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Healthcare & Longevity of Life

According to a recent newspaper article, Canadian senior citizens have a better longevity of life than American senior citizens. At the same time, healthcare costs in Canada are half of what they are in the USA> Canada has a single-payer universal healthcare system. The USA does not. The USA has Republicans, in order to get their way and destroy ideas for single-payer universal healthcare in the USA, lie through their teeth and get RINOs (and some Democrats, too) and others to believe them. After all, as Hitler’s Goebbels said, “if you tell a lie enough times, it eventually becomes the truth.” Trump and his followers work to destroy Obamacare. Bush says, “what’s good for business is good for America.”

Translated. What’s good for big insurance is good for America, even if it means some of us have experienced dumping money which SHOULD BE capitalist investments, into homeowners’ insurance at very high rates in the Florida of DeSantis and Rick the Prick Scott and many years into big health insurance, only be told that when we don’t have such coverage, we have to pay out of pocket for “pre-existing conditions.”

The end result is that we line the pockets of big fat cats in business, pay twice as much as in the Canadian system, and have a lower life expectancy than what the Canadians have. Am I being cynical or what? Silly me.

THREE-PENNY OP-ED: Akshar, Bias, and Healthcare

​​​A statement from Fred Akshar was published in the newspaper regarding the “collective voice” influence on young children wearing masks was interesting. It was well taken about “the collective voice being able to accomplish more than a single voice.” How true and the change in requirements about the young kids wearing the masks was a good example.
I have a question, though. All this time I have been trying to inspire a collective voice for some very pertinent issues and I keep feeling I am all alone in lighting the fire for a collective voice. Fred Akshar has money and I don’t? WIth that being said, who is it I need to pay off?

Fred Akshar and his bias against healthcare for everyone is able to have the voice that goes against the collective voices who have suffered from their pocketbooks or have lost their lives due to the inability to pay for medications, healthcare, and health insurance. My individual voice wrote about the comparison many of us face with paying huge amounts in private health insurance, compared to the costs to fund Medicare for all, and my voice never got heard. Akshar asked the question in a survey he conducted from HIS website which could generate the results HE wanted to have, with 75% against healthcare and single-payer healthcare for all. Of course, the question begs the answer which put 75% against it and was a non-scientific poll which has no merit. 

Is that the collective voice or is there a collective voice out there which has its pocketbooks drained, due to lawyer politicians (is Akshar a lawyer?) who see nothing wrong with the waste of taxpayer money and the clogging of the court system by personal injury lawsuits and resolving workman’s compensation injuries. Someone add up all the figures of taxpayer expense and listen to lawyers bloviate about “how expensive it is to provide single-care healthcare. Taxpayers are never told about how much it costs to decimate government budgets by clogging the court systems of America with personal injury lawsuits and workman’s comp lawsuits, sometimes frivolous and fake jobs, too. Americans are never informed of this and thus, our system is sabotaged and we are not able to progress as a society. People with REAL health problems are FORCED by lawyer-politicians to bow down to big pharma and big insurance with mountains of money charged to we the people who need it, but are not as wealthy.

I ask the question. Why is it only females like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren who boldly speak out in favor of healthcare for all? Because then they become targets of males and Trumpicans, so no one else wants to use the freedom they have to speak out about REAL topics which hurt and murder REAL people of America? I am not sure I have heard one male say one thing in favor of healthcare for all. Not one. Yet, I know various people, both male and female, who have lost life, limb, and body due to the lack of healthcare for all. And if someone gets hurt in an automobile crash, there is someone there. For the person who needs the meds or attention to solve a problem of diabetes and/or heart conditions, well forget it.  Go away because we don’t want you.And then Akshar LIES on a survey and then, to look good, puts out a freaking statement about the “collective voice” regarding the “mask for toddlers” issue. No collective voice for anything else because jackasses like Akshar block the collective voice through ludicrous surveys with questions based on a bias.  Akshar is a liar and we don’t need such a lying jackass in the New York State Senate. 

Wealthy autocrats and plutocrats at the top of much of the American business operations tell us what makes us happy and if we don’t like it, then we can go pound salt, suck eggs or f**k ourselves. I remain persistent about challenging this. I could cry over spilled milk because I made a choice in 1977 NOT to take a teaching job in Canada and to remain in the nation where I was born and raised. Nobody cares that I made such a decision then and now want America to stop being controlled by plutocrats, autocrats, with a movement to top-down supply-side trickle-down economics and commerce. It’s a centrally-planned business dictatorship which controls our government and removes control from the grass roots of “we the people.” Trump and the Trumpicans make a claim to represent “we the people” and they all lie. They have no interest in “we the people” when discussing “private healthcare.” Private healthcare is designed for those of wealth who have the money, not “we the people.”

Private healthcare can make tons of money from big insurance, privatized Medicare, big pharma (write the prescription Mr. Doctor but don’t look into the details). Repeat. People who don’t have the money to ante up then lose their lives, their limbs, and live life in a hell of suffering on an earth which should be designed for ALL human beings, not just the wealthy. The stupidity of those who vote for Trump and the Trumpicans is so ludicrous, I wish I could vomit on them, including Akhar.  There is not an overall approach to medicine and healthcare, so when I was on insulin and tried a means of fighting diabetes by drinking vinegar, I did just that. I vomited. Here is the “vomit” for the fat pigs of autocrats with a dim view of lives from the top. And Trump and the Trumpicans get support when talking about “private healthcare.” Those who show him such support among the Middle Class and lower are doing nothing but shooting themselves in the foot, unless they figure they will gain by those at the top confiscating property and resources from good people in America.  BUT WAIT! Does that not describe how the Bolsheviks took over in Russia, or Castro in Cuba, or Mao Tse-Tung in China? Confiscate the resources from good people who may have made money the old fashioned way, they earned it, not to take the freaking liberal handouts put in place because freaking Trumpicans sabotage and block good solutions which could benefit more than just the lousy people filing for blame in personal injury lawsuits so as to TAKE money from others and not EARN money – because we don’t have the money due to the tax dollars stolen to put these crumbs of humans before the courts rather than use such funds for the good of “we the people.” Fred Akshar is a pukey individual who promotes such actions and the stupidity of idiotic lemmings follow along and go off the cliff, taking good people with them. 

Akshar and his idiotic survey with a question about healthcare based on the evident bias of the man, can go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Professor Douglas Willet Cornwell (Retired)

Newark Valley, NY

———————————“Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “The problems of the world are not that some people love in a different way. The problems are that so many people don’t know how to love at all (CGA, 1970).” A Puritan is someone in fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time. “Liberty and justice for all [not priorities on individual and selfish rights].” “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union [and overall wealth of American society]…” 
​Benjamin Franklin: “​Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are ​affected.” Stacey Abrams: “Compromise about actions, but not about values.”  Oscar Wilde: “​​​I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”  Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Benjamin Franklin: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  Whoopi Goldberg: “To handle this COVID-19 pandemic effectively, we all need to get on the same page.”  Note: To be clear, I do not like being patronized. I do not express my disdain over what happens to my fellow humans just for my own sake and to pursue favors and handouts. I do it in order to gain R – E – S – P – E – C – T for me and for millions of other Americans of any race, ethnicity, religious belief, or sex and sexual identity who try to walk in integrity as they attempt to achieve, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  PERIOD.  One nation under God [our Creator] with liberty and justice for all.

Three-penny Op-ed: American Healthcare System

In 2004-2005, I authored, was approved in the peer-review process, and published a paper in the International Journal of Learning, I was supposed to present the paper at an international conference in Granada, Spain. The college where I was employed as a professor, did not require publishing in order to maintain tenure, as what is done at the university level with the “publish or perish” attitude, so I was going above and beyond the call of duty. Due to this situation, the college, with its rules about not funding trips outside the USA, had every right NOT to fund my trip to Granada.

Listening to a provost at my college explain how, to succeed, we sometimes need to go around the hurdles, when it becomes difficult to go over them (likened to a track race with hurdles to jump). Therefore, I checked into possibilities for grant money and discovered that the Bush administration and the Republicans at that time, like the stupidity of the Helms-Burton Act (Helms, the racist of North Carolina), would not fund trips to Spain because, as was mentioned at the time, “Spain is socialist.”

This educator has never been a socialist nor believes it is a correct answer to fulfill our lives. However, I don’t reject Bernie Sanders and others, as stupid lain-brained Republicans like the Trumpicans do, “because he is socialist.” In those years of 2004-2005, I was a Republican who supported a man for president named Howard Dean, MD. Dean was a fellow Vermonter with Bernie Sanders, but he was a Democrat. I had hoped Dean would win the presidency in 2004 and worked on campaigns supporting Dr. Dean. When it came to issues of importance to America, I was inspired by Dr. Dean when he said, we need to “re-frame issues” to represent what is best for the American people. It was at that point that I rejected discussions based on the political spectrum of conservative, liberal, red, blue, socialist, and the like.

With no reference to Dr. Dean’s position on the topic of healthcare, I did re-frame the issue of healthcare from this crap about socialism to one which revolves around capitalism. I found that this talk about universal healthcare as being “socialist” was merely the talk of propaganda emanating from big corporate business interests. The ones which also got a leg up to communist-style centrally planned economics from supply-side economics which denies the demand-side a role in the economy. The type of crap which, much to the dislike of President Obama, put in place a stupid lainbrained thing shoved down the throats of hard-working Americans, called Citizens United. This came from a bunch of lain-brained people who called themselves, “justices.” Justice? Give me a break. It has caused money to go into politics at extremely high rates, destroying the role of WE THE PEOPLE in the process. PACs from big business have flourished while Americans cannot get paid a decent living wage. To fill this void, socialism does become more attractive, does it not?

With this being said, I need to reiterate that I still believe a regulated capitalist democracy is the best choice for America. This position means I find it very interesting to “re-frame” the issues which bring many loopy lain-brained Americans into the loop of challenging universal healthcare while they shoot themselves in the foot for accomplishing anything in the future which would be beneficial for the working people of America, while giving many benefits to the lazy supply-side lovers of money which I call fat cats (note: this term was coined by American newspapers of the late 19th Century to describe the “captains of industry” who maintained a love of money first and really plugged the ideas that materialism is better than human beings). To reiterate.

I am one who follows the notions of Republican Teddy Roosevelt in regulating capitalism. TR broke with the Republicans in 1912 and formed a third-party movement which defeated the Republicans in the 1912 presidential election. Trumpicans and the tea party jackasses of the Republican Party live in complete fear of that happening again, so they push down the throats of Republicans like me (and many others) the notion of autocratic control as defined by these lovers of money. This is very similar to the group which followed Ohio jackass, Howard Taft, in 1912. Notice, with a descendant of Taft still alive and was governor in Ohio during the Bush years, Ohio went for Trump in 2020. Wonder why?

During that 2004-2005 time period when I was still a Republican, as I mentioned, there were many Republicans who spoke out about how the notion of anti-free markets and anti-deregulation was wrong. These people promoted a better notion about business and economics, which shot holes in the notions about “love of money” being so much more important. These people used evidence, much of it historical, of deregulation being bad for America.

These people, with good references, cited an 18th-century philosopher and theologian named Adam Smith. Smith wrote a publication called Wealth of Nations, not one with notions invented by the status quo autocratic dictatorial aristocrats which one might title, “wealth of individuals.” Smith also wrote, Theories of Moral Sentiment. As a Christian theologian, Smith was convinced that the true model of Jesus Christ, as defined in the Gospels, was not one for a “love of money.”

Smith was the one from whom the aristocracy took his issues against feudal economic practices. Such practices amount to nothing more than supply-side economics of the Medieval times. Smith was against this in defining capitalism, but the fat cats of that era decided to twist Smith’s ideas around so as to benefit their love of money attitude and continue the status quo of the style of Medieval economics to benefit the fat cats. They falsely identified the Industrial Revolution as being such a great product of capitalism that they even fooled Karl Marx into believing capitalism is bad. These industrialist lovers of money and their industrial revolution convinced everyone they were good and the Southern plantation owners of an agrarian society, were bad, bad, bad because they had imported slaves to do the work without pay. These industrial revolutionists thought they were doing such a great thing with sweat shops and paying very low wages to workers in which, as with the feudal economics of Medieval times (when the landowners took nearly 100% of what the farmers produced), they thought they were doing a good thing. In the process, they supported the abolitionist movement from their high-ranking perches in New York City, and proclaimed the enemy to be something “different” in the plantation owners paying nothing to their workers. After all, the northern ones brought in white indentured servants to do their work in the early 19th Century and then released them to their freedom after seven years, so as to go out and find below-living wage salaries in sweatshops in urban areas or go into the frontier to build a future there.

Fat cats are actually what the Dixie plantation owners were. The ones who wanted to maintain the status quo of enslavement of Africans. After all, the plantations were just like the aristocratic agrarian system of the Medieval era, except, with a new frontier in America, there were no people around to do the labour, so the Arabs and Dutch sold them people like cattle. The penal colony of Georgia put criminals in charge of the colony and this, too, helped to put the viciousness into the practices. Criminals, like Trump, are often vicious people.

The stupidity of the Aetna commercial with the song, “I want to make lots of money,” teaches Americans this stupid attitude about a love of money and this is disgusting for a society, community, and civilization to live outside savagery and barbarism in a civil manner with coexistence rather than lawyer-inspired pot shots at one another.

What does all of this have to do with American healthcare? This pretty much describes the false attitudes of the wealthy fat cat pigs in promoting, using a wealthy Australian immigrant (Australia, now there was ANOTHER penal colony of Britain) to blast America with propaganda which supports the wealthy fat cats, not the common folks of America. Thus, we continue to be inundated with s**t news about how universal healthcare does not work, ignoring the evidence that, HEY… it DOES work. These pigs never allow word to get around that we need to examine healthcare under the microscope of capitalism and stop the bulls**t about socialism which puts fear in the hearts of so many Americans who remain ignorant and refuse to humble themselves, open their minds and LEARN from others.

Let us examine this “private healthcare” which stupid lainbrained Trump spoke about during the 2020 election. There was a day in the America in which I was born and raised, in which healthcare consisted of doctors making house calls. The healthcare in this system was one of reactionary, not proactive so as to be prepared for bad health. We never called upon a doctor unless we were sick. Otherwise, there were no attempts to be proactive and prescribe medicines to fight to protect us.

In my life, I recall having a country doctor who, due to being in a wheelchair (perhaps due to the same illness which inflicted FDR, polio), did not make house calls. This doctor would prescribe penicillin if, as a kid, I had an infection. There was no pharmacy in town, so this doctor dispensed the meds from his office, putting the tablets in an envelope.

As this doctor and other local country doctors died, the world around us was changing. The doctor’s son went into the specialty of optometry. His father had been an overall doctor which included optometry. I got my first pair of eyeglasses from the father when I was in the second grade. I continued to see his son, the optometrist, in the years following the death of his father.

In a manner of speaking, the son was following the path the world was taking at that time. He specialized in healthcare. The world was changing in the sense that doctors were also finding more money available, a love of money, by specializing rather than being a primary care physician. This meant the little rural town where I was raised no longer had a doctor available, as the three doctors in the town all died off. The community formed a committee to find a doctor and faced the difficult task of confronting a changing American healthcare system where all the doctors were specialists, not primary care physicians or “general practitioners.” It was a difficult task, but the committee did find a doctor.

Then, Nixon and Haldeman developed this big centralized health insurance underwriter. Wow! How wonderful. Centralized privatized healthcare on the mode of centralized communist healthcare in the Soviet Union! How wonderful for America, as it was dealing with a huge number of specialists and no general practitioners.

Into the healthcare picture came proactive medicine and HMOs, PPOs, and the like, so as to bolster the centralized private health insurance.

But wait! Did this centralized system provide health insurance for those without jobs? NAH! Did it provide decent cost health insurance for those who were self-employed in small business? NOPE! It did not. For years, Americans had called for universal healthcare, but it always got shot down in favor of the wealthy fat cats who use lies and propaganda to represent such a system as being bad and evil because it is “socialism.” Yet, here was Nixon establishing a centralized healthcare insurance system which really resembles, in many ways, what communist systems have. What Nixon, who was NOT a white racist (and evidence can prove otherwise in the fights Jesse Helms, white racist of North Carolina, gave Nixon), but the centralized “private” healthcare helps to promote white supremacy because large numbers of colored people are the ones left out of the job markets and don’t have health insurance. No wonder a black man came up with a plan for capitalist competition in an insurance “marketplace.”

George W. Bush Republicans worked to destroy Medicare with privatization efforts which impact the non-wealthy senior citizens like me an millions of others. George W. Bush Republicans blocked my above and beyond standards of publishing an academic paper, in denying me the ability to attend a conference in Europe in order to present my academic paper which got published in the International Journal of Learning. Must be jealousy on the part of George and Jebbie, right? LOL!!! No. It was their freaking paranoia about socialism. Damn perverted freaks. Perhaps they need to be in freak shows like those of the past which featured those of us who are of one sex and lack the ability to grow a full beard or of another sex where they are considered freaks and called “the bearded woman.” Shall I go on about how my community was considered freaks at one time and put on display at circuses, like Christians in a Roman gladiator arena.

Back to capitalism and universal healthcare. If one wants to look at this issue as “the right of all individuals to have healthcare,” I believe this takes the issue too far afloat from what is really needed in the discussion. Yes, at this point, the “right to have healthcare for all” and we can look at this as an issue of socialism. No problem with looking at it in this manner. But I am a supporter of true capitalism in the model of TR and his regulated capitalism. In this regard, I re-frame the issue, as Dr. Howard would say. Again. I have no idea whether Dr. Dean approves of what I say here, except I AM quoting him about the idea of “ref-framing an issue.” I want to make this extremely clear to my readers.

True capitalism is about having small businesses, not a concentration in centralize supply-side economics by the wicked fat cats with the vengeance of a Ray Kroc and the love of money. What we have in this healthcare system is now one which is totally different from the doctor I experienced as a kid. He DID NOT have a love of money, as did so many others in private healthcare of that day as they made house calls. It was NOT a private system for the benefit of wealthy fat cats. It was a private system affordable for all, even if there was not as much of a proactive effort. From a capitalist view, it’s not so much a “right” to have healthcare for all, but a matter of looking at healthcare in the confines of supply and demand. The biggest problems of capitalist economics, in this regard, are regarding infinite demand: food, housing, healthcare. Even consideration of owning an automobile is not an infinite demand side because we do have a choice and can utilize the choices. I understand. Might be possible, but let me examine this issue further.

The fat cat pigs who refuse to adequately fund and manage public transit are part of the lain-brained idiocracy which figures cars are less expensive for society. To which I say, bulls**t on you if you think this way, Mr Palm Beach fat pig Dinnerstein who proposed, in Florida, defunding public bus systems and give each person enough money to purchase a car, without considering the added expenses, which the bastard Republican does not want to do, of maintaining road infrastructure and the yearly costs of inspection, registration of vehicles, renewing auto licenses, and AUTO INSURANCE which is so damn high in Florida that it is ridiculous. Pig Dinnerstein never thought about these other things, as he suggested defunding public transportation and giving enough money to each individual to purchase an automobile. I have no respect for such a fat pig.

In a regulated capitalist environment, we need to recognize and differentiate between supply and demand. The fat cat pig Dinnerstein made a proposal which would help an industry (auto) to sell more cars. Who the hell is he to favor one industry in a capitalist market? Maybe we need to favor industries which build more new train engines and trains or buses, PLUS fast trains and monorails and find out these things can meet the DEMAND side of the market at a lower price? Create competition and you lower the prices. But we don’t wish to spend less for automobiles or the big oil coming from fat cat monarchs in Saudi Arabia whose family is responsible (with Dixie allies) for the destruction of the World Trade Center, do we? I would advocate that, by approaching transportation from a wider regulated capitalist perspective, we could, as a SOCIETY, save money. OMG! There I am, using the word “society” and then I become associated with “socialism,” right? Socialism and regulated capitalism can go hand in hand, if considered that way in a DEMOCRACY in which THE PEOPLE SPEAK. Alas, with Citizens United, we don’t have such a democracy, do we, as we watch democratic government sabotaged and destroyed by lawyers and business people with a love of money to benefit only THEMSELVES.

Food is an infinite demand in a supply and demand market. Walmart television sales should NOT be based on infinite demand, but lovers of money with their freaking lousy commercials make it out to be, “you need this,” not “want” this. Open credit cards help these commercials in imparting these false notions about materialism.

In effect, we do handle the commodity of food quite well in our capitalist economic system. Lately, I am told that more people are trying to grow their own food. Marvelous! In big city areas such as the Bronx, we learn about “community gardens” and teaching people to grow their own foods. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Kudos to these efforts at capitalist competition and choices.

One thing, though, which was pointed out in a documentary about the community garden approach is consideration that food in supermarkets and food stores is far too expensive for many people to purchase. The community garden concept helps these people avoid reliance on the vengeful fast food magnate’s visions, the late Ray Kroc (and others). Supersize Me was a movie which addressed this issue.

Beyond that movie, though, are the documentaries about diabetics in America (i.e., Blood Sugar Rising). The information demonstrates how fast food used among poor people has given us a rise in the number of people with type II diabetes. It also identifies the “cheap” ways of making processed foods by the food industry is also responsible for the rise in diabetes. Add to this the big factory corn farms of Iowa, a friend to Trumpicans, is responsible for pushing down America’s throats, without people realizing it, something called high fructose corn syrup which is designed to sell more corn (love of money) because it is created to cause a craving for sugars.

The net result of all of this is that the new meds for type II diabetes, advertised like hell (Ozempic, Rybelsus, etc.), cost too much for the unemployed and senior citizens stuck with privatized Medicare created by Republicans. NEVER does the documentary tell its audience who caused this to happen, but boy will the Trumpicans be vengeful in falsely blaming Democrats for everything and then pointing to socialism as the false reason for being paranoid about healthcare for all. Screw those Republican fat cats who use this method. Only the wealthy and only those employed are able to afford these drugs, that is, if the employer provides a health insurance benefit. If not, then consumer and employee be damned, as a diabetic might get their legs chopped off, like a Saudi Arabian pig of a monarch would do to its own citizens in cutting off their heads.

The demand for healthcare is CREATED by big business fat cats, but these lousy screwballs of idiocracy don’t want us to have healthcare for all. Trump calls this “private healthcare,” but he has no idea about what he is talking about, just tows the line of the wealthy fat cat white supremacist bastards. I repeat. These bastards CREATE the demand side of the market, but wishes to do nothing to stem its own creations.

This is just like creating jobs for prison guards by privatizing the system so that, in order to make a profit, these bastards push to DELIBERATELY fill jail cells. The ones hit the hardest are black folks, so as, in Florida, to remove these folks from voting rolls for life, due to MINOR offenses.

Another similar example is the “flipping of houses” for the sake of a few people who can then CREATE high priced housing and cause homelessness because so many on the demand side of the market cannot afford such high prices.

These examples are of capitalist considerations for NEEDS, not wants, of the people. At least Walmart and other retail outlets might create a false NEED, but people with some brains and wisdom know enough and are able to differentiate NEED from WANT and stop the bulls**t of over-using credit cards, made easy by the fat cat changes in a regulatory banking industry which was sabotaged by Neil Bush, in the name of destroying FDR who created the regulations. Destruction of a federal savings and loan system, created by FDR’s administration, is a perverted idea which needs to be upended.

Along with business people and accountants, lawyers are also criminals in maintaining private healthcare. Why? The largest group of people in Congress are lawyers, especially with a false justice system which created the Citizens United Decision (OH MY! Justices are lawyers, too!). When there was a glut of lawyers and not enough jobs for lawyers, what did the ABA sh**theads do? THEY CREATED JOBS with ambulance-chasing methods so as to make tons of money from personal injury in auto accidents. They are probably after me for saying this, too, as these jackasses work to protect their jobs and the LOADS of money they make so as to purchase commercials to encourage Americans to pit one against the other. Why would such lawyers NOT want universal healthcare? Because universal healthcare would eliminate the need for personal injury lawsuits and the despicable absurd costs of Workman’s Comp. When there was a LAWYER who was governor and I was once living in New York, no one worked to protect educator jobs, did they? Instead, they put a freeze on academic hiring and FORCED me to depart from the land I love, in order to find a job and sustain my life. I was FORCED to move to a state with a higher cost of housing and a lower salary where, in order to financially support my family, I was FORCED to sell my musical instrument which I had learned to perform on in a quality way. No one created jobs for me to have a job which I had always wanted to achieve since in elementary school. So what did I do? Find ways of chasing down students and creating a job? No. I found employment elsewhere until I could find a job, in spite of the fact there was a glut of teachers on the market at that time. Lawyers use the methods of Machiavelli and “the end is achieved by any means,” no matter how unethical or immoral it is. That might work for prostitutes, but it does not have to be applied to lawyers. But then, maybe lawyers have the mind of prostitutes? What a shameful thing.

Universal healthcare can be established, similar to the thoughts of Barack Obama and the ACA, to actually utilize CREATION of small health insurance companies because competition drives down the prices. Big insurance does not like this idea because then the fat cats at the top would lose some of the hordes of money from bonuses and so forth and actually have to give a damn about the consumer on the demand side. Without this, these bastard fat cats could invoke high costs with “pre-existing conditions,” for the purpose of driving up their lousy salaries higher than 100% more from their predecessors of the 1970s. That’s all they care about. They use capitalism as an excuse for why they do it, but they don’t understand TRUE capitalism. They understand it as Karl Marx falsely interpreted it in the 19th Century and they love doing it this way because it is “Machiavelli” style.

The media, even a program on the network Trump hates called MSNBC, speaks with those who promote universal healthcare and treat it from the perspective of the fat cats of industry, rather than doing as a media did in the 19th Century in putting down the fat cats and getting to the truth of the matter. “How is this going to be paid for?” That is the question a stupid media person asks of an Elizabeth Warren. To such a media person I say: “it’s the economics of TRUE regulated capitalism, stupid.”

Here are ways to pay for this (plus many more):

By getting rid of the extremely high costs of lawyers and their love of money with personal injury lawsuits and Workman’s Comp, you stupid media person.

By getting rid of the high costs of insurance, stupid media person.

By utilizing the investments made by senior citizens, over many years of LONG TERM investments, to help pay for LOWER COSTS resulting from the cost cutting measures.

By getting rid of the commercials of big pharma (and money loving lawyers).

By invoking measures to increase R&D for big pharma (and other industries).

By utilizing created bonds (victory bonds, anyone?) which are the only way the American Diabetes Association (and other groups) can use for contributions that must be utilized effectively.

By ridding the notion that Medicare and Social Security can be freely used for ANYTHING in the budget and such funds should ONLY be tailored ONLY for use in areas where it is designed to be used.

There are many more reasons, but one has to look at this in a problem-solving perspective, not the paranoid perspective of wealthy white fat cats with their false hatred of socialism.

Lawyers, Accountants & Doctors, Oh MY!

Teachers and professors are often not on salaries as high as many other professions. For instance, in comparison to lawyers, accountants, and doctors (not to mention medical specialists). But then, is it not a better thing to have an interest in people, as do clergy, nurses and many other healthcare workers? As some have said, we work with people and don’t do it for the money. What about lawyers, accountants, and doctors, oh my?

In proposing solutions for America by way of this blog, I have often mentioned that lawyers are so over-paid they can afford hordes of stupid commercials advertising their personal injury lawsuits and perhaps workman’s comp work? Florida has a more liberal divorce law than a liberal state like New York. However, if there is a disagreement in settling a divorce in Florida, the clock ticks away for one side, ticking away $25K, $35K or more once done.

Accountants make plenty of money working for tax collection agencies plus doing the taxes for individuals and businesses. Lawyers do as well. Conservatives from years ago promoted a value added tax (VAT), rather than sales taxes and income taxes. There are many reasons for promoting such a tax, but one of the reasons was the promotion of paper-shuffling businesses which add to the overhead of business and reduce profits. Same with sales taxes. Think of what happened before these taxes were in place? There was likely a higher profit margin, right? Or am I wrong?

For small business, rather than big corporate conglomerates, there is a larger dip in the profit margins. Thus, when an across-the-board Federal minimum wage is proposed, a small locally owned diner in one town which competes with four fast-food “big box” restaurants of corporate conglomerates, the fast-food corporate conglomerates have a better way, in a centrally planned economy like that of the former Soviet Union, to pay the higher minimum wages to a slew of people who essentially are like slaves and have few opportunities for advancement to be self-employed and running their own business. That is, unless they end up moving up a ladder in a hierarchy. The smaller “mom and pop” diners have more difficulty paying a larger minimum wage which does not bother the big business, so more small businesses are crushed. Close to slave labour and crushing defeat of opportunities for all. Sounds depressing, right? So why do I say it? It’s not out of my own selfish self-interests. It is out of interest for what is best for America.

Doctors. In days gone by, I recall the “general physicians” we called the “country doctors.” Less specialists. More general physicians with an overall view of the patients. They did not often make more money than most others in the community, did they? Or am I barking up the wrong tree in the memories I retrieve? Then the era when it was difficult to find enough general physicians because all were seeking more money in the world of specialists. Private medicine which Trumpicans claim is so much better, while ignoring the fact that many of us, teachers, nurses, and other healthcare workers, are more concerned about people than about money. We just wish to be paid a fair livable wage, rather than expectation of a high over-paid salary, as lawyers, accountants, and doctors expect.

So, to fill the high-paid jobs for lawyers, accountants, and doctors (oh my!), we encourage EVERYONE to go to college and forget the availability of the trades people and the skills which need to be developed for such. Lawyers and accountants do tax jobs which eat up profits for small business, shuffle a hell of a lot of paper, and get paid quite well to do such red-tape bureaucracy. How do economists measure these jobs in the Gross Domestic Product, or GDP? We ship productive jobs overseas, reduce the vocational skills training for work in the trades which require the use of hands and not necessarily an emphasis on brains. And what happens? We don’t have people to do such work anymore. No more opportunities for people to develop their own private self-employed business, while there are lawyers, accountants and doctors (oh my!) galore.

We have new technologies, you say? How wonderful! Yes, new developments in medical care and pharmaceuticals. Pharmacists, too, making more money, many times, than people helping people (teachers, professors, nurses, etc.). With all this new technology, we are all blessed at having new meds available for us. Yes, sir.

So, in my life, since 2001, I have had three times when I came close to losing my own life, due to this wonderful new technology handed out with little knowledge about how chemicals interact with nutrients and proper diets. When Claritin was first available, then it was wonderful to enable me to clear my sinuses, right? With small doses of that and Allegra, my primary care physician discovered I was allergic to it. It was left to me, the patient, to tell the ENT specialist about this. Never any communication or coordination between PCPs and specialists, in this world created with wonderful technology and specialists making much more money. The ENT specialist, not taking the word of the patient (as Gore with his Patient bill of rights SUPPOSEDLY lost the election in Florida – NOT) when this patient mentioned his allergy to Claritin. The ENT prescribed it anyway. Within several days, the patient ended up in the hospital with severe heart attack symptoms. Fortunately, the patient survived.

In 2012, this same patient (me) had been taking metformin. Then a doctor was enamored with a “new” drug called Jentadueto. Jentadueto, as it was discovered later, doubles the amount of metformin already being taken to more than a safe amount in totality. Such an overdose leads to lactic acidosis, which can be fatal. The symptoms of lactic acidosis are heart problems and gastro problems. This patient ended up with both. Seeing a cardiologist and medication checkup was made, confirming the correct amounts of meds for the heart and blood pressure were being taken. Never a look at the patient’s list of prescriptions. The gastro man did an upper and lower GI. Nothing found, according to money-loving gastro man. This man INVENTED a problem with hemorrhoids, in order to try to push surgery. Yet, the patient expressed the fact that it was not hemorrhoids causing the pain and discomfort in stomach and intestines. Did not matter.

In this case of lactic acidosis, three doctors and a Publix pharmacist had access to my medication list. None of them bothered to check the medication doses to determine if they were correct. Not one of these high-paid individuals did such a thing. Meanwhile, the patient, over time, was suffering more and more, especially with cardio-pulmonary problems, but also with gastro problems. In January 2013, just after New Year’s Day, I was losing my ability to breathe. I was rushed to the hospital, once again. They put me through tests and put a catheter up through my leg into my heart. They were going to do a cardioversion, but then, with some medications, the atrial fibrillation which had begun stopped. They did not have to go further than that. I was released.

Then, in 2017, it was determined that, perhaps, there was a need for an ablation and perhaps a pacemaker. To do the ablation scheduled for late January 2018, there was a need to take me off a medication which I was prescribed and do so within weeks prior to the ablation. Another med was substituted. Within a week or so (January 18) of taking this other med, I went unconscious at home and slammed my skull on the concrete floor at home. I was rushed by helicopter to a trauma center where I remained in a coma for several days, with the expectation that I might not survive. I did survive, though. I came out and had a heart monitor on me.

By March, though, my dad was taken to the hospital in Melbourne, Florida, with heart problems and other problems. He was 92 years of age. My spouse and I spent several weeks by Dad’s sign, with hope he would be able to pull through. On April 1, Dad died.

On June 28, I retired. The next day, once again, I was having problems with breathing and heart palpitations once again. I was rushed, once again, to the hospital. This time, they performed the ablation and a cardioversion. Things were looking quite well for the patient, once released.

I have rarely seen doctors or pharmacists who are interested in the patient who is a HUMAN BEING. They just act like they wish to do their job so as to get paid. The reason? Fear of the other part of the trio of “lawyers, accountants and doctors, oh my.” The lawyers. A wealthy person playing tennis each day, with other wealthy ones which usually included lawyers, accountants and doctors, oh my! The person fell on the court and injured some part of leg, knee or foot. Lying on the floor and grimacing in pain, he noticed how all the doctors escaped to the locker rooms and he was surrounded by lawyers who were giving him their business cards. What I have observed by so many in this group is the same thing, but not while grimacing in pain on a floor.

Only a nurse shared with me the observation that there was an overdose in my metformin. Having health databases and Medline available at the college library where I worked, I confirmed what the nurse told me. I had been in the hospital with the heart problem, due to an overdose of metformin. Not one doctor or pharmacist has confirmed this for me. Not one. Why? Because of a fear of lawyers. Not one doctor has even listed any of this, but have lied in the notes more recently in my medical records that “I am allergic to metformin.” No doctor has EVER mentioned this, but it gets entered into my medical record? What is the reason for the lies? If anything, the ONLY thing I have been told verbally is metformin can only have a “side effect.” Side effect. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Overdose is the word and that never appears in the medical records.

In all my situations, nurses, on the lower end of the pay ladder, have treated me so very well. When I was in a hospital, I was only allowed to receive the meds the hospital would allow and my diets were FULL of nothing but carbs. A very kind nurse allowed me to have the diabetes meds from home and helped me arrange the “troublemaker” meals which would help me reduce my sugar numbers. I was running glucose levels the highest in my life – 300 to 400. The nurse happened to have a husband who was like me in suffering from diabetes. She knew better how to deal with it than most of the others on the staff, especially the doctors.

At the same hospital, I asked for water at one time and a nurse who had reacted with disdain about the fact that I was in a same-sex marriage, refused to give me water and yelled at me for asking. In a hospital, a person in the ER admitting began to preach about “sin” of homosexuals. Since then, I have heard the suffering black people have endured over time, in hospitals, due to the color of their skin. Hateful Americans inspired by Rush Limbaugh, Trump, Giuliani, and others. Despicable hateful people.

Now I mention these things at the same time I hear Phil Keoghan of New Zealand mention the very thing many of us have been saying about the lack of people skilled in the trades and those who are in the trades, being made to feel bad as if they are inferior to academics. Keoghan mentioned his grandfather who was in the trades (blue collar) but did more reading than many who think they are experts in academics. I had a father who was the same way. Every day, he read TWO, not ONE, newspapers.

Meanwhile, privatized Medicare prescription costs force me not to be able to take the best for me and pharmacists, doctors, lawyers, accountants don’t give one damn. In fact, a pharmacist prefers to point the finger of blame, not at the wealthy of America who control the strings of those in Congress, so as to do more for each of their egos than to be concerned about WE THE PEOPLE and our pocketbooks. A reality dictated by wealthy fat cats for wealthy fat cats and no concern for WE THE PEOPLE. Justice will not happen until unaffected people stand up for those who are affected. Perhaps if I say this fact over and over again, it will become the truth and the reality! “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!”

But do those in America give one damn about any of this, as they display their hatred for one another and their individualistic egotism and narcissism? No. They love to follow the path of hatred and love of money. Whether Trump or lawyers, accountants, and doctors oh my, they just don’t follow the ways laid down by the representative of God on earth – the Son of God, Jesus Christ. He is the model for all of us to follow because He gives us the word of God, which is to love one another. Lawyers, accountants, doctors (and pharmacists) oh my – and no love for one another in sight. Only a love of money. Shameful people. To our Creator and GOD, forgive them, please, for they know not how to love and know not what they do in the process.

I Repeat: Barack Obama and his campaign for ACA Defeated Romney and his anti-ACA: Give it up, you Koch brother jerks


Barack Obama and his campaign for ACA defeated Mitt Romney and his negative anti-ACA platform.  Leave the American people alone, you wealthy pigs.  Where are the sensible wealthy people to counter the stubbornly ignorant who forget the “little people” who helped them get where they are?

Reagan said facts are stupid, and Boehner, Cantor, and company are utilizing this false principle.  In fact, many states which have implemented the ACA “exchanges,” have found health insurance prices to reduce some 20% to 35%.  Go to hell – those who refuse to look at the facts.  Actually, hell is too good for fat cat pigs.

TV Land in America

“God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.” – Lyrics of a popular country song.

Choices.  People believe those in the GLBT community have a choice NOT to be GLB or T.  The only choice such people have is to determine whether we wish to condemn ourselves to the conformity of the majority of people who are straight or live a life according to our own beings. Perhaps if we live life according to what we are, there is also the choice to be promiscuous or monogamous.  There are those who wish to force all of us to make the choice of being straight, thus condemning us to a hell for which morons have no right to condemn one another.

Choices.  TV Land today.  Another conundrum established by the “majority” who are shallow people in America today, thanks to the education rug which has been pulled out from beneath Americans.  If we to watching the drivel of entertainment, religion, sports, and politics delivered by the – what we are told to believe – huge multi-channel “wonders of the modern world” called cable and satellite television, we are personified as fools who don’t recognize “life is good” and we should appreciate these “choices.”

Choices?   OK.  So the technological modern “wonder world” provides remote control devices which allow us to “program” out the undesirable stuff.  Believe me, I am so impressed by such technological “wizardry!”  I can whittle my channel selections back to about a dozen or so channels – perhaps two dozen.  Maybe.  I can whittle my choices back to just a handful, out of how many total I am paying for?  200?  300?  Did you catch the part about, “PAYING FOR?”  I have the choice, for sure.  But when I inquire about also having a “choice” for what I pay, the customer service reps are well trained to twist this all around and tell me about all the wonderful “tiers” of service.  “You can get a through g channels.”  But this does not include channel bbb.  “Oh, well, says the rep, then you go to the next tier – for $40 more.”  HOW EXCITING!  For channel bbb, I can pay $40 and the rep never blinks an eye (or, I suppose there is a “blinked eye,” because the person is probably in India and I cannot see he or she) when stating this.  What a FOOL I am, so I order $40 more, in order to receive the ONE channel I want.   The rep is like the Jedi knight in one of the first Star Wars adventures who uses mental telepathy to convince a man he did NOT want a cigarette.

And then I ask about providing a package which fits my needs and at a lower cost, then give me options to pay for any other channel on a “pay as you go” basis (Comcast calls this, “On Demand”).  Response.  “But we do not offer this and you can get x,y, z.”  But I don’t want “x,y, z.”  Rep repeats:  “But we do not offer this and you can get x,y, z.”  But I don’t want your damn “x, y, z” for some astronomical price per month.  How about if you CHANGE and offer what I propose?  “But we do not offer this and you can get x,y, and z – perhaps at a special introductory rate!”  Fine!  Take your introductory rate and shove it where Santa Claus put the Christmas tree.

People – consumers – are crazy to accept this sort of crap from the cable / satellite television industry who all collude on prices.  Try to get a better package in a so-called “competitive capitalist” market, something the FCC and Congress like to think we are getting (does the “opiate of the masses” come to mind?).  Here is a twist on this situation.  The conformity forced upon us by greedy, selfish, pension-raiding, executives who de-value human labor to make slaves:  TV Land today is similar to what Karl Marx proposed as the “dictatorship of the proletariat.”  We have all these shallow people, many without productive jobs, who make decisions for us.  These are decisions based, not on reason, responsibility, and what makes sense for our HUMAN nature, but what makes sense for lining the pockets of executives – and that’s it.  End of story.  No other criteria whatsoever for deciding what the “opiate-inspired” masses should view on television.

Add to this the fact that Rupert Murdock has stated his intent to put local “free” broadcast television “out of business.”  So, then we don’t have MORE choices, but less choices – in a supposed capitalist economy.

One more thing.  In the midst of all this, the shallow, opiate-inspired consumer is mesmerized while being raped by cable / satellite.  In other words, let us accept this stuff on television and PRETEND we REALLY have choices.  But many of these same people balk at the ideas of Obamacare providing healthcare from pooled resources of the people.  In one case – cable / satellite – Marx’s ideas are accepted.  In the other case, Obamacare is falsely attacked for taking into account all the people being served with “multiple healthcare channels” from money we pool together (as we are doing with cable / satellite) and speak loudly and falsely about Obamacare.  Let me figure this out.  In the one case (cable / satellite), this is a WANT for our lives, not a NECESSITY.  In the other case (healthcare), this is a NECESSITY for everyone.

Silly me.  But I would prefer pooling a larger sum of money for healthcare – a NEED in my life – than to pool such a large sum of money in order to provide entertainment for my neighbors – a WANT, not a NEED.   I know what happens with healthcare by the individual.  Those 55 to 65 pay astronomical prices at a time of layoff and no money in an individual’s life.  Those in the younger generation pay far less – individually.  Again, silly me for noticing there is a better way – by RESPONSIBLY WITHOUT CORRUPTION – pooling our money and making it all more equitable for a NEED in our lives – healthcare.  Perhaps then, we can reduce our overall USA per capita costs for healthcare, bringing these in line with other Western CAPITALIST nations.

I repeat:  “God is great, beer is good, and people are crazy.”

Douglas W. Cornwell

Tioga Herald

ObamaCare and False Rumors

False:  With ObamaCare, all corporations will cancel insurance programs.  Not true, but if corporations do these, it’s for one of two reasons:  ObamaCare is less expensive or they are attempting to sabotage ObamaCare.


If ObamaCare is allowed to operate as intended, insurance premiums could go down.  Anti-Obama people who sabotage ObamaCare are traitors to America and the American people.


Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

Obama CARES, Republicans Have no Compassion

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Media actually discussed ObamaCare in a more positive light?  That would be something, would it not? For instance, how about discussing the parts of this healthcare plan which have proven successful in Switzerland?  Success for a decade in Switzerland.  Do we hear this?  No, we don’t.

Thanks, CNN, for shirking your duties.  Thanks, Media (except NPR and PBS, which Romney wishes to shut down – too objective and not biased enough in favor of Republicans).

Republicans lack compassion, are deceitful, and they lie (did I say that?).  PERIOD.

16 July 2011

Fascist Republicans

Congressman Tom Rooney speaks the Republican line, which is out of touch with reality.  I have witnessed Medicare (the “government”) when it does NOT interfere with the doctor-patient relationship.  I have witnessed Big fat greedy pig private insurance when it DOES interfere with the doctor-patient relationship, insists on having it’s own way – even when procedures are more expensive – and THEN has the nerve to ask my employer for an increase in health insurance premiums.

The reaction to what I say?  My bet is – let’s see how to screw this loudmouth (like me) – rather than taking to heart what is being said.  The truth hurts, Mr. Rooney.  The truth is you wield a big loudmouth stick of conformity, impressing fear upon Americans to believe the Republican-Party ideology – and it hurts when confronted with the truth about situations.

The communists said utopia is gained when everyone thinks the same.  Hitler and Mussolini said utopia is gained when everyone thinks the same.  The Roman Catholic church and numerous right-wing religious groups say, utopia is gained when everyone thinks the same.  The Republicans say there is utopia when everyone thinks the same.  In order to get everyone to think the same, we reduce funding for education, claiming there is not enough money.  Then we spend money on frivolous paper-pushing and ambulance-chasing lawyers who overcharge.  Not enough money for teachers, but enough money to support more lawyers per capita in this nation than there are in other Western nations where healthcare is less costly.  Yet, no jobs for teachers, but … for the lazy unproductive jobs to push papers in accounting and law – plenty of GOOD-PAYING jobs!

Mr. Tom Rooney, you should wake up to what is happening out there.  It’s the economy, stupid.  And a single-payer health insurance plan underwritten by private insurance truly competing with one another – rather than paying big executive bonuses.

Healthcare is a right.  Nixon and Haldeman set up the health environment we have today.  Prior to that, doctors and dentists actually treated patients in order to HEAL them, not to make money – as the number one priority.  The excessive greed can only be ended in one way – rid us entirely of “Tricky Dicky Care” and give us a single-payer universal medicine plan.  Period.

Stop the lawyer fascination of prioritizing the “writing” of legislation and provide something meaningful.

And to lawyers like Rooney, you work for us – the people of your district, not for the Republican Party and the lobbyists.  You also do not work exclusively for the Palm Beach Gardens wealthy pigs or the Fort Myers wealthy pigs or for your church.  You work for ALL of us.

If the members of Congress put their heads together to solve our problems – the way scientists (not lawyers, thank GOD no lawyers!) did in order to return Apollo 13 to this earth – then we might actually see solutions.  Instead, we see a bunch of ideological pigs paid off by big corporations wishing to invoke what is best for – ME, ME, ME – the ones with money.  We need solutions for society, not the ideology of fat pigs like the Koch brothers.

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