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Hidden Agendas and Who From the Puritanical Fascist Crowd Has and Maintains Them like Watergate Burglars?

I think people should be concerned enough to do something. It comes from hidden snipers online who are smart enough to re-set settings and change programming codes in my Microsoft 365 software.

The latest in Microsoft? One time rows of a worksheet can be sorted. Another time, the SAME PROCESS cannot be done and the “sort” capability grayed out. Why?

Apparently, Americans do not give a damn about their fellow human beings. After spreading the word about how there were other “networks” on my line and I could see them, rather than help me solve the problem, the number of outside and “hidden” networks increased. So, to be like Watergate burglars and push further, hoping I would not stand up for my humanistic convictions as to how we respect one another, walk in integrity, and have dignity for one another, it is humorous to just push more. Same with Democratic Party campaign signs being stolen by Repugnicans. Complain and they turn it up a notch, while everyone sits by, saying, “too bad, too bad” and SHUT UP.

Frederick Douglass did not shut up. Harriet Tubman did not shut up. Abraham Lincoln did not shut up. My 5tth cousin five times removed, Ezra Cornell, did not shut up. Teddy Roosevelt did not shut up, even to condemn his father TR, Sr., for not serving in the civil war. FDR did not shut up. MLK, Jr., did not shut up. JFK and RFK did not shut up. John Lewis did not shut up. Alcee Hastings did not shut up. Thurgood Marshall did not shut up. Nancy Pelosi did not shut up. Etc., etc., etc.

All of these examples are of people who stuck to their their humanistic convictions about human justice, human equality, and respect for fellow human beings. Many such people stuck to their convictions against supply-side economics, whether white supremacist fat pig slave owners in Dixie or fat pig sweat shop owners in the North or fat pig robber barons such as those which exist today who refuse to pay their fair share of taxes and work to destroy things which are good for the common folk.

The ones today consist of the fat pigs in big pharma, fat pigs of big oil, fat pigs of big health insurance companies, the fat pigs of lawyers who block the establishment of healthcare for all while they line their pockets by proclaiming their opposition to big fat pig insurance, the fat pigs of local news and information newspapers who deliberately line their pockets by reducing local content and laying off good librarians and investigative reporters, fat pigs of technology, energy, hospitals and clinics with their organizations formed from M&A into centralized organizations which destroy small business and public entities which created a greater sense of taking America for the greatness it had, not the greatness of vicious and bullying white supremacists and bigoted pigs… More….

This all produces centralized supply-side economics on the model of communist Cuba and communist China and communist North Korea. It’s also on the model of the former Soviet Union which still exists today, with Putin.

In this process of elimination of the market demand-side consumers, these fat pigs DEMAND of the consumers and tell consumers what makes them happy. While stupid consumers on the market DEMAND-side swallow this drivel and vote for fascist vicious Repugnicans who don’t know how to address the issues and smear their opponents with slander and lies, so they can get to Congress and be on the take of the big fat pigs of big pharma, big oil, big health conglomerates, etc.

Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper is still printed and available in stores, while the good newspapers like local ones and the New York Times (etc.) are NOT available to inform the common folk who take an interest in life. Meanwhile, Murdoch has been quoted as having a desire to “destroy local news and information” by destroying local ownership of local media.

This all has to stop by people not just talking about “moral convictions.” That is too ambiguous. Talk about standing firm for convictions tailored to human equality, human justice, human dignity, human respect, and human integrity for walking with one another in the human race. Talk about providing opportunities for fellow human beings, not just handouts. We the people, not we the big fat pigs of big corporations as represented by Alito and the bastards of the SCOTUS who FORCED Citizens United down our throats like big fat dictators telling us what it takes to be happy.

To challenge me in what I am saying here, i get crap of “get a life” or “get a grip” upon me, as if I am not happy with the blessings I have. People put these wonderful quotes on Facebook. The quotes are beautiful. But do they get to those who need an attitude adjustment among the common folk? If they did, we would have seen different results in this past election with people intelligent enough to differentiate right from wrong when Repugnicans smear the images of good people and are not able to address the issues because they fear being revealed for their hidden agenda from pocketing money from the big fat pigs of supply-side economics and their monopolizing corporations which destroy local business, healthcare for all, public education for all. We the people. How many times do I have to say this? Not for the least common denominator of “we the people.” We the people means to address ALL people the best that can be done. Small businesses, not monopolized big centrally controlled corporations, as has been proven, has been the best way for America to achieve this.

Even former General and President Ike Eisenhower warned us not to let the military-industrial complex develop. We did anyway as we allowed centralized big corporations of all kinds to develop. Likely, this was more than Ike could probably have imagined.

Hillary says “it takes a village.” That is correct. This notion challenges the notions that about how it only takes white supremacists, big fat pigs and others to make a nation great. And the big fat pigs don’t like Hillary for saying that. Well may they be damned and go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks with their stupidity backed up by those with puritanical mindsets based on traditionalism only.

Or, perhaps we need to take baseball bats to the knees of such lousy people (he says in a facetious manner).

You know the ones who get all wrapped up in proclaiming that rules necessary to wipe out prurient interests while we have big fat pigs, lords over media, handing weapons, violence, blood, guts, and gore into our eyes within the media, more frequently than nudity, sex, or other “prurient” interests. And when nudity is portrayed, we see fig leaves in the form of blurred images, in programs like Naked and Afraid, while we are SUBJECTED TO and have it THRUST IN OUR FACES very violent scenes with people getting knifed or gunned down, whether real or fictional programs.

With all of this, let me return to my original comments about what is on my mind. Changes to settings and programmed apps by vicious, terrible people hidden by wired and wireless communications. That is what this message is about. So go get a grip and make things worse, rather than work to improve all of what I outline here. I get a grip. My grip is on sticking to my humanist convictions of “we the people” as being more important than what is imposed on us by big fat pigs who have slaves of punishment serving them, whether hidden online or removing political signs out of fear that Democrats might be elected, not to address issues which are of concern to we the people and human beings overall. And such dolts who do what I describe here and never being able to take notice of how to differentiate between right and wrong when it comes to a civilized human society with an inclination towards survival of the fittest of the entire human race in our dominion over non-humans such as animals, insects, etc. We are all human beings, so let’s work to help one another and not take an interest in crap like rules of puritanical and prudish ways. Rules about how humans can get along with one another and coexist – these are the reasons for what I describe.

Capitalist Supply & Demand & I Won’t Back Down From Demanding the DEMAND Side with Newspapers

Speaking to people in defense of keeping print copies of newspapers available, I have made a pretty good case in defense of the DEMAND SIDE of the market which has been deliberately curtailed by big fat pigs at the top with a love for money narcissistic and self-centered attitude who simply wish to line their pockets with a USA Today approach like Pravda of Moscow and not considering other aspects about how they can make money with PRINT copies of newspapers.  They DELIBERATELY began to remove the one unique thing which sold newspapers and kept circulation numbers up.  I have been validated with reports from the broadcast media and other sources.  These are not just NEWSpapers, but local NEWS & INFORMATION papers.  These are UNIQUE to local newspapers as the Mustang is to the Ford Corporation.  Would Ford DELIBERATELY get rid of a product which is unique and put in place something which like USA Today and tell all the local people to go to hell and just read USA Today online. 

Because that is what is being shoved down the faces of the demand side of what is SUPPOSED to be a truly capitalist market (not supply side Reaganomics which is NOT capitalism and almost as bad as centrally-controlled government of communists in the Soviet Union) the ultimate result is a destruction of

  • LOCAL OBITUARIES (we think Legacy replaces this? go to h-e-double hockey sticks because one needs an obituary NEWS source which provides the information, especially when one is new to an area and is not on the list of the cliques in town to be informed; Legacy plays another good role AFTER learning of the death of someone
    • LOCAL REVIEWS OF LOCAL POLITICAL CANDIDATES so as to keep people informed and not just listening to the BULLSHIT from news media which agrees and MIGHT NOT be the TRUTH; RESULT of such media? a population which is so stupid they cannot differentiate from right and wrong and digs in its heals with by maintaining the stupidity and a lack of knowledge; what is missing is the ability for people to know what is going on locally in POLITICS, whether at the village, town, county, city, or state

All in this list plus MORE than what is in this list.  The news & INFORMATION, not spread all over so as to search with a lousy Google search engine. 

When the demand side of capitalism answers the way the big fat pigs with mansions hope they would do – stop reading the new versions of what are called local  newspapers, they stop reading and search other sources where they are not TAUGHT but just look for what is in agreement. Yippee!  Then the fat pigs of supply-side newspaper industry Reaganomics can say, “look —— NO ONE IS READING NEWSPAPERS!”  Bullshit.  When you take away the sections and parts which sold newspapers, no one WANTS to read them.  No surprise.  The fat pigs are doing this to the newspaper industry so they can fill their GODDAMN pockets more than others and don’t have to figure out a way to lower overhead or other means.  Ask me.  I have a few suggestions for lowering overhead.  But these bastard pigs modeled after Putin refuse to listen.   

How many times do I get dildo heads who stand up for this supply-side Reaganomics?  All the time.  And I get insulted by such people.  Those who are wealthier than the rest of us simply defending the wealthy and using facts about how circulation has declined.  Of course it has declined.  When the content is condensed, why would it not decline?  Even if The New York Times DOES NOT condense its content, people are NOT being taught to read to learn, but to read to be entertained, as a result of those newspapers which DO condense the LOCAL news.  Besides, The New York Times is not just local but is a better national style news than any of the others, especially on Sundays.  They might have a large market of digital-loving bastards who want technology for the sake of change.  But they don’t take into account the ones who don’t want to go to the trouble and expense of maintaining the freaking technology which is like a little baby, needing constant attention and resources.  The New York Times in print and all we have to do is sit down and read it, not spend most of our time trying to figure out a technology and Internet which is very low quality and lacks any intuitive ways because computers and the ones providing such to the consumers are stupid.  And with gray hard-to-read lettering and really lousy brightness, besides the size of the print, one has to try to face a technology which sucks because it lacks any intuitive ways about it.  Setting up device XYZ12334555.  Or IP SHOCHOIJS10320kpf;jsakljoip.  What the hell is all that supposed to mean to consumers?  Go f yourselves with that bullshit, especially for those of us who are visually impaired and have one more impediment to it all and no one willing to service and maintain such device on the Internet  and on a regular basis.  More people are scammers out there with their hacking and sniper-based cowardly way just to see how well they can trip up the demand side of the market.  This is a barbaric picture of people who don’t give ONE DAMN about one another in America.  They don’t CARE and simply scoff at those of us who complain.  Or ask, “are you ok?” At the time we complain.  YES.  I AM OK.  IT IS THE GODDAMN non-human devices which are NOT OK and the fat pigs who push their national news on us in digital form and with no concern about the demand side of the market because they could no longer earn their GODDAMN money by sitting on their buttes in a lazy fashion. 

My newsprint costs

  • Sunday newsprint newspapers: $494.00 annually
  • Newspapers five or six days of week: $680.00 annually
    • Total: $1174.00 (without delivery, add the freaking gasoline costs a consumer might have: $300.00 (est.)

My technology costs

  • Technology maintenance & replacement: $500.00 annually
  • Internet and phone. About $3000.00 annually
  • Printing & scanning costs: cartridges & paper, etc.:  $300.00 (est.) annually
  • Other costs est. at $200.00
  • Time resource to print ONE article from The New York Times or the Washington Post (etc.) lacks an intuitive touch, perhaps due to the freaking lawyers funneling and wanting to protect royalties, salivating at finding another way to make money with nickel and dime approaches. Compare this to clipping and printing newspaper copy on a copying machine.  Less time in attempting to learn the lack of intuitive approach to do what is needed – with print newspaper. The lack of an intuitive approach to scanning or printing digital copies and no reasonable comparison to copying the newsprint, except the cost of paper and cartridges.  Freaking lawyers in the newspapers disgust the consumer because they probably don’t like the fact that some individual in a household is copying for THEIR OWN personal use what comes from a print newspapers.  Their greedy, money-loving narcissistic self-centered eyes widen with dollar signs from digital. 
  • Constant problems and time spent on fixing problems of technology: 4 to 6 hours in one day’s time, with no assistance (would pay) for regular examination of the problems, while those in the cliques get their own private help and don’t wish to share it
    • Total est. annually for digital:  $4000.00

Digital itself costs almost four times as much.  Almost 2/3 more for the digital.  Add to that the additional times for buffering which is comparable to a 1950s vacuum tube television startup time, plus other problems which are CONSTANT, not just isolated – some est. to be from sniping types of hackers who are nothing but cowards and don’t get stopped by law enforcement which might be more interested in treating those in the black community in a lousy manner.

Meanwhile, the consumers are being screwed. Some behind the cash register complain in stupidity about the price of $6.00 for a newspaper.  Look at these costs and compare these costs outlined above.

And the insulting of me for complaining about being FORCED into reading digitally.  No concern for fellow human beings, but just thinking from their own narrow perspective of life:  me, me, me, and that’s all.  One who states, with blinders on, “her perspective,” knows more about the lack of readers of newspapers than I do who can outline a very wide perspective about this isse, but get insulted instead. 

Others with wealth who insult me.  Perhaps favoring the legal system.  Perhaps defending the system to which one works with technology and wants technology for the sake of change (me, me, me) and does not wish to acknowledge those of us who find CONSTANT and CONTINUOUS problems and expenses of technology and are not WEALTHY enough to spend the money nor the time resources on this, preferring reading the newsprint instead.  We are insulted by such people who call themselves Americans.  But if they think they are friends, who needs enemies?  We would ask for assistance, but the ball is still in our court unless such people live with us.  Not sure such people wish to do that.  Narcissistic money-loving self-centered asses who don’t give one damn about their fellow human beings.  Freak such people with narrow perspectives and blinders. 

Local news broadcasts in one-half hour?  Great for some small minded people who don’t want to learn what is going on.  How many items in the list of local news and information entities above.

There are solutions to this so as to make this a consideration of true capitalist supply AND demand, but no one wishes to consider anything but freaking lousy ideologies with the spinning of a false sense of what capitalism is about by anti-communist jerks on the supply-side Reaganomics fat pigs at the top. 


  • Save newsprint by using tabloid sizes
  • Offer free copies of newspapers at schools, colleges and universities; I have witnessed college students reading newspapers under such conditions; the fat pigs may not be able waddle as much with loaded pockets, but such an increase in circulation can help bolster advertising rates
  • Offer lower prices to consumers who purchase subscriptions for print copies and don’t want the digital (perhaps the GODDAMN sports industry had ought to differentiate between on-demand sports such as football or baseball, rather than a subscription, as was done at one time with attendance at live games; another pet peeve of mine)
  • Have delivery people at busy intersections with newspapers at a very low cost – ANYTHING to increase circulation which is the driving force behind advertising.  More circulation, more readership for which advertisers can benefit and be willing to pay decent prices for the advertising
  • Garage and yard sale kits for placing classified ads
  • Other free offers for placing advertising

The problem with such solutions?  The fat pigs don’t care whether they can lower overhead, just to fill their pockets in easy ways and without having to deal with overhead.  They don’t earn money the old fashioned way because they expect to take money in any way possible, like a Trumpster who needs to be in a dumpster and carried away. 

The demand-side consumers will purchase the newspapers, should the local content not be condensed in such manner as what has happened want a source of local news AND information which brings local news and information in ONE SPOT, not sprawled all over the Internet and a search engine.  It is also easier to go through the white pages of a phone directory, rather than the stupidity of search engines which are designed to pull names and addresses of those who are wealthy and pay at the beginning of a search result list.  Again.  Based on freaking lousy supply-side Reaganomics, not true supply and demand capitalism.  If someone objects to my pointing out true capitalism of supply and demand are lousy humans who likely prefer centralized communism or any anti-capitalist idea beneficial to wealthy pigs.  They are stupid people. 

 I will continue to be adamant and stand my ground against any form of supply-side Reaganomics which is truly Hitler-style business which we don’t need in America.  I will not tolerate insults from stupid and sometimes wealthy people who don’t give a damn about my own desires which make my life happy,  as well as the lives of countless others.  So, Gannett, you can screw in your laziness to eliminate print copy deliveries.  I have offered to help deliver newspapers from another newspaper, as they advertised the need for delivery persons.  I have YET to hear back, so they can all go screw themselves, as well as those who insult me by DICTATING what we Americans SHOULD be receiving in digital.  Go screw and go to h-e-double hockey sticks – by putting them where the sun don’t shine – and that might be in a coffin.  How dare people insult me.  How dare they do that to provoke anger, mockery, and taunting.  This is my country, too, and I demand the freedoms we have with SUPPLY AND DEMAND capitalist considerations.  I am serious about this and find no one to have proof that we MUST have digital.  You have no proof, except the words of money-loving narcissists only. 

Happy 4th of July – with NEWSPAPERS! NOT!

Dear Editors:

Shame on you for discontinuing all Saturday and holiday print publications. In fact, GODDAMN the fat pigs who have manipulated this market for more than 10 years, purposely attempting to eliminate local news coverage and local political issues, whether it be newspapers or the loss of local broadcasting.  If they only regulate themselves there could be no need for the common folks of America to demand government regulation.If they would only regulate themselves, by the examples of Binghamton-area folks from the past like George F. Johnson (be sensitive to community and employees and call this industrial democracy, based on the moral sentiments expressed by Founding Fathers contemporary, Adam Smith). We wake up this morning with our minds, “set on Jesus.” But we are no longer to wake up this morning on the 4th of July with our minds set on reading the newspaper, unless we get it FORCED and CRAMMED down our throats electronically. Piss on the fat pigs for doing this.

And there are those who scoff and laugh at me for being so adamant to stand up and turn this thing around. I do have experience in this line and a wisdom of age.

More recently, in an economics magazine, there was an article titled, “Culture vultures.” The article identified this yanking of local news with digital bullshit activities (my words, not the magazine’s words), to have reduced the ability of people to understand and to know the people running for Congress unless they listen to the bullshit ads on television with lies and tarnishing of images rather than a discussion of issues.  The lowest level of intelligence focuses on tarnishing images and the highest level of intelligence is to focus on issues. We have people seeking huge increases in their income, with bonuses, who have inundated the newspaper ownership with their lousy attitudes towards consumers and a push for digital. The discriminate against those who are unable to read on computers unless they spend tons of money to wire their home so as to sit in a recliner and read the morning newspaper. Let alone the discrimination against senior citizens and those who either don’t want computers or just plain cannot afford them. And don’t look for handouts to solve the problem by purchasing computers for such folks because it drives up the costs all around for all of society. Keep it SIMPLE STUPID. Stop the bullshit of sensationalist news on digital access.  The visually impaired are also discriminated against with this digital bullshit. We don’t want handouts when the KISS of all of this is to simply have a printed copy of a newspaper.  This 4th of July, the Gannett Pravda of Binghamton (Piss & Sun-Bullshit) tells us all to read it online.  Well. Piss on you, Fat Pigs of Gannett – the modern-day versions of ROBBER BARONS and FAT CATS. 

My experience and knowledge is like this. I observed as many of us who are trainers, educators, teachers, professors, librarians, healthcare workers, and many other LOW-PAID people who help people and society (as their goal) to be laid off and the jobs destroyed.  I was one of them, for the sake of fat pigs at the top of the corporation who kept many high-paid lawyers and accountants on while the rest of us were screwed.  Librarians, too, in newspapers. Their jobs to assist reporters (also losing their jobs) in local news. The LOCAL would not only include political news. It would also be sections in the newspapers on local food culture, arts, entertainment, restaurant reviews, health issues, business issues, personal finance issues, and don’t forget the comic strips.  The list goes on and on of what WAS once provided by LOCAL newspapers and local BROADCASTING.  All have been replaced by a communist style nationalization of newspapers done in the name of capitalist monopolization.  The company where I lost my job as a corporate librarian was one of many across the land which got rid of librarians, in the name of deregulation and monopolization (supply side Reaganomics).  In each case, whether a deregulated company or newspapers, the purpose was to eliminate the demand side of the market. The newspapers have done a swell job in accomplishing this task.

I knew someone who was laid off at a Florida newspaper in 2008, after working there for 33 years.  His local television TV grid, one of many things he did, was curtailed and quite possibly, eventually eliminated. All in the deliberate attempt to strategize to help Rupert Murdoch and others eliminate local broadcasting in favor of Fox News. I don’t dream this up about Rupert Murdoch. He is actually quoted, from which I paraphrase.  Recently, the Piss & Sun-Bullshit (Gannett’s local Pravda) eliminated local TV grids completely. I have suggested that if it’s too much to put in a grid with ALL those thousands of channels (most of which are shallow and useless, for which we pay Spectrum and others), that the Piss & Sun-Bullshit just compile the schedules of all the local broadcast channels and provide a listing of all the local radio stations (no need for schedule), identifying what music or news stations are provided by local radio. As people who moved to this area in 2019, we rely on those things. Instead, what did Gannett do? Offer us a separate “TV Weekly at cost.  Right. As Barbara Ehrenreich wrote in her book, “nickeling and diming” Americans.  This nickeling and diming of Americans does one thing and that is not to increase profits, but to make HUGE profits and line the pant pockets of the fat pigs at the top.  That has been proven, too, and needs to stop.

As a customer on the demand side of this market, I have purchased newspapers for many years and have observed the deliberate condensing of newspapers for the sake of ONLY those people at the top.  At one time, I did the advertising for a group in South Florida. We put ads in the local newspaper there and were very pleased with the turnout we received. A great capitalist return on investment. FACT:  Newspapers operate by selling more advertisements and the prices are based on circulation numbers.  This newspaper raised its advertising rates AND its circulation rates.  The organization with which I worked decided they were not going to pay those high prices because the return on investment for us was reduced, as the prices of subscriptions and single copies went up.  The net result was lack of money because the circulation numbers went down.  So, what is done? Raise the advertising rates. It becomes a catch 22 for which lainbrain fat pigs running these organizations running them were blinded.  Or were they blinded? 

When attending classes at UCF in Orlando, I noticed that the newspaper there was giving newspapers to students. With the “Knight card,” we could obtain a free newspaper. One had to get there to find a newspaper or they were all snarfed up. In other words, to sell more advertisements at a decent cost and to sell more tailored to the young age market, that newspaper could watch its circulation numbers go up. 

When I returned to my home campus in South Florida, I suggested the local newspapers there do the same thing. Having been with an organization which yanked our advertising for our LOCALLY PRODUCED concerts, I thought, as a professor at a college there, the same thing could be done in South Florida. I was scoffed at the suggestion by lainbrains. 

Then I move back to New York and discover, the thickest “papers” in the area and the only one of about a half dozen subscription-based weekly newspapers which failed, was one which had ALWAYS been available free of charge, even back to the days when I was a kid here. They succeeded with the same model of a “pape” which was done at UCF Orlando.  Since my earlier days, they had added “news” items as well.  Local news.  Such things did not exist. The local supermarket keeps this newspaper, but does NOT have the Piss & Sun-Bullshit nor the Ithaca (another Gannett in a monopolized world) Journal available. One does the grocery shopping and has to walk down the street to get the others.  The local newspaper which does NOT rely on selling subscriptions, gives it away free of charge and likely has a far larger advertising revenue to pay for the printing. And as far as I know, this local newspaper is NOT digital. So Piss & Sun-Bullshit loses readers with its lainbrain fat pigs who FORCE digital down our throats. 

I have some suggestions, but if one wants to simply scoff at my suggestions, then go to hell.

1. Gannett do what was done in the Tampa Bay area where they went from two newspapers (St. Petersburg Times and Tampa Tribune) to one which incorporates the Gannett newspapers in the small cities of Binghamton, Ithaca, and Elmira. Call it the Southern Tier Press, Sun-Bulletin, Journal, Star-Gazette. Or simply shorten it to The Southern Tier Press because Binghamton is the largest of the cities.  The Sun-Bulletin consists of a name from the Endicott Bulletin, but most young people probably don’t even know such history.  Or simply create a new name completely, like The Southern Tier Newsday.  But don’t make it sensationalist like the bullshit in The Daily News or The New York Post. More like the tabloid called Newsday.

2. Make The Southern Tier Newsday a tabloid, but not sensationalist.

3. Bring back local community information besides just the news. Bring back local columnists which write non-biased observations about what is happening. Bring back a food column. With such a newspaper, the school at Cornell University which gave us upstate NY style BBQ chicken or Endicott-style spiedies, etc., etc., etc., could be part of such a food culture and recipe column. Bring back entertainment reviews, including concert reviews, theatre reviews, restaurant reviews, recreational reviews (not sports), etc. And there are many other local community events and reviews, including restaurant reviews, as well.  We don’t need Facebook to do this, but open it up for all of us to read, whether we are wealthy and can afford the best computers and over-priced Internet service, or less advantaged. 

4. Bring back local delivery of the newspapers by kids. Make certain these kids collect the money from the customers and have an advantage to expand their routes. These things have been removed by communist-style centrally located Gannett Pravda and others. What do we wish to do? Emulate freaking lousy Putin who needs to be pissed on?  He leads a nation which has ALWAYS been governed by vicious and lousy individuals who are more like Genghis Khan than like Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Eisenhower, JFK, and others in our long line of good leaders.  Allow the carriers to pay a wholesale cost and sell at retail so as to learn what COMPETITIVE capitalism, not the fat pig version of a monopolistic centrally-controlled economics which is NOT capitalism.  And if these young people need to go door-to-door to collect for the papers, then they should be required to have two people at any time when knocking on doors.  Of course, if all newspapers were distributed at no per-copy charge, then there would be no collections at the door, but customers encouraged to leave a tip for the carriers which would be paid according to the number of newspapers delivered.  The higher the number, the more the kids would be paid. Thus, such “business” enterprise could be taught so as to teach what it means to market and distribute newspapers. 

5. Newspapers could increase the circulation numbers by selling both print AND digital copies. But those receiving print copies would get them free.  The method now is to treat customers like shit unless they USE the digital copies. That is NOT SUPPLY and DEMAND capitalism. That is fascist rule from supply side economics.  That is NOT capitalism. 

Recently, I contacted a newspaper publisher which was advertising its need to get delivery people. I am too old to do door-to-door, even by car. But I suggested, since this newspaper was from out of town and only one store was carrying it, I would be willing to diver to stores in western Broome and eastern Tioga Counties so as to deliver to those stores.  Having more newspapers in a store CAN attract customers, especially those who are being screwed by not getting home delivery, or having a really lousy home delivery.  The newspaper is at a store at a neighboring county and stores in this county have mentioned how they would love to have this newspaper available for their customers, but cannot get it.  Smart and intelligent people would say this, recognizing that, even though they don’t make a profit from the newspapers, the store has a good means for expanding their own customer base – with newspaper availability.  Smart people at the supermarket which is part of a chain which bought out another chain.  To date, I have had no “call back” from this newspaper.

Ben Franklin had a newspaper. He even promoted the building of libraries, as did Thomas Jefferson. Today, many librarians have been axed, in the name of high-paid lawyers and accountants – bean counters – who remain. Personal injury and workman’s comp lawyers are lousy and need to consider taking on an issue such as this. But no. They are too damn lazy to do this, as they milk customers and U.S. taxpayer money from the court system. Meanwhile, we have a politicized U.S. Supreme Court in this polarized society which has been decimated by nationalized newspapers which do not cover local areas properly.  Ben Franklin did.  Thomas Jefferson started the Library of Congress and sent the Marine Corps to Tripoli to counter pirates from a Muslim government which had deposed a much more humanitarian Muslim leader.  “… to the shores of Tripoli.”  Besides those soldiers who fought in Europe during World War I & II, as well as the many who fought in the Pacific, I honor them on this 4th of July. I can only hope that their sacrifices will not be town down by nationalistic fat pigs and younger common folk who don’t even acknowledge what they have today because of promotion of being individualistic fat pigs, snots, and spoiled brats. They should listen to my grandparents and parents talk about the Great Depression and those wars, and all with which our society had to suffer.  The GODDAMN Bible thumpers and their ideas that the only part of the Bible important to them is “an eye for an eye,” even after Jesus Christ taught us we should NOT follow those things. However, these GODDAMN Bible thumpers ignore the fact that parts of the Bible tell us to “honor thy father and thy mother.”  Honor those who came before us and left us with good along with the bad. Examine the good, you bastard SOBs. 

Local Control of Media & Supply-side Economics

As a kid growing up in this rural area of upstate New York, we could drive and pick up local radio stations from Binghamton, Cortland, Ithaca, Owego, and other areas. It did not matter whether the stations were AM or FM. The exception might have been with WENE as they reduced their power at night. So, with AM radio, we could pick up WKBW out of Buffalo, WABC our of New York City, or WQXR (classical music) out of New York City. We could even received Wheeling, West Virginia AM late at night. Try to do any of this today.

What do we get today? Driving to Owego, NY, on NYS 38 and encounter the “mountains” (hills”) north of Owego and few of the stations come in. When I once drove to a job at IBM Federal Systems Division (today, Lockheed Martin), I never ever remember losing a local station by the hills to the east of NYS 38. Today, we do.

We had a large antenna at the top of our home (2 stories plus a large attic). With this antenna, we could pick up Binghamton AND Syracuse television stations. That was VHF. We could put up a special UHF antenna to pick up additional (besides VHF 12) Binghamton channels and Elmira channels. Try to do that today and I am told it is near impossible. So we are stuck with only one source. Spectrum “cable” TV and Internet. We experience buffering and often a connection with Spectrum which reminds me of the wait we had for a 1950s vacuum tube television to power up.

Due to the hills here, we were one of the first areas, along with those in the hills of Pennsylvania, to get wired for cable television. Now we were able to receive clearer pictures, particularly on the local UHF channels, but also with ABC channel 9 (VHF) out of Syracuse. What a thrill that was!

But we had a choice. Either use cable television or use, possibly upgrade, our own antennas. Here we are in the 21st Century and, due to the FCC, we don’t have choices. How much money rolls into the FCC from the big corporate conglomerates, in order to give us this centralized supply-side economics? Your guess is as good as mine.

In those years, the FCC utilized the Fairness Doctrine of the late 1940s bipartisan effort, to moderate what was on the air. The idea, too, was to not allow one ownership in a local area of ALL the media. Boy, has that changed today. This idea was a smart idea so that one company did not own it all. The ownership was spread around to others. Seems to me that Gannett owned one of the local Binghamton stations (today Fox 40, which was once WINR Television and broadcasting the NBC network). Today, Seem to remember that the rules changed and WINR had to be sold. The result was NBC WiCZ 40 and WINR Radio. All done to spread the ownership around, rather than allowing big centrally controlled supply-side economics companies to own an entire market, as what is allowed today.

OK. So, the power of local television and radio broadcasts is reduced. Got ya! Yes, so we can have the all thumbs approach to more mobile phones, the bandwidth for local television and radio had to be reduced. All thumbs and access to nothing but Internet, fake and false news. Destruction of local news outlets, whether newspapers with local INFORMATION (not just news) in detail. Plus, the loss of local television and radio by numerous owners who could vary what the public received in news and entertainment.

Oh, sure. Now we have channel 12, but also MeTV. We have My 8 (whatever that is). All these additional ones are on top of CBS, NBC, ABC. It’s nice because the PBS television can add extra channels for kids, create TV, and perhaps others.

But try to receive this myriad of stations and channels here in “country bumpkin” land of rural Tioga County. There might just be a clearer line, with less hills, to Elmira, Ithaca, and Syracuse. Yet, the distance and the weaker channels preclude us from receiving such. And the FCC says Spectrum cannot put the additional channels out for us to receive. Tough rules based on what the supply-side economics corporations want from the top of their “divine right” stools.”

How many other rural areas face this obstacle in America? I don’t remember rural areas being treated like chopped liver (or stools of shit) in those years gone by, just because we had a less dense population.

All thanks to the Internet and mobile phones. I can recall that Spectrum in Florida denied us mobile phones three times. Three times we mentioned we needed the phones delivered to us in South Florida. Three times, we received acknowledgement that, “oh, yeah, we understand you have not yet moved to Melbourne, so w will send to your South Florida address.” That in a state where people are so mobile.

Never happened. By the third strike, one got rather angry at being treated in such a lousy manner. And here we are. In upstate New York with Spectrum and no other choices for Internet.

Mobile phones and Internet are more important than local television, radio, and newspapers. How perverted will America get, beyond just what I have described? It is disgusting.

And all the digital technology has moved outside the USA, while President Biden and the Democrats would like to do something about such a situation, from infrastructure to regulatory concerns. And what do Republicans do? Sabotage President Biden and the Democrats.

I just have to say all this because it disgusts me with regard to local control we once had when IBM was here in the Southern Tier. Now, it all flies out the window.

And we live happily ever after.

Go ahead business person and/or lawyer, take responsibility or get out of my way

Lead, follow, or get out of the way. I say to the business people at the top of big fat monopolized supply-side economics corporations: “go ahead, make my day and get out of my way.”
Same issue once again. People have heard it and have a lack of R- E- S- P- E- C- T (Aretha Franklin) for me, saying simply, “it’s not that important.” To which I say to lsuch people: “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.” 
Big business in America today run in the government by people lousy people like Rick Scott, Marco Rubio, Ron DeSantis, and none other than Donald Trump of Florida. Add to that, Dan Abbott, the perverted governor of Texas. They don’t take responsibility for their what they do, but just work and pay off the media to help them in trashing Joe Biden and the Democrats, as if they are the only ones who are to blame for anything.

Case in point. News item today about how the head of the U.N. wishes to avert another cold war if the USA and China would work things out. Thanks to Trump, the USA has failed at this. I even had Republicans, not Democrats, who complained about the lousy way Trump handled deals with China. But who is likely to take the blame when the media ignores what Trump does and keeps everything down to “what is happening now?” The media refuses to look at what has happened in the short term, right now because everyone is so damn greedy today, they wash away the memory and long-term thoughts. They have even helped destroy the thinking about an American dream for long-term investments (CAPITALISM) in a primary residence, so more people are homeless, as the big fat pigs line their pockets with nothing but short-term benefits for them, while destroying the idea of long-term benefits. This has happened with the destruction of pensions, Social Security, and Medicare. Perverted Republicans who won’t work with Joe Biden for long-term “HUMAN” infrastructure opportunities.

Added to the disgusting way Trump worked to gain the peace in Afghanistan, for the benefit of oil producers such as those in Saudi Arabia and Texas (they all love the fat pig Trump), rather than consider peace and justice. Trump the fat pig lays out a timetable for departure from Afghanistan but the time table went into what the fat pig thought would be his second term. Had he been in office, he would have made certain nothing bad was said about the departure. Instead, Joe Biden, considering we have been there 20 years and accomplished little or nothing (as I hear most Americans actually SAYING, and not due to Biden, but due to Trump). Does the media mention this aspect? No. And George W. “Shrub” Bush who never finished the job with Saudi royal family member, Bin Laden, but lied to the American people in order to go to Iraq instead. We did get involved in Afghanistan, but only for the satisfaction of the Saudi royal family. Then the Obama-Biden team took over, Bin Laden was caught, and a plan to move us closer to the other sect of Islam in opposition to the Saudi royal family, and the net result from oil man “Shrub” was ISIS and others beholden to the Saudis. Those people are mean and vicious people and I don’t want mean and vicious Republicans like that leading the party or the government.

Screw Reagan and his statement, “the government is the problem.” The oil business people and Saudi royal family are the biggest problems, for sure.

So, why did I take the time to explain all of this? Because there are too many people running big corporate America today, pushing for free markets. At the end of the day, free markets become monopolized supply-side corporations who “re-regulate” according to their own corrupt benefits for lining their own pockets and not being held accountable by regulatory practices in government and by the people. The net result is fat pig Trump’s favorite word: “destroy.”

I have several case studies of what is happening with what I just described. The most recent one had one more piece of the puzzle added today. So, I say, “go ahead, Mr. Business person and/or lawyer, take responsibility or get out of my way.” Go ahead. Make my day. But of course, no one is willing to consider my case study or anything else I say, so I feel sorry about the future of America in such incapable hands. The capable ones are President Biden and the Democrats and they are being sabotaged in their endeavors to provide the solutions which are best for ALL Americans, not just the freaking oil slick perverts of Texas, Florida, and Saudi Arabia.
The example case study is about newspaper delivery in a rural area of upstate New York. Several things. First of all, not wishing to provide delivery to rural areas is a strategy for moving people to Dixie and the urban areas which have been developed there. This strategy is like the Bolsheviks / Communists of Russia and the Communists of China. One big difference. It is being directed, not by a government, but by monopolies of supply-side economics who proclaim they want freedom. Freedom all right, but not for the common folk. Only to line their own pockets, as did people like Breshnev and others in the former Soviet Union who had vacation dachas which the common folks were not able to have. The leaders were doing better than their “comrades.” That is NOT Communism. Yet, our wonderful fat pig leaders in business and lawyers are doing that centrally-planned type of economics which perverted Marco Rubio claims he does not like. I have to wonder what kind of liar he is.  And those from rural areas (like Manchin of West Virginia) pit American against American in the same manner lawyers do with their lousy personal injury lawsuits which they claim is the alternative to “socialism.’ What a bunch of perverted minds. No rural delivery so people will be tempted to move to urban areas. After all, crowd control is easier when people are herded into more densely populated areas. Thoughts right from Chairman Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and others. But today, this herding of people is being engendered by big business monopolies who work to control the government with the support of the Supreme Court, Citizens United, lobbyists (Grover Norquist in Congress) , and PACs.
Another part of this newspaper mismanagement is the fact that big fat pigs have removed the ability for “little people” (you know, Leona Helmsley said only “little people pay the taxes”) have more than just JOB opportunities, but also have opportunities for supply and demand capitalism, capitalist competition, and a profit. (OMG! Did I say a dirty word? PROFIT?  OMG! Shut my mouth).  When I delivered newspapers, I had a bike. Spent no money on gasoline because I was too young to drive. I also walked the route in the winter. I purchased my newspapers from the Sun-Bulletin at a wholesale price and re-sold at the retail price. I could choose to have as many newspapers as I wished to sell, but had to pay for the entire lot. If I did not sell all of them, it was MY responsibility, not that of the newspaper. They were willing to help, but it was my responsibility. I collected the money from my customers. I had opportunities to expand my customer base as much as I wished to do. If someone did not pay, it was my responsibility. With my dad being a local business person, if I ever experienced someone who refused to pay, then my dad would help out, I am sure. But it NEVER came to that. Everyone was respectful enough and I never had to call in my dad. But he offered, just in case. I had a SAFETY NET – you know, the one thing fat pig Republicans wish to remove and, I must say, too many liberals wish to keep the safety net “to infinity and beyond.”  I could make a profit. This enabled me to purchase vinyl record albums (like the Beatles White album and several others). I could buy my parents and brothers gifts at holiday times and birthdays.  In other words, even with the SAFETY NET from my father (which I was lucky to never use), I spent money in the economy. All due to newspaper delivery in a rural area.

The side benefit was walking or bike riding each day along busy Main Street which was also State Route 38. Never considering it, such activity was also very good exercise to help me prepare for being on the school football team, too. So, when our coaches told us to run up a hill in back of the school, it was tough, for sure. When Coach Evans stood on “line sled” as we on the line practiced moving the opposition out of the way, I could handle it. (Coach Evans put down the Sun-Bulletin newspaper I delivered, never realizing the side benefit I got from delivering it each morning; delivery BEFORE going to school so I had the afternoons to be at football practice, unlike the Evening Press delivery considerations). But also for sure, I have to wonder how much tougher it would have been, should I NOT have had that exercise? Incidentally. As one of my football buddies recently remarked, Coach Evans “was a person who could get the best out of us!” Full agreement from me, for sure!

When I asked the local newspaper delivery person about me dealing directly with this person, I was told that Gannett won’t allow that. The ordeal I experienced trying to re-establish my print subscription was appalling. This person delivering the newspaper is like a slave now to the corporation, being paid what ever the corporation wishes to pay. There is no opportunity to step up profits so as to better purchase the gasoline or any type of energy necessary to deliver the newspapers. Had I been faced with dilemmas during my days of delivery of any type of rising costs which cut into my overhead, I would have found alternative ways to make a better profit. For instance, maybe I could have worked with other businesses in the village to determine if I could have the newspapers sold through their business and then collect the money from them. After all, according to the grocery manager at the store where we obtain the newspapers today, that store makes no money from the newspapers, even under the circumstances of slaves who are hired by the newspaper to deliver such items. What this manager failed to realize was how many people, like me, who come to his store to buy other products? Never considered that because the younger generation has lost all sight of what it takes to sell products. They are not being taught, that’s what it is. I certainly could have used my American ingenuity to figure out other ways to reduce my overhead. Go ahead. Make my day and say, with everything I may have considered, “it’s impossible.” To which I say, you pessimistic fool because “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

This newspaper issue and the mis-management of big corporations goes beyond what I have already outlined. I discovered today that Gannett pushes hard to read e-editions of their newspaper, even with a management attempting to curtail reading the print copy with claims that “no one wants to read them.” False crap from fat pigs at  the top of corporations. No attention to customer needs (in capitalism, it’s called the DEMAND SIDE of the market). Newspapers are not the only industries which have such fat pigs at the top. Yet, as I discovered today, I was told by Gannett customer service to “go to the website and order print delivery there.” Are you kidding? Please show me where one can go to find such a choice? It does not exist on the website. Number one example of how Gannett is foolish in its application of technology. Second example. The “chat” set up by Gannett also does not help put in a subscription, unless for the e-edition. The third example was this. When I asked about paying for the subscription, I was given two choices. (1) to be billed by mail (snail mail). (2) Have an automatic payment by card. I asked for a third alternative to receive a billing by email and then be able to manually pay online. Nope. I was informed this last alternative does not exist. Even small companies have this last alternative, particularly where I obtain my propane gas and fuel oil from a smaller local company. But not big Gannett which pushes e-editions? No. Gannett closed their local Binghamton, Ithaca, and Elmira offices. No such thing as “local.” Just herd us all into big densely populated areas, right? Speaking of that. In Florida, I had newspapers (Cox and a Gannett local paper) where I could pay manually online. But not in Gannett’s USA Today in Binghamton.   I am going to speak out against such travesties and I expect respect for what I feel is important. Don’t tell me it is not. I don’t wish to move to a local nursing facility in order to get my newspaper delivered – a large unit of many people where lazy people work to seek out fast delivery of many newspapers.

I have often said that my father, a veteran of World War II and the Pacific war theatre, would have been offended by what Gannett is doing. As a kid, i recall how he kept informed, reading two newspapers every day. Gannett first condensed the two into one. Then furthermore, it never considered all of the news, INFORMATION (science, health, food, puzzles, etc., etc., etc.) which help sell the newspapers. They made my dad angry as they condensed the Press & Sun-Bulletin. Today, in comparison, the Scranton Times-Tribune provides a capitalist competitive newspaper which has not condensed its newspaper to the extent that Gannett Pravda has done in Binghamton. The Scranton newspaper can be purchased at $1.00 less per issue than that of Gannett Binghamton Pravda. While the Scranton newspaper is not delivered up here (nor the Sayre, PA, newspaper) in order to provide competition, one can purchase the newspaper in the next county, but not in the county where we live. Lucky for us that we border on more densely populated Broome County more closely than many places in our own county. 

When I asked the circulation department (I can actually speak with a local person at the Scranton newspaper!  OMG!) about the possibility of have their newspaper delivered by snail mail, they practically laughed at me!  For sure, it could arrive two or three days late. That COULD be fixed if our lawyer politicians in Albany and Washington would do something to preserve our postal service, but they don’t because they are too damn concerned about personal injury lawsuits.  however, the laughter at the other end of the circulation customer line at the Scranton newspaper was about the cost of having it delivered by snail mail. I told the person that is not funny because the cost quoted to me was about one-third of the monthly cost for us to destroy our carbon footprint, consume gasoline, and drive to West Corners each day!  Nobody makes comparisons anymore, so I think the person was surprised to learn that I crunched the numbers and found a cost advantage from the snail mail delivery, as opposed to our huge exponentially higher costs to drive to that store some eight miles away.
The local Walgreens is supposed to stock print copies of the Press & Sun-Bulletin. But how much have I heard such a big corporate giant voice support for the people here in town and work to convince Gannett to improve? Not one damn thing.  The local supermarket does not stock the Gannett newspapers, either. Even if we drove a half mile or so into town to obtain the newspapers, it would not be very costly. Besides, I know many people who drive from a further distance than we do to go into the village, just to do a walk and exercise each day where they feel safer than trying to do so along a fast-paced state highway.

Again. I emphasize that if you build it, they will come. A supermarket will get people into their store to purchase other products, should the newspapers be there. That’s a fact because I spoke with staff at the newspaper where we picked up our newspaper some eight miles away and they were wll aware of the delivery problem in “Northern Tioga County” because they had many customers come to their supermarket and purchase groceries, just to purchase the newspaper. That manager there was a sleazeball in not noticing that which his staff recognized more readily. Another matter of mis-management.  The staff had more business intelligence than the manager did. That is a very sad statement in the USA today. Perhaps now, if we are able to get delivery of Gannett Binghamton Pravda each day and on a more timely basis, the delivery person will do the local supermarket good. After all, we will not be the only ones who might return to purchase groceries locally here more often than driving a distance and, at the same time, picking up some necessary items. That manager of the distant supermarket would have been smart to have paid the newspaper delivery people at his store a tip!  But wait a minute!  I forget! The lousy income tax and the punishment for making money likely stands in the way, thanks to the lawyers who are career politicians in our governments. Today, they do more good for the big fat pigs than they do for the common folk or “little people” which Helmsley said are “the only ones who should pay taxes.”

Go ahead, Business person and/or lawyer, make my day! But please do so in an optimistic consideration of what the group on the demand side of a capitalist market wishes to see happen, not solely on the basis of what business supply-side wishes to have happen, so as to line the pockets of the fat pigs only.

Professor Douglas Willet Cornwell (Retired)

Newark Valley, NY

———————————“Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “The problems of the world are not that some people love in a different way. The problems are that so many people don’t know how to love at all (CGA, 1970).” A Puritan is someone in fear that someone, somewhere, is having a good time. “Liberty and justice for all [not priorities on individual and selfish rights].” “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”  “We the people, in order to form a more perfect union [and overall wealth of American society]…” 
Benjamin Franklin: “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are affected.” Stacey Abrams: “Compromise about actions, but not about values.”  Oscar Wilde: “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.”  Oscar Wilde: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” Benjamin Franklin: “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”  Whoopi Goldberg: “To handle this COVID-19 pandemic effectively, we all need to get on the same page.”  Note: To be clear, I do not like being patronized. I do not express my disdain over what happens to my fellow humans just for my own sake and to pursue favors and handouts. I do it in order to gain R – E – S – P – E – C – T for me and for millions of other Americans of any race, ethnicity, religious belief, or sex and sexual identity who try to walk in integrity as they attempt to achieve, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  PERIOD.  One nation under God [our Creator] with liberty and justice for all.

SHORT & TO THE POINT: Thomas Friedman in Print

NOTE: it is quite possible that WordPress blocks this article from being sent to my personal email in Google. Damn WordPress for doing this and not being willing to help me out in stopping it.

The other day, I picked up a newspaper that was not from Binghamton. Binghamton has a newspaper which has scaled back its content, lost circulation in the process and now wants to fulfill its fat cat, Dickey’s plans to eliminate print copies and go exclusively to digital. The claim is a blatant false claim that “newspapers are dying, so therefore we need to only cater to the younger people with digital.” BS. That is a false statement and a blatant means of sabotaging the newspaper industry for the sake of more dollars i the individualist jackasses at the top dictatorial levels. It’s not true. Newspapers have reduced content and gone digital for one purpose only. To dictate and force technology and the COSTS of technology upon us all, the same as a lousy cable television industry has done to us without offering ala carte in choices of channels but DICTATING and FORCING Americans to pay huge amounts for television we don’t want to watch. It’s like going into a restaurant and paying for EVERYTHING on the menu, whether we eat any of it or not. Cable television making money from consumers with 250 or 350 channels or more, THEN making money from commercials from bastards like big pharma and lousy lawyers, all of them moaning and groaning about not making enough money. That is a boldface lie to which no Americans will speak proudly and bravely out en masse against. Newspapers, too, charging for digital and paper copies when many of us refuse to use the digital copies and COULD choose to purchase a huge number of archived newspapers from The newspapers make double the amount and force us to pay for the entire menu, like what would happen should we visit one restaurant. However, it was nice to recently read a newspaper from outside Binghamton and find an op-ed columnist which is no longer available in Binghamton in a print copy. Thomas L. Friedman, we were blessed to read your column once again and to LEARN (as Americans should be trying to do) from the overall bulk of information which is available out there, not the jackass shallow crap from a menu of entertainment on cable television. We want a print copy of a newspaper that contains op-eds from Friedman, George Will (conservative), Maureen Dowd (liberal), Paul Krugman (liberal), Michael Gerson (conservative), Kathleen Parker (moderate), Cynthia Tucker (moderate), Leonard Pitts (anti-white-racist and moderate-liberal), Jeff Jacoby (?), and many local columnists, religious writers, food and recipe writers, advice columnists, puzzle games (enough with the GD video games in which players on a basketball punch each other out) with interests tailored to people at the local level. America is being dictated and forced into accepting digital copies of newspapers and huge menus of lousy entertainment on cable television. We want the columnists and others back in the newspapers and stop the GD false claim, after eliminating and paring back so much of it, “no one is interested.” Of course, no one is interested and cancel subscriptions because these young whippersnappers taking over the industry following the Recession of 2008, have deliberately set up things this way – for their own individualistic, selfish, greedy, egotistical, snot Ayn Rand ways. Thank you for giving me a light at the end of the tunnel with a choice (“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) to enable me to purchase another newspaper. Only wish I could get the other newspaper delivered to me in print copy. But of course the snots like Dickey head of Gannett, and others, wish to snuff out that light at the end of the tunnel because, like jackass, Trump, they don’t like the criticism from loyal readers and newspaper subscribers of print editions. Dickey face and the others should go to plumb h-e-double-hockey-sticks and burn there in their own stench of evil anti-human-being styles. BTW. If you read this and are so low-life scum so as to reject lengthy detail in an op-ed or article, don’t bother reading the Thomas Friedman op-ed to which I just referenced. It might be too hard on your damn brain. Is this short and to the point enough? Tastes like chicken.

Newspaper Delivery Problems or a Management Problem? (Part 2)

According to an article in the Press & Sun-Bulletin this morning (May 23, 2021), there is a problem finding delivery people in order to get newspapers delivered. I suppose we are supposed to feel sorry for management, right? Let’s see. Management closed down all the offices of Gannett here in the Southern Tier. No local management, only management from above. Secondly, what would have happened if, as an employee of a corporation, I used an excuse that there is “a problem and I can’t solve it?” I would have been out on my ass in a minute. With the lack of local people to discuss this issue (my letter to the “executive editor” at the Press & Sun-Bulletin was returned as “undeliverable”), I have written to the guy at the top of Gannett, Bob Dickey. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Who was it that closed the local New York State offices of Gannett? I’m sorry, but I cannot give a benefit of the doubt on this one. Instead, I feel insulted that a newspaper would close down its local offices here, so that guy at the top can continue to receive huge increases in salaries and then the “lack of workers” being blamed on the Trumpican idiocracy ideas that “unemployment checks” are to blame. As with Trump, perhaps some of these jackasses need to look in the mirror for the problems, not blame others. I am not going to stop on this, even if you call it a rampage. It is insulting in America, today, to put up with this crap.

Newspaper Delivery Problems or a Management Problem? (Part 1)

We FINALLY procured a newspaper today, after driving 10 miles to get one. The Press & Sun-Bulletin.  According to an article in the newspaper, there is difficulty in finding newspaper delivery people. Really?  Perhaps someone in the media industry needs to do an in-depth report on this and get to the bottom of what is TRULY happening. Because I find this hard to believe that, with high unemployment numbers and from what some have told me, there is a pretty good pay for newspaper delivery people.  I know those in my own family who would like to make extra money because they are on temporary jobs and a morning delivery to get newspapers delivered by 7 or 8 am in the morning would be a nice extra income. So I find this hard to believe in this article.

I blame bad management for not being able to come up with a solution. Sorry, but when I have no problem in getting goods delivered by Amazon, then I have to wonder why people are blaming the unemployment checks? This approach is ludicrous. Why not contract with Amazon or others? Why not look into other ways of “building a better American mousetrap?” No. What I hear is a bunch of whining Trumpicans regarding unemployment checks. They could solve the problem, but they are not willing to put in the time. What about management which was once forced to work jobs when workers went on strike? Where are such people? Is it workers enjoying unemployment checks or lazy managers? When I was a professor and there might be a shortage of some workers, we had to fill in and got the job done. Yet we professors are attacked over and over again by Trumpicans, Jebicans, Scott-pricks, wanting to privatize everything.  As a professor, I also often tried to give the benefit of the doubt many times. But how many times does one have to continue to give the “benefit of the doubt,” over and over and over again?

Newspapers which have acquired other newspapers, merged them and created huge corporate conglomerates with control from the top and no concern for local issues and the local customers.

Short & To the Point: Retribution Because We Complain?

It’s 2 PM. Our morning newspaper, The Press & Sun-Bulletin, from Gannett, still has not arrived. Morning newspaper. Afternoon. Still not here. Afternoon newspapers went out of business in favor of morning newspapers. The Evening Press of Gannett purchased the morning newspaper, the Sun-Bulletin. Afternoon. The morning Press & Sun-Bulletin has still not been delivered. How many times have I complained about this on our blog? How many times have I had to spend money on gas to go to Broome County or Owego, from Newark Valley. Written letters have gone out to the CEO at Gannett and to the Better Business Bureau, as well as other people. Perhaps we don’t get delivery out of Trump-style retribution about complaining? What pigs and fat cats who won’t correct a situation or apologize due to this crap and the consumer on the demand side of the market is treated like customers of centrally-controlled Moscow Pravda in a communist state. What do we have to do to get another newspaper to publish AND DELIVER print copies in this area to those of us who must only be chopped liver? What does it take in American business to make this better, rather than ad screwball top-down crap done by fat cats in TELLING us how we need to receive our newspaper so THEY can hoard the money at the top. This is a SICK America when fat cats take such charge and tell US what we want for our products. Go ahead. Keep giving us retribution when we, as the customer, complain. Go ahead, you damn jackasses because this is the ONLY means I have to complain and get something done. You bastards and SOBs. And the ones who are just silent, want no confrontation and say, “too bad, too bad.” Shame on you.

Short & To the Point: Tioga County Rural Newspaper Market

If I suggest that the Sayre, PA, daily newspaper, Morning-Times, consider consolidating with weekly newspapers in Tioga County and deliver to this county, I am treated as if I am weird. In other words, “come on comrade, stop complaining and making suggestions for improvements for our lives.” The ones who are weird are those who think I am weird because I “have fun suggesting improvements for this great but imperfect nation I call home” (Frank Sinatra, 4 July 1974, Madison Square Garden concert with comments). Sinatra did not call on thugs to ram the capitol on Jan. 6 (had he been alive), but suggested that this nation is imperfect and we can have fun making it better, not act like thugs protecting criminals like John Hancock (he illegally imported alcohol from the islands and had a British agent killed when the agent’s activities were discovered) and protect the criminals of drug dealings in America today. The daily newspaper from Sayre, PA, provides better coverage of Newark Valley school sports and other news than the big conglomerate which owns newspapers in Binghamton and Ithaca and has pulled the plug on all local offices of the newspaper. These Gannett newspapers have made us and forced us all into receiving the USA Today with a concentration on non-local news, rather than giving good local coverage in Tioga County and delivering the newspaper in print copy. If I complain, I am weird. Comrade, Moscow style Pravda (Gannett) can do anything it wishes to do, don’t you know? So shut up comrade and go with the herd, whether that means being herded into cities and into the South we call Dixie or not getting your paper delivered in a timely manner. Just shut up and be like a good Chinese communist.

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