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Gun Issues Discussion on Morning Joe (4/9/21)

I don’t like statements (4/9/21) from those who speak with pessimism and saying, “getting to that middle ground [on gun control] in this political system.”  Perhaps he was correct, but this pessimism should not be happening because it does not give the American confidence in our system at all and that is exactly what Trump and the NRA want.  You are playing into the hands of the devil called Trumpican redneck white bastards.  I say this as an educator and no one wishes to listen.  STOP THE PESSIMISTIC prophesies and talk about SOLUTIONS that we can do in working together, even if that means getting rid of the GODDAMN … I am saying GODDAMN … filibuster in the U.S. Senate and other means (get rid of gerrymandering, get rid of fraud in the form of Republican electioneering in a voting area – as I have observed – and other means).  STOP THE GODDAMN PESSIMISM.  I am serious.

STop the statement, “it will never happen” when we CAN overcome obstacles.  An administrator at the college where I was a professor would say, “you run into obstacles, there are two ways around them  One is to make sure we learn how to jump over them and the other way is to find a way around it.”

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