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Comment about book review of THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVITUDE: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Price of Submission, by Mark Leibovich

Dear Editors:

Kevin McCarthy and other followers of tRUMP exemplify one thing which is dangerous for America and its democracy.  They follow the model of Machiavelli. The idea is that do anything necessary in order to make “the ends justify the means.”  Does not matter whether its a matter of trouncing on ethics, morals, lies, hypocrisy, or corruption. Do it because the “ends justifies the means.” 

Then there are those who simply follow along in submission because they are gay and prefer to remain in the closet while being blackmailed into submission.

What a shame that we have these things happening today with the prospect of stupidity to support such people and destroy this nation and its democracy.  After all, “we the people” don’t count in such a parade of hypocrisy with dictators who promote the model of Machiavelli. In other words, Machiavellian types leading the mesmerized lemmings over the cliff. 

Douglas W. Cornwell

Open Mouth, Insert Foot, Prince “Trump” Machiavelli

Dear Editors:

While the votes were being counted in the U.S. Senate Republican primary race between Dr. Oz and blue-collar McCormick who became successful by working his way to the top, Trump’s endorsed candidate, Dr. Oz and his followers were crying about losing. Trump bloviates that there should be “paper ballots.” His theme is always about fraud in the elections. Then, after the votes were counted, Trump’s candidate won by a slim margin.  Justifies using paper ballots, right?

But wait just one minute. Was it not Trump who, during the 2020 presidential election blasted the use of paper mail-in ballots?  Perhaps I am mistaken about this and Trump’s claim that he would lose by the use of paper ballots? From this perspective, perhaps Trump needs to “eat crow?” Perhaps he needs to “open mouth and insert foot?”

Trump is inconsistent as a drunk driver driving down the road and not remaining consistently within the lane designated for the driver heading in a certain direction. He is as inconsistent as a British person, confused because in America, we drive on the right side of the road, keeps forgetting this and drives in the right lane but then mistakenly drives in the left. 

But Trump does not figure he is inconsistent. Why? Because he seeks the type of power and control dictators such as Putin, Stalin, Hitler, Castro, Mussolini, and Tojo, among others, have sought and gained.  Trump wishes to destroy democracy with gerrymandering and blocking changes which could be made to eliminate gerrymandering. Trump realizes he gets support largely from white supremacist racists who wish to return to their version of the “good old days,” when the 2nd Amendment was proposed and supported mainly by plantation owners, white supremacists, and the supremacy over the black folks.  Thus, Trump is a Prince Machiavelli type seeking power and control, with a love of money and materialism, because “the end justifies the means.”  In this case, the Machiavelli types validate the fact that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” 

In the 1970s, in the aftermath of Watergate and Nixon with Republican criminals, the conservative character, Arthur, on the sitcom, Maude, reacted in quite a bold way. Maude, played by Bea Arthur, says Arthur is a criminal doing nasty things, indicating that Arthur should be ashamed of himself. Arthur’s reply was to say, “it doesn’t matter because I am a Republican.” 

“Many a truth is spoken in jest” (attributed to Chaucer). This is a more important statement than concern over using the “f” word or vulgar language such as the British do with the word “bloody.” 

Those who follow the path of Machiavelli should not be allowed to participate in a democracy which they intend to their own hidden agenda to end democracy and use anything at their disposal to do so.  Hitler did it. Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, “robber barons” and “fat cats” of the late 1800s and early 1900s, followed the same Machiavellian ways. To all of these and others, they don’t give one damn about community, society, and humanity because “the end justifies the means.”  They twist capitalism to their favor with the same type of supply side economics employed before Adam Smith defined a better capitalism.  They don’t care if they need to “open mouth, insert foot.”

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