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THREE-PENNY OP-ED: The Stupidity & Perversions of Americans Who Bloviate False Information About the 2nd Amendment

On a bumper sticker, it states that “freedom would not have been accomplished without the 2nd Amendment.” Really? There was no 2nd Amendment when America declared its independence in 1776 and raised arms with muskets against the Redcoats of Britain. Muskets. It takes several minutes between shots in order to reload them, compared to automatic weapons today. Repeat. Muskets, not automatic weapons.

The bumper sticker contained a lie with no facts or evidence. I say, “just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.” In order to protect the institution of enslavement of Africans, to kill off indigenous of North America, or even to mow down a line of Filipinos in the Spanish-American war, in the form of genocide, were guns important. In each case, guns were used against people with colored skins, not white people.

Gaetz and others are perverted and disgusting people to suggest that the 2nd Amendment “supports insurrection.” I hate to use the following word. But perverted ones like Gaetz are assholes. Shall I call them jackasses? They divide America and get coverage by the media when there should be no right to express words of hatred to support someone’s opinion. The courts in America need to put a stop to this.

To Trumpicans and the Gaetz idiocracy, I ask this. What if you assholes had to accept guns used by the Black Panthers? After all, there are those who claim those people mounted an insurrection. You are saying that should be legally accepted, right? I don’t believe it is. In fact, I know too many white people who were just as horrified about what the Black Panthers did as they are regarding the insurrection on Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol building which was implemented primarily by white people. Americans, including someone from the Capitol police, were killed. A dumb idiocracy person from QAnon was killed as she festered, like a fool, with the false words and conspiracy theories being perpetrated by perverted assholes like Gaetz and others of the idiocracy.

You assholes of the Trumpicans idiocracy, go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks. You insult those of us who want a democracy and wish to correct the imperfections of government. We are disgusted with hearing words from the Jan. 6 thugs, such as: “it has just begun with a repeat of 1776. Repeat. There was no 2nd Amendment in 1776. In fact, one of the first insurrections against this new government and under General and ultimate first president, George Washington, was the Whiskey Rebellion of western Pennsylvania. President Washington set a precedence in NOT defending that insurrection with the 2nd Amendment.

Forty-five defends an insurrection and then perverts like Gaetz makes a claim that the 2nd Amendment defends such insurrections. Bullshit on Gaetz. Vomit on Gaetz. Throwing shit at him or to vomit on him or throw a cream pie in his face is not using guns. I don’t advocate using guns against Gaetz, as much as he probably advocates using guns against those of us who disagree with him. My opposition is found in the following words, not guns and is based on facts. I don’t like the wealthy Saudi head-hopping bastard pigs, with their oil, but I wish to wean America of oil and move away from such evil people with money; I advocate keeping oil in reserve as a savings account for the future, not go and kill the Saudi royal family. Oh, that’s right. It was Neil Bush and the Republicans who worked to destroy the federal savings and loan associations in America, by sabotage. Such perverts don’t like savings but try to bolster big banks with the authority to control with credit cards. Another thing. Gaetz probably wishes to take guns against those of us who attempt to lower our “carbon footprint;” or guns against those of us wish to be out of the closet as gay people and not segregated away like a bunch of freaks; or to use guns against those of us who support the non-segregation of people of color; or take up guns against those of us who refuse to allow anti-Semitism in America.

Insurrectionists like the Black Panthers, white Proud Boys, white QAnon group are wrong in grabbing at the use of guns. For much of the accomplishments for freeing black people is the the use of Martin Luther King’s ideas of non-violence. To mock MLK and his non-violent followers, the white bastards chose to use a gun to shoot him down.

The freedom for women to vote was not gained by the use of guns, but by the use of non-violent protests. The freedom for gay people to live their lives out of the closet was gained by throwing cream pies in the face of those who were in opposition. Yes, there was a riot in New York City which was violent, but there were never guns used in that riot, and the results of that riot were to advance freedom for gay people. After George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis, Martin Luther King’s daughter appealed for non-violent protest. Sad that that the ones who instigated too much violence were the white bastards from Proud Boys and sometimes even from police forces who are inundated with a “norm” that “black people are bad.”

Those white Europeans (Irish and Italian, for instance) came here as indentured servants. They were white. They won their freedom without the use of guns, but to free the black folks, we had to use guns and fight a civil war, after Barbara Bush’s ancestor and several other jackass presidents before Lincoln, ruined the stalwart of democracy, the compromise. Ms. Bush’s ancestor, President Franklin Pierce DESTROYED the Compromise of 1850 in the same way as McConnell and the perverted Republicans in the U.S. Senate just destroyed an investigation of the Jan. 6 events and enabled Gaetz to say what he did, A LIE —– I repeat – liar Gaetz with a lie – that the 2nd Amendment was designed to “defend insurrection.” To which I repeat. History shows otherwise. Like those who enable a spouse or friend to continue with alcoholism, McConnell enabled Gaetz to bloviate with a lie. Sad thing. That big bad media, as portrayed by Trump, did nothing to really challenge and put the word out against what Gaetz. An apparent lack of confidence in using historical facts, sad to say, when there are books and writings galore which explain the wrongness of what Gaetz said and use FACTS AND EVIDENCE in the process. Lawyers, too, say nothing. Remain silent, as they work to grab their money from ambulance-chasing creation of jobs for lawyers. That is a very sad commentary about America.

There is a never-ending circle going on, unless we work together to stop it. Police forces hold up a banner of “blue lives matter” when we all should be holding up banners of “ALL LIVES MATTER” or “ALL HUMAN LIVES MATTER.” The choke-holding police officer is likely never to lose his life, either. But many black people HAVE lost their lives and the catch-22 is that they feel they want vengeance and thus it all snowballs. Mr. CHOKE HOLDER was not right to defend his fear of being shot at by black people, by putting a chokehold on a person. It was as much nonsense as the teacher in the 1970s who, in an all-white school, was encouraged to “establish one’s rule,” as in the 19th Century practices where teachers had to act like police and put a chokehold on kids. This was to let the kids know “who is boss.” That was bullshit and not necessary, should teachers learn how to “establish who is boss” with other non-violent means, such as the means of Jesus Christ who was the greatest teacher on earth.

Perversion is not nudity. Perversion is not visual views of sex. Perversion IS the lack of self-control in sex which leads to the possibility of people like Gaetz having sex with young girls. Perversion is “anything goes,” like a Libertarian or anarchist. Perversion is violence and use of guns to attack those of non-white races, use stand your ground rules (like Florida) or lynching to attack non-white people, use false information and false convictions to put down non-white people.

With this last thing being said, let us take a look at the manipulation of sabotaging the reputations of black people, in a historical perspective. After the American Civil War, black folks looked for homes in rural areas such as where I live in upstate New York. To drive them out, the white folks here dreamed up visions of false accusations against a black man here, when the man never did commit a murder. He was falsely accused of murder and executed by the local government here. It was a Yankee government, unlike the vigilante groups like the KKK in the South who took execution upon their own and the sheriff looked the other way. Never heard of such a thing on Murder, She Wrote, in the fictional town of Cabot Cove, ME, did we? I bet it happened at one time or another.

In 1921, there was the genocide with weapons in Tulsa, OK, where no white people were convicted and justice ever done for those black folks who lived on “Black Wall Street” in the Greenwood section of Tulsa. Why did this happen? As with Emmett Till in 1955, a false claim regarding a black and white person.

This brings to mind an event of the 17th Century in the areas now known as the Bronx and Westchester County. According to a history of Westchester County, the Dutch Governor Kieft, falsely accused an indigenous man of murder. There was no evidence. White bastards LOVE using false crap like a Trumpicrap person does. In this 17th Century situation, the indigenous people rose up in revolt and massacred households in the area, including that of Anne Hutchinson and her family who had emigrated there from Rhode Island. For some reason, people of my own family lineage who were with Anne Hutchinson, were spared, but moved elsewhere. Mr. Throckmorton, for which the Throggs Neck Bridge is named, was spared, but he ultimately moved to New Jersey. My family had an area there named after it: Cornell Neck because one of the family members did remain in New Amsterdam (now New York City) and married a member of the Willett family in the Dutch Reformed Church on Manhattan, which is likely the church of the Trump family, called the Marble Collegiate Church.

It was another woman in my lineage who gave the land for that church, in the 17th Century when women were SUPPOSED to be property of men. Each your heart out, narcissistic Trump.

Have I said enough? What holes will be shot through what I am saying? Go ahead. Take aim at me rather than consider the truth and facts I offer. I am not full of shit. Those who live in silence are full of shit because they fear being contentious. We know that people like Gaetz are those who are assholes who never empty out their shit. I hate to say things this way because they are vulgar. But how much of what I am saying has been taken seriously and spread around? Or are you fearful that you become a manure spreader, should you use your voice? The manure spreader along the state road here and just to the south had a Trump sign in it. The ones spreading the manure are Trump, Gaetz, and the others in the destructive forces of the Trumpicans who wish to destroy our democracy and put in place an autocracy which dictates what white supremacists want and everyone of color just bows down to them like a bunch of “Uncle Toms” who cannot appreciate the fact that guns were drawn against the guns of those who wanted to preserve the institution of slavery.

Gun Issues Discussion on Morning Joe (4/9/21)

I don’t like statements (4/9/21) from those who speak with pessimism and saying, “getting to that middle ground [on gun control] in this political system.”  Perhaps he was correct, but this pessimism should not be happening because it does not give the American confidence in our system at all and that is exactly what Trump and the NRA want.  You are playing into the hands of the devil called Trumpican redneck white bastards.  I say this as an educator and no one wishes to listen.  STOP THE PESSIMISTIC prophesies and talk about SOLUTIONS that we can do in working together, even if that means getting rid of the GODDAMN … I am saying GODDAMN … filibuster in the U.S. Senate and other means (get rid of gerrymandering, get rid of fraud in the form of Republican electioneering in a voting area – as I have observed – and other means).  STOP THE GODDAMN PESSIMISM.  I am serious.

STop the statement, “it will never happen” when we CAN overcome obstacles.  An administrator at the college where I was a professor would say, “you run into obstacles, there are two ways around them  One is to make sure we learn how to jump over them and the other way is to find a way around it.”

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