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Capitalist Supply & Demand & I Won’t Back Down From Demanding the DEMAND Side with Newspapers

Speaking to people in defense of keeping print copies of newspapers available, I have made a pretty good case in defense of the DEMAND SIDE of the market which has been deliberately curtailed by big fat pigs at the top with a love for money narcissistic and self-centered attitude who simply wish to line their pockets with a USA Today approach like Pravda of Moscow and not considering other aspects about how they can make money with PRINT copies of newspapers.  They DELIBERATELY began to remove the one unique thing which sold newspapers and kept circulation numbers up.  I have been validated with reports from the broadcast media and other sources.  These are not just NEWSpapers, but local NEWS & INFORMATION papers.  These are UNIQUE to local newspapers as the Mustang is to the Ford Corporation.  Would Ford DELIBERATELY get rid of a product which is unique and put in place something which like USA Today and tell all the local people to go to hell and just read USA Today online. 

Because that is what is being shoved down the faces of the demand side of what is SUPPOSED to be a truly capitalist market (not supply side Reaganomics which is NOT capitalism and almost as bad as centrally-controlled government of communists in the Soviet Union) the ultimate result is a destruction of

  • LOCAL OBITUARIES (we think Legacy replaces this? go to h-e-double hockey sticks because one needs an obituary NEWS source which provides the information, especially when one is new to an area and is not on the list of the cliques in town to be informed; Legacy plays another good role AFTER learning of the death of someone
    • LOCAL REVIEWS OF LOCAL POLITICAL CANDIDATES so as to keep people informed and not just listening to the BULLSHIT from news media which agrees and MIGHT NOT be the TRUTH; RESULT of such media? a population which is so stupid they cannot differentiate from right and wrong and digs in its heals with by maintaining the stupidity and a lack of knowledge; what is missing is the ability for people to know what is going on locally in POLITICS, whether at the village, town, county, city, or state

All in this list plus MORE than what is in this list.  The news & INFORMATION, not spread all over so as to search with a lousy Google search engine. 

When the demand side of capitalism answers the way the big fat pigs with mansions hope they would do – stop reading the new versions of what are called local  newspapers, they stop reading and search other sources where they are not TAUGHT but just look for what is in agreement. Yippee!  Then the fat pigs of supply-side newspaper industry Reaganomics can say, “look —— NO ONE IS READING NEWSPAPERS!”  Bullshit.  When you take away the sections and parts which sold newspapers, no one WANTS to read them.  No surprise.  The fat pigs are doing this to the newspaper industry so they can fill their GODDAMN pockets more than others and don’t have to figure out a way to lower overhead or other means.  Ask me.  I have a few suggestions for lowering overhead.  But these bastard pigs modeled after Putin refuse to listen.   

How many times do I get dildo heads who stand up for this supply-side Reaganomics?  All the time.  And I get insulted by such people.  Those who are wealthier than the rest of us simply defending the wealthy and using facts about how circulation has declined.  Of course it has declined.  When the content is condensed, why would it not decline?  Even if The New York Times DOES NOT condense its content, people are NOT being taught to read to learn, but to read to be entertained, as a result of those newspapers which DO condense the LOCAL news.  Besides, The New York Times is not just local but is a better national style news than any of the others, especially on Sundays.  They might have a large market of digital-loving bastards who want technology for the sake of change.  But they don’t take into account the ones who don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of maintaining the freaking technology which is like a little baby, needing constant attention and resources.  The New York Times in print and all we have to do is sit down and read it, not spend most of our time trying to figure out a technology and Internet which is very low quality and lacks any intuitive ways because computers and the ones providing such to the consumers are stupid.  And with gray hard-to-read lettering and really lousy brightness, besides the size of the print, one has to try to face a technology which sucks because it lacks any intuitive ways about it.  Setting up device XYZ12334555.  Or IP SHOCHOIJS10320kpf;jsakljoip.  What the hell is all that supposed to mean to consumers?  Go f yourselves with that bullshit, especially for those of us who are visually impaired and have one more impediment to it all and no one willing to service and maintain such device on the Internet  and on a regular basis.  More people are scammers out there with their hacking and sniper-based cowardly way just to see how well they can trip up the demand side of the market.  This is a barbaric picture of people who don’t give ONE DAMN about one another in America.  They don’t CARE and simply scoff at those of us who complain.  Or ask, “are you ok?” At the time we complain.  YES.  I AM OK.  IT IS THE GODDAMN non-human devices which are NOT OK and the fat pigs who push their national news on us in digital form and with no concern about the demand side of the market because they could no longer earn their GODDAMN money by sitting on their buttes in a lazy fashion. 

My newsprint costs

  • Sunday newsprint newspapers: $494.00 annually
  • Newspapers five or six days of week: $680.00 annually
    • Total: $1174.00 (without delivery, add the freaking gasoline costs a consumer might have: $300.00 (est.)

My technology costs

  • Technology maintenance & replacement: $500.00 annually
  • Internet and phone. About $3000.00 annually
  • Printing & scanning costs: cartridges & paper, etc.:  $300.00 (est.) annually
  • Other costs est. at $200.00
  • Time resource to print ONE article from The New York Times or the Washington Post (etc.) lacks an intuitive touch, perhaps due to the freaking lawyers funneling and wanting to protect royalties, salivating at finding another way to make money with nickel and dime approaches. Compare this to clipping and printing newspaper copy on a copying machine.  Less time in attempting to learn the lack of intuitive approach to do what is needed – with print newspaper. The lack of an intuitive approach to scanning or printing digital copies and no reasonable comparison to copying the newsprint, except the cost of paper and cartridges.  Freaking lawyers in the newspapers disgust the consumer because they probably don’t like the fact that some individual in a household is copying for THEIR OWN personal use what comes from a print newspapers.  Their greedy, money-loving narcissistic self-centered eyes widen with dollar signs from digital. 
  • Constant problems and time spent on fixing problems of technology: 4 to 6 hours in one day’s time, with no assistance (would pay) for regular examination of the problems, while those in the cliques get their own private help and don’t wish to share it
    • Total est. annually for digital:  $4000.00

Digital itself costs almost four times as much.  Almost 2/3 more for the digital.  Add to that the additional times for buffering which is comparable to a 1950s vacuum tube television startup time, plus other problems which are CONSTANT, not just isolated – some est. to be from sniping types of hackers who are nothing but cowards and don’t get stopped by law enforcement which might be more interested in treating those in the black community in a lousy manner.

Meanwhile, the consumers are being screwed. Some behind the cash register complain in stupidity about the price of $6.00 for a newspaper.  Look at these costs and compare these costs outlined above.

And the insulting of me for complaining about being FORCED into reading digitally.  No concern for fellow human beings, but just thinking from their own narrow perspective of life:  me, me, me, and that’s all.  One who states, with blinders on, “her perspective,” knows more about the lack of readers of newspapers than I do who can outline a very wide perspective about this isse, but get insulted instead. 

Others with wealth who insult me.  Perhaps favoring the legal system.  Perhaps defending the system to which one works with technology and wants technology for the sake of change (me, me, me) and does not wish to acknowledge those of us who find CONSTANT and CONTINUOUS problems and expenses of technology and are not WEALTHY enough to spend the money nor the time resources on this, preferring reading the newsprint instead.  We are insulted by such people who call themselves Americans.  But if they think they are friends, who needs enemies?  We would ask for assistance, but the ball is still in our court unless such people live with us.  Not sure such people wish to do that.  Narcissistic money-loving self-centered asses who don’t give one damn about their fellow human beings.  Freak such people with narrow perspectives and blinders. 

Local news broadcasts in one-half hour?  Great for some small minded people who don’t want to learn what is going on.  How many items in the list of local news and information entities above.

There are solutions to this so as to make this a consideration of true capitalist supply AND demand, but no one wishes to consider anything but freaking lousy ideologies with the spinning of a false sense of what capitalism is about by anti-communist jerks on the supply-side Reaganomics fat pigs at the top. 


  • Save newsprint by using tabloid sizes
  • Offer free copies of newspapers at schools, colleges and universities; I have witnessed college students reading newspapers under such conditions; the fat pigs may not be able waddle as much with loaded pockets, but such an increase in circulation can help bolster advertising rates
  • Offer lower prices to consumers who purchase subscriptions for print copies and don’t want the digital (perhaps the GODDAMN sports industry had ought to differentiate between on-demand sports such as football or baseball, rather than a subscription, as was done at one time with attendance at live games; another pet peeve of mine)
  • Have delivery people at busy intersections with newspapers at a very low cost – ANYTHING to increase circulation which is the driving force behind advertising.  More circulation, more readership for which advertisers can benefit and be willing to pay decent prices for the advertising
  • Garage and yard sale kits for placing classified ads
  • Other free offers for placing advertising

The problem with such solutions?  The fat pigs don’t care whether they can lower overhead, just to fill their pockets in easy ways and without having to deal with overhead.  They don’t earn money the old fashioned way because they expect to take money in any way possible, like a Trumpster who needs to be in a dumpster and carried away. 

The demand-side consumers will purchase the newspapers, should the local content not be condensed in such manner as what has happened want a source of local news AND information which brings local news and information in ONE SPOT, not sprawled all over the Internet and a search engine.  It is also easier to go through the white pages of a phone directory, rather than the stupidity of search engines which are designed to pull names and addresses of those who are wealthy and pay at the beginning of a search result list.  Again.  Based on freaking lousy supply-side Reaganomics, not true supply and demand capitalism.  If someone objects to my pointing out true capitalism of supply and demand are lousy humans who likely prefer centralized communism or any anti-capitalist idea beneficial to wealthy pigs.  They are stupid people. 

 I will continue to be adamant and stand my ground against any form of supply-side Reaganomics which is truly Hitler-style business which we don’t need in America.  I will not tolerate insults from stupid and sometimes wealthy people who don’t give a damn about my own desires which make my life happy,  as well as the lives of countless others.  So, Gannett, you can screw in your laziness to eliminate print copy deliveries.  I have offered to help deliver newspapers from another newspaper, as they advertised the need for delivery persons.  I have YET to hear back, so they can all go screw themselves, as well as those who insult me by DICTATING what we Americans SHOULD be receiving in digital.  Go screw and go to h-e-double hockey sticks – by putting them where the sun don’t shine – and that might be in a coffin.  How dare people insult me.  How dare they do that to provoke anger, mockery, and taunting.  This is my country, too, and I demand the freedoms we have with SUPPLY AND DEMAND capitalist considerations.  I am serious about this and find no one to have proof that we MUST have digital.  You have no proof, except the words of money-loving narcissists only. 

Crying About Spilled Milk as Heard on the Street


ūüėĀūüėĀūüėĀWhat is heard on the street these days? People from the World War II generation with whom I worked in a corporation would often sit and have coffee, discussing “what is the street talk?” Often we came to have knowledge about what is going on in the world which surrounds us. Thinking about that, as i listen to people.

What we DID NOT hear on the street in those days was talk of people with snotty snobbish spoiled-brat attitudes. I hear that on the street quite regularly today. Is this the result of the raising of my generation by those who followed Dr. Spock? Was it caused by followers on Ayn Rand who promoted “the virtue of selfishness?” Is it caused by those invigorated by libertarian/anarchists who say “anything goes?” Is it caused by a portion of the media which appeals to snotty snobbish spoiled-brat people so as to get their testosterone and adrenaline flowing strong and just want it to be said what they like to hear and such snotty folks don’t want to learn? As a result of this, is this caused by peer pressure and groupthink among cliques of people who are being led by mafia-type wealthy ones? After all, the old fraternal organizations are being destroyed.

That word, “destroyed.” How many times have I heard Republicunt Repugnican leaders use that word? Destroy, as those on the street, like lemmings, follow the call of the evil spirit, thinking they will go off to heaven when they are being led off a cliff.

Heard “on the street.” An older man, probably an older one in my own generation, is talkinga about “how bad the world is.” OK. If I could, my reply would be, “what are you doing about it? Just sitting around bloviating about how bad it is? It is like a person crying over spilled milk and letting it dribble over the side and rot, rather than to clean it up. Where is the, “I am mad as hell and ain’t going to take it anymore.” Instead, too many people moan and cry and cry and moan – and think this will accomplish something.

Then, I hear this “on the street.” “Well, the Founding Fathers caused a problem because they owned slaves.” Oh? So, rather than taking the time to explain how much we have learned, over the centuries, about this situation, and moved to change it, what the hell is this person doing but dredging up old wounds and not thinking about what we can do, after LEARNING from that situation? What are the concepts for which we can learn from this? Defend the 2nd Amendment and pick up a weapon? Be hateful as possible towards those trying to make things right? Make false claims that this is a “christian nation” and there was no intent for separation of church and state and freedom to have our own beliefs? Ignoring the fact that most of the Founding Fathers may have attended Christian churches, but were actually Deists, free to maintain what ever belief they wished to maintain. No. I heard someone dredging up old wounds, ignoring how far the African-Americans in the USA have come and how far we need to go to progress even more. Someone crying in the sour milk, rather than helping to clean up the sour milk and pour fresh milk. That is what I heard and it is abominable, to say the least. Something I never heard spoken of when conversing with those of the World War II generation at coffee, many years ago in a corporation.

What is systemic racism?

The word, “systemic” defined with anatomy of the body: “affecting the body in general.” Blood circulation or vaccination against disease in the body of a human being. As for plants, “systemic pesticide” is good for the body of a plant because it is absorbed in the root system and circulated through the plant and is toxic to insects and fungus, but not to the plant. The COVID-19 vaccine can be described as a “systemic” reaction to, perhaps, create immunity and antibodies by “flowing” flowing through the body. A shot to counter toxic snake venom in the human body is a “systemic” reaction for the sake of the human body and to counter the affect of a toxin.

So, where does that lead us with regard to “systemic racism” in society? Rev. Tiffany Thomas said, “People are tired of marching. People are tired of hashtag protests. People want some systemic change.” Very ambiguous, with the word, “change,” because “change” means many different things to different people. Individualism predominates over societal change and sometimes to the detriment of different parts of society, as systemic granules are toxic to aphids or powdery mildew.

Systemic poverty permeates a portion of society, while greedy wealth individuals like Trump and the Republicunt Repugnicans hold many people hostage to this existence and tell lies to get others to follow them.

Systemic racism? According to, systemic racism is defined in this way: “Systemic racism goes beyond individual beliefs and feelings about people of other races. It means that the systems on which a society functions‚ÄĒthe economic system, the education system, the heathcare system, the criminal justice system, etc.‚ÄĒare both infused with and impacted by the racism within which they were created and maintained.”

As with the systemic granules used to repel insects with a toxin, the “toxic” part of racism is hidden within white racists who believe they are NOT racist, as they smile politely and nicely about the black race. Then there comes an older man who, on the street, can only find negative things to say about the Founding Fathers because he (or she) really and truly only thinks about how bad African-Americans have caused problems for our society, by the mere existence of the race. In this way, the person ignores all the advances which have been made to overcome slavery, racism, and bigotry, also ignoring the great things our Founding Fathers did to establish this nation and establish it with many freedoms, including the freedom to maintain our own religious beliefs and have a peaceful life and liberty, with the ability to seek happiness. Liberty and justice for all means we also acknowledge how well this nation has done, in spite of the imperfections which still exist. Putting down the Founding Fathers because they had slaves accomplishes what? Nothing but negativity towards the black race and does so with the peer pressure groupthink within the white community, like creating a toxin within a plant. Systemic.

Why do I mention this? Because the person on the street also mentions how “happy people in Scandinavian nations are. No quarrel with that assessment, as we are aware of the conclusions of surveys which establish Scandinavian nations like Denmark as having the “happiest people on earth.” The conclusion of this person is that they have socialism in the Scandinavian nations. Socialist democracies, not dictatorships. True, for sure. No argument there, either.

But once again, this goes back to the systemic racism part of America. Why, you ask me? Because there never was any slavery in the Scandinavian nations and not sure there is a number of colored folks there. So, thus, the nation works well with socialism in a white-oriented society. Bad. In other words, someone described Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark as having “homogeneous populations.” Like homogenized milk, the cream and the milk are mixed together to provide a well-mixed beverage. There is nothing outside white mixed into a homogenized milk. After homogenization, we can add chocolate in the form of syrup or powder, but it never becomes homogenized in the white milk.

What the “man on the street” failed to recognize is that socialism in this nation is blocked by the white folks who don’t wish to add chocolate to the mix. He whimpered about why there are so many Americans who reject socialist democracy when there is proof it works. I just explained the reason, but no one is thinking about that.

And a black Clarence Thomas also wants to be segregated, so likely goes along with the white crowd and disdains things about socialism which tends to work with those “homogenized” together like an integrated society. Except for one difference in Scandinavia. They don’t have as many of the colored to homogenize or integrate. It can also be described by an example of a black African nation trying to “homogenize” white folks into the nation, without white folks pushing for apartheid and/or segregation.

Until the man on the street and the peer pressure / groupthink changes it’s freaking lousy attitude of hatred, individualism, and selfishness in America, we will continue to have problems. So, my question is to the “man on the street,” what are you going to do about this situation so as to SOLVE the problem by not relying on freaking lousy ideology (liberal or conservative) and freaking lousy animosities towards economic systems which actually might work.

And the person on the street fails to recognize that I can go out on a limb and say that Scandinavian nations reserve portions of society which need socialism for socialism. Other portions of society that need long-term capitalist ideas for investments and returns on investments and price structures based on supply and demand in capitalism. They are rational in their approach and do not have minimum wage laws at all because their top part of society acknowledges those who don’t have it all and need opportunities. Volvo is not a “nationalized” company owned by the government. Prices are based on capitalist competition, not destruction of competitors by fat pigs of monopoly. Whether monopolies or nationalized industries such as the ones in communist nations produce shoddy products and services at high prices. We already have such shoddy and high prices here and at the local level, with people who advertise their electrical business but don’t fulfill their promises and get the work done. Such people are just like those in a communist nation, not the type of socialist-capitalist-democracy nations in Scandinavia.

To freaking lousy Clarence Thomas and others. Go to hell. Because the Chinese communists do not have long-term capitalist investments of resources like pensions and Social Security. America does and the Republicunt Repugnicans want to destroy these parts of American society which separate us from being like communists. In the process, the Republicunt Repugnicans confuse people like the “people on the street,” make them paranoid as hell in crying over spilled milk, holds them hostage to the fantasies of Trump-Rick the Prick-McConnell-DeSatan fascist pigs. They pay members of the SCOTUS and in other areas to do their dirty work and make themselves look good.

Come on, Joe Biden, get tough with them and stop pussy-footing around, as chaos emerges by deliberate creation on the “street where I live” and we are not being led to a “cloud nine” or “several stories high,” with delight, but many people fantasize that we are or are crying about spilled milk. These are mostly stupid ones with guns or lack of intelligence or both, having no desire to learn and gain wisdom so as to accomplish something good for America’s future.


Spectrum: Is there Good ROI?

Capitalism is truly about return on investment, supply AND DEMAND, and balance in economics. It is being sold by the wealthy autocrats as being supply side economics which favors the wealthy monopoly over the demand side. It results in lousy return on investment, or ROI.

I am not able to express my criticism and complaints for the purpose of fixing the problems because of one lousy thing which Spectrum and most American businesses have today: automated answering systems. Speaking to computers rather than human beings.  But we know that computers have more rights than humans do, so silly me.  Silly me for having such high expectations of American business, just because I lived at a time when there WAS good service from American business so I could say we had good ROI from American business, as a consumer on the demand side of the market. Thus, it is difficult to call and easier to write a diatribe to Spectrum News.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, why am I writing about ROI with respect to Spectrum? Here is the reason.

With Spectrum streaming services, it is the only way to receive local broadcast channels here in this rural area. So we have Spectrum streaming. I would prefer to have an antenna on my house in order to pick up the local channels and I can dumb Spectrum streaming. But try to get services in this area to install it. They are also rotten examples of business in America because they either don’t exist or they don’t want to touch local broadcast channels.  And it is difficult for me to work with the lousy digital broadcasting today with signals weakened by the FCC so we can have lousy mobile phone service instead.  All in the name of PROGRESS?  Is this PROGRESS or just a “trend” created by the fat pigs (in the late 1800s, the newspapers called them “fat cats”). 

With this being said, would one not expect better services from streaming than one would receive with FREE broadcasts from the air? Would one not have an expectation for watching ON DEMAND, rather than LIVE REAL TIME when there are times in the early morning when there is little to choose for programs, as Food Network and many others do nothing but stupid infomercials?  Is this expecting too much to be able to view ON DEMAND of programs from the past hours or future hours? I have tried it. Not available. Shall I explain how much I spend on Spectrum and Spectrum streaming? Without explaining how much, just believe me that the CAPITALIST ROI ROTS.  It is lousy.

On top of this, how many times have I viewed local broadcast channels on Spectrum streaming and found the video and audio synchronization to be way off? Need I tell people how many times this has happened? Typically, I can synch the video and audio by re-loading the pages. Not this morning. Nope.

So who am I going to call? Ghost busters?  My frustration over lousy American business practices today leads me to writing this note to Spectrum News and copying others on what I write. What choice do I have? Fill out a survey as to whether or not the people at Spectrum are doing a good job? Why is there never an option for feedback to the CEO, CFO, executives, or the board which runs Spectrum? Why is there never a feedback on how well the corporation is doing. Only to fill out a feedback about the LABOUR, so as to fire one of them if they are not doing a good job.  As a lifetime member of unions, I find this all a disgusting situation and want to speak out and tell people about it. Spectrum: you (as the stupidity of the SCOTUS Citizens United puts corporations as human individuals) suck.  And Spectrum is not the only “individual” or corporate entity which sucks.  There are some good ones out there, but many of them are not trying to buck this trend for being lousy freaking entities on the side of supply side economics, ignoring the demand side of economics so as to line the pockets of the wealthy CEOs which have salaries and bonuses increased astronomically from the Reagan era, by more than 1000%, while labour has languished and the Middle Class has been ruined.  The Middle Class is the best means of supporting democracy, too, so one can see what is happening with a strategy for supply side economics in order to destroy balance not only in economics, but balance in government democracy. 

My frustrations might emanate from me. But I don’t speak only for myself, but for many Middle Class people from a class of people which is being destroyed.  Too many people, including lawyers who think they are doing a good job for America by taking on big insurance but don’t work for the overall picture and consideration which I address.  It does take a village of those who want supply AND demand, wish to preserve our democracy by means of a Middle Class, and to bring peace AND justice for all to America.  ROI? Who gives a damn about ROI these days, right? ROI is another practical part of capitalism. You wish to hear more about what I think about ROI? I am willing to explain, but not now.

There is lousy ROI with Spectrum and Spectrum streaming. When we had “cable” television regulated by local authorities, we had a better ROI than what we get from Spectrum today.  Since the FCC has regulated this business, like a central Politburo in Putin’s world, the commissioners there have lined their pockets, too, from the big corporate conglomerates of the supply side Reaganomics.  That is called corruption and it is corruption at the highest levels, due to supply side Reaganomics. What if we, once again, had a good ROI and not just in the industry in which Spectrum is involved?

The Supply-siders With too much Power and Control, Lacking Care for Needs of the Demand Side: We are Talking Capitalism

I have spent several hours this morning trying to use Microsoft Office Excel. I purchased Office for each of the three computers I own, when I purchased the computers at Best Buy. Best Buy has a record of this. Microsoft won’t accept the records and insists I have to convert to a monthly subscription to Microsoft365. That is unethical. That is immoral. That is corrupt.

What if my dad, as a small business person selling appliances, including Maytag washers and other brand names, sold appliances some 20 to 30 years ago and those appliances are still working? Is it moral for him to go back to the owners of such appliances which are still working and insist they purchase a subscription or else they cannot use the appliance which was used for 20 to 30 years? Likely people would laugh at him. Immoral. Corrupt. Unethical.

Yet, as I speak out on Facebook about this happening with software companies, people would never back me up and speak out against it. Instead, they would say, “oh, too bad, too bad.”

Don’t use the shit about “new technology” because certainly there is no technology for the new Maytag washers. They are so different today. We purchased one in 2019. It is very different. The dryer the same. Should I have a subscription to Maytag365 now? Sure. I could purchase American Home Shield to cover ALL my appliances. We did so in Florida.

With the computers, Best Buy provides an annual fee to take care of our computers. EXCEPT when it comes to Microsoft or Google. Then they refuse to be held accountable for them. Does this make any sense?

Then we hear the stupidity of those with microphones complaining about inflation, getting mad at Joe Biden and the Democrats. Screw such people. Gas, energy, food, clothing, and other items in our lives are our needs and necessities. We have made the Internet, technology, mobile phones, and streaming television our necessities. Yet, the price of Spectrum is about 96% higher than the days when cable television cost only about $10.00 per month and we received more local broadcasts from more cities than we do now. Instead, we think we NEED 300 or 400 channels and pay 96% more today than we did about 1973.

In contrast, gasoline prices, since the 1973 oil embargo and high prices, have gone down and mesmerized the crowd into believing gasoline is better than many alternative fuels such as biomass and other green technologies, solar, wind, and hydro. Electric cars, too. We don’t preserve our oil fields for future long-term savings such to be used at times like this. I don’t have exact figures. But I do recall the oil embargo put in place by the major oil producers from the Arabs and even a good chance the Soviet Union and seeing prices fairly even with some of what we are seeing now.

So, now, Joe Biden would like to regulate the software and technology companies like Microsoft, but people yell and scream about doing that.

Meanwhile, what these people in this industry provide really sucks. It is unreliable and lacks the quality for which American business once wanted to strive to do so as to recognize both SUPPLY and DEMAND. I read about the “supply chains” which cause a problem for inflation. Hello!!!!

WE…. WE… WE… (get my drift…. it is not just ME, ME, ME) don’t need to spend so much on Microsoft365, but we DO NEED to feed ourselves, keep a roof over our heads, and use transportation, whether it be an automobile or public transit.

When Florida voters decided to put in fast speed rail from Orlando to Miami, Governor Rick the Prick Scott (now in the U.S. Senate) blocked it from happening, going against the desires of the electorate. Rick the Prick, instead, supported the expansion of I-95 by four or five lanes and instituting a toll on I-95 in Miami. The claim is that public transit is more expensive? That’s bullshit. One thing to mention, accidents on I-95 increase and lawyers make tons more money and taxpayers pay more for tying up the courts with the lawsuits. Yet, this is not counted as increases in costs. Besides the demand for more gasoline and the gas-guzzling emissions which help increase global warming. Oh, that’s right. Rick the Prick, DeSantis, Trump and others don’t want to acknowledge that, do they, because then people will figure out how much more society pays for gas emissions. Those guys are nothing but cowards who would rather bully those who criticize than to consider what we are saying.

With regard to the rail system which voters approved in Florida, those of us who saw an opportunity to get out of a neighborhood where we witnessed too damn many drive-by shootings, built new homes with Centex about 60 miles north. WE expected a rail system voters had approved. Beautiful homes, but Centex lost its shirt and today no longer exists. We had a wonderful multi-racial neighborhood there. I often went jogging with a black guy from upstate NY who moved there because he had a job in Fort Lauderdale and could work from home, rather than living in bad neighborhoods. Rick the Prick fucked us all over, the bastard SOB and he needs to pay for it. Apologies for the “f” word, but I don’t take it back until people come together and begin to take what I say more seriously.

I blame Rick the Prick Scott for going against the will of the Florida voters and the head of the Republican Party Florida Senate majority leader. Senator Alexander, our senator from Fort Pierce area, had to leave the Florida Senate due to term limits.

The Republican Party today, due to the corrupt, immoral, and unethical leadership, sucks big time. It sucks due to people like Rick the Prick, Ron DeSantis, Donald Trump, and even Jeb Bush who won’t stand up to the unethical ones in the party.

(NOTE: George Bush spoke about making new fuels from something called switchgrass because it fermented at a quicker rate and could speed production of the fuel. Bush said this in a State of the Union address. Tell me what we have done with switchgrass? Do you see it at all? So here we are in a panic and acting like reactionary jerks in trying to find something NOW, rather than being PREPARED (as they teach in the Boy Scouts)?

At the end of the day, we pay far more increased costs for software and streaming video than we need to spend. I know people who have dropped the freaking stuff called cable television and Internet. Rural areas also do not have a choice. Empire Access fiber is in urban Broome, but those of us in Tioga? We can go screw. George Bush also tried to promote broadband for all. With his switchgrass and such broadband proposals, they have all been relegated to the trash heap while we are, once again dealing with lovers of oil in Russia and Saudi Arabia. Bush even sent troops to Iraq so as to defend the needs and desires of the Arabs. Now here we are and no one wishes to send troops to defend freedom, democracy and the oil and energy supplies in a little nation like Ukraine, as the big bully Putin tries to take the oil in Ukraine to add to his arsenal of energy sources.

What I say about Putin and Ukraine is not just about PEACE, but about PEACE AND JUSTICE. There cannot be peace with no justice. Stop the bullshit of SCOTUS and other sources in tying justice to politics. They are two separate issues.

Not only is there a lack of justice in the regulation of worldwide energy sources, but the supply side pigs of technology, Internet service, mobile phones, and cable television have caused this nation to lose the semiconductor industry to another CAPITALIST DEMOCRATIC NATION while a communist regime is salivating at the ideas of cutting America off at the knees and taking over that CAPITALIST DEMOCRACY> And the only concern Microsoft and Spectrum have is to put people like Claudia Tenney into Congress so as to do their will, not the will of the DEMAND SIDE OF THE MARKET, typically done by REGULATING capitalism and not allowing the supply side to make its own greed, selfishness, love of money rules which override the needs of the DEMAND SIDE.

Claudia Tenney won by only a few votes in the 22nd district, defeating a man who had served in Congress and worked to work out military contracts and so forth for selling products made in upstate NY, rather than purchasing products from China instead. What a joke.

And now we read about how there is such a huge trade unbalance. Of course. When Trump and his cronies like Tenney concentrate on lies, lies, lies, cheating, cheating, cheating, and get their money from companies like Spectrum (perhaps Microsoft, too?), we on the demand side get trashed as we try to speak out against this types of actions by iliars, liars, liars, pants on fire.

After experiencing the bullshit this morning of a company tracking a customer who had purchased the software on CD. Hear me? The thing people call antiquated? As antiquated as an old Maytag washer purchased years ago and still working. Actually, the washer is MORE antiquated. If the CD was not purchasese, then Best Buy installed it on the computers. I paid quite a bit for the software, but with a subscription to Microsoft365 taken into considerations over molnths and months and months, I would probably be paing five times as much. That is an over-priced product. For a person on the DEMAND SIDE of a capitliatt market, I find that this over-pricing is corrupt, immoral, and unethical.

The fat pigs don’t find it to be this way, do they? So if someone is more wealthy, they tell me, “I don’t want to hear you speak about politics.” That is cowards and bullies saying, “I am happy because I can afford all this, so just shut up and listen to the media I have power and money over as they attack inflation in a nonsense way.”

Sad to say, there are too GODDAMN many Americans who are saying this, while the rest who are like me just remain silent and silentce like a cancer grows. Fuck those who are wealthy and say such things to me.

The example I address is one about the NEEDS OF THE DEMAND SIDE of a CAPITALLIST MARKET. It’s economics stupid, not politics. It’s human justice, stupid, not politics. Unless all of us who are criticized for saying this are executed, there will never be peace. That was what Hitler did. That was what Stalin did. That was what Castro did. That IS what Putin does. That IS what the sheiks of Saudi Arabisa are doing. Thati IS what the Taliban, Al=Quada, and ISIS are doing. That IS what the head of North Korea and others are doing. Thre will be no peace until we strive for human justice.


Three-Penny Op-ed: Socialism, Ambiguity, and Short-sighted Two-sided Contrasts

Everything is presented as black and white. We, the citizens of the USA, rarely get presented with more detail about a subject. If we did, though, too many of these younger generations reject learning and removing the blinders to soak up the details. Thus, the media folks and others can make statements based only on THEIR interpretation and never taking into account considerations for black, white, gray, or other tones or colors of the rainbow. After all, the rainbow naturally occurs when rain and sunlight simultaneously appear before our eyes.

I like Joe Scarborough and have learned a great deal from him, since I first read his article in a business magazine, published in 2005. Even Joe Scarborough, though mentions “free enterprise” and a black and white contrast between that and socialism. I would like to suggest that is not the case.

A Cuban whose family was forced to flee Cuba when Fidel Castro’s troops confiscated her family’s property helped me learn these differences. There is socialist autocracy as dictated by Fidel Castro and there is supply-side economic centrally planned autocracy as dictated by Battista, masquerading as capitalism and “free enterprise.” When this Cuban person visited a socialist democracy where the people are the happiest on earth, Denmark, she commented about how their mobile phone system far surpassed that in America. No wonder the people of Denmark, time after time, have been rated the “happiest on earth.”

The people of Denmark have socialist-capitalist democracy, not autocracy. They also have free enterprise, too. Yet, the American herd mentality, generated by the media in the USA, just use the word, “socialism” to describe Denmark and other Scandinavian nations. Mr. Scarborough, there does not need to be a differentiation between socialism and “free enterprise” capitalism.

In 2005, Mr. Scarborough wrote about the need for regulation. This COULD mean regulating the capitalist markets with an infinite demand or supply. Few supply side industries are infinite. One would think oil is infinite when listening to those who control the status quo in oil, from Texas to the Koch brothers to Saudi Arabia (whose royal family was responsible for 9/11 and for cutting off the heads of their citizens who disobey the autocratic monarchs), and many others. The net result is that we pretend oil is an infinite supply, when it’s not. Big oil works to block the R&D efforts and businesses which can provide more capitalist competition and help do what capitalism is designed to do: competition can help keep prices lower. Supply-side idiots controlling and regulating the markets. In criticism, I say that Mr. Scarborough appears to follow the American supply-side fat cat herd mentality when putting forth the “norm” of there being a black and white contrast between socialism and free enterprise. I just mentioned something which pretends to be free enterprise and it is not, so it regulates its own market and works to destroy a third-party regulator, the government. There was an American family with two presidents who side with Saudi Arabia and the oil monopolies, with one saying, “what is good for business is good for America.” Wrong. Balance is good for America.

The Scandinavian nations prove that socialism can coexist with capitalism and democracy. The Scandinavian nations are more racially homogeneous than the USA, so they don’t have to consider only two sides of the equation with “black and white.” America has to go beyond just two sides of the equation because it is not racially homogeneous. The reason why Americans are against socialism are the same reasons and the common thread which runs through so many issues in America: systemic racism. And I am not being ambiguous here because I refuse to accept those, whether black or gay (Lindsay Graham) who are “Uncle Toms” and do just what the “massa says.” This is the reason why so many white people wish to “make America great again” by going back to the days when white supremacy reigned in America. To these jackass idiots, this makes America great, not human equality as it appears in socialist notions, Social Security, Medicare, ACA, freedom to carry guns (for white folks to use the guns against African-Americans, Latino/a, indigenous folks, as in the past). This is the background of the NRA and the false ideas about the 2nd Amendment. False because it was how the 2nd Amendment was applied for many years when the “nation was great” (according to the MAGA group of the idiocracy).

This would mean that socialism is too much of an “equalizing” force.” Therefore, it is rejected by preaching ambiguous notions about what socialism is. It also means that only white people should be allowed to carry guns and kill by “standing the white-skinned people’s ground” as developed by the NRA (and Jeb Bush of Florida). America needs to BECOME great by getting over these ambiguities and simple “black and white notions.”

This is all said with all due respect to Joe Scarborough. I also say, with due respect, that Bernie Sanders and “socialism” is not, in many respects, the socialism of Scandinavian socialist-capitalist democracies. For instance. According to information I have read, out of Sweden and other Scandinavian nations, there are no government-instituted minimum wages. Why not? My impression is that we are describing a situation in which these nations recognize the role of balance in capitalism. Just as supply and demand in industries helps create a competitive environment in order to provide better prices and for being able to obtain products and services with more “bang for the buck” (value at a better cost), a lack of minimum wage will help maintain this. But. What are these nations doing to train its people so that industries in the future can better serve the demand side of the markets? Are they using privatized education and hospitals in order to accomplish the goals to solve problems? I really doubt it. It is another style of regulating what is done, but doing the regulation responsibly.

Are these nations perfect and more perfect than America? Not likely. There is no perfection. But they might be more reasonable and rational. One could say, “well they don’t have very many black people there.” OK. That might be true, when contrasting with America. But what is that worth? You mean to say, Americans are not able to learn to coexist in a nation where we do have multi-colored people? Bull. I don’t believe it.

I invoke, once again (and again and again and again and again) Frank Sinatra: “we can have fun in fixing an imperfect nation.” Frank Sinatra had a black friend in his “rat pack” who experienced systemic racism in this nation. From white Army troops in World War II pissing on Sammy Davis, Jr., to being denied the same entrances to the same hotels where he and Sinatra were performing, there was a problem in America and that problem was NOT what made America great. No wonder Sinatra described America as “imperfect.” Sinatra was not willing to give up solving the problems of the land he called, “home.”

If people feel they don’t want to be contentious with others, so they just shut their mouths, out of fear of retribution and willingly accept lawyers who pit Americans against Americans with personal injury lawsuits and workman’s comp (rather than equalized healthcare for all), what a shameful, shameful, shameful bunch of Americans. I feel sorry for such people in their scummy ideas against anger and contentiousness when people say, “I am mad as hell and I ain’t going to take it anymore.” Anger and contentiousness against inequality in America, in any form, means we stand up for what is the correct thing for America to do to combat systemic racism (and homophobia, too).

Also to be mentioned is the idea of unions. When either side of unions is irrational and unreasonable, they destroy the balance which should be achieved. The ones with the whips had enough control to knock down the unions which went too far in America. They developed NAFTA and shipped jobs overseas. The irrationality of such bastards on the management side felt forced into a corner by irrational unions. Perhaps that is the case. In the process, these management bastards have increased their salaries and bonuses exponentially, as they still continue to work to destroy unions, in a vengeful attitude which then puts the union people in a corner. These working people think a Trump will solve their problems. Think again, you idiots. His cronies are the ones who wish to continue to replace workers with robots, you idiots, so go vote for idiot Trump and his followers, but be careful what you wish for because you might get something you don’t like or enjoy. As a member of a union, I can say that we faced this irrational attitude with an administration which refused to acknowledge our rationality while attempting to work out compromises at the negotiating table. I suppose I can say I understand why such Republicans acted in the manner they did, due to the lack of balance in unions and their delight at destruction of good things.

One more thing. Regulated capitalism might have elements of socialism, as what I have described here, but only when there needs to be regulation on both sides of the supply and demand considerations (on both sides of union-management negotiating table) and the goal is balance. Lacking this kind of balance and pushing the one-sided aspect of “free enterprise” and we end up getting rid of the “referee” in government (third party). This can be likened to letting Roman gladiators go in an arena and killing people like Christians. Supply-side economics with centrally planned economics from top-down of monopoly-style big corporations is not capitalism because, like the gladiators in an arena, it destroys and “kills” the opposition.

This can also be likened to a what-if scenario. What if an NFL team played a high school football team? What if there were no referees and all the rules were established by the NFL team, including the possibility of destroying human beings in the process? What if such a situation existed? If you would love to see this, then go to h-e-double hockey sticks because you are a savage barbarian trying to invoke your will upon a civilized nation.

My Cuban colleague I mentioned who came from Cuba at an early age in her life, also served on a Civility Committee which recognized coexistence and attempted to teach our students such concepts. Not barbarism. Civility. Coexistence. In America, the imperfect nation that it is, but being able to have fun in fixing it.

I would have fun in creating a democracy NOT based on a two-party system, as well, but based on something similar to the parliamentary system in Britain which went against King George and removed some of the taxes he imposed on the colonists. Bet Americans don’t know about this little aspect. But a parliamentary system night have two parties in control, but there are other parties to which the party which is in control has to make alliances with the parties with smaller numbers in order to name a prime minister. That prime minister has to maintain that coalition and partisanship is shot in the foot in the process. I do not believe the upper house of the parliament has any stupid freaking filibuster rules, either, which decimates the ability for compromise. Go to h-e-double-hockey sticks, Mancin.

With all due respect to those who continue to invoke a two-sided contrast in any form, it’s the resulting ambiguity and lack of compromise in actions (not values), stupid.

Three-penny Op-ed: Democracy and Economics (17 Apr. 2021, The Economist)

Recently, I wrote about Queen Victoria, based on dramatization of her life. At one point in her early years of ruling during the 19th Century, Queen Victoria addressed protestors who were part of mobs attacking the palace where she lived. The scene depicted incendiary weapon of the time which was hurled through the windows of the palace. Those devices made one think of the “Molotov cocktails,” used in the 20th Century and derived the name from Vyacheslav Molotov. The name comes from a time period in which comes after the reign of Queen Victoria. When used in London during the queen’s reign, it approximates to the time of the residency of Karl Marx in London. Due to the time period, I come under criticism for using the words, Molotov Cocktail when they did not exist. People dwell too much on use of words and not on the fact that the name used in my writing referenced a weapon which was generic and could help understand what was actually used by the protestors.

Wording is so important when it comes to the false ideas passed down to our day from the likes of Karl Marx and Adam Smith of Scotland. Marx falsely claimed capitalism was “the problem” in the same way Reagan claimed “government is the problem.” People, particularly the lovers of Fox News, just grab at what was said and don’t give a damn about those of us who speak out about the false ideas which permeate the “herd” mentality from a Nazi propaganda machine like Fox News and other extreme right-wing news outlets.

Marx was wrong in blaming capitalism as a problem because capitalism was like a “new kid on the block” and barely understandable to others. The aristocracy grabbed at the ideas of Adam Smith with gratitude and simply twisted the ideas of capitalism to suit their ideas of aristocratic supply-side economics which disdains the demand side of the market. What would have happened if Marx had actually identified what the true problem was? What would have happened if the media of the day had revealed Adam Smith’s turnaround AGAINST the ideas of “free markets” because he felt humans did not have a natural human ethics and morality (The Theory of Moral Sentiments), so therefore there needs to be a “referee” with a third-party group regulating supply AND demand for the purposes of checks and balances in economics. (Also see Economics professor, Dr. Jonathan Wight’s book, Saving Adam Smith). After all, Adam Smith was a contemporary of the American Deists and Forefathers who saw a lack of chaos in the universe due to a Creator who worked with checks and balances, so they devised a political system and U.S. Constitution with checks and balances. Interesting to note that too many Americans grasp at Marx’s theory that “religion is the opioid of the masses” rather than what Jesus Christ said which applies to Adam Smith’s ideas about “moral sentiment.” Why? I ask. What if we changed this false notion? Shameful that human beings claim to follow Jesus Christ (as Smith was a Christian theologian, too), but really don’t grasp his notions.

Smith promoted the idea that ultimately, “free markets” end up giving us monopolies, regulation of an economy by autocratic big corporations (“deregulation,” as Reagan proclaimed) to their self-serving interests which destroy competition and small business. This is similar to what happened in Ancient China when the small business Mandarin class was destroyed and China imploded on itself (see Zakaria).

In stating, “business and politics are growing closer in America, with worrying consequences,” there is agreement with what is proposed in the text above. The fact that American business in the late 19th Century created a rich commerce for America makes quite a bit of sense. However, with J.P. Morgan and others in the 20th Century, America began to steer away from such a pathway. Teddy Roosevelt, the “trust buster,” worked to regulate the huge corporations. This continued after World War II, even as corporations became larger. International Business Machines (IBM) was created by Thomas J. Watson. However, he and the other executives at NCR where he originally was employed, worked to destroy competition and the government came down hard on them. In the process, Watson became a benevolent autocratic CEO at IBM and the company flourished. But once benevolent ones depart this life, they are often replaced with barbaric, ruthless, and vicious dictators. It is seen that IBM was later headed by such vicious men and this became the norm in America, as we watched as CEOs increased their salaries and bonuses so astronomically that it has been a 1000% rise since the 1970s. Ayn Rand and others promoted, with Reagan, supply-side economics and deregulation. Teams of lawyers in big corporations and the proliferation of so many lawyers in the American economy (creating jobs for themselves as ambulance-chasing vicious ones who attack one against the other in a destructive and greedy manner) meant corporations could better protect themselves than the small little business person. As with what happened to the Ancient Chinese Mandarin small business class, these people were put out of business. Fast food magnate like ruthless and vicious Ray Kroc hired people to scout areas with small mom and pop diners and place McDonald’s near those areas, for the purpose of destroying the competition, with the same regard as Republicans under Trump destroy and destroy and destroy, beginning with the ACA which has a goal of extending competition in health insurance in order to help lower the prices which are ripoffs and nickel and diming the demand-side of the capitalist market.

Rick Scott in the U.S. Senate is responsible for the Hospital Corporation of America which is a huge corporate conglomerate begun during the Reagan years with the purpose to destroy the “competition” of public health facilities. The loss of such public facilities really hurt the American people during this pandemic. People like Rick Scott, Jeb Bush, Ron DeSantis and Trump Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, had designs on creating big corporation in America which could be called “Education Corporation of America.”

Jeb Bush and other Republicans like him also privatized the prison system of Florida. The net result has been, to make a profit, by putting more people in jails (concentration camps?). Most of those people are black people who then are removed from the voting rolls. In a recent referendum in Florida, the voters of Florida voted to stop that type of treatment of those who served their time in jails by getting them back on the voting rolls. This applied to non-felony criminals or minor criminal activities, particularly possession of marijuana or cocaine, etc. This push to get black people in jails from these minor offenses is reminiscent of what was portrayed which happened to Billie Holiday when latent homosexual, J. Edgar Hoover, headed the FBI. (See the movie, The United States v. Billie Holiday).

It was very eloquently stated in The April 17 Economist article: “we also believe that concentrations of power are dangerous. Business people will always lobby for their own advantage, but the closer they get to the government, the more harm they threaten to both the economy and politics.” However, to frame this issue as “classic liberals” really puts this too much on the political spectrum, when I know many conservatives who support this ideal, too. As Dr. Howard Dean, one-time candidate for president of the USA, said, “we need to frame the issues to make them more acceptable to more people.” Putting in the word, liberal, sad to say in today’s world, gives ammunition to the fat cats of America who follow fascist Trump and push their own agenda with lies and the re-telling of lies. It is bad enough that they have ammunition with guns and the NRA, let alone words used as ammunition.

Speaking of Dr. Dean. He comes from a state which puts restrictions on big box corporate retailers, not allowing them to build in low density areas where they can become more monopolized by destroying the small business competition. Current U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders, is from the same state and should nix what Rick Scott of Florida says in his fascist white racist business-loving, greedy, selfish way.

George W. Bush may have had SOME good ideas (i.e., use of switch grass as a renewable energy source). But the worst thing he said, as applied to this article in the Economist about the “political CEO,” “what’s good for business is good for America.” I am glad to read this article which does a good job at shooting holes in this asinine statement made by a former president.

The examples of successful challenges to the pandemic were in nations which were democracies which worked together in good alliances with business and health systems to defeat the “war” of the pandemic.

In the late 19th Century, one could have said, “what’s good for government is good for business.” Ronald Reagan, in his stupidity, destroyed that notion and we are being forced to live by such destruction. It needs to change and we need to rid our economic system of the words of individualist, selfish, greedy, lovers of money and materialism. We need to work on the same principles of checks and balances which our Forefathers used in setting up our political system.

There is evidence that Adam Smith recognized the same thing for our economic system, but the autocratic aristocrats in the monarchies of his day proclaimed they had a “divine right to rule” and grabbed and used Smith’s ideas to their own advantage. They twisted Smith’s ideas in order to keep the status quo of the system they controlled, while playing lip service to the Smith ideas about “capitalism.”

The result was that Karl Marx gave capitalism a bum rap rather than acknowledging how the system of supply-side economics was the problem. In essence, Lenin and Stalin set up the same type of centrally planned supply-side economic system in Russia. The Ancient Chinese did the same thing many years ago. These systems of supply-side economics failed. When will people recognize this?

Even General Douglas MacArthur, as Supreme Commander of Japan, following World War II, worked to destroy two things in Japan: (1) the communist party and (2) the aristocratic autocratic supply-side economic system which had existed for many years. This system made the Japanese so ruthless that they refused to abide by the international humane rules for POWs, often murdering American POWs and stuffing the genitalia down the throats of dead men (see Ken Burns documentary about World War II, The War).

If America does not wake up, learn and gain wisdom about these circumstances today, then the negative components is described in this article about the “political CEO” might happen.

It’s About Time: Someone Who Addresses TRUE Capitalism (CBS News Story, 60 Minutes)

God bless Darren Walker, head of the Ford Foundation. Thank you Leslie Stahl and Sixty Minutes for your story about Darren Walker. What a delightful story! What a delightful bit of information about the same love of capitalism which I have written about quite frequently over the last 20 years or more and finally brought to the attention of people. I have frequently tried to point out that the capitalism identified by the wealthy today is really not a capitalism, but merely supply side economics favored by wealthy people and big corporate giants. Thus, we have now ended up today, as Mr. Walker said, with a problem not only for black or Latinx people, but also de-evolving wealth for white people, too. That a small number of the wealthy own as much as 90% of those at the bottom rung of the economy. That capitalism is about opportunities, not just jobs. This last thing, I have spoken out against the liberals and union folks who ONLY talk about jobs, eeven though I am a lifetime union person.

Having lost my stock in a corporation, due to the wealthy supply-siders and friends of Reagan in the 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Walker’s ideas about profit-sharing, not stocks really rang the bell loud and clear for me. It reminded me, too, about the fact that friend of Ayn Rand (lover of the virtue of selfishness), Alan Greenspan, during the Reagan era, had a truly good reason for changing his mind about whether supply-side economics is any good. For many years, I have been saying, over and over again, that supply-side economics is NOT capitalism. The wealthy refuse to buy into this position, out of fear of losing.

I have been stating that capitalism, with the pandemic threat, could be saved by using the example that we once had for war bonds, in order to gain money to fight the war with Hitler and Mussolini. Today, we heard Mr. Walker talk about investment bonds for the Ford Foundation. This also goes along with ideas about raising money through a group like March of Dimes, to pay for the war on polio. Our thanks for the uplifting words by Mr. Walker, as he acknowledged this concept about bonds and other means for raising money for investments.

Mr. Walker, you mention that such actions which means wealthy give their money away and it might mean a loss to them, is “against human nature.” You are darn right about that. However, in stories about the development of the National Parks system in America, there were people such as Steve Mathers who worked within the government, as a wealthy man, to GIVE money to finance this effort AND to pay government employees who did it.

My ancestor for whom I have been admitted to the Sons of the American Revolution, Capt. Frederick J. Schoonmaker, gave money to finance the war effort against the British Crown in the 1770s and 1780s because the fledgling American government was broke.

My point about Mathers and Schoonmaker are about how there are examples which made this nation GREAT of people who DID go against human nature, as does Mr. Walker, and gave their money to efforts to help establish this nation and then one example of building our national parks system and preserving the wilderness in America. Thus, when speaking with Leslie Stahl and saying this sort of action “goes against human nature” and it is correct. But we do need to find all the examples of those who DID go against human nature and helped build this nation to be what it is today, in spite of the imperfections and blemishes over time.

Donald Trump and the Trumpicans and Proud Boys (and others) have no idea what it means to make America great in this respect. They have no clue.

Again, thank you Darren Walker, for the enlightenment provided tonight in the interview by Leslie Stahl on Sixty Minutes. Kudos and bravo to you! Keep up the good work!

REVIEW: Morning Joe & book, The Whiteness of Wealth

Thank you, Dr. Dorothy A. Brown (author of The Whiteness of Wealth: : How the Tax System Impoverishes Black Americans–and How We Can Fix It), adding to the author, Heather McGhee (The Sum of Us: What Racism Costs Everyone and How we Can Prosper Together). The problem is evident with regard to taxes which are designed for the most wealthy individuals in America and that means white people benefit more. Well said.

My problem is in the sub-title of the book. As Stacey Abrams says, “we stand firm on our values, but can compromise on our actions.” I stand with Dr. Brown in the values of human equality which she points out in the title. I have some concerns about the part of the sub-title of “how we can fix it.”

Yes, Dr. Brown gives us some good insight on solutions for the problem. And we should all recognize her for coming up with solutions and standing forth with such solutions. Thank you, Dr. Brown.

My problem, though, for which I have written over and over again, is that people look at capitalism through the lenses and perspectives of the wealthy white people for more than 200 years now. They have played lip service to the ideas defined by Adam Smith whose intent was to change economics of supply siders who are white aristocrats since the Middle Ages (the Dark Ages). The industrial revolution, according to these people, is the result of capitalism. It’s the result of the aristocratic white folks who thought it would be nice to play lip service to Adam Smith. In fact, I argue that the industrial revolution has merely been a repeat of the agribusiness and agricultural plantation systems. The level of impact may have been better for the white Europeans who flocked her voluntarily to work in sweat shops where many died, but the concept is the same as enslavement of Africans. Yes. Slavery is far worse. No denial of that. But the CONCEPT is very similar. Do I make my point in this regard?

What America is facing, as a result of this twisted version of capitalism is something in which the wealthy Roosevelts tried to twist back and who is it that attacks such people? White wealthy ones which newspapers at the end of the 19h and beginning of the 20th Century identified as “fat cats.” I use those words, but sad to say, no one follows suit. Perhaps if I say, “white fat cats?” Sadly, there are many African-Americans who do follow suit with wealth and become “black fat cats,” too. As Whoopi Goldberg said, “we all need to get on the same page.”

Marx, too, opposed this capitalism defined by white supremacist aristocrats. To solve the problem, he suggested something which was adopted by the former Soviet Union in the same way the white aristocracy adopted capitalism to fit the status quo which had already existed. Whether czars or monarchies of Europe, it’s the same thing. Communists using the Marx ideas by playing lip service to them, but creating a the same type of centralized planned economic system which the czars had, but calling it something different and tossing away religion, due to the fault of religion being controlled by hypocrites, and proclaiming a religion of atheism. After all, religion was the “opiate of the masses.” Yes. But God and the spirituality of God is NOT the opiate of the masses. That’s the point people don’t get. Even the Founding Fathers in America, in spite of their embracing enslavement of a people, had a better idea than Marx with regard to their Deist beliefs.

Taking theologian, Adam Smith’s ideas, and turning those ideas to their own favor and continuing the status quo which favored their wealthy asses (they called assets), gave us the industrial revolution and the herding of people into cities and urban areas so they could create a caste system which favored their asses. They allowed small business to thrive in America, but it thrived best in rural areas, not urban areas where big corporate conglomerates and monopolies could rule and drive small business out of existence, creating the same type of centralized planning and control which the Soviets used and which now still exists in Russia. The communists only used black Americans for their own benefit to gain control of the world. Does one think they truly had the human condition in mind? Give me a break. Adam Smith found out that free markets create monopolies and this went against the ideas of Jesus Christ, so he changed his mind in his later years. However, the aristocratic white fat cats embraced Smith’s earlier ideas which give us this idea that “free markets” are good and overlooking what ultimately happens with “free markets” as competition in a capitalist economic system is destroyed and supply side monopolies which regulate the markets as they are able to, with s*** like Citizens United Supreme Court Decision, destroy (deregulation) government regulation – by a third party.

In this sense, These white fat cat aristocrats love deregulation because it means they can also invoke Jim Crow and other laws in “private business” and they work to stop the government from interfering, as we are watching as it happens today in Georgia (and other state) voter suppression laws.

Thus, I see tax reform through the lenses and perspectives I just defined. I agree with the author who spoke on Morning Joe. Tax credits are designed for the wealthy ones which consist mostly of white people. No doubt about this. My take on this is what conservatives in an earlier era in my life said and for which no conservatives today even mention, while CLAIMING to be conservative. There is too damn much of this political spectrum. People saying, “I have to follow what the conservatives are saying.” Or. “I have to follow what the liberals or progressives are saying.” Ultimately, the entire political spectrum is looking at this through false lenses and working to bring people aboard their “ship.” Even the liberals and progressives are doing the same and thus get attacked as being “socialists” or “communists.” Their values are good, but their solutions get sidetracked by false perspectives. I have yet to hear anyone, except some like Joe Scarborough, even come close to saying what the Progressive Bull Moose Party said in the teens of the last century. Who was the leader of this movement? Theodore Roosevelt, Jr.

My solution is to abolish the income tax and the sales tax. Replace it all, at national and in states like New York, with the value added tax. It becomes a more transparent tax added to the value of products and not seen by the average person, including not requiring the bull manure of paper work which the average person in America needs to do to file income taxes. For small business people, too, this is better, plus the elimination of the sales tax. They sell the product at the price determined by manufacturer, producer and government. In addition to small business (or other businesses), government could reduce expenses, as well. Business and individuals no longer face a regressive tax which penalizes making an income and, if done properly, could lower the overhead and make for better profit margins, rather than looking for tax credits which help fund corporate welfare primarily for the white fat cats. Think of how much money it costs America to support, financially, tax collectors, accountants, and lawyers, so we have more money for education and healthcare for all, which is sorely needed as teachers, professors, nurses, are often the first ones on the chopping block of economics and commerce. How about putting accountants and lawyers on the chopping block instead and in the process, helping non-white people to succeed in a better human equality environment?

Again. Thanks to Morning Joe in bringing these authors to light. I hope we hear more about this.

There You Go Again!

Here it is, 2:15 pm. No Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Weekend after weekend. Many times, the Saturday edition does not arrive. The Sunday edition might arrive, but late in the morning. That’s better than nothing at all.

Most people on the demand side of this newspaper market would simply drop the subscription. Maybe Gannett would like it if all of us did this?

Calling, submitting complaint by email, and nothing is done. There they go again.

Who is they?

Owego gets the newspapers. Newark Valley does not. The local retail outlets in Newark Valley say they do not get the newspapers to sell. Why?

Over the hill and the retail outlets in Broome County receive the newspaper. Why in this area of Tioga County is the consumer being screwed? WHY? Is the Newark Valley consumer nothing but chopped liver? One time and ok, it is understood. But how many times?

From about 1966 to about 1970 or so, a young kid delivered the Sun-Bulletin in Newark Valley. Those were the years when there was an evening Gannett newspaper (The Evening Press). The Sun-Bulletin was the morning newspaper published by David Bernstein. When Bernstein sold the newspaper to Gannett, ultimately the two became one. The result was one morning newspaper, the Press & Sun-Bulletin.

Young kids could deliver two separate newspapers, Sun-Bulletin in the morning and Evening Press, obviously evening. Those young kids were too young to use an automobile, so they rode a bike most of the year. In the snow, they walked the route.

Sometimes, demanding customers insisted these kids must get the morning paper to the customer before 5 AM because they had to drive to work at IBM. One customer wanting this early delivery may have been separated by about 1 1/2 to 2 miles from another. Obstacles had to be overcome or else the customers would simply cancel their subscriptions. The young kids remained in touch with the customers, often having to go collect the money for the week on a Saturday morning so they could be available to play in the marching band for a football game (sometimes to play JV football on a Saturday).

So, yes, COVID-19 makes life tougher. The question remains, though. If someone has difficulty delivering the newspaper to Newark Valley on Saturdays, then why is it there are not enough others, in this time of high unemployment, who could do a better job? Do others just sit around hoping a check arrives from the government, so why bother? Really? Those kids sometimes did multiple jobs and got money from multiple sources, so “‘splain it, Lucy!”

Oh, well. There you go, again. No paper. There you go again. People on the demand side of the market demanding something better. How dare we do that?

Oscar Wilde: “My tastes are simple. I desire only the very best.”

Republicans Who Support Tea Party are Traitors to This Country

The tea party is attempting to turn people against our Constitutional-based democratic-based country, attempting to destroy our U.S. Constitution which is described by former Israeli prime minister, Menachim Begin, as one of the greatest documents ever written. ¬†The Constitution begins with “We the people…” ¬†The tea party wishes to change it to, “We the corporate monopolists…” ¬†I refuse to accept that this nation is a “republic,” as die-hard Republicans try to claim. ¬†It is NOT a republic, it is a democracy of “We the people…” as stated in the first line of the U.S. Constitution.

Attempting to tear apart “We the people…” is a method of “divide and conquer” so as to tear apart all the accomplishments of Teddy Roosevelt and his “trust-busting” which resulted in one of the greatest nations on earth. ¬†These tea party people and the Republicans who support them suck. ¬†The suckers are those who accept without thinking this attitude to tear apart our government. ¬†This U.S. government has proved successful over many years and needs to be bolstered.

The white racist suckers who take sides with the treasonous tea party are also divisive, playing into the hands of a fascist group of people who promote greed, love of money, and anarchy.  They are wrong.

To be positive, I have positive solutions not based on ideology. ¬†But first, this is the damage being done by the treasonous tea party and their billionaire / millionaire friends (Koch brothers, Rove, Limbaugh, Scott, Walker, Armey, Cheney, Bush family … and others).

1. Removal of the long-term investments in real estate, due to de-regulation of banking and other financial institutions (by Reagan, Bush, and others). ¬†This once provided opportunities for the Middle class, rather than the caste system imposed by these wealthy pigs who are supported by dumb ignorant Middle Class people who have no wisdom. ¬†A home in 1988 could go up only 1% in 8 years. ¬†That was good because one had to wait for the long-term. ¬†But layoffs by greedy tea party type pigs resulted in losing a long-term investment. ¬†Then, the de-regulation of banks encouraged a fiasco in finance between 2002 and 2006 – four years. ¬†The price of real estate became a short-term investment, rising 125%. ¬†Yet, people who lost out STILL will vote Republican. ¬†What dumb jerks, because it was the Republicans who CAUSED it – de-regulation – and did nothing about it when the market moved to slum lords who could “flip” houses.

2. ¬†CEOs began pilfering the nest eggs of Americans, claiming “there is no money for pensions.” ¬†That is the talk of hoodlums and goons and pigs. ¬†There IS money for pensions, but these pensions were used to increase the gap between CEOs and the lowest paid employees by more than 1000% between 1974 and today. ¬†There IS money for pensions, but the CEOs have become a bunch of deceptive liars – and CREEPS. ¬†They forced the average worker into 401(K) plans – NOT DESIGNED FOR RETIREMENT PLANS. ¬†They forced the average worker into a risky market while the CEOs sat by in comfort of their HUGE bonuses which were stolen from employee pensions, even when the BASTARD CEOs failed at their business. ¬†And the boards of directors of these perverted corporate leaders went right along. ¬†Just read Ellen Schultz’s book, RETIREMENT HEIST.

3. ¬†George Bush, traitor as resident of the White House, trashed parts of Medicare and AARP went along. ¬†The man quotes from Nazi propaganda minister, Goebbels, twisting information and mocking and scoffing at those who expose the truth – like a good Hitler propaganda master, with whom Bush’s grandad HELPED to attain power in Germany. ¬†FASCIST dictators, not men of the people.

4. ¬†With Medicare gutted, people have less for retirement. ¬†People laid off after 55 pay the highest for health insurance, but are unable to secure jobs – as the CEO pigs scrap their pension plans. ¬†And now the tea party assholes wish to remove the pools which COULD reduce the cost of insurance to people in this age group whom they have screwed (unless they are brats with lots of money). ¬†Nice opportunity which only Ebeneezer Scrooge could agree. ¬†These bastards attempt to turn the fiction of Charles Dickens and Ayn Rand, too, into reality. ¬†Go f*** off, you bastards. ¬†Someone go for their deep pockets, please! ¬† Bastard snots who don’t even recognize who or what (the government) helped them ACHIEVE what they did. ¬†Bastards. ¬†Low life scum with lots of money. ¬†Even a fiery hell is too good for them.

5.  Tea party attempts to scrap Medicare, Social Security, and Obamacare.  This after removing all capitalist market abilities (pensions and long-term investments in real estate) for the Middle Class to seek opportunities.  These people are attempting to carve a caste system in America into stone.  And what do so many people do? They go along blindly, rather than object.

6. ¬†A former jerk of a Republican senator advertises the biggest screwing Americans can receive – to replace long-term investments in real estate. ¬†The “Reverse Mortgage” is designed and embraced by tea party brats and snots to put people in their places in old age, never allowing children to receive a return on the investment their parents made in a long-term investment. ¬†The banks own those homes in “Reverse Mortgage,” so therefore this also makes it more difficult for young people to obtain housing. ¬†These homes are passed to slum lords with the ability to monopolize and control the prices of homes and RENT. ¬†F*** them. ¬†Screw them. ¬†Someone file a class-action lawsuit against all these people, please!

And to the Democrats. ¬†Stop with this stupidity of “American Dream.” STOP IT. ¬†Get down to the brass tacks of what is really happening. ¬†Speak to the American people who are enterprising people, you dumb jerks in the Democratic Party leadership. ¬†Speak to the ones who are like Congressman Patrick Murphy. ¬†The DREAM makes it sound like people are “ENTITLED” to this. ¬†Dead wrong. ¬†Nobody is entitled to these things unless they INVEST and receive a RETURN on the investments. ¬†Get down to the brass tacks of talking about INVESTMENTS and RETURN ON INVESTMENTS. ¬†A major financial enterprise (Charles Schwab?) once ran advertisements about gaining money “the old fashioned way; we earn it!” ¬†The tea party has REMOVED these things from the “common human,” within the capitalist system and this is wrong. ¬†They pit people against a government which COULD protect them in this capitalist economy. ¬†People are stupid jerks who follow the line of reasoning of a bunch of scoundrels called “tea party.” ¬†Democrats do NOTHING to challenge these notions. ¬†Just continue with “the American Dream.” F*** the American dream and do something different with your approach, you jerks.

The man who defined capitalism (not socialism), following an 18th-Century Scottish banking crisis about on par with the Bush one in 2008 (created by the Republican de-regulation of a decade or so earlier) was a Christian man expecting business people to “naturally” regulate themselves. ¬†But after this banking crisis, Adam Smith changed his mind. ¬†He noticed so many of these Christians were actually hypocrites and determined there should be some regulation. ¬†The tea party quotes this man in claiming no regulation. ¬†They are wrong. ¬†They are dead wrong.

And to the dumb ones who follow Karl Marx. ¬†Karl Marx was a jerk, too. ¬†He blamed capitalism when it was monarchical monopolism which he SHOULD have blamed. ¬†So the tea party twists this to their favor, while re-establishing a type of monarchical monopolism, but indeed this system today, given a blessing by a stupid Supreme Court led by a stupid man named Scalia, is a corporatist system no different from monarchical monopolism. ¬†It’s also no different from the Soviet and Chinese forms of communism and the hierarchical top-down arrangement of the Roman Catholic Church – from Vatican City.

Democracy takes thinking people who understand civics, not politics.  Who understand how a democratic government works.  This takes work on the part of the masses.  We once had masses who were NOT lazy and would embrace this system.  Too many lazy people have poked fun at this system, particularly among my own age group.  They are disgusting people and allow the tea party to rape all of us up the ass.

Scalia believes in the Roman republic and has no idea what the American democracy is about. ¬†Scalia and his fascist friends endorse the idea of slavery, including the corporatist movement to re-make education in order to create slaves, rather than thinking people who understand a broad array of topics from science, math, engineering, technology, social sciences, to physical education, humanities, arts, and yes, the CIVICS of democracy. ¬†These are what education is all about, not the slavery endorsed by colleges with the name, “CAREER.” ¬†Education was designed with a pedagogy which prepared for careers AND lifelong learning. ¬†Just because a bunch of lazy loudmouth Baby Boomers have decided on their own that education has parts which are irrelevant – this is irrelevant to the design of education. ¬†I say to all these jerky SOBs – LAZY ones – to go take a hike and institute their ideas in some third world developing nation, rather than create a lazy one here. ¬†Everyone has the slave attitude of being “entitled” to things slaves receive.

Even BS loudmouth artist, Limbaugh, once said, “slaves have it good because they work and someone takes care of them.” ¬†The SOB “troll” snotty Limbaugh misses the point of the human spirit. ¬†We wish to advance ourselves, no just take care of others. ¬†The Chinese COMMUNISTS impose a system whereby, rather than working towards retirement investment – LONG TERM – the young people are told to get a career (as a slave) and take care of their parents. ¬†What about the AMERICAN WAY, you dumb bastard, Limbaugh, where we are NOT always dependent on children or others. ¬†That we can achieve an independent security. ¬†YOU BASTARDS of the FOURTH REICH. ¬†GO TO HELL. ¬†You bastard remove all abilities for humans in America to achieve a financial independent security and GIVE IT ALL – INDEPENDENT SECURITY ¬†– to the top-level snots who worship money. ¬†YOU BASTARDS. ¬†You destroy something which made America a successful nation – in the name of your stupid f***ing ideology. ¬†Screw you.

I have used some language to suggest solutions.  But are these rejected due to the language?  I never abused the 10 Commandments, but I proposed and supported the ideas of Jesus Christ as he violently demonstrated his anger at deceptive wealthy business people.  To summarize my SOLUTIONS (in case you missed them or were not able to pull them out of what I wrote), here I go.

1. Rather than reduce Medicare, cut some of the military budget and provide Medicare from cradle to grave.  Put our tax dollars to work for the LIVING, not creating the dead.  People in territories like Puerto Rico need to pay into it, or declare independence from the USA.

2. ¬†Stop scrapping Social Security and bolster it. ¬†Keep it at the same age levels. ¬†Force people in territories like Puerto Rico to pay FICA (if they don’t already). ¬†If Puerto Rico does not pay it’s fair share, shove them off in their own independent nation.

3. FIle lawsuits against the billionaires who are scrapping our government. ¬†Whether that be a class action suit or lawsuits by the government. ¬†File a series of lawsuits against Stop the “personal injury” lawsuits which pit the common man and woman against the common man and woman, and direct this dirt against those with deep pockets. ¬†Instead of hurting ourselves, hurt those who are truly hurting us.

4.  Stop the corporatization of education and health care.  These are NOT commodities, they are necessities.

5. ¬†Give all stock holders of public-traded companies equal votes, not just the ones at the top with the most money, as we watch those bastard pigs take away from those who invest their money in the company – and they don’t have any conscience what so ever. ¬†If they were truly being rewarded due to the same “merit” systems these pigs wish to impose on a new slave class, then this would not be necessary. ¬†But these guys have no morals what so ever, figuring they can do anything they wish, like the kings of Europe who felt their power was “heaven sent.” That was BS then and it’s BS now. ¬†There is not “divine rights,” you bastards at high levels.

6. ¬†Regulate the banking and real estate industries to allow moderate long-term growth in housing prices. ¬†This is not a dream. ¬†This is not an “entitlement,” either. ¬†It is just plain common sense for creating opportunities, rather than the type of lopsided top control like that of Haiti and many banana republics, as well as many developing nations. ¬†Corrupt money-worshiping people control these governments – permeated by evil people who perpetuate this crap.

7. ¬†Create a system of retirement security for hard-working people to achieve and I guarantee it would cost LESS than the one which has been created with bonuses and golden parachutes for myriad corporate money-sucking pigs and money worshipers. ¬†I don’t care how this happens, but the best system would be a national pension system bolstered by 401(K) or 403(B) plans – as originally intended.

8. ¬†Stop giving away money in the Social Security system to those who have not contributed or abuse the system with their “disabilities.” ¬†Create another fund for these people. ¬†Primarily, I speak about immigrants who never contribute. ¬†If I go to other nations, I am treated this way. ¬†I suggest a United Nations regulation of this aspect (not an international pooled fund). ¬†It is not right for some people to come to America’s shores and be given money they have come to believe they are entitled to, but me and others recognize we ARE entitled to this money (because we helped fund it) and also recognize we are NOT entitled to funds in Canada or Britain or other Western nations. ¬†Go f***, you people who think you are entitle do our American money. ¬†F*** those who abuse it through corruption. ¬†Strong words? ¬†I resent America being turned into a third world nation, as we accept third world nation people. ¬†Perhaps the corrupt leaders in Haiti and other nations need to take care of their own and stop the corruption. ¬†NIgeria – stop your f***Ing corruption. ¬†Stop it now.

9. ¬†Stop blindly funding wars around the globe which the American people and our government DO NOT have the funds to do so. ¬†Stop listening to an AWOL jerk like George Bush as he flagrantly spent money which he did not have to spend on wars, funding his friend, Dick Cheney (Halliburton), and other munitions companies with OUR (“We the people…”) funds. ¬†STOP IT NOW. ¬†I support President Obama’s diplomacy and think he makes a strong leader. ¬†F*** those who think he is weak because their opinions are BS.

10. ¬†Create an energy-independent America and shed our relations with pigs like Saudi Arabian sheiks. ¬†PERIOD. ¬†Without our military might, the Saudis would be NOTHING. ¬†So make them pay. ¬†The Saudi pigs take advantage of this nation, using traitors like the Bush family and Dick Cheney. ¬†Stop this BS NOW. ¬†Charge Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, and other nations with wealthy sheiks for every dollar we lose due to wars in the Middle East. ¬†If they don’t pay, withdraw our military support. ¬†Make this EVIDENT to the American people, despite a f***Ing media which refuses to expose the truth – supported by the [false] divine right corporatists and Scalia.

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