nation is a “republic,” as die-hard Republicans try to claim. ¬†It is NOT a republic, it is a democracy of “We the people…” as stated in the first line of the U.S. Constitution.

Attempting to tear apart “We the people…” is a method of “divide and conquer” so as to tear apart all the accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt and his “trust-busting” which resulted in one of the greatest nations on earth. ¬†These tea party people and the Republicans who support them suck. ¬†The suckers are those who accept without thinking this attitude to tear apart our government. ¬†This U.S. government has proved successful over many years and needs to be bolstered.

The white racist suckers who take sides with the treasonous tea party are also divisive, playing into the hands of a fascist group of people who promote greed, love of money, and anarchy.  They are wrong.

To be positive, I have positive solutions not based on ideology. ¬†But first, this is the damage being done by the treasonous tea party and their billionaire / millionaire friends (Koch brothers, Rove, Limbaugh, Scott, Walker, Armey, Cheney, Bush family … and others).

1. Removal of the long-term investments in real estate, due to de-regulation of banking and other financial institutions (by Reagan, Bush, and others). ¬†This once provided opportunities for the Middle class, rather than the caste system imposed by these wealthy pigs who are supported by dumb ignorant Middle Class people who have no wisdom. ¬†A home in 1988 could go up only 1% in 8 years. ¬†That was good because one had to wait for the long-term. ¬†But layoffs by greedy tea party type pigs resulted in losing a long-term investment. ¬†Then, the de-regulation of banks encouraged a fiasco in finance between 2002 and 2006 – four years. ¬†The price of real estate became a short-term investment, rising 125%. ¬†Yet, people who lost out STILL will vote Republican. ¬†What dumb jerks, because it was the Republicans who CAUSED it – de-regulation – and did nothing about it when the market moved to slum lords who could “flip” houses.

2. ¬†CEOs began pilfering the nest eggs of Americans, claiming “there is no money for pensions.” ¬†That is the talk of hoodlums and goons and pigs. ¬†There IS money for pensions, but these pensions were used to increase the gap between CEOs and the lowest paid employees by more than 1000% between 1974 and today. ¬†There IS money for pensions, but the CEOs have become a bunch of deceptive liars – and CREEPS. ¬†They forced the average worker into 401(K) plans – NOT DESIGNED FOR RETIREMENT PLANS. ¬†They forced the average worker into a risky market while the CEOs sat by in comfort of their HUGE bonuses which were stolen from employee pensions, even when the BASTARD CEOs failed at their business. ¬†And the boards of directors of these perverted corporate leaders went right along. ¬†Just read Ellen Schultz’s book, RETIREMENT HEIST.

3. ¬†George Bush, traitor as resident of the White House, trashed parts of Medicare and AARP went along. ¬†The man quotes from Nazi propaganda minister, Goebbels, twisting information and mocking and scoffing at those who expose the truth – like a good Hitler propaganda master, with whom Bush’s grandad HELPED to attain power in Germany. ¬†FASCIST dictators, not men of the people.

4. ¬†With Medicare gutted, people have less for retirement. ¬†People laid off after 55 pay the highest for health insurance, but are unable to secure jobs – as the CEO pigs scrap their pension plans. ¬†And now the tea party assholes wish to remove the pools which COULD reduce the cost of insurance to people in this age group whom they have screwed (unless they are brats with lots of money). ¬†Nice opportunity which only Ebeneezer Scrooge could agree. ¬†These bastards attempt to turn the fiction of Charles Dickens and Ayn Rand, too, into reality. ¬†Go f*** off, you bastards. ¬†Someone go for their deep pockets, please! ¬† Bastard snots who don’t even recognize who or what (the government) helped them ACHIEVE what they did. ¬†Bastards. ¬†Low life scum with lots of money. ¬†Even a fiery hell is too good for them.

5.  Tea party attempts to scrap Medicare, Social Security, and Obamacare.  This after removing all capitalist market abilities (pensions and long-term investments in real estate) for the Middle Class to seek opportunities.  These people are attempting to carve a caste system in America into stone.  And what do so many people do? They go along blindly, rather than object.

6. ¬†A former jerk of a Republican senator advertises the biggest screwing Americans can receive – to replace long-term investments in real estate. ¬†The “Reverse Mortgage” is designed and embraced by tea party brats and snots to put people in their places in old age, never allowing children to receive a return on the investment their parents made in a long-term investment. ¬†The banks own those homes in “Reverse Mortgage,” so therefore this also makes it more difficult for young people to obtain housing. ¬†These homes are passed to slum lords with the ability to monopolize and control the prices of homes and RENT. ¬†F*** them. ¬†Screw them. ¬†Someone file a class-action lawsuit against all these people, please!

And to the Democrats. ¬†Stop with this stupidity of “American Dream.” STOP IT. ¬†Get down to the brass tacks of what is really happening. ¬†Speak to the American people who are enterprising people, you dumb jerks in the Democratic Party leadership. ¬†Speak to the ones who are like Congressman Patrick Murphy. ¬†The DREAM makes it sound like people are “ENTITLED” to this. ¬†Dead wrong. ¬†Nobody is entitled to these things unless they INVEST and receive a RETURN on the investments. ¬†Get down to the brass tacks of talking about INVESTMENTS and RETURN ON INVESTMENTS. ¬†A major financial enterprise (Charles Schwab?) once ran advertisements about gaining money “the old fashioned way; we earn it!” ¬†The tea party has REMOVED these things from the “common human,” within the capitalist system and this is wrong. ¬†They pit people against a government which COULD protect them in this capitalist economy. ¬†People are stupid jerks who follow the line of reasoning of a bunch of scoundrels called “tea party.” ¬†Democrats do NOTHING to challenge these notions. ¬†Just continue with “the American Dream.” F*** the American dream and do something different with your approach, you jerks.

The man who defined capitalism (not socialism), following an 18th-Century Scottish banking crisis about on par with the Bush one in 2008 (created by the Republican de-regulation of a decade or so earlier) was a Christian man expecting business people to “naturally” regulate themselves. ¬†But after this banking crisis, Adam Smith changed his mind. ¬†He noticed so many of these Christians were actually hypocrites and determined there should be some regulation. ¬†The tea party quotes this man in claiming no regulation. ¬†They are wrong. ¬†They are dead wrong.

And to the dumb ones who follow Karl Marx. ¬†Karl Marx was a jerk, too. ¬†He blamed capitalism when it was monarchical monopolism which he SHOULD have blamed. ¬†So the tea party twists this to their favor, while re-establishing a type of monarchical monopolism, but indeed this system today, given a blessing by a stupid Supreme Court led by a stupid man named Scalia, is a corporatist system no different from monarchical monopolism. ¬†It’s also no different from the Soviet and Chinese forms of communism and the hierarchical top-down arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church – from Vatican City.

Democracy takes thinking people who understand civics, not politics.  Who understand how a democratic government works.  This takes work on the part of the masses.  We once had masses who were NOT lazy and would embrace this system.  Too many lazy people have poked fun at this system, particularly among my own age group.  They are disgusting people and allow the tea party to rape all of us up the ass.

Scalia believes in the Roman republic and has no idea what the American democracy is about. ¬†Scalia and his fascist friends endorse the idea of slavery, including the corporatist movement to re-make education in order to create slaves, rather than thinking people who understand a broad array of topics from science, math, engineering, technology, social sciences, to physical education, humanities, arts, and yes, the CIVICS of democracy. ¬†These are what education is all about, not the slavery endorsed by colleges with the name, “CAREER.” ¬†Education was designed with a pedagogy which prepared for careers AND lifelong learning. ¬†Just because a bunch of lazy loudmouth Baby Boomers have decided on their own that education has parts which are irrelevant – this is irrelevant to the design of education. ¬†I say to all these jerky SOBs – LAZY ones – to go take a hike and institute their ideas in some third world developing nation, rather than create a lazy one here. ¬†Everyone has the slave attitude of being “entitled” to things slaves receive.

Even BS loudmouth artist, Limbaugh, once said, “slaves have it good because they work and someone takes care of them.” ¬†The SOB “troll” snotty Limbaugh misses the point of the human spirit. ¬†We wish to advance ourselves, no just take care of others. ¬†The Chinese COMMUNISTS impose a system whereby, rather than working towards retirement investment – LONG TERM – the young people are told to get a career (as a slave) and take care of their parents. ¬†What about the AMERICAN WAY, you dumb bastard, Limbaugh, where we are NOT always dependent on children or others. ¬†That we can achieve an independent security. ¬†YOU BASTARDS of the FOURTH REICH. ¬†GO TO HELL. ¬†You bastard remove all abilities for humans in America to achieve a financial independent security and GIVE IT ALL – INDEPENDENT SECURITY ¬†– to the top-level snots who worship money. ¬†YOU BASTARDS. ¬†You destroy something which made America a successful nation – in the name of your stupid f***ing ideology. ¬†Screw you.

I have used some language to suggest solutions.  But are these rejected due to the language?  I never abused the 10 Commandments, but I proposed and supported the ideas of Jesus Christ as he violently demonstrated his anger at deceptive wealthy business people.  To summarize my SOLUTIONS (in case you missed them or were not able to pull them out of what I wrote), here I go.

1. Rather than reduce Medicare, cut some of the military budget and provide Medicare from cradle to grave.  Put our tax dollars to work for the LIVING, not creating the dead.  People in territories like Puerto Rico need to pay into it, or declare independence from the USA.

2. ¬†Stop scrapping Social Security and bolster it. ¬†Keep it at the same age levels. ¬†Force people in territories like Puerto Rico to pay FICA (if they don’t already). ¬†If Puerto Rico does not pay it’s fair share, shove them off in their own independent nation.

3. FIle lawsuits against the billionaires who are scrapping our government. ¬†Whether that be a class action suit or lawsuits by the government. ¬†File a series of lawsuits against Stop the “personal injury” lawsuits which pit the common man and woman against the common man and woman, and direct this dirt against those with deep pockets. ¬†Instead of hurting ourselves, hurt those who are truly hurting us.

4.  Stop the corporatization of education and health care.  These are NOT commodities, they are necessities.

5. ¬†Give all stock holders of public-traded companies equal votes, not just the ones at the top with the most money, as we watch those bastard pigs take away from those who invest their money in the company – and they don’t have any conscience what so ever. ¬†If they were truly being rewarded due to the same “merit” systems these pigs wish to impose on a new slave class, then this would not be necessary. ¬†But these guys have no morals what so ever, figuring they can do anything they wish, like the kings of Europe who felt their power was “heaven sent.” That was BS then and it’s BS now. ¬†There is not “divine rights,” you bastards at high levels.

6. ¬†Regulate the banking and real estate industries to allow moderate long-term growth in housing prices. ¬†This is not a dream. ¬†This is not an “entitlement,” either. ¬†It is just plain common sense for creating opportunities, rather than the type of lopsided top control like that of Haiti and many banana republics, as well as many developing nations. ¬†Corrupt money-worshiping people control these governments – permeated by evil people who perpetuate this crap.

7. ¬†Create a system of retirement security for hard-working people to achieve and I guarantee it would cost LESS than the one which has been created with bonuses and golden parachutes for myriad corporate money-sucking pigs and money worshipers. ¬†I don’t care how this happens, but the best system would be a national pension system bolstered by 401(K) or 403(B) plans – as originally intended.

8. ¬†Stop giving away money in the Social Security system to those who have not contributed or abuse the system with their “disabilities.” ¬†Create another fund for these people. ¬†Primarily, I speak about immigrants who never contribute. ¬†If I go to other nations, I am treated this way. ¬†I suggest a United Nations regulation of this aspect (not an international pooled fund). ¬†It is not right for some people to come to America’s shores and be given money they have come to believe they are entitled to, but me and others recognize we ARE entitled to this money (because we helped fund it) and also recognize we are NOT entitled to funds in Canada or Britain or other Western nations. ¬†Go f***, you people who think you are entitle do our American money. ¬†F*** those who abuse it through corruption. ¬†Strong words? ¬†I resent America being turned into a third world nation, as we accept third world nation people. ¬†Perhaps the corrupt leaders in Haiti and other nations need to take care of their own and stop the corruption. ¬†NIgeria – stop your f***Ing corruption. ¬†Stop it now.

9. ¬†Stop blindly funding wars around the globe which the American people and our government DO NOT have the funds to do so. ¬†Stop listening to an AWOL jerk like George Bush as he flagrantly spent money which he did not have to spend on wars, funding his friend, Dick Cheney (Halliburton), and other munitions companies with OUR (“We the people…”) funds. ¬†STOP IT NOW. ¬†I support President Obama’s diplomacy and think he makes a strong leader. ¬†F*** those who think he is weak because their opinions are BS.

10. ¬†Create an energy-independent America and shed our relations with pigs like Saudi Arabian sheiks. ¬†PERIOD. ¬†Without our military might, the Saudis would be NOTHING. ¬†So make them pay. ¬†The Saudi pigs take advantage of this nation, using traitors like the Bush family and Dick Cheney. ¬†Stop this BS NOW. ¬†Charge Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and other nations with wealthy sheiks for every dollar we lose due to wars in the Middle East. ¬†If they don’t pay, withdraw our military support. ¬†Make this EVIDENT to the American people, despite a f***Ing media which refuses to expose the truth – supported by the [false] divine right corporatists and Scalia.

“Ye of Little Faith!”

People have preached to me about Armageddon, yet I do not explain my own faith. ¬†I find the idea of Armageddon repulsive and demonstrates a lack of faith in God. ¬†My grandmother would often say, when I lacked any faith: ¬†“Ye of little faith!” ¬†Presumably this derives from a book in the library called, “Bible.” ¬†My grandmother also would repeat, “judge not lest ye be judged.”

The book of Revelation, where Armageddon is discussed, was hotly disputed as to whether it should be part of the “Christian” canon. ¬†Yet, there it is with all it’s nastiness and hate.

The idea of Armageddon, “dooms day,” and day of wrath is about our OWN judgment day. ¬†In the faith I gained while growing up, we were told to be responsible for our own actions, lest that day would be upon us. ¬†My mother would often say, “you have enough to worry about with your own stuff, so don’t worry about what others are doing.” ¬†Mothers are correct. ¬†“God helps those who help themselves,” was another quotation floated around me while growing up.

My grandfather was a friend of [Dr.] Norman Vincent Peale during Peale’s undergraduate years in college. ¬†My family believed in the power of “positive thinking.” ¬†“The glass is half full, not half empty.” ¬†There are times it is difficult to be positive. ¬†There are times it is difficult to remain positive without appearing to have “wishful thinking.” ¬†Positive thinking is NOT about “wishful thinking.” ¬†Those who attack ideas of “positive thinking” attack it with false attacks of “wishful thinking.” ¬†They don’t understand, nor do they attempt to understand.

My ideas are written here for people to freely choose to read.  I do not force these ideas upon others, unless asked.  I do not give these ideas unsolicited.

But many judgmental people will force their ideas about “dooms day” upon me. ¬†I find this to be irritating, annoying, downright nasty, and most of all – harassment. ¬†The USA Prohibition era was a time of nastiness, forcing judgment upon the entire population, in a fascist manner. ¬† My grandmother, in her younger college-age years was part of the movement to prohibit alcohol. ¬†So why, in later years, did she tell me to “judge not lest you be judged?” ¬†Because my grandmother learned something which Diana Butler Bass reminds us about in her book,¬†Christianity for the Rest of Us: ¬†“seek wisdom, not certainty.” ¬†Others who knew of her aversion to alcohol and her days as a “prohibitionist” might find her to be a hypocrite while repeating, “judge not lest you be judged.” ¬†But they fail to realize there was a huge crisis and event in her life which taught her wisdom. ¬†Why does it take such catastrophic events to teach wisdom? ¬†Why can we not learn wisdom from what others do to teach about it? ¬†Good questions. ¬†The ones who are loudmouths harass me with their negative vibes of “dooms day,” but fail to pursue ideas and LEARN from others who might have more wisdom.

The point of Diana Butler Bass’s book is about spirituality. ¬†The notion of spirituality is lost upon those who embrace “dooms day” theology. ¬†“Dooms day” theology promotes negative “spirituality” based on fear and intimidation. ¬†Therefore, one can say this is an evil spirituality. ¬†But go ahead, point the finger at me and say the same thing about positive thinking. ¬†The day of judgment is upon you, as two fingers point back at you, too. ¬†Precisely the reason a wise old woman said to me, “judge not lest you be judged!”

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

False Judgments

Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:¬† 1 ‚Äď 17; Deuteronomy 5: 4 ‚Äď 21

  1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
  2. Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image.
  3. Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD the GOD in vain.
  4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
  5. Honour thy father and thy mother.
  6. Thou shall not kill.
  7. Thou shall not commit adultery.
  8. Thou shall not steal.
  9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
  10. Thou shalt not covet.

My colleagues and I who are professionals in education have been rendered with “false witness against thy neighbor.” ¬†By whom? ¬†Rick Scott and many who proclaim they “have Jesus!” ¬†Plus others who don’t.

My grandmother said, “judge not lest you be judged.” ¬†So, Nanna, when false judgments are hurled at me and my professional colleagues, am I to remain stalwart in following what you advised me to do?

I COULD make some judgments here, after having false judgments passed on me. ¬†I did not pass judgment on Rick Scott at the beginning, just made certain I got my butte to the voting booth, recognizing, unlike many who did not and are now complaining, the importance of voting. ¬†But later, when I listened to Rick Scott’s friends lambast faculty at Palm Beach State College, I could not resist in joining the crowds who insist Rick Scott has also thumbed his nose at Commandment number 8. ¬†Has he? ¬†As with the lawyers of Jesus Christ’s days, we face manipulation of the truth. ¬†I suppose Jesus Christ had no basis for calling these people “hypocrites?” ¬†I guess I should say no more and plead the fifth!

Hypocrites and deception fall under, when you remove the sex part, Commandment number 7.  Adultery IS deception.  Our sex-crazed world gets too tied up with the sex part and cannot recognize the deception part.  Rick Scott does not measure up well with Commandment number 7, either Рwith regard to DECEPTION and NOT speaking about sex.

We hope the man did not commit an offense contrary to Commandment number 6.

OK. ¬†Sometimes I am not so good with Commandment number 3, even when I think I am getting away with something when I say, OMG! ¬†Or GD – the worse! ¬†Then again, is GD like saying, “Gee whiz” or “golly gee!” ¬†or “darn it all?” ¬†I know nothing about how Rick Scott handles this commandment.

Commandment number 2. ¬†Society does too much of this one and Rick Scott is no exception. ¬†The same can be said of number 10. ¬†Materialism and “keeping up with the Joneses!” ¬†Envy, jealousy, pride. ¬†1 Timothy emphasizes the “love of money” as the “root” of “evil” or “all kinds of injurious things.” ¬†Is this not like making a “graven image?” ¬†Worship of money rather than GOD? ¬†I think so. ¬†Where does Rick Scott, the man who BOUGHT his election, stand on this one?

Also Commandment 1. ¬†“No other gods.” ¬†Rick Scott and his tea party “gods” of the Koch brothers and others. ¬†Fleshly “gods” are more important to Rick Scott than the true God. ¬†More important than the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Whoops! ¬†There I go… making a judgment. ¬†Sorry Nanna!

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

Today’s Protestants and Roman Catholics

There are some Protestants who worship the Bible.  Many Roman Catholics worship the pope and the dogmatic doctrines created by past popes Рmen, not God.  When Moses came down from the mountain and discovered the people were worshiping a human-created golden calf, he reminded the people about the idolatry of such a practice.

I was raised in a Protestant faith which has transformed itself from one involved in 17th-century puritanical witch hunts in New England to a denomination which recognizes the love of God and the original blessings given to us all as a gift from God.  This religion does not advocate a hateful god which encourages worship of the Bible, proof-texting, self-righteous human judgments, and the importance of doctrines of men which negate the love of God, our Creator.  Today, the Puritans are right-wing Protestants, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jews, and Muslims.  They prioritize hate before love.

Letter to Jeff Jacoby, The Boston Globe

Dear Mr. Jacoby,

I came across your May 6, 2012, op-ed on the web: ¬†“Thanks, Obama, but wealth is not theft.”
First of all, “those who peddle class resentment” are today’s wealthy 1%. ¬†They pay less taxes than the wealthy did in the 1950s when the economy hummed along quite nicely. ¬†American CEOs are the highest paid in the world and the gap between CEO and the lowest paid worker has increased astronomically. ¬†Yet, when I was working in a corporation and executives respected management guru, Peter Drucker and CEO, Lee Iacocca, more than Ayn Rand, the Drucker idea about the gap between the highest paid CEO and the lowest paid worker was advocated. ¬†It’s a much smaller gap than what we see today. ¬†Business worked quite well under these circumstances and more people owned a piece of the American pie. ¬†I refute your negativity towards working people and the 99% of America.
Philosophers might argue about what “piece of the pie” means. ¬†The argument might be: ¬†my statement presumes there is a limit to wealth. ¬†I choose to think in terms of an infinite “pie.” ¬†So nah nah nah nah nah nah… to all the detractors who wish to make an issue out of something and miss the point: ¬†the small business merchant class has been destroyed in America, the same as what happened in Ancient China as that economy imploded due to austere measures.
Descendants of American individuals who once owned their own retail outlets and small farms are now forced to work for the big conglomerates with CEOs making 200 to 300 times what the lowest-paid worker makes. ¬†What I am saying here is not an advocacy for socialism or communism, but a revelation of the facts that small farms which once provided enough finances for individual families have been destroyed by big agri-business with a few people at the top controlling the wealth and paying the descendants of small farmers peanuts while expenses within the economy – the things that block family “profits” or discretionary income – have risen astronomically when considering more than just the “government breadbasket” statistics which are out of whack.
Secondly. ¬†Funny, but Romney and Ryan have created a platform in the Republican Party rife with fascist definitions of the family, but refuse to acknowledge the facts about family profits. ¬†The pot is stirred up regarding envy and jealousy of those who make better five-figure salaries, while never recognizing the number of people who make six-, seven-, eight-, nine-, ten- or more figure salaries. ¬†There is a definition that de-values work from teachers, but places great value on techies, accountants, and lawyers who make far more money doing things like – ambulance chasing, figuring tax deductions and how the wealthy can escape paying their fair share. ¬†Teachers can loose their jobs while these others are a valued part of the economy? ¬†Lawyers and tax accountants are sacred cows? ¬†While the average family is told by the Republicans how morality is supposed to work and “if you make too much of a five-figure income” and just beginning to turn a profit, after many years of living paycheck to paycheck , you ain’t worth shit.
Mr. Jacoby, perhaps you need to consider there are gray areas, not just black and white. ¬†For if you work from the premise there is only black and white – socialist or capitalist – then you can come to the conclusions you drew in May of this year. ¬†BUt I challenge you to stop being stubbornly ignorant and consider the gray areas. ¬†Consider the role President Obama plays in stimulating free-market capitalism which flies in the face of the McDonald’s, Wal-Marts, and Chick-fil-a’s, whose focus is about destroying competition (and those they disagree) than to compete with them on a level playing field. ¬†McDonald’s vision years ago was to destroy the “mom and pop” restaurants. ¬†The same is true today with Wal-Mart. ¬†But in either case, you probably will not see such “vision” written down on paper. just deceptively implemented. ¬†
Something I recently read about wealth and wealthy tycoon, Andrew Carnegie: ¬†Andrew Carnegie condemned wealthy leaders who inherited their wealth. ¬†Examples of Romney, Ryan, and the Bush family come to mind. ¬†Apparently, he believed that those who inherited the wealth had no idea what it meant to WORK in order to EARN their wealth, so were not worthy of being “captains of industry.” ¬†He believed those who worked hard, earned their money after many years of hard work, made better leaders because they know what it is like to EARN, rather than destroy competition and take from others. ¬†Carnegie believed in being a giving person. ¬† ¬†Those modeled after Carnegie’s ideas would be Barack Obama and Joe Biden. ¬†Barack Obama was chastised in 2008 for “lack of experience.” ¬†But such criticism, by Carnegie’s standards, was unwarranted. ¬†And what do the Republicans do to those who have gained this wisdom after many years of experience and working their way up from little or nothing? ¬†These hapless SOBs wish to put most of us “out to pasture” with little means of supporting ourselves. ¬†Just when we “begin to turn a profit,” the rug is pulled out from beneath us by wealthy people claiming “there is not enough of the American pie to go around.” ¬†As I said, it’s an infinite pie which the 1% wish to claim is finite. ¬†
There are numerous statements from some wealthy people who preceded the jackass wealthy of the 21st Century which berate the attitude of the Ayn Rand followers. ¬†What is unbelievable is that those who embrace the Ayn Rand attitude act like communists who took power in Europe in the 20th Century. ¬†They believe utopia is found when everyone believes the same thing as these wealthy ones believe (this is called fascism) and wish to rip apart everything from the past, as if it was always a failure – except some perceived idea of perfect morality which existed in the past (a fantasy). ¬†America became a great nation, due to attitudes from Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, and “trust buster,” Teddy Roosevelt (conservationist, too). ¬† These attitudes ¬†conflict with those of Ayn Rand and others. ¬†
America became a great nation due to religious leaders like Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and the “power of positive thinking” which would have negated the focus and generation of extremist attitudes towards minor negative aspects of ObamaCare. ¬†This negativity generated by big business ignores many of the positives about ObamaCare. ¬† ¬†
Dr. Peale’s “positive thinking” flies in the face of conservative religious dogma generated by the pope, elders in Salt Lake City, Liberty U. (and the Southern Baptists) in Virginia (and Dixie), and Billy and Franklin Graham, among other televangelists. ¬†Original blessings is really what Jesus Christ endorsed, not the concept of original sin. ¬†Original sin is a doctrine from a church of men. ¬†The pope and others do not like this Dr. Peale positive attitude, so, as conservative Republicans wish, the pope and others wish to destroy those who endorse original blessings. ¬†The pope has already done so by excommunicating a priest who endorses original blessings. ¬†To the pope, elders, and deacons of narrow-focused dogmatic churches, I say: ¬†“Seek wisdom, not certainty.” ¬†
Mr. Jacoby, there ARE gray areas, not just the black and white defined by narrow-focused religions and their goons in business leadership.  

About Being Gay and the Nasty Politics / Religion Today

Recently, a “bishop” told congregants of some church that those who vote for Barack Obama are “going to hell.” ¬†There are many churches with bishops. ¬†The Roman and Anglican (Episcopal) and the United Methodist (once called the Methodist Episcopal) all have bishops.

Let’s take note that sane religious groups do not make such statements. ¬†But if we did, we certainly have plenty of reason to say, “don’t vote for Romney / Ryan or you will go to hell.” ¬†The biggest reason is Paul Ryan, but there are plenty of reasons why Mitt Romney is evil.

Let’s take Mitt Romney. ¬†He bullied gay people when in high school. ¬†You like that kind of man for president? ¬†A bully? ¬†You do, huh? ¬†You like that? ¬†How about if I, as a gay man, bullied YOU because you, as a man, have sex with a woman – out of wedlock? ¬†How about if I bullied YOU for not taking responsibility for your actions and just freely having sex with the “one who you are with?” ¬†HOW ABOUT THAT? Why don’t I bully people like that? ¬†Because of Jesus Christ. ¬†Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbor. ¬†Jesus Christ taught us to do to one another as we would have done to ourselves. ¬†I don’t know about you who actually bother to read this post, but I would not bully myself, so why would I bully another person?

Then there is Paul Ryan. ¬†His worship of Ayn Rand makes him very evil. ¬†At least those Roman Catholics who accept gay people are following the words of Christ: ¬†love your neighbor and do unto others as you would have them do to you. ¬†The pope rejects the true Christians, but would accept a congregant who follows the words … no WORSHIPS … an atheist anarchist who believes no one should take responsibility for his/he actions? ¬†How can Paul Ryan have any conscience and attend a Roman Catholic Church? ¬†How can the pope accept such a person, but would deny John Kerry the sacraments because he supports gay people? ¬†John Kerry practices the true Christian religious beliefs. ¬†Paul Ryan and countless other HYPOCRITES are evil creatures doing the will of the beast whose name is created by adding a “d” to the word “evil.”

Barack Obama does not go around ADVOCATING abortion, but accepts the fact that women have a choice.  Ayn  Rand ADVOCATED abortions.  Do people even realize this as they go to the polls in America?

But it’s being gay which impacts me. ¬†My freedom and liberty could be curtailed, should a Republican administration take charge. ¬†Does anyone even care enough to consider this? ¬†I am a RESPONSIBLE gay man, unlike the homosexuality promoted by Ayn Rand – “do your own thing and don’t give a damn about those around you.” ¬†“Love the one you’re with,” according to Ayn Rand.

Here I have spent a lifetime being careful to take responsibility for my actions.  And due to a stupid Jewish woman Рan atheist Рher followers could really bully me by using churches and universities like Palm Beach Atlantic U. to do their dirty work.  These irresponsible people who promote anarchy USE a bishop to tell his congregants to be self-righteous and judge a good man who has worked hard for the Middle Class for four years now.  Stupid suckers in America who buy this crap from a bunch of paranoid losers fearful that they might be gay.

It matters not that I have had to endure those who FORCE me, using the fear of societal “traditions,” into heterosexual relationships when I truly was always gay. ¬†So, Mr. Rick Santorum, the devil himself, how did YOU lose your freedom and liberty? ¬†Who removed that from you, … you SOB? ¬†Who did that to you? ¬†And the owner of Chick-fil-a… who removed YOUR freedom and liberty? ¬†Did someone FORCE either of you bastards to marry someone of the same sex? ¬†Sorry to use such strong language, but if the truth were known, I wonder what these guys say under their breath about people like me?

Paul Ryan and Rick Santorum (and others) are paranoid losers propped up by a Nazi pope. ¬†PERIOD. ¬†And what did Jesus Christ have to say – FORCEFULLY – about HYPOCRITES? ¬†Maybe you should read your Bibles, Mr. Romney the bully and Mr. Paul Ryan and Mr. Rick Santorum. ¬†And I have a suggestion. ¬†Don’t rely on “traditions” and THEN go to the Bible to dredge up your stinko stuff. ¬†That’s called proof texting.

Romney is a paranoid bullying loser propped up by the money extracted from the members of his faith – as the elders in Salt Lake City command.

Where, Mr. George H.W. Bush, in the supposed “liberal” mainstream Media, do we hear what I just said? ¬†NO WHERE. ¬†Screw your “new world order,” Mr. Bush … and Mr. Romney. ¬†Screw your “kinder, gentler nation” horse shit, Mr. George H.W. Bush. ¬†HYPOCRITES – as Jesus Christ said.

All of you have a hidden agenda. ¬†Push gay people back into the closet or into drag. ¬†I despise drag and I don’t wish to be pushed back into a closet. ¬†There are gay people who might like drag, too. ¬†Let them like it. That is the freedom we are SUPPOSED to have in the USA, but which the witches of the right wing wish to deny us.

Consider this. ¬†There are many of us who truly are gay and are gay for many reasons, some of which consist of physical things like genetics and hormones and such. ¬†But the reason for being gay is not limited to physical reasons, either. ¬†But are there gay Ayn Rand worshipers who also maintain a hidden agenda? ¬†Are there gay people who pretend to be gay in order to NOT take responsibility for ones self in society and make loads of money? ¬†After all, with no kids to raise, a gay man can become filthy rich, don’t you know?

And that is the irony of the platform of the Republican Party. ¬†The position of that evil party is to trash gay people who are responsible, in favor of the Ayn Rand type of gay man or woman. ¬†Trash the ones who are responsible, then use an iron-fisted approach to those who insist on being outside the closet. ¬†Deny these responsible people finances and jobs and healthcare and retirement, don’t you know?

The gay couple who wishes to adopt a child from overseas. ¬†Trash them because they don’t fit the “traditional” definition of a family. ¬†But the promiscuous ones? ¬†Well… just don’t do it in front of us – same with you promiscuous heteros… just keep it quiet … and DON’T GET CAUGHT… or else! ¬†LOL! ¬†Shallowness! LOL!

The gay couple who wishes to live a private life in a committed relationship, rather than cruise the streets and bars. ¬†Trash them, too. ¬†But the ones who get their jollies from multiple partners – either hetero OR homo… why… just let them do their thing – the Ayn Rand way… go down low… with multiple partners…. be irresponsible, but … OH! ¬†don’t get caught doing it. ¬†And LOL! ¬†Shallow laugh!

Jesus Christ: ¬†“Satan is the father of the lie.” ¬†Jesus Christ: ¬†violent reaction against DECEPTIVE business people bilking the masses as they went to the synagogue.

Ayn Rand encourages promiscuity.  Domestic partner and marriage / civil union laws acknowledge what Jesus Christ said.  Ordination of gay clerics allows the ministering to those who are being responsible in committed relationships and having to face the horse shit of bullies like Romney Рwho apparently has Romnesia.

And yes, I may not be an executive like Lee Iacocca who published the words I just used. ¬†But I am no different from someone who has money – and don’t you forget it. ¬†Position does not give more rights to do something that others cannot do – and that includes the elevated position some people give the representative of Satan himself – the pope in Vatican City… or the elders in Salt Lake City. ¬†If you are a bully, you are a bully, Mitt Romney. ¬†It matters not how much goddamn money you have, Mittney, when you use if for evil purposes – like ship jobs overseas.

Ayn Rand followers promote promiscuity, whether it be in the heterosexual or homosexual communities. ¬†These are shallow people who lack compassion for their fellow human beings. ¬†“Down low” deceptiveness is okay, but not committed relationships and responsible families, regardless of sexual identity. ¬†They sucker in those of institutions like Palm Beach Atlantic University and other institutions promoting the destruction of gay people. ¬†Even those of us who are AGAINST abortion, but believe legislation of morality, a failure for centuries, is NOT the approach to use.

Nasty politics from nasty people who lack compassion. ¬†These people promote a vicious form of capitalism called crony fascist capitalism – based on Ayn Rand and Libertarian evil beliefs. ¬†I prefer the type of capitalism NOT modeled after Vatican City and Salt Lake City. ¬†I prefer democracy and democratic capitalism which consists of free market capitalism and nixes the huge corporate conglomerate monopolies which don’t compete, but destroy their competition. ¬†I prefer the model of capitalism of the ‘trust buster” and Republican who ran for president exactly 100 years ago – Teddy Roosevelt. ¬†Teddy Roosevelt and Nelson Rockefeller and Jacob Javitz were all better Republicans than the lot we have today which consist of evil people.

And that is the problem with the paranoid Taft family of Ohio. ¬†That election of 1912 split the Republican Party in half. ¬†Teddy Roosevelt had more people who believed his PROGRESSIVE REPUBLICAN way, but nasty right wing Howard Taft – with the smallest numbers – insisted in being right. ¬†Think about it. ¬†Where is the Taft family of Ohio today? ¬†What impact did that family have on the 2004 election? ¬†Think about it. ¬†Where are the Teddy Roosevelt folks today? ¬†I’ll tell you. ¬†They are being brushed aside by nasty Republican fascists today.

The ones who deserve respect are the responsible gay people today, not the Ayn Rand irresponsible ones.  But nasty politics brush good people aside Рas the nasty politics destroy good RESPONSIBLE people, too.  The people who have actually worked hard to EARN their money, rather than take from others.


Romney is a Liar and Should Get out of Politics

Romney and his crony religionists and capitalists need to get out of politics and do what they do best:  genealogy and a choir.

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