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Thank you, Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi was correct in her statements about Google monopoly. Any company like Google which makes the consumers on the demand side of the market feel helpless by changing settings without the permission of the person who owns the computer is in violation of that person’s right to run the computer as the person sees fit to do. What is worse is the way the installation of an app on a person’s computer is hidden so one cannot remove such a Google app. Go to uninstall and try to do an uninstall of Google Drive. What is the message? “Program is still active so cannot be uninstalled.” ACTIVE? WHERE? Try to find where it is active. All designed to confuse the consumer in the same way as Trump snippets and other crap from Repugnican hateful liars, slanderers, or those who use baseball bats against human beings, like the Mafia, in order to scare people into submission. If one is not a wimp, as are some in the Democratic and Republican Parties (remain nameless), then you are safe. Otherwise they fear those who stand up for what is right, like Nancy Pelosi, and dredge up lies and baseball bats to try to win – as with Machiavellian theory – the ends justifies the means. That means, it matters not how vicious, vengeful, and barbaric Repugnicans can be, the end justifies the means.

I am a Lincoln Republican who got sick of the Repugnican Party of Florida. I am a proud Yankee who is sick and tired of Repugnicans and their lies, slander and libel which is used with snippets on Facebook or Twitter to attack those who take a stand for the people. I take a stand for WE THE PEOPLE. I believe in what Thomas Jefferson wrote, “all men are created equal.” Except I put that in the context of the 21st Century and say, “all human beings are created equal.” Thomas Jefferson got a fight in the 18th Century in trying to put it that way. Where did the trouble derive? From Dixie states of Georgia and the Carolinas where the white male bastards were fearful of what it meant to be equal to others. Sad to say. But by building up Dixie over the past 50 to 60 years, America is heading back in the same direction of what Thomas Jefferson faced in the 18th Century.

Repeat. I am in favor of WE THE PEOPLE, the first three words of the U.S. Constitution. I am in favor of the statement, “all human beings are created equal.” And to take it one step further and be real blunt. If an older woman is raped (see Stanley Kubrik’s A Clockwork Orange) and ends up pregnant, the life of the fetus is NOT MORE IMPORTANT than the life of an older woman. Medical science can prove the risks to an older woman’s LIFE due to a pregnancy at an older age. This example points out a life and death circumstance for older women.

But it applies to any woman because their life CAN be threatened, especially under any circumstances.

In my mind, there is a fine line when considering no threat to the woman and no rape. In this case, there are more PROACTIVE choices for contraception and abortion becomes a reactionary choice.

An interesting point. The ones who support reproductive rights are considered liberal or progressive (socially progressive as we were called when I was a Republican). That is also referred to as being proactive or, as taught in the Boy Scouts, “be prepared.” Abortion as a contraceptive choice is reactionary, not progressive and proactive. Who are the ones opposed to abortion? Those who love being reactionary. Abortion as a contraception choice is reactionary, not proactive. No consistency which can create something called, “common sense.”

Makes me wonder whether it is the reactionary ones, opposed to abortions, who are secretly obtaining abortions. Possibility because I recall Roman Catholics who claimed to oppose contraception but used them anyway. We were told to keep that information”a secret.” “Keep it a secret when some Roman Catholic guy had a vasectomy.”

Jesus Christ called such people hypocrites. So, we have five Roman Catholics on the SCOTUS. I can stereotype them as all being hypocrites. Should I? Most were placed there by Repugnicans, with the help of big business PACs who put money before the interests of the people of America. We the people, in order to form a more perfect union… All human beings are created equal.

And the love of money is evil and usually behind the promotion of waging war. Putin, an atheist, uses the Russian Orthodox Church to promote his war. Cannot criticize the Russians without pointing out how much Repugnicans in America use Christian churches to promote war among our own people. Or. To point out how Texas oil men used money as the basis for sending Americans to Vietnam in the 1960s.

We the people and we are all created equal. The foundation of America. Go ahead. Hate what I say. Or perhaps hate ME because I say it. If it bothers you when I say this, perhaps it is because you just want to have fun in life and what I say might interrupt your fun? Your life of putting a foto of the food you ate last night on Facebook. Just what we love to see, right? But hey, it’s fun!

And when such hate permeates America to such a large degree, what will America get? Something better? ‘Splain it to me, please.

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for your service to we the people, all created equal as children of God. Thank you, Nancy Pelosi for not being a Democratic Party wimp who turns over and plays “dead.” Sorry there are so many Repugnicans in America who are afraid of people who promote “we the people” and that all human beings are created equal, the foundation of America. My ancestors who were wealthy in America and helped build this nation (not avoid paying taxes), lived and died for this nation, would be pleased.

Trump, According to a “My Turn” Writer in the P&S-B

Dear Editors:

Your “My Turn” columnist (3/13/2022) gave credit to Trump for achieving peace in the world, for America to become “strong and independent.” The examples given were about peace in the Middle East. One cannot argue with some of those points made. What was not said by the “My Turn” writer was that, in each case, there may have been peace, but in order to achieve the peace, there was no justice. For much of the peace was in support of the Saudi Arabian sheiks. During the Trump years, we also witnessed the sheiks ordering beheadings of their own people by using swords. They are awful pictures of injustice towards human beings. Then we saw the ISIS, supported by Putin and the Arab sheiks, who did the same thing.  In other words, justice, to Putin, the Arabian sheiks, and Trump, is how they define justice. If one does not agree, like Hitler and Stalin, then they are executed. By silencing the opposition, they achieve peace. We cannot achieve peace without justice for all.

In the same way, Trump achieved a “peace” in Afghanistan and put our pullout on a timetable. Biden chose to work with the opposition and stuck to the timetable established by Trump. Trump is applauded for achieving the peace while Biden gets slammed for removing troops from Afghanistan.  It appears Biden and the Democrats are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

As far as the issue of inflation is concerned, there is evidence that the tariffs imposed by Trump on one nation (China) have had an impact on increased inflation. Biden is dragging his feet about getting rid of the tariffs and then Biden gets slammed for inflation.  Again, Biden and the Democrats are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.”

Trump never achieved domestic peace within this nation. He emboldened many people in opposition to Democrats and the war on the COVID-19 pandemic. He could have provided supplies by invoking the Defense Protection Act. He could have done this at the time Gov. Cuomo and other governors (both Republican and Democrat) needed them. Cuomo ends up getting blamed and Trump does not. Again. Democrats are “damned if they do and damned if they don’t.” Republicans are simply above the law because of the fundagelical crap in American religion with their god of hatred. 

In the midst of all this, Trump, DeSantis, Santorum, McConnell, Rick Scott, Scott Walker (Wisconsin) all get to spend their time on suppression of voting, power in gerrymandering, bigotry towards gay folks and people with colored skin, while ignoring the domestic issues about human justice, human equality, and humanity in general.  In fact, some of them are spending more time in coming up with anti-gay and anti-colored-people rules for denying the ability for human equality. In effect, they are working against the very preamble of the U.S. Constitution which talks about maintaining domestic peace (“domestic tranquility”) and are hypocrites each time they repeat the Pledge Allegiance to the Flag and say, “…liberty and justice for all.” There is no “domestic tranquility,” due to Trump and the Republican cronies who dwell on anti-humanity legislation and legitimizing the wealthy and elitist plutocrats who don’t want a democracy because a democracy is dependent on a middle class. In this sense, Trump and his cronies, not following the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, are traitors to America and its democracy.

When it Comes to Humanity, Human Justice, Human Equality, Human Rights, It’s Not Politics, Stupid

When it come to humanity, human justice, human equality, human rights, it’s not politics. stupid.

Recall the 1992 election and “it’s the economy, stupid”? Does it not make any sense that it’s not politics, stupid, but it’s human justice, human equality, human rights. Or should I reverse this and say, “it’s humanity, human justice, human equality, human rights, but not about politics”? Or does anybody care, except to be only in favor of where each one is in the box they create and hardened to their own opinion, not willing to consider any means of learning or being open-minded enough to consider all ideas? In that case, does it matter whether I put the negative first or the positive side first?

Anti-maskers. Cf to anti-condom-users during AIDS epidemic

Anti-maskers. Anti-vaxers. Individual rights. Bunch of hooey. AIDS epidemic. Promiscuity & having sex w/every Tom, Dick, Harry. Told to use a “mask” of a different name (get my gist?). Selfish men refused. As with COVID-19, friends of ours died. Men & women died. Puritanical SOBs suggested that we stop the spread of HIV by telling promiscuous men not to have sex at all, especially gay guys. Imagine. With COVID-19, if we are told, “don’t breathe at all!” Thanks to those who claim only THEIR individual rights are important and the rest of the community and society just be damned.

Chick-Fil-A & Thruway

Dear Gov. Hochul:

As a gay person in a same-sex marriage, I must speak out against the contract to Chick-Fil-A on the New York State Thruway. The thruway has a “captive audience” with drivers who travel on it. Drivers have no choice for choosing various places to eat because the drivers are not able to easily get off and back on again. Please consider the end of such a contract. Here are my reasons.

  1. The CEO of this company opposes same-sex marriage and encourages the employees not to do such a thing.
  2. The anti-gay bigotry promoted in such a manner encourages New Yorkers who claim to be liberal at times to consider there is no reason to be in opposition to such a contract because they are “not gay,” so why bother oppose such measures? A similar attitude existed regarding gay folks and Jews in the Germany of the 1930s while Hitler was attempting to consolidate his power. If people were Gentiles, what was to bother them by the treatment of Jews? If people were not gay, what was to bother them, should there be something done to gay folks? Blind eyes. Deaf ears. Look what happened.
  3. The worst part of this is the advances made for human rights in America by de-segregation. Multi-cultural and multi-racial communities are working out, even if someone makes claims there is some which have not. Quite frankly, I have seen some all-white communities which are a bunch of crap in attitude and other ways. I lived in multi-racial communities and we lived in peace, until some lainbrained idiotic white skinned person with a Confederate flag waving from the back of a pickup truck invades the neighborhood in order to mock the success of integration and multi-racial goodness. What people today are doing with regard to gay folks is working to force us back into the closet of segregation which has been overturned. People who keep their sexual identity hidden get hired in places like Chick-Fil-A while those who refuse to hide in a closet are not hired. In spite of gay folks respecting those who want to remain in a closet, we are being forced there as well, as had been the days before human beings all around were treated with respect and honor, no matter what the sexual identity. We who are gay could be angry and make claims that those in the closet are liars. In fact, they could be considered liars, but we try to have respect for them. Too bad we don’t get respect from the other 90% of the population and those who turn a blind eye and deaf ear towards what happens with Chick-Fil-A on the Thruway.
  4. One more thing. I am a diabetic. Chick-Fil-A food is full of carbs. Bread coating on the chicken. French fries. A restaurant like Starbucks has food with a smaller amount of carbs. Arby’s is a fast food restaurant in which diabetics could order a roast beef sandwich and remove it from the bun. What is the reason for giving this contract to Chick-Fil-A when it does not have an overall approach with either sexual identity or with carbs?
  5. There should be eating places owned by gay folks, in order to provide overall competition that is fair.

After protesting this, for some reason, I get subjected to mockery by stupid New Yorkers. For instance, someone mocks me with: “Chick-Fil-A has good food.” Did I say the food was not good? Who are the stupid ones who push such drivel in a taunting manner? Who pushes such crap and why do they continue on such a lousy path? As a diabetic, I never say the food at Chick-Fil-A is “bad.” It is a matter, as my dad would say about fried food, “I like it, but it does not like me.” When something drives up my glucose levels, I have to say that the food “does not like me.”

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