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Sense of Humor About Google Spam

How does Google email handle spam filters and messages coming as “subscribed” when a person never “subscribed?” Inquiring minds wan to know. Because Google does not have computer systems to manage this well.

I am opposed to fascist Republicans which control the political party to which I once belonged. Shall I name names? If you wish.

So, I am receiving many email messages.

Just lately, many messages which are friendly to my cause are being sent to spam and I have to release them from spam. I spend time doing this and I have better things to do with my time. This is how technology has made my life better and junked good jobs for humans to receive incoming calls, rather than computers? Humans who are able to get a step in the door at a corporation, learn skills and move onward, if they desire. How far do computers move?

Just lately I have been receiving messages from Trump folks which I disdain. They do not often go to spam. And when I check them, I notice I have a link to “unsubscribe.” I did not subscribe to these messages, so to have a link to unsubscribe is absurd.

Perhaps this is all a form of mockery. So those who wish to mock me, have a great time in laughing about it as your form of humor. I will tell you where such people with their sense of humor should go. I will zip my mouth on that and only hope they get spattered with manure and rotten tomatoes.

Here is my smile: 😃 Notice I am bearing my teeth, like a bear ready to chomp.

Unsolicited Shit (or should I say manure) and Lousy Attitudes in America Which are Worse than using the word, f***

I am sick and tired of what we have in America: over-priced technology between broadband and other forms, and then being FORCED DOWN OUR THROATS to pay for this crap which lacks in quality and reliability.

Why do I say this today? Because several times I have sent something to spam in my Google email. Several times and the same sender keeps sending to me. Yet, how many times as the automatic “spam filter” sent some good stuff of mine to spam? Many times. The demand side of the market needs to dictate, not some automatic spam filter that sometimes is not worth shit doing so. I want one of the vendors who sends to me unsolicited to GO TO GOOGLE SPAM and it is not. Fuck Google for such lousy software, as well as so much other LOUSY software we now call “apps.” And in this case, I am not going to apologize for using the word, fuck, because it is a reply to something which puts me in a helpless situation for which I cannot have it my way. I should NOT have to accept unsolicited shit from those I don’t want. PERIOD.

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