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16 July 2011

Fascist Republicans

Congressman Tom Rooney speaks the Republican line, which is out of touch with reality.  I have witnessed Medicare (the “government”) when it does NOT interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.  I have witnessed Big fat greedy pig private insurance when it DOES interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, insists on having it’s own way – even when procedures are more expensive – and THEN has the nerve to ask my employer for an increase in health insurance premiums.

The reaction to what I say?  My bet is – let’s see how to screw this loudmouth (like me) – rather than taking to heart what is being said.  The truth hurts, Mr. Rooney.  The truth is you wield a big loudmouth stick of conformity, impressing fear upon Americans to believe the Republican-Party ideology – and it hurts when confronted with the truth about situations.

The communists said utopia is gained when everyone thinks the same.  Hitler and Mussolini said utopia is gained when everyone thinks the same.  The Roman Catholic church and numerous right-wing religious groups say, utopia is gained when everyone thinks the same.  The Republicans say there is utopia when everyone thinks the same.  In order to get everyone to think the same, we reduce funding for education, claiming there is not enough money.  Then we spend money on frivolous paper-pushing and ambulance-chasing lawyers who overcharge.  Not enough money for teachers, but enough money to support more lawyers per capita in this nation than there are in other Western nations where healthcare is less costly.  Yet, no jobs for teachers, but … for the lazy unproductive jobs to push papers in accounting and law – plenty of GOOD-PAYING jobs!

Mr. Tom Rooney, you should wake up to what is happening out there.  It’s the economy, stupid.  And a single-payer health insurance plan underwritten by private insurance truly competing with one another – rather than paying big executive bonuses.

Healthcare is a right.  Nixon and Haldeman set up the health environment we have today.  Prior to that, doctors and dentists actually treated patients in order to HEAL them, not to make money – as the number one priority.  The excessive greed can only be ended in one way – rid us entirely of “Tricky Dicky Care” and give us a single-payer universal medicine plan.  Period.

Stop the lawyer fascination of prioritizing the “writing” of legislation and provide something meaningful.

And to lawyers like Rooney, you work for us – the people of your district, not for the Republican Party and the lobbyists.  You also do not work exclusively for the Palm Beach Gardens wealthy pigs or the Fort Myers wealthy pigs or for your church.  You work for ALL of us.

If the members of Congress put their heads together to solve our problems – the way scientists (not lawyers, thank GOD no lawyers!) did in order to return Apollo 13 to this earth – then we might actually see solutions.  Instead, we see a bunch of ideological pigs paid off by big corporations wishing to invoke what is best for – ME, ME, ME – the ones with money.  We need solutions for society, not the ideology of fat pigs like the Koch brothers.

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