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Unsolicited Shit (or should I say manure) and Lousy Attitudes in America Which are Worse than using the word, f***

I am sick and tired of what we have in America: over-priced technology between broadband and other forms, and then being FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS to pay for this crap which lacks in quality and reliability.

Why do I say this today? Because several times I have sent something to spam in my Google email. Several times and the same sender keeps sending to me. Yet, how many times as the automatic “spam filter” sent some good stuff of mine to spam? Many times. The demand side of the market needs to dictate, not some automatic spam filter that sometimes is not worth shit doing so. I want one of the vendors who sends to me unsolicited to GO TO GOOGLE SPAM and it is not. Fuck Google for such lousy software, as well as so much other LOUSY software we now call “apps.” And in this case, I am not going to apologize for using the word, fuck, because it is a reply to something which puts me in a helpless situation for which I cannot have it my way. I should NOT have to accept unsolicited shit from those I don’t want. PERIOD.

Lousy American Technology Run by Monopolies with People who have a Love of Money – plus more

As an information specialist and librarian, I began using the Internet and some of the original browsers and search engines. Google was not around. Google was introduced. It worked nicely, giving us results of a search which did not go beyond the words we put into it. We could do keyword searching or phrase searching. We could indicate what we did NOT want in the results.

Try doing this with Google today. It is nothing but bullshit. For a diabetic who needs to find recipes for pastry with nut flours like almond flour or hazelnut flour (etc.), we get results with sugar added, sweeteners added, and all-purpose wheat flour. It might have almond paste. I do not ask for a recipe with flour and almond paste. It might give results with almond extract flavoring which is added to wheat flour and sugar. I do not ask for such a recipe. It gives SOB Google gives it to me anyway.

On top of this, even with recipes it gives me freaking shit of products to purchase. Or it gives the results according to those who make money coming up first. I am after information, GD it. I don’t want the bullshit of products. If I did I would search with such keywords.

President Biden wants to regulate monopolized companies like Google or Microsoft. Yet, people yell and scream about it. Why? In the 1980s, Republicans put in place a tax on services. Dry cleaning. Auto mechanic services, etc. With the help of Democrats in Florida and those who were against that bullshit of a tax, the tax was defeated and eliminated. In spite of that, the GD Republicans of Florida moved on with gerrymandering to create a one-party state in Florida. A state with less power of Democrats.

In those years when Republicans were not in the majority, they began doing as Jebbie Bush wanted. Lottery and gambling. Most of the Democrats were opposed to lottery and gambling, so perhaps they remain on the shit list of the mob? The Republicans promised to use lottery money for public education. Never happened.

Republicans, particularly in Florida and Dixie. Liars, liars, pants on fire. As they dictate only what THEY wish to dictate on society.

Meanwhile we are stuck with monopolies in technology which care ONLY for their hardware and software. Those who don’t want to digital information in newspapers and such are damned to hell by the dictatorial means of lousy people with wealth and autocratic control. Oligarchs like Putin. We need to rid this nation of such bullshit. But then. If I complain about it, there is no reply to try to understand what consumers on the demand side of the market wish to have. They condemn and act in a vengeful vicious way. Perhaps to be like the mob when it has a death wish. Like the mob from Russia, too. We want to pursue happiness and find technology to be a lousy way to do it when Spectrum, Verizon, Google, Microsoft act like Trump in not wanting to listen and consider, but destroy.

One more thing. For prescriptions, companies like Walgreens adn CVS are constrained, due to privacy issues. So, when a prescription is not refilled by a doctor, we get one message. Prescription cannot be filled. Well. What is the damn prescription? We then have to make a phone call to find out. Then we find out that to send us the information about which prescription, it would “break privacy laws.” yet, with Spectrum and Verizon and other companies, the supply side cannot take responsibility for those who invade our privacy and snipe and hit us. Spectrum, for instance, says, “it’s not our job.” And then Spectrum goes and funds bitches like Claudia Tenney. So, we pay a high price of $145.00 per month for much crap that we have no interest in viewing. If we did not spend all that GD money for Spectrum and Verizon, we would have money in our family budget to purchase PAPER COPY subscriptions of newspapers and magazines. Instead, we pay crap for crap we don’t want and have no choice form the monopolies, as newspaper publishers also create monopolies focused on national news, destroying local news, information, and culture, and America is more polarized as a result, not knowing who our local politicians are in this democracy. The Republicans win by trashing Democrats. And the population is unable to learn about the local candidates. Don’t bless an America like this. Don’t damn it, either. Damn the fat pigs

NEWARK VALLEY HISTORY: Phone service (and Google, oh my!)

Professor Cornwell comments about the lousy disgusting search engine called Google. Not positive, right? But sure does attempt to express optimism that America should have something better.

Having worked with people at Syracuse University and Cornell University at one time and with the SIRES natural language search engine, Professor Cornwell finds it despicable when one does a Google search for “history of phone service in Newark Valley,” one comes up with Newark Valley history. A search of the text of the web pages pulled up finds NOTHING about history of phone service. Google thinks they are doing a good service in this manner, leading people off into what IT dictates should be the results, rather than stating, “Nothing found by this search.”

What the hell does Google believe they accomplish in this way? Helps to describe the state of affairs in America today with fake news and all the other crap which people retrieve and don’t take with a “grain of salt.” People coming to rely on Google results as the “only source” of information, right? Wrong.

As an information specialist with a career spanning many years, Professor Cornwell finds this to be disgusting in America today that we don’t have something better than this. With experience working with the first “Google,” Professor Cornwell has to bluntly say something about this. The type of crap rarely happened in the early years of Google and its “marketing” efforts to be “natural language” search engine. Or was Professor Cornwell fooled in those years? It seems to have “evolved” into this crappy system and one has to ask, “WHY?” Be happy, happy, happy about this situation and shut your mouth, right?

Professor Cornwell needs to use other sources besides the sole source of the Internet, in order to find this history and how much Gilbert Elsworth Purple and perhaps his son, Jay Purple, were involved in bringing telephone service to Newark Valley. The history behind the development of the Chenango & Unadilla Phone Company which ultimately ended up in the hands of today’s phone service with Frontier Communications. I am quite certain Newark Valley never had New York Telephone, which was once part of the AT&T conglomerate, now is part of Verizon New York land line service (see New York Telephone Company, AT&T, NYNEX).

It must be sadly said. Traversing information to find landline services or even the history of land line phone services in Tioga County takes much time to find the truth. Must be to the advantage of big corporate America. Confuse the people as much as possible so they don’t know the truth. Sorry. Treading on pessimism, right? People thought Reagan and his stupidity of supply side economics and deregulation was doing America a favor by breaking up AT&T. Perhaps it would have been better had Reagan NOT done those vile and evil tasks? Competition in a supposed “free market” has done nothing but create monopolies with big companies and a reregulation which is done by the big corporate conglomerates with their control of the FCC and other governmental agencies. Funny. Reagan deregulated and broke up monopolies, but never rid us of agencies like the FCC, did he? Makes perfect sense, for sure.

Now try to find accurate information about phone service, as well as look into the history of phone service and one will find it very difficult and time consuming to do the task. Google is of little help at all.

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