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Blake Masters, Sicko of Arizona & Representative of Many Sickos who Call Themselves Patriots, in the Name of Violence

Blake Masters of Arizona. A patriotic sicko who is like many behind the guns advocated by the NRA. Seems I have heard those in the NRA try to claim we need to get rid of the sickos behind the guns. Go right to it. Get rid of this guy in Arizona. A 35-year-old ass about the age of some of my kids.

He wants to rid us of abortions. Who the hell is he to espouse HIS religious beliefs and dictate them to all of us? I am a pro-choice person against abortions, too. But I believe each situation needs to be weighed properly. This is MY religious belief which is protected by the U.S. Constitution and just shammed shamefully by people who call themselves “judges” and “justices” on the SCOTUS.

Masters wants to rid us of sex and porn. Why? There is already negligible amounts of sex and porn on broadcasting because we are inundated and shoved down our throats with images of many acts of violence with guns and weapons.

Masters wants to get rid of the “foreign corporate conglomerates.” He must favor the communists who put tighter restrictions on sex and porn. Yet in the Western world, the “corporate conglomerates” of Europe allow frontal nudity and other examples of sex. On Rick Steves’ Europe, he tells about how there is less violence in Europe than in the USA, so people, travel as tourists to Europe where you will be safer than in America.

Oh, that’s right. Idiots like Masters want to find blame and affixes it to peaceful LGBTQ and/or peaceful people who are immigrants. Just don’t stop at a wall in Arizona, you idiot, but make certain there is a fortress built along the shores of Florida where we have had MANY immigrants and don’t find the cause of the problem to be immigrants, but also oppressive white folks born in the USA. How about a quiet and peaceful neighborhood in South Florida, made up of multi-racial, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic people who live in peace. That would include some immigrants, too. Then some WHITE idiot in a pickup truck begins to constantly go through this neighborhood disturbing the peace and tranquility with a Confederate flag displayed in the back of his pickup truck.

The best way to describe Masters and the tRUMPICANS is with a book by Fyodor Dostoevsky titled The Idiot. P.S. The book title also describes a Russian named Putin, too. The other word is SICKO.

Comment about book review of THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVITUDE: Donald Trump’s Washington and the Price of Submission, by Mark Leibovich

Dear Editors:

Kevin McCarthy and other followers of tRUMP exemplify one thing which is dangerous for America and its democracy.  They follow the model of Machiavelli. The idea is that do anything necessary in order to make “the ends justify the means.”  Does not matter whether its a matter of trouncing on ethics, morals, lies, hypocrisy, or corruption. Do it because the “ends justifies the means.” 

Then there are those who simply follow along in submission because they are gay and prefer to remain in the closet while being blackmailed into submission.

What a shame that we have these things happening today with the prospect of stupidity to support such people and destroy this nation and its democracy.  After all, “we the people” don’t count in such a parade of hypocrisy with dictators who promote the model of Machiavelli. In other words, Machiavellian types leading the mesmerized lemmings over the cliff. 

Douglas W. Cornwell

Three-penny Op-ed: Scum of the Earth

To the person on the Broome County line on New York State Route 38B, for shame on you. Shameful scum of the earth. People tell me if I do a similar thing as what this person (or persons) does, I am stooping to a very low level of society.

What am I talking about?

Look along Route 38B and see for yourself. A nice looking house, not a mobile home, with what appears to be vehicles I could never afford and a banner hanging from the front of the house. What is on the banner? Words. “F**k Biden.”

At one time, I was so angry at Trump that I may have written those words about Trump. Here’s the thing. I thank God that I had fellow Christians who told me, saying such things is lowering yourself to the same low level as Trump and his followers. Indirectly, they told me I was a sinner for doing such a thing because it was handing hatred back at a person. That goes against what Jesus Christ demonstrated for human beings.

Perhaps this guy is an atheist, so preaching would be out of order. However, I have to say this. In the Bible book of Romans, there are words such as this: “the one who abstains passes judgment…” and that is wrong. In other words, it was talking about someone who felt that one should abstain in eating something or drinking alcohol or smoking or taking illegal drugs or prostituting oneself or promiscuous sex or abortion…. (etc., etc., etc.). All such people should not pass judgment on those who do NOT abstain. As a Christian, this, too, means a great deal to me when other Christians work to help me understand that it is wrong to say, “f**k Trump” because it goes against the ideas of, “what would Jesus do?” The answer? He prayed to God with, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He prayed this prayer as the filthy lousy wealthy lawyers and religious leaders of his day were passing judgment on Jesus.

As an educator, I also recognize that those who are not as informed and resort to such bizarre vulgar epitaphs hurled at people. People without the ability to identify TRUE problems, provide solutions besides hatred and gunning down one another, differentiate between evil and good on the basis of TRUE facts and evidence are those for whom need to learn. Educators, without the use of corporal punishment in the classroom, need to humble without humiliation, before LEARNING and WISDOM can take place. Lack of confidence in oneself leads to grasping at something indicating a CERTAINTY in ones life and ignoring an attempt to gain wisdom.

So, I sinned when I used the words, “F**k Trump.” Good and TRUE Christians help us to humble ourselves before GOD and LEARN, thus gain knowledge and wisdom. I got down in the same gutter where Trump lovers are, just to reply to the bad leadership, criminality (the way he treated his employees, tax evasion, and loan payoff evasion, and in general, the bad way he treated other human beings) of Trump and the disgust felt when noticing there were so many people who were unable to differentiate between the bad and the good. I actually am not sure I can see ANYTHING good in Trump and his followers, except egotistical narcissistic bigotry attitudes with selfishness and greed and love of money.

That person appears, on the surface, to have more finances than I have. But do I know this? No, I don’t. It is mere speculation. I just don’t understand those like this person, even as I try to find common ground with such imbeciles, as to why they moan and groan as if they are victims in this life of something which is called a Democrat, never proving WHY they are such “victims,” and never appreciating that the life they have is because of this great democracy we have had over many years which would include both Democrats and Republicans; both liberal and conservative. I hate to say this, but many of these people are dumb, stupid, arrogant, belligerent, snotty Baby Boomers. Maybe this person whom I speak about is not such a person. I would wager that my speculation about this is correct.

At least this person is not living in a mobile home where the Confederate battle flag is flying and the banner just has a middle finger pointing at anyone who walks or drives by the place. Once living in a mobile home myself and a friend teasing me about being “trailer trash,” I now have to laugh at that. But people don’t like me being stereotypical as I recognize that such people with their traitorous Confederate battle flag and a middle finger pointing at ALL Americans are “white trailer trash.” I guess, with this guy living in a nice home, together with the white supremacist I knew in Florida who lives in a very expensive nice home which I could never afford, helps me think that I am also wrong in just hurling out humorous words which a friend of mine shared about ME.

One thing is certain. In my attempts to find common ground with people like this imbecile on 38B, I have NEVER found common ground when it comes to coexistence between human beings, whether it’s the color of the skin, the star of David, Muslims, Hindus, sexual identity, or anything else. I have found some common ground. One such example was once living in a mobile home in Florida. Alas. My neighbors there all had different colors of skin, practiced different religions, and had different sexual identities. I could not say, “white trailer trash,” but I could be identified as simply being “trailer trash.”

I have heard that when there were the protests of the 1960s against the conflict in Vietnam that most of those protests were led by sons and daughters of wealthy Americans. They, too, lacked appreciation for what they had in life which many others did not have. In my mind, that conflict never should have been waged across the Pacific Ocean. But I did not protest it and worked for protecting American public education in various ways. I still work for protection of American public education, whether I am in opposition to Republican Jeb Bush of Florida or Andrew Cuomo of New York. I will always continue to defend public education, public broadcasting, and public health and hospitals (in opposition to a lousy U.S. senator from Florida named Rick Scott).

It takes peace away from my life as I face retribution from the cowards with the money who wish to force their LIBERAL changes to public education. I say liberal because they wish to abandon the CONSERVATIVE idea of public education which has made this nation great and have dreamed up a change – LIBERAL – to privatize it. These idiots fail to realize that, as with all human endeavors, there is human imperfection.

In this sense, we need to be, as Frank Sinatra once said, “having a good time” in fixing the problems here in our great IMPERFECT nation which Frank Sinatra called, “his home” (4th of July 1974, Madison Square Garden). Frank Sinatra became a Republican because he did not like how the Southern Democrats treated his black buddy, Sammy Davis, Jr. The descendants of those Democrats in the South are now Republicans and yield much power in the Republican Party. Too much power.

In contrast, Joe Biden selected the first African-American female to be his running mate. If this guy on 38B has a hatred for Joe Biden, it has to be that Biden abandoned his friendship with KKK member, Byrd, a now-deceased senator from West Virginia. After all, Joe Biden could not run in 2016 because of the death of his son, Bo Biden, who had worked closely with Kamala Harris. President Biden did not win due to fraud. If that is the case, then fraud also helped elect one-party Republican state legislatures (like one-party communist nations) in Georgia, Florida, and other Dixie states. President Biden and the Democrats have made attempts to reach across the aisle to Republicans but have found no compromising. One example is the stimulus package. The Democrats did re-think the idea of an across-the-board minimum wage, but as they worked to reduce the level of money they wanted, so as to obtain compromise, the Republicans refused to budge to compromise one single iota. The Republicans, in this manner, are acting like communists who expect no criticism and if you cannot vote the way they want, then you are too “partisan.” That is a crock from the Republicans. I am a Democrat-Republican who looks for rationality, reasonableness, and sensible American teamwork. I damn the existence of “blue” and “red.” The American flag has “red, white, blue and… yellow fringe” (words from “Don’t Put it Down” lyrics in the rock musical, Hair). America is great under one flag only and consists of stars and stripes, not stars and bars (with an emphasis on the red). Only Joe Biden has said he wants to do this. If anyone listened to him speak at the Democratic Party convention, they would have heard such words. Trump only spoke about his narcissistic egotistical self. Only Joe Biden has talked about helping to be cognizant of needs at the local level. That might be ambiguous, but one never heard Trump say anything like that, unless it means he wanted local states’ rights involving the power and control by white supremacists like the Proud Boys. So many of us at the local level are subjected to centralized power control by big corporations and their supply-side economics. I can repeat many such examples today – right now (i.e., Gannett closing its offices for local newspapers such as the Press & Sun-Bulletin with its “USA Today” network which smacks of Moscow Pravda under the communists. A centrally controlled propaganda machine, as Fox News is the same type of thing.

I can provide numerous other examples of customer service being centrally located in big corporations serving the Binghamton area and screwing the demand side of a capitalist market. I can explain and prove such actions are primarily due to cronies and friends of Trumpicans at the highest levels of these corporations who make this happen.

Meanwhile, we at the local levels can be damned like we are chopped liver. Government is NOT the problem. The ONLY person who has expressed any hope for change in this area is President Joe Biden, not Donald Trump. Shame on you if you have a belief like this and perhaps this is because you listen intently to Propaganda Fox News?

Government was NOT the problem when Republican Teddy Roosevelt, known as the “trust buster” and others helped put in place regulations which put Americans in legal problems should they work to deliberately destroy capitalist competition. Who uses the word, “destroy” today? How many times has Donald Trump used the word, “destroy?” He used it against the Republican Mitt Romney inspired healthcare system called Obamacare, yet wimpy Romney supports Trump and other Republicans in the U.S. Senate. It just happens that IBM founder, Thomas J. Watson, before starting IBM, worked for NCR where his duty was to DESTROY THE COMPETITION, like a bunch of vicious lousy gladiators from the Roman Empire who DESTROYED Christians. Watson and others were brought up on charges against the acts of destruction of competition. The government was regulating the capitalist economic system, opposed to the centrally planned supply side economic system which is similar to the running of central businesses in the communist Kremlin. Yes, Watson went on and established a very successful corporation.

Perhaps Watson at IBM still used what he learned at NCR to destroy competition with IBM? I won’t comment on that, but I do have evidence that IBM did such a thing and that eventually created a slothful corporation. Ultimately, after destroying many businesses and lives, like gladiators in Rome, the company imploded from within itself. Today we have no IBM in the village where it was created because it moved to the white supremacist South and sent its manufacturing facilities overseas. Fighting the destruction of capitalist competition was NOT the government. The problem has been with snotty ruthless business people who get graded as being successful by the wrong assessment: love of money which is evil. Ray Kroc is another one. There are others, too.

I can continue and go on and on with much more to say. But it does nothing to impart knowledge and wisdom to people. I suppose wealthy ones just wish to brush me off as being stupid and having nothing to add to the conversation. That is because they think they are the only smart ones because they have money. To which I say, as we often said in the U.S. Air Force: you proclaim you are experts, but you are drips under pressure. To such people I also say, shame on you bastards.

To the one with the “f**k Biden” sign on 38B, I say: shame on you bastard. You help destroy what is good about America by throwing out the baby with the dirty bathwater. Expectations of perfection, you sicko lousy people. Notice I don’t say, “f**k you.” And I won’t either. Such people are merely scum of the earth and I don’t want to get down into the gutter with such scum.

Seeking peace, but peace cannot be achieved without justice. And I am not referring to justice based on the perspective of hate for fellow human beings and lousy unappreciative attitudes for the lives which we have all attained. I am blessed, even if I don’t have as much as some of the wealthy ones who consider me stupid. However, I stand up to protect the lousy American healthcare system which Trump described as “private” healthcare. I have evidence that it would be better, for me, as a diabetic, in Canada. But I am blocked from doing so. I am mocked and patronized by the stupidos who defend the wealthy and the lousy American healthcare system.

Once again, I seek peace, but cannot attain peace unless justice is achieved. So I am pushed into a contentious mode which caused me to one time say words for which my fellow Christians may have thought of me as a “sinner” because I used the “f**k” word, as did this idiot on 38B. But you see, once a person acknowledges the mistake, then there is forgiveness, according to Jesus Christ. And it is not up to (the book of Romans) humans to render a judgment.

COVID-19 Stimulus & Survey of Americans

Just released is a survey of Americans regarding approval or disapproval of the stimulus package proposed by the Democrats. The survey claims that 75% of Americans, 46% of them Republicans, approve of this plan. What percentage of the Republicans in Congress approved of it? Hmmmm… 0% perhaps, not 46%? OK. I just speculate (a hypothesis). Certainly, it might be accurate to say that less than 46% of Republicans in Congress approved. Why? Perhaps it is a fear and intimidation of retribution, as with the conviction of Trump, for this? Where does the “fear and intimidation” emanate? From Trumpicans and the Dixie white Republicans.

There are a number of us who have been Republicans longer than most, but have thumbed our noses at the current leadership of the party which goes against the people. We witnessed this in Florida with gerrymandering for the benefit of the REPUBLICAN PARTY only and so as to imitate Jim Crow and curtail black people from serving in the Florida legislature. Same political party in Florida, where Donald Trump has taken up residence, have FRAUDULENTLY stolen elections and made it possible by way of methods of voter suppression. As all Trumpicans do, they want a dictatorship so no one questions what they do and they don’t need to be held accountable, as they whip up the passions of a bunch of American traitors who wave Confederate battle flags and disrupt America with chaos by way of thugs and goons. We witnessed this in Florida as Republicans win by such narrow gaps, as a result of the fraud in the Rick Scott elections and the DeSantis election. Add to this the voter suppression, too. A Republican supervisor of elections in Palm Beach County, in 2000, sabotaged the elections of 2000. We, as Republicans observed it happen. The voters fired that Supervisor of Elections when she was up for re-election in 2004. In 2018, Rick the Prick Scott was unhappy with the Democrat at the helm of the Supervisor of Elections, so he simply fired her, never allowing the voters to make the decision. Yet, these Republicans make a claim that they “speak for the people.” BS. Thus, they have led many of us to thumb our noses at the Republicans and tell the Republican leadership to go to hell. Add all these people to the 46% of Republicans who favor the stimulus package and what do you get? You still get 75%, but what is the percentage of Republicans? It might just be much higher than 46%. But of course, according to Trumpicans, we are just a bunch of assholes, right? Silly us.

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