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30 July 2011

Wicked Evil tea party

I discover my heritage and belong to the SAR because I wish to learn from the past and make life better for the future by building upon our proud American heritage.  The tea party is negative and wishes to tear apart our American heritage – while proclaiming a false interest in our heritage.

I chose to reduce my involvement in SAR when I learned Jeb Bush joined it.  I believe the Bush family, in the name of fascism and nazisim, wish to mock our American heritage rather than build upon it.  Jebbie’s graddad, Prescott was a Hitler sympathizer when Hitler was spewing forth hatred in Europe.  I have no toleration for hatred and there is no opinion when it comes to hatred.  Obviously, President Franklin D. Roosevelt felt the same because he froze the assets of Senator Prescott Bush – due to Prescott Bush’s support of hatred.

That is what it comes down to.   You can call it what you wish.  But the Bush family has supported hatred.  They might have money, but they use that money to support hatred and invoke an ideology they believe, as all fascists do, there will be utopia if everyone conforms.  Obviously, they worship money so much that “frozen assets” would be a point of vindictiveness to put this nation through hell – all for the love of money.  I believe the agenda of Jebbie, George, Neil, Marvin, and George, Sr., is to tear apart what Franklin D. Roosevelt did.  And I believe they have many friends with gobs of money – friends who worship money and hatred – who are willing to help them.  The Koch brothers and others affiliated with Bush and the tea party are despicable lousy evil people – the type of people to whom Jesus Christ directed his anger while living on this earth.

If what I am saying is not true, then why did George Bush wish to tear apart Social Security – a government program implemented by a true American – in favor of a program from South America (Chile) where corrupt banana republic greedy bastards rule the nations?  The love of money would be so immense that Georgie Porgie and Jebbie would not wish to build upon what we already have in OUR America, but would wish to tear it down.  Why?  Due to vindictiveness and vengeance towards FDR.  That is a hell of a reason to force what these piggies are doing to America today – via the obstructionist tea party.

To the tea party person who denounced the idea of “all Americans having a home,” first of all, you can go to hell – you son of a military careerist who takes money from our people and then condemns the Middle Class.  Secondly, you and the other tea party dimwits condemn the ideas of American home ownership which have proven to be a better way to do long-term investments.  But then, I suppose that is too capitalist for your low-life tastes.  My investments outside home ownership have been volatile.  George Bush and company made home ownership into a volatile investment because they don’t believe in the wonderful humanism which COULD exist in this nation – among a wonderful people here.  Humans in communities can pull together far better than the 1% which owns and places in slavery a community of people by forcing conformity through fear and intimidation.  The contrast between the Dark Ages run by a brutal fascist church and the “re-birth” of humans during the Renaissance demonstrates the differences completely.

The tea party wishes to plunge our great people backwards into the age of feudal landlords and mercantile economics – a time when people were enslaved and not given opportunities to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and make life better for ALL PEOPLE, rather than just a greedy selfish piggish 1% of the population.

Comments on: "30 July 2011" (3)

  1. R L Baker said:

    Okay, I’m a “dimwit” in your narrow opinion. Because I believe that government should be smaller, should live within its means, and allow the people to have a greater say in how the government spends our money. Social Security was first raided by Democratic President Lyndon Johnson, and has been pilfered by every President since. The housng mess was created by two things, greed and very poor leadership in government. Remember Barny Frank and his sub prime rates. Also, since when do the sins of the grandfather get passed onto later generations?

    • bibsinger said:

      Government should live within its means, but people in Denmark are the happiest on earth. Their governments evidently can live within its means – with the best public education in the world because idealogues with narrow views don’t sabotage education.

    • bibsinger said:

      To R L Baker,

      I am not clear about everything you point out, but am trying to understand it.

      I do agree that “government should be smaller, should live within its means, and allow the people to have a greater say in how the government spends our money.” Does this still mean I am a person of “narrow opinion?” If so, I guess you are, too!

      The difference might be my ideas about solving this problem and not simply relying solely on ideology, as does the tea party.

      I also don’t disagree with you about the creation of the “housing mess” – “greed and very poor leadership in government.” Bush was the leader, not Obama. George Bush allowed the price of housing to rise 125% in three years, without doing a thing about it. There is only one way for such prices to go – downward. The Republicans refuse to allow regulations. Perhaps the fact Barney Frank is openly gay is the reason for giving him more power, thus the blame, for “sub-prime rates.” I have also heard far too many white racists, hiding their racism, who blame President Obama through over-exaggeration of some negatives. Perhaps bigots have an expectation of perfection of people who they hate. Funny, too, how bigots point fingers and give power to one person (Barney Frank, Barack Obama), but deny the impact of an entire political party which stands together in an oath in favor of an austerity budget.

      Recent advertisements blame President Obama for “foreclosures,” but I know people who can prove that the lack of any regulation at all in insurance, on the part of Republicans – especially Rick Scott, is a potential destroyer of the housing market now, possibly causing even more foreclosures. President Obama really has nothing to do with this aspect in Florida. Republican Joe Scarborough, who called for more moderation in the Republicans and more business regulation (in an article in Fortune magazine), is a wise man who has departed from Congress. When George Bush announced the first bailout of the banks, few Republicans objected. I recall the evening Bush announced the bailout in 2008, one Republican Congress person DID object, but he was drowned out by the peer pressure of the other Republicans who, like fascists, coerce others into thinking the same way. When Barack Obama also bailed out the banks, the hoots and hollers were loud. Sorry, but this appears to be people who are bigots.

      Furthermore, there are nations with capitalist / socialist economies who are doing fine and their people are the happiest on earth. Canada DID regulate its banks and analysts have said it has come through this “Great Recession” better than any other Western nation. Again, not ideology, but control and power, as well as advocating crony capitalism as the only way to achieve utopia, are the problem. Yes, greed.

      I don’t understand your comment: “Also, since when do the sins of the grandfather get passed onto later generations?” If it means I am jumping to conclusions about the denial of bigotry, homophobia, and white racism, you are wrong. I don’t say these things based on someone’s ancestry, but I say these things based on several personal observations: A woman catering a Romney $10K per plate dinner called President Obama a “N…..” A person who became excessively angry about “blacks who invade his neighborhood and how such people like that, and Obama, should be removed.” These people had no sensible or reasonable reason for opposing the president.

      What does the “grandfather” have to do with this? What “sins?” I can only make some assumptions, but making assumptions is not a good thing – for other of us.

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