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Billboards of Lies

Not long ago, traveling north on I-95 near Boca Raton, I viewed a billboard with the words, “Barack Obama supports abortion.”

Now it’s the president’s business to file charges of libel.  But if my name were attached to that – and I have faced such a situation from a judgmental person who calls herself a “Christian” – I would be filing charges of libel.

I am against abortion, but I am also pro-choice.  I would work to encourage, if at all possible, someone whom I loved NOT to get an abortion.  I would frown upon anyone who uses abortion as a means of contraception.  Such a move shows a lack of responsibility.

But when it comes down to it, the choice of an abortion resides with the woman carrying the fetus.  I would also argue that the male who was involved in the action should have a say in the decision as well.  But the ultimate decision is the female carrying the fetus.

I support abortion in cases of rape and I don’t want to change the definition of rape – as does Allen West.

In 1901, the world lost my great-grandmother, Angeline MacLennon Eldridge, and her unborn child in pregnancy.  I have thought about this:  what if abortions DID exist in those days?  Would my great-grandmother been enabled to make a decision which would have saved HER life and allowed her to continue to have OTHER babies?  The anti-abortion advertisements about the loss of a child on a swing set is just as effective when considering the loss of life of mother AND baby, when abortions were illegal.

I believe in a positive world working to increase knowledge about being responsible, not a negative world which chooses to criminalize young women.  A negative world helps create an abortion black market which lacks hygiene, leading to the death of young females who might, at one point, forget the need to take responsibility.  And even then, we need to recognize that we are imperfect human beings with hormones raging at a young age.  We need to effectively come to grips with this situation, rather than invoking boneheaded criminalization solutions to deal with something called … HUMANS.

We are not “economic units,” as the character, Harvey Nigel Bains, says on the Britcom, Waiting for God… “We the people…”  Stop the lies, particularly those lies about President Obama and the lies on billboards purchased by high-powered people who thrive on deception and lying.

Republicans do not Represent Success, but Represent Swindlers

The advertisement last night (10.23.12) on CNN really bothers me.  Some guy claims Republicans represent “success.”  The implication is that Democrats represent “failure?”  May this guy go to hell in his negativity.

Once there were advertisements from an investment firm which spoke about investing the old-fashioned way:  “we earn it.”

Republicans do not know how to earn money.  They might be present, but I have yet to meet a Boomer Democrat who has refused to pay back his/her student loan.  They have all been Republicans.  That is called swindling the people who have given the money.

There are claims the Republican who thinks he is the legitimate governor of Florida swindled Medicare.  He pleaded the fifth so we will never know the truth, will we?

It is Republicans who encourage people to do something wrong, as long as you get away with it.  Never heard a Democrat encouraging people to take such actions.

It is Republicans who bite the hand that feeds them.  They gain money from government grants, become successful, then turn around and deny the same to others.

Republicans do not EARN their money, they take it from others.  CEOs, primarily Republican, are lazy.  They make so much money by taking from others.  The CEO / lowest worker salary gap is about 70 times what it was in the 1970s when “we the people” were a happier bunch in this nation.  CEOs take money from those who make their corporations hum along.  They STEAL the money.  They are swindlers.

Men and women work hard to raise families, working from paycheck to paycheck.  When such people finally get to the point of finding more discretionary income on hand (it’s called profits and it’s a good thing), why the lazy CEOs wish to take that away from them – and pocket the money in the pockets of lazy executives.  Their corporate entities make excessive profits while denying the people who TRULY fuel the economy the right to make a profit – these lazy people deny “we the people” to attain more of the piece of the American pie.  The money from excessive corporate profits is funneled into lazy men and women’s pockets – at the top of the corporation, as it does to the top of some churches, too.

This is called crony capitalism and monopolistic capitalism, not free market capitalism.  Crony capitalism is designed to destroy competition rather than compete on a level playing field. And one of the competitors these lazy CEOs wish to destroy are the very workers who SHOULD NOT be their competitors, but all should be working together as a team – and rewarded together as a TEAM.  I am talking about the CEO attitude today that workers are nothing but slaves to do their bidding, rather than continue the great American way of negotiating equally on a level playing field.

This stuff of CEOs today is a negative approach to life.  “We the people…” want a positive approach to life which recognizes what a very wealthy man once said:  “Wealth is not created by individuals, but by society.”  (Andrew Carnegie).

So, CNN, don’t put that advertisement about some guy find only Republicans as representative of success.  Oh, but now I am being negative and calling for censorship.  But is that not what the Nazi fascist Republicans wish to do?  Silly me for being so confrontational to such negativity.  I am SOOOOOO negative, don’t you know?  What was the words used by Lee Iacocca to describe some of the crap from greedy Boomers who don’t lead very well in this nation today?  Dare I say it?

Income or Profit?

Wealthy Republicans divide the Middle Class.  They withhold jobs and opportunities, then stir up the mud of jealousy due to income of everyone except career politicians, and accountants hired by the wealthy to cook the books – in order to sabotage good positive events and things in our lives.  

Big corporations have been given a lease on life as “equals” to individuals, while individuals are restricted in their political contributions.

In all this envy and jealousy directed at people who work hard and struggle to make it in life – the ones who never make the “big bucks” of putrid-face angry radio commentators, but one would think so when listening to the lies – there exists a double standard.  Consider this. Those big corporations are never measured by their INCOME, but by their PROFITS.  In the tiny little family budget of people who struggle and work hard, there is seldom a chance to have “discretionary income” – otherwise known as “profits.”  Yet, hard-working laboring people are compared with regard to income.  And if we make too much, when compared to others in the Middle Class – even if no where close to the astronomical salaries and bonuses of the guys who head these bib corporations – we are condemned.  We don’t make the six-, seven-, eight-, nine, or ten- (or more) figure salaries.  But we are considered bad people as we gain value over many years of work.  When we finally get to the point of “turning a profit” – lingo used by the greedy pigs of business – we are told we are no longer needed.  Imagine a corporation being told, once turning a profit, they could no longer be successful.

Yet, listen to the stupidity of an advertisement on CNN tonight (10.23.12).  This guy is voting for Republicans because they exemplify “success.”  Look around you, you dumb jerk in the Middle Class (who also shoots himself and others in our class in the foot by voting Republican), and observe the truly smart-working, hard-working employees.  They are not Republicans who lazily sit at the top of many corporations.

Here I am.  A successful gay man who works in education – whom Romney, Ryan, Scott, and others wish to destroy, using greedy Republicans and horrible right-wing religious jerks.   All these years, I have paid off my student loans to the state of NY, worked extra jobs in order to feed a family, and usually had little in the form of discretionary income – the stuff left over after expenses which rip me dry from business entrepreneurs (not governments) in energy (gasoline) and insurance, among others.

I have faithfully paid my expenses, including a huge amount into insurance which very often never gets returned to me in the form of claims.  I have NEVER been paid a claim on homeowners’ insurance, but figure out how much I have paid into that black hole all these years.  But I could be age-discriminated against when it comes to MY income, but Rick Scott and others never do one thing to control the income of big insurance, as these companies make excessive profits.

Which is it?  Which is most important?  Income or profits?  And why does the little guy who finally gets to the point of turning a profit never respected as much as an inanimate thing called a … CORPORATION.

Yes, those of us from Main Street USA – the peons of America – we the people… are “economic units,” not human beings.  As with the business man who tosses away low quality blueberries when making his ice cream, we get tossed away.  “Economic units,” as described by a character who admired Maggie Thatcher in a Britcom called Waiting For God (Harvey Bains…  name sound familiar?), … yes!  that’s what we are!

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