The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

The tea party is attempting to turn people against our Constitutional-based democratic-based country, attempting to destroy our U.S. Constitution which is described by former Israeli prime minister, Menachim Begin, as one of the greatest documents ever written.  The Constitution begins with “We the people…”  The tea party wishes to change it to, “We the corporate monopolists…”  I refuse to accept that this nation is a “republic,” as die-hard Republicans try to claim.  It is NOT a republic, it is a democracy of “We the people…” as stated in the first line of the U.S. Constitution.

Attempting to tear apart “We the people…” is a method of “divide and conquer” so as to tear apart all the accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt and his “trust-busting” which resulted in one of the greatest nations on earth.  These tea party people and the Republicans who support them suck.  The suckers are those who accept without thinking this attitude to tear apart our government.  This U.S. government has proved successful over many years and needs to be bolstered.

The white racist suckers who take sides with the treasonous tea party are also divisive, playing into the hands of a fascist group of people who promote greed, love of money, and anarchy.  They are wrong.

To be positive, I have positive solutions not based on ideology.  But first, this is the damage being done by the treasonous tea party and their billionaire / millionaire friends (Koch brothers, Rove, Limbaugh, Scott, Walker, Armey, Cheney, Bush family … and others).

1. Removal of the long-term investments in real estate, due to de-regulation of banking and other financial institutions (by Reagan, Bush, and others).  This once provided opportunities for the Middle class, rather than the caste system imposed by these wealthy pigs who are supported by dumb ignorant Middle Class people who have no wisdom.  A home in 1988 could go up only 1% in 8 years.  That was good because one had to wait for the long-term.  But layoffs by greedy tea party type pigs resulted in losing a long-term investment.  Then, the de-regulation of banks encouraged a fiasco in finance between 2002 and 2006 – four years.  The price of real estate became a short-term investment, rising 125%.  Yet, people who lost out STILL will vote Republican.  What dumb jerks, because it was the Republicans who CAUSED it – de-regulation – and did nothing about it when the market moved to slum lords who could “flip” houses.

2.  CEOs began pilfering the nest eggs of Americans, claiming “there is no money for pensions.”  That is the talk of hoodlums and goons and pigs.  There IS money for pensions, but these pensions were used to increase the gap between CEOs and the lowest paid employees by more than 1000% between 1974 and today.  There IS money for pensions, but the CEOs have become a bunch of deceptive liars – and CREEPS.  They forced the average worker into 401(K) plans – NOT DESIGNED FOR RETIREMENT PLANS.  They forced the average worker into a risky market while the CEOs sat by in comfort of their HUGE bonuses which were stolen from employee pensions, even when the BASTARD CEOs failed at their business.  And the boards of directors of these perverted corporate leaders went right along.  Just read Ellen Schultz’s book, RETIREMENT HEIST.

3.  George Bush, traitor as resident of the White House, trashed parts of Medicare and AARP went along.  The man quotes from Nazi propaganda minister, Goebbels, twisting information and mocking and scoffing at those who expose the truth – like a good Hitler propaganda master, with whom Bush’s grandad HELPED to attain power in Germany.  FASCIST dictators, not men of the people.

4.  With Medicare gutted, people have less for retirement.  People laid off after 55 pay the highest for health insurance, but are unable to secure jobs – as the CEO pigs scrap their pension plans.  And now the tea party assholes wish to remove the pools which COULD reduce the cost of insurance to people in this age group whom they have screwed (unless they are brats with lots of money).  Nice opportunity which only Ebeneezer Scrooge could agree.  These bastards attempt to turn the fiction of Charles Dickens and Ayn Rand, too, into reality.  Go f*** off, you bastards.  Someone go for their deep pockets, please!   Bastard snots who don’t even recognize who or what (the government) helped them ACHIEVE what they did.  Bastards.  Low life scum with lots of money.  Even a fiery hell is too good for them.

5.  Tea party attempts to scrap Medicare, Social Security, and Obamacare.  This after removing all capitalist market abilities (pensions and long-term investments in real estate) for the Middle Class to seek opportunities.  These people are attempting to carve a caste system in America into stone.  And what do so many people do? They go along blindly, rather than object.

6.  A former jerk of a Republican senator advertises the biggest screwing Americans can receive – to replace long-term investments in real estate.  The “Reverse Mortgage” is designed and embraced by tea party brats and snots to put people in their places in old age, never allowing children to receive a return on the investment their parents made in a long-term investment.  The banks own those homes in “Reverse Mortgage,” so therefore this also makes it more difficult for young people to obtain housing.  These homes are passed to slum lords with the ability to monopolize and control the prices of homes and RENT.  F*** them.  Screw them.  Someone file a class-action lawsuit against all these people, please!

And to the Democrats.  Stop with this stupidity of “American Dream.” STOP IT.  Get down to the brass tacks of what is really happening.  Speak to the American people who are enterprising people, you dumb jerks in the Democratic Party leadership.  Speak to the ones who are like Congressman Patrick Murphy.  The DREAM makes it sound like people are “ENTITLED” to this.  Dead wrong.  Nobody is entitled to these things unless they INVEST and receive a RETURN on the investments.  Get down to the brass tacks of talking about INVESTMENTS and RETURN ON INVESTMENTS.  A major financial enterprise (Charles Schwab?) once ran advertisements about gaining money “the old fashioned way; we earn it!”  The tea party has REMOVED these things from the “common human,” within the capitalist system and this is wrong.  They pit people against a government which COULD protect them in this capitalist economy.  People are stupid jerks who follow the line of reasoning of a bunch of scoundrels called “tea party.”  Democrats do NOTHING to challenge these notions.  Just continue with “the American Dream.” F*** the American dream and do something different with your approach, you jerks.

The man who defined capitalism (not socialism), following an 18th-Century Scottish banking crisis about on par with the Bush one in 2008 (created by the Republican de-regulation of a decade or so earlier) was a Christian man expecting business people to “naturally” regulate themselves.  But after this banking crisis, Adam Smith changed his mind.  He noticed so many of these Christians were actually hypocrites and determined there should be some regulation.  The tea party quotes this man in claiming no regulation.  They are wrong.  They are dead wrong.

And to the dumb ones who follow Karl Marx.  Karl Marx was a jerk, too.  He blamed capitalism when it was monarchical monopolism which he SHOULD have blamed.  So the tea party twists this to their favor, while re-establishing a type of monarchical monopolism, but indeed this system today, given a blessing by a stupid Supreme Court led by a stupid man named Scalia, is a corporatist system no different from monarchical monopolism.  It’s also no different from the Soviet and Chinese forms of communism and the hierarchical top-down arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church – from Vatican City.

Democracy takes thinking people who understand civics, not politics.  Who understand how a democratic government works.  This takes work on the part of the masses.  We once had masses who were NOT lazy and would embrace this system.  Too many lazy people have poked fun at this system, particularly among my own age group.  They are disgusting people and allow the tea party to rape all of us up the ass.

Scalia believes in the Roman republic and has no idea what the American democracy is about.  Scalia and his fascist friends endorse the idea of slavery, including the corporatist movement to re-make education in order to create slaves, rather than thinking people who understand a broad array of topics from science, math, engineering, technology, social sciences, to physical education, humanities, arts, and yes, the CIVICS of democracy.  These are what education is all about, not the slavery endorsed by colleges with the name, “CAREER.”  Education was designed with a pedagogy which prepared for careers AND lifelong learning.  Just because a bunch of lazy loudmouth Baby Boomers have decided on their own that education has parts which are irrelevant – this is irrelevant to the design of education.  I say to all these jerky SOBs – LAZY ones – to go take a hike and institute their ideas in some third world developing nation, rather than create a lazy one here.  Everyone has the slave attitude of being “entitled” to things slaves receive.

Even BS loudmouth artist, Limbaugh, once said, “slaves have it good because they work and someone takes care of them.”  The SOB “troll” snotty Limbaugh misses the point of the human spirit.  We wish to advance ourselves, no just take care of others.  The Chinese COMMUNISTS impose a system whereby, rather than working towards retirement investment – LONG TERM – the young people are told to get a career (as a slave) and take care of their parents.  What about the AMERICAN WAY, you dumb bastard, Limbaugh, where we are NOT always dependent on children or others.  That we can achieve an independent security.  YOU BASTARDS of the FOURTH REICH.  GO TO HELL.  You bastard remove all abilities for humans in America to achieve a financial independent security and GIVE IT ALL – INDEPENDENT SECURITY  – to the top-level snots who worship money.  YOU BASTARDS.  You destroy something which made America a successful nation – in the name of your stupid f***ing ideology.  Screw you.

I have used some language to suggest solutions.  But are these rejected due to the language?  I never abused the 10 Commandments, but I proposed and supported the ideas of Jesus Christ as he violently demonstrated his anger at deceptive wealthy business people.  To summarize my SOLUTIONS (in case you missed them or were not able to pull them out of what I wrote), here I go.

1. Rather than reduce Medicare, cut some of the military budget and provide Medicare from cradle to grave.  Put our tax dollars to work for the LIVING, not creating the dead.  People in territories like Puerto Rico need to pay into it, or declare independence from the USA.

2.  Stop scrapping Social Security and bolster it.  Keep it at the same age levels.  Force people in territories like Puerto Rico to pay FICA (if they don’t already).  If Puerto Rico does not pay it’s fair share, shove them off in their own independent nation.

3. FIle lawsuits against the billionaires who are scrapping our government.  Whether that be a class action suit or lawsuits by the government.  File a series of lawsuits against Stop the “personal injury” lawsuits which pit the common man and woman against the common man and woman, and direct this dirt against those with deep pockets.  Instead of hurting ourselves, hurt those who are truly hurting us.

4.  Stop the corporatization of education and health care.  These are NOT commodities, they are necessities.

5.  Give all stock holders of public-traded companies equal votes, not just the ones at the top with the most money, as we watch those bastard pigs take away from those who invest their money in the company – and they don’t have any conscience what so ever.  If they were truly being rewarded due to the same “merit” systems these pigs wish to impose on a new slave class, then this would not be necessary.  But these guys have no morals what so ever, figuring they can do anything they wish, like the kings of Europe who felt their power was “heaven sent.” That was BS then and it’s BS now.  There is not “divine rights,” you bastards at high levels.

6.  Regulate the banking and real estate industries to allow moderate long-term growth in housing prices.  This is not a dream.  This is not an “entitlement,” either.  It is just plain common sense for creating opportunities, rather than the type of lopsided top control like that of Haiti and many banana republics, as well as many developing nations.  Corrupt money-worshiping people control these governments – permeated by evil people who perpetuate this crap.

7.  Create a system of retirement security for hard-working people to achieve and I guarantee it would cost LESS than the one which has been created with bonuses and golden parachutes for myriad corporate money-sucking pigs and money worshipers.  I don’t care how this happens, but the best system would be a national pension system bolstered by 401(K) or 403(B) plans – as originally intended.

8.  Stop giving away money in the Social Security system to those who have not contributed or abuse the system with their “disabilities.”  Create another fund for these people.  Primarily, I speak about immigrants who never contribute.  If I go to other nations, I am treated this way.  I suggest a United Nations regulation of this aspect (not an international pooled fund).  It is not right for some people to come to America’s shores and be given money they have come to believe they are entitled to, but me and others recognize we ARE entitled to this money (because we helped fund it) and also recognize we are NOT entitled to funds in Canada or Britain or other Western nations.  Go f***, you people who think you are entitle do our American money.  F*** those who abuse it through corruption.  Strong words?  I resent America being turned into a third world nation, as we accept third world nation people.  Perhaps the corrupt leaders in Haiti and other nations need to take care of their own and stop the corruption.  NIgeria – stop your f***Ing corruption.  Stop it now.

9.  Stop blindly funding wars around the globe which the American people and our government DO NOT have the funds to do so.  Stop listening to an AWOL jerk like George Bush as he flagrantly spent money which he did not have to spend on wars, funding his friend, Dick Cheney (Halliburton), and other munitions companies with OUR (“We the people…”) funds.  STOP IT NOW.  I support President Obama’s diplomacy and think he makes a strong leader.  F*** those who think he is weak because their opinions are BS.

10.  Create an energy-independent America and shed our relations with pigs like Saudi Arabian sheiks.  PERIOD.  Without our military might, the Saudis would be NOTHING.  So make them pay.  The Saudi pigs take advantage of this nation, using traitors like the Bush family and Dick Cheney.  Stop this BS NOW.  Charge Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and other nations with wealthy sheiks for every dollar we lose due to wars in the Middle East.  If they don’t pay, withdraw our military support.  Make this EVIDENT to the American people, despite a f***Ing media which refuses to expose the truth – supported by the [false] divine right corporatists and Scalia.

Comments on: "Republicans Who Support Tea Party are Traitors to This Country" (5)

  1. Even Salon would have a tough time topping the chutzpah of this article; “The tea party is attempting to turn people against our Constitutional-based democratic-based country, attempting to destroy our U.S. Constitution.” You must be joking. The Tea Party, for all its faults, is doing its best to save our Constitution and individual freedoms from Socialists and federal bureaucracy, which apparently has the full support of the author. Go back to a public university, as they tend to be run by leftist political activists these days, and see if you can voice an unpopular opinion there in public without having to jump through hoops like “Free Speech Zones” or subjective hate speech policies. Try speaking your opinion in a classroom that goes against the professor’s opinion, and see if you don’t get kicked out of the class and hit with some kind of sexual/racial harassment charge.

    The instant resort to charging those who think differently in terms of politics as being racist is almost cliche, and betrays the author’s ideological cognitive dissonance and misunderstanding of what the Tea Party actually stands for. Go read a book by Jonathon Haidt (The Righteous Mind, specifically), and stop demonizing people who disagree with you. The Tea Party isn’t what’s wrong with America; the author, and their bad psychology, is the problem.

    P.S., As proof of your misunderstanding of libertarian thinking, Libertarians (but not Republicans; they are VERY different!) will generally agree with you on a number of your points: reducing military funding, cutting back on or eliminating overseas wars, holding the bankers responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crises liable and responsible, and fixing problems with and holes in social security.

    • Several points I wish to address, with regard to this author’s opinions.

      >>> “The tea party is attempting to turn people against our Constitutional-based democratic-based country, attempting to destroy our U.S. Constitution.” You must be joking.
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> No, I am not joking. From all I have seen, there is no evidence that tea party people understand the words, “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…” I have no evidence when Rick Scott of Florida does not get “into the arena with sweat and blood” as Teddy Roosevelt did and challenge those people who would turn corporations into human beings and the people into mere numbers and slaves. Rick Scott associates with the tea party. He picks on “we the people…” with whom he might disagree, but he does NOTHING about the big corporations but promote their increasing control over our lives.

      >>>>>The Tea Party, for all its faults, is doing its best to save our Constitution and individual freedoms from Socialists and federal bureaucracy
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Now THERE is a joke. Andrew Carnegie benefited in establishing his companies – benefited from the Federal government. Many in the tea party have BENEFITED from the government in order to get where they are, yet, due to their selfish individualism, they never show any appreciation. Rick Scott STOLE from our government, thus making it harder for the rest of us.

      You confuse socialist democracy with socialist autocracy, such as what exists in Cuba and once existed in the former Soviet Union. Capitalism is designed to provide a competitive environment to sustain reasonable prices of commodities which are WANTED by consumers. Capitalism is designed to balance our economic environment in terms of investments which benefit “we the people.” All the PEOPLE need to make a profit.

      Capitalism is about supply and demand. The items we WANT are sold best in conditions of capitalist supply and demand, yet it’s the supply side which attempts to control prices by controlling supply and demand – i.e., the oil and energy industries. That’s a monopolistic trend gone awry which makes a horrible form of capitalism? I don’t see the tea party doing something about that, in fact it berates President Obama when he ATTEMPTS to do something to bring these industries into a more competitive CAPITALIST environment. Only foolish people who have no intelligence would call his actions “socialism.” We are supposed to strip the government of power to do something? Now there’s the joke. Does one actually believe the private enterprise would “naturally” control the economics of the situation? Adam Smith, the one responsible for GIVING us a model of capitalism, acknowledged that humans are not NATURALLY going to change the situation, due to greed and INDIVIDUALIST selfishness. My point is that just because a government chooses to regulate private enterprise gone awry does not mean this is socialism, or you would need to call the creator of the idea of capitalism a socialist. That’s crazy.

      Several times in history, excessive profits and speculation gone awry has caused recession and depression – unbridled capitalism and monopoly – monopolies GO AGAINST THE IDEA OF CAPITALISM. Adam Smith noted a time of recession in Scotland in which bankers with INDIVIDUALIST greedy speculation caused a downturn in the economy. Smith warned us about regulating capitalism. He knew NOTHING about socialism at the time.

      When Republicans controlled our economy, at three different times, similar nasty speculation ruined the economy: the 1870s, 1929, and 2008. That’s historical fact and not my opinion. Yet, people will label controlled capitalism as “socialism.” Go ahead, label Adam Smith as a “socialist” or “communist,” for I have read about those who have done so. Smith lived many years before socialism was defined by Marx and Engels.

      >>>>>>> Go back to a public university, as they tend to be run by leftist political activists these days, and see if you can voice an unpopular opinion there in public without having to jump through hoops like “Free Speech Zones” or subjective hate speech policies. Try speaking your opinion in a classroom that goes against the professor’s opinion, and see if you don’t get kicked out of the class and hit with some kind of sexual/racial harassment charge.
      >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> I just love a good stereotype, don’t you know? Apparently, you do, too. In my experience, I could stereotype all public universities as bastions of conservatives. Would this be a good description? No better than your stereotype about all public universities being “left-wing.” Rather than give students a balanced approach to the entire political spectrum, a professor at a public college once forced his students to read nothing but information written by a conservative college. More recently, a professor at a university booted a student out of class, due to the student’s more liberal thoughts. In a Virginia university, a professor railed against same-sex marriage. Students responded by gathering together and singing, “Jesus Loves all the people,” in order to out-voice what the professor was saying. A professor in a business class forced his students to write about the “non-relevance” of unions, without considering the opposite side of the issue. There are many other examples on both the left and right. So, perhaps we should both generalize about public universities and stereotype them, don’t you know?

      I have often read conservative columnists and writers, including William F. Buckley, Jr, George Will, and others. I have attempted to digest the words of both conservative and “leftist” (that’s funny!) columnists… attempting to synthesize both sides, rather than fully accepting either side. After all these years of reading both sides of the political spectrum, I attempt to SYNTHESIZE what each side has to say, rather than brush off the ideas as if these are merely antithesis? How dare you make the accusations which you make!

      Racism is racism. Politics is politics. As I have pointed out, I have intelligently evaluated the liberal and conservative sides and embrace neither of them. If anyone relates “racism” to politics, it is those who are racists, such as those who attacked Eleanor Roosevelt, the liberal, because she was open-minded enough to consider equality of the races. It was the conservative Bible-belt racist ones who attacked her. The mere fact that President Obama is Black is reason enough to attack the man. You live in denial if you don’t believe this. I don’t consider what Eleanor Roosevelt doing as being political. That notion is totally ludicrous and I don’t accept the notion that racism is linked to politics. If you take this personally, then I question your agenda.

      Are you an expert on “psychology?” Are you a “psychologist” or “psychiatrist?” Then, how can you label me with “bad psychology?” If you wish to go there, I can tell you about the lies on phone calls and advertisements being propagated by the tea party candidate, Rick Scott. That is what I call, “bad psychology,” because it targets people who might not be up on the issues and confuses them. Rick Scott is doing this in Florida. He is tea party. Scott Walker does this in Wisconsin. There are many other examples of “bad psychology” emanating from tea party people. It’s disgusting because it demonstrates a coward unable to confront the issues, knowing he would be revealed as a bully pressing the common folks when, indeed, he wishes to crush the “little people.”

      My “misunderstanding of libertarians” is a total mis-perception of me. As I have said, I don’t embrace any group ideas fully, but look to synthesize the better ideas. With regard to the issues you mention which are agreeable to libertarians (reducing military funding, cutting back on or eliminating overseas wars, holding the bankers responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crises liable and responsible, and fixing problems with and holes in social security), I see no evidence of the tea party advancing such issue to President Obama. Instead, the tea party continues to mis-label the man as a “socialist,” when he is not. Another example of “bad psychology” which emanates from the tea party. The president’s statements about how the capitalist economy can actually help to create alternative fuels, at the time gasoline becomes so costly, were words which the tea party used to lambast the president. This idea that President Obama is “evil” is ridiculous. How can I not conclude that this “evil” cloud which the tea party places over the man is not the result of racism? I don’t find any evidence that the tea party and/or libertarians wishes to work with the president in formulating solutions for some of the very issues you mention. Instead, it’s a constant fight over the ACA – something originally written by Republicans – and other issues which the president attempts to resolve. I see a bunch of monsters who would complain if the president sneezes or holds his fork the wrong way while eating – or accused of eating the wrong stuff. That is all that comes across. How should I conclude that there is no racism involved here?

      The tea party is splintering this nation. The white racism is creating black racism. And why would one believe it does not? Heretofore non-racist Black people are suddenly getting their spine up because of the white racism. The tea party is a major part of this.

      I see nothing positive being done by the tea party or libertarians, only negative. I have no respect for the negatives and the pessimism.

      The idea of individualism permeates society in such a way as to nix any concern for our community of people… “we the people…” and our society. That is shameful and I blame traitors in the tea party who do this. I have no respect for these guys. Ayn Rand and her followers with the individual selfishness attitude can go pound salt … or suck eggs. It is this ideal of “individual selfishness” which drives the libertarians and the tea party. It is a disgusting development in America today.

  2. You realize even Reddit/r/politics found your article silly?

    Pretty impressive actually.

  3. You lost all respect when you uttered this:

    It is NOT a republic, it is a democracy of “We the people…” as stated in the first line of the U.S. Constitution.

    without realizing this nation is a Democratic Republic, not either/or….not that it matters when it’s this broken, and tended by ignorant fools.

    • How could the splitting of hairs over this issue push you “to lose all respect?” The “ignorant fools,” in my opinion are the Republicans and the tea party traitors. The Koch brother’s father was a member of the John Burch Society. They are dangerous in destroying our “democratic republic” and replacing it with a corporate oligarchy. Perhaps we are on common ground?

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