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Learning to Learn

In listening to a report on true media (not social technology we call social media), I heard President Biden describing the false information on social technology (we call it media) like Facebook and its negative impact on getting Americans vaccinated. False information bloviating all over social technology (it is falsely called media). To be “fair,” supposedly perhaps according to a mis-interpretation of what the Fairness Doctrine was, there was an “opposition” statement from the company which runs Facebook. That is not the end results of Fairness Doctrine. There should have been additional information and details about the issue presented. But Americans have been caught up in this shallow, “we are bored by too much details.” Therefore, we are told to “keep it short.” In so doing, this report last night was a disfavor to the issue.

Why do I say this? Because I am the one being scoffed at for the information specialist I am and was trained to be who taught my students how to “learn to learn.” Research is part of the idea of “learn to learn.”

With this being said, the story last night on true media should have presented what Facebook said and followed with further information. Facebook told the public that “there is more correct information [on its technological portal] than incorrect information.” That does not take into account the facts about all the incorrect information which is there and gives Facebook a chance to challenge what is said and not take it as constructive criticism. Individualism done by a corporation which is the same as what Donald Trump does. Aghast at constructive criticism, so wishing to cove over the information which exposes the truth.

There. To all my detractor idiocracy, is this short enough for you? If it’s not, then shame on you.

Brash, Blunt, & Brave: Trying to Reveal the Sickness of False Groupspeak

I have always had little respect for Donald Trump from many years ago. But I did not have hatred or wish to help on any witch hunt. Donald Trump creates the notion of witch hunts against him because he is insecure. Any dictator is insecure and unable to take opposition. Such dictators and autocratic evil ones with a love of money over human beings are not welcome in an American democracy. Period.

I have been brash, blunt, and brave in writing on Facebook and other social technology without moderators and asking that those who speak out by making a claim that President Biden is to blame for employers not able to find employees because they are encouraged to be lazy and not work. After all, with an unemployment check, the notion is, Americans would rather take that money than to work.

I have written with the brash and blunt words like this: those who believe President Biden is at fault due to unemployment checks just shut up. I shall repeat it. Those who speak this false groupspeak (and other false groupspeak) shut up. You don’t know what you are saying.

THINK. THINK. THINK. It is an important word for the people of America because so many have lost this ability to delve into questions in more detail than what is given to us by sensationalist biased journalism at Fox News or other sources. They don’t check the facts. Even Norah O’Donnell is quick to throw out sensationalist 10 second sound bites and leave everyone in the lurch so as to make conclusions which are often false. For instance, the other night it was a short stab at the Democratic Party primary in New York City so we were all left scratching our heads. Those who don’t like the Democrats could just say, “see, I told you so.” Or else heighten false information in groupspeak which proclaims, “fraud,” when there is no fraud. WHAT? That you hate some Americans? The news of that primary also left those who might go along with Democrats scratching their heads and becoming disenfranchised about voting. Why? Based on a lack of evidence, so therefore, disappointment sets in? I have observed the strategy to disenfranchise voters in Florida for more than two decades now. Scoff at me, why don’t you, as if I have no brains when I observe and THINK, THINK, THINK, rather than rush to conclusions which might be wrong.

If one were to read unemployment figures over the past few months, one would see they have begun a decline. So much for the conclusion that so many people love that unemployment check and don’t wish to work. If so, then how can President Biden be blamed? Only if one hates him, has a bias against him, and then looks for the cherry-picking fodder to soothe and massage their egos with false information and hatred. It makes insecure people feel better if they can shoot another person down and prove the person doing this is a better one.

For instance. A healthcare worker was so uninformed about what is actually happening she told me this. “Obamacare has been destroyed.” My reply? “You missed the announcement the other night when the Supreme Court, by a vote of 7-2, voted to sustain Obamacare. I won’t go into the details, just the results. This was how many times that Obamacare has been upheld? But some young healthcare worker is so enamored in Facebook or Twitter (plus others), she never listens to news sources which report the news and don’t bloviate their bias. Nor does she read in-depth articles found in what we call newspapers, but which are actually news and information papers. These newspapers do not provide only biased opinions, but provide a variety of opinions for people to learn and not sit on their buttes like a bunch of vegetables and take in what is being told to them.

Social media is not social media. It is social technology for which the only thing gained by those who run this technology is not to be concerned about the content and whether it is accurate or contains examples of hatred. It is their love of materialism and love of money which moves these people from the depths of the 1% which own most all the resources in this nation. Period. Yes, such autocrats, plutocrats, and oligarchs of fat cats don’t care about the content, so they are nothing but overpaid lazy bums who take jobs away from people. President Joe Biden is not like that, so I detest those who come up with false conclusions about him. I thus become brash and blunt and say: “shut up if you cannot prove it to be true what you are saying.” Facebook, Twitter, and others are social technology, stupid, not social media. The media is being destroyed in the process of upholding these lainbrained excuses for “media.”

Another possible reason for the lack of people doing the work is related to capitalism and the need to make more money. With jobs scarce during the COVID-19, many people were home and doing nothing. When things opened up again, the hard-working people tried to grab first at the better paying with better benefits jobs. If one was not quick enough to act and then still found the availability of jobs at a low ebb, then they figured, why should they give up a check and go back to low wages and rare or non-existent benefits? When they hear that many of the billionaires, including Trump, are not paying their fair share of taxes, what the hell would inspire them to give up an unemployment check and go back to such crap? Joe Biden is not at fault for that because he is not a billionaire. Capitalism means competition for jobs. When supply of jobs is low and the demand is high, those with quick minds and merit will often get them first. Or so we hope this happens. As unemployment continues to decline and a limit is placed on accepting such checks, especially if one has the possibility for a job, then the hierarchy will be established and those at the bottom of the “trickle-down” will fill the voids which have been created.

In all of this, I find it disgusting to hear groupspeak repeated on the basis of a hatred for Democrats and/or President Biden when there is no evidence to prove it. But will what I write make a change in America? Not certain. But my Scottish family motto is this. “As I breathe, I hope.”

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