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It’s Not Just Inflation, Stupid

In 1992, James Carville said, “it’s the economy, stupid.”

Today, we are listening to a media which keeps pushing this statement, using it against Democrats and President Joe Biden.  Wrong, stupid media.

The cover story of a recent Economist magazine is as follows:  “It’s not just inflation.”  One cannot say, “it’s the economy.” 


1992 Unemployment: 7/4%; GDP: 3.5%; Inflation: 2.8%; Event: NAFTA drafted

2021Unemployment: 3.9%; GDP:5.7%; Inflation: 7.0%Event: COVID-19 pandemic and recovery

1992 and President George H.W. Bush was in control.  It was an election year, but Bill Clinton did not take power until Jan. 1993.  Sadly, the Democrats joined with the Republicans in implementing NAFTA.  Unemployment was already bad in

1992.  NAFTA did not help the situation, but the fallout from NAFTA did not happen for years, as Bill Clinton reduced unemployment during his tenure as president.  In those years following 1992, GDP and inflation fluctuated, but unemployment was reduced.  By the time Bill Clinton turned the government over to George W. Bush, the Federal budget was a balanced one, due to the tax credits given to the MIDDLE CLASS, not so much the UPPER CLASS with its people who refuse to pay taxes (as today). 

During the period under Democrat Bill Clinton, for the first time in years and two Republican administrations, the interest rate came down to single-digit percentages.  I know.  I purchased a home in 1988, under Republicans.  Double-digit rates.  I purchased a home in 1996 under Clinton. Single-digit rates.  Facts from my personal experiences. 

I suggest the media and many others read The Economist.  In this way, they will stop yelling,, “inflation is the end-all description of all our problems and therefore, Biden and the Democrats are at fault.”  I suggest, by reading this Economist article, the media will stop being lainbrains in their coverage of the political situation in America.  They will begin to say, the economy is following a period of recovery as we attempt to overcome a pandemic.  That, compared to 1992, unemployment is down and the GDP is up.  Two basic parts of the economy (plus others), are decent, while inflation is the bad thing.  But then, how is the problem of inflation solved? One means of doing so is to raise interest rates, something the president of the USA has very little DIRECT control (indirect? yes). 

But by making the other two parts of this economy equation going more smoothly today and not pushing overseas business over American (as Republican Bush wished to do by throwing the American auto industry under the Japanese bus, plus NAFTA). n contrast, today, President Biden and the Democrats wish to encourage development of American business v. those in Asia, with his infrastructure bill (perhaps to help avert war with an Asian nation, too?). 

The media is failing to present these ideas and to shut up the signs with “Biden sucks,” and so forth.  What lainbrained stupidity and the fault of the media for allowing it.  Again.  The media should begin to read The Economist more frequently. 

It’s not just inflation, stupid.

The Fraud of Private Healthcare and Other Supply-side Criminals

Would you purchase a big ticket item such as a kitchen appliance or an automobile and put up with the fact that it does not perform properly? In other words, a refrigerator which does not cool properly? Likely, you would be upset and demand something better, right? Or you would just put up with the lack of performance of the product purchased? Would you?

This is called supply AND demand economics. Since Reagan and his lousy despicable statement that “government is the problem,” we have moved to deregulation by government and firm control by the supply side in the economy as we have created these big corporate conglomerates on the supply side. These corporate conglomerates have put small businesses out while CEOs of the big corporate conglomerates have seen salaries rise by 1000% since the 1970s, squelched retirement possibilities (pensions, etc.) for the Middle Class, and literally helped destroy the living wage as prices of housing and other commodities have risen astronomically.

In Jeb Bush’s Florida, the price of a home rose some 125% from 2001 to 2006 and the time of the Great Recession. Short-term greed is winning over America’s ability to have long-term CAPITALIST investment in housing, as had been the case when the Democrats were in charge. These are historical facts speaking, not my emotions and my own facts. It is not meant to impart MY opinion, but to teach by using historical FACTS. It is being done in the name of “free markets.” To the common folk, I have always said, when it comes to flipping homes, be careful what you wish for.

In Florida, Rick the Prick Scott, who now sits in the U.S. Senate, blamed Gov. Crist for all of that and that recession. The election of Gov. Crist was in 2006, just as the housing market burst and before he was in office. He did not take the office of governor until 2007 as this nation was already on the path to recession. Yet, the stupidity of those, particularly Trumpicans, never saw the facts and just relied on what Rick the Prick and Fox News said.

Here we are in 2021. We elected President Joe Biden. And yes, you dumb scum who proclaim fraud when there was little or no fraud, only many black people getting out to vote. If that is fraud than you people can go f**k yourselves. (Is that fork yourselves?). Consider that if the majority in the Georgia and Florida legislatures are REPUBLICANS, then, they, too, must have been elected by fraud. In Florida, it was due to efforts of Republicans like Jebbie and others to get black folks off the voting roles and something called gerrymandering which placed congressional and legislative districts in the hands of white power leadership from internal Florida while screwing the multi-racial areas on the coasts.

In that 2020 election, Trump talked about “keeping healthcare private.” Keep it private, huh? That is such a success story, don’t you know? Success for white wealthy fat cats. The rest of us are damned. During the years preceding the Great Recession, Republicans were in charge in Washington and privatized Medicare by adding this sicko convoluted idea to protect big pharma – big corporate conglomerates – in SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS. It is sicko as convoluted tiers are created and put brand name drugs on tier three and subjected to the “donut hole” or the “medigap” principle in which senior citizens have to pay huge amounts that only wealthy ones in the DEMAND-SIDE of the market can afford in order to purchase brand name medications. Furthermore, these bastards called Republicans REGULATED the market and did NOT allow insurance companies to offer insurance with a premium which COULD be a lower annual cost for these medications because there is a pooled resource to help pay for them.

First of all, there should be no tier three. There should be no “donut hole.” These are all to benefit the SUPPLY-SIDE called big pharma. It’s a fraud. We listen as they whine and whine and whine about the necessity for this. They can have a little cheese with their hate-ridden “wine.” (“H” in whine represents hate).

In capitalist terms, these senior citizens still pay into Medicare with every Social Security check. These senior citizens have paid into Medicare for some 50 or 60 years, so they have built up a CAPITALIST INVESTMENT. The capitalist investment these days goes into private companies like big pharma and big insurance who whine, whine, and whine that they don’t have enough, should they not have this form of SUPPLY-SIDE ECONOMICS which screws the DEMAND-SIDE and no one is there to protect the DEMAND-SIDE, unless one files for “financial assistance.” That is an insult to us because we have already INVESTED in this market and are being treated like a bunch of hoodlum fat cats who own most of the stock in a company and then pull the reverse Robin Hood method of taking from the lower classes and giving to the 1% of s*** which controls the stock. And Trump thought the economy was doing well. For those of the 1% at the top, the fat cats, sure the economy was doing well for them. The rest of us? HUH! Not that well. Some of us better than others. It is disgusting to note that 70M stupid stupido voters went along with that whining 1% as promoted by freaking lousy Fox News and other media outlets.

Let me return to my opening statements about how one would not purchase an appliance with no expectation it would perform well. In addition to Medicare investments by senior citizens like me, many of us have also invested over the long term in private insurance. Many have not, unless we had an employer who provided such insurance. We took a cut in pay as the employer invested in insurance, in order to make the claim that THEY were the ones investing in it for their greedy selfish means only – to make sure their employees were healthy enough to work for them. If not well enought, then POOF – go on your merry way. In the last years of my employment, I was also asked to contribute into this insurance and denied a decent salary raise considering the cost of living in South Florida. All this was RUN by Republicans and I find them all to be a bunch of lousy jerks who were NOT like the Republican Party to which I once belonged.

So I paid into this privatized health insurance debacle and now I am being told I have to cough up tons of money for “tier three” bull manure of privatized Medicare with its donut hole. One plus to such measures is that I identified the medications which were not working and for which me and my employer paid for all those years and asked to have them dropped. In other words, I had been paying for a healthcare “refrigerator” that did not cool very well.

And how does healthcare respond? Mocking me by dropping a brand name medication and replacing it with another brand name medication that does not work as well as the first one and I pay almost as much. I have a brand name “stove” of medication that is not a good quality and I pay almost as much as the lousy “stove.” Am I putting this matter in proper perspective or am I just to be ignored, as always?

Then one of the brand name meds, Ozempic, spends tons of money on commercials, something that, along with lawyer commercials, never existed when America was a better nation in the past (before Reagan and supply-side economics), telling us that “most can reach an A1C below seven.” MOST? Where is the proof? Where is the evidence? Because I can say that Ozempic helped me lower my A1C, but it has yet to go below seven, in spite of the fact I have been taking Ozempic for just about a dozen years now. I guess I am just that lousy minority of people for whom the med does not work as well, in spite of my avid exercise regimen and following diets to reduce my weight by some 40 pounds during 2020. I consider that to be a fraud, but I guess I am wrong. OK. So my medication “dishwasher” works fairly close to high quality, but not that much.

My father’s small business selling big ticket items like “white” appliances no longer exists in this small rural town. Yet, he made a business capable of sending three kids to college and giving him a mobile home in Florida. He did not horde tons of money, as the jackass fat cats at the top of corporations do. But he survived, sometimes financially better than many who bring home revenue from an employer. He was self-employed. How many opportunities like that exist today, now with big box Lowe’s Home Depot, Best Buy, and others being the primary source of appliances these days? They can sell at a lower “high volume” price tag, but then nickel and dime the demand-side of the market with service and installation costs. My dad did not have to do this.

In fact, I recall getting my wisdom teeth removed (in my 20s) because my father traded the surgery for an installation of a washer and drier in the home of the surgeon who removed my teeth. They were Maytag brands and my bet is they might STILL be in operation today, as I have heard others tell me about. In the days before the reverse Robin Hood thieves increased their salaries (ripoff) by 1000%, America made a quality product in Newton, Iowa.

Where is that Maytag factory today? Bet it is not there and Whirlpool makes washers and driers overseas, puts the Maytag name plate on them and people do not even realize the fraud and the lie perpetrated by 1% of the population which has gained 1000% in salary (I said that already), plugged up the tax credits for research and development, and “look for other tax scandal ways to receive tax credits. These yahoos have privatized” things with the advantage of that 1% regulating their own market, rather than the government which is now controlled by such fascist yahoos and rubber stamps what these fascist wealthy do. We get lousy products in America and, according to Trump, are supposed to be impressed by “private” business. These fascist fat cats have created a style of society like that of a communist government in the former Soviet Union where the Russians are now controlled by a freaking lousy one-time KGB agent of that communist government.

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