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Freedom lives in Florida? According to WHO?

According to the “Friends of Ron DeSantis,” “Freedom lives in Florida.” I just received an unsolicited email in this regard. Thank you for sending this to me. Rather than hide myself and speak only as my fellow Republicans do many times, behind a smoke screen and hidden agenda to stalk and proselytize those who don’t agree, I shall be upfront. I don’t receive much of that “upfront” communication these days because so many people are buried in snippets from social portals (not social media but social portals).

We have evidence that censorship and prohibition do not solve the problems of society. Ron DeSantis chooses to do this and has convinced “friends” that it does. He lies.

Fact. When the musical, The Producers, includes a song which is a satire on “springtime in Germany,” it is about the Hitler regime in Germany. “Springtime in Germany” was a time when the Hitler folk put a smoke screen up to hide what was intended to be done in Germany. Gay people accepted. Jews, at first, ignored. All the time, the Roman Catholic Church looked the other way, while a Protestant Lutheran named Dietrich Bonhoeffer spoke against Hitler. But how could Bonhoeffer been so bad. After all, it was “springtime in Germany” and everyone was having a delightful time!

Then the hammer came down and Hitler created a dictatorship.

Also, during that time, the opposition to Hitler was nothing but wimps, out of fear that if they challenged what he said, they were appearing “not to get along.” Then the hammer came down on their heads, even when being so kind.

Book burning, censorship, and prohibition began. But never a prohibition of beer in Germany, right? Because it would upset the white homophobic Gentiles, right? Dictatorship to support a portion of the population.

Hitler’s gang of goons was NOT the majority. Trump’s gang of goons is NOT the majority. Now DeSantis’s gang of “friends” (goons). Doesn’t anyone see this? It is there, right before our eyes.

Of course, being these are based on HISTORICAL FACTS, why would DeSantis and his “friends” like what is said here?

Then in Germany, the book burning and prohibition of people and things.

Historical facts. In fact, Hitler justified what he did in Germany by what white Gentile folk in Dixie of this place called the USA did to black folk. He justified what he did on what the Western white men did to the natives of America. Sadly, to consider it came from America. Well, here it is, once again, rearing its ugly head in America, whether it’s Trump, Taylor Greene, Goetz, Rick Scott, Ron DeSantis or, yes, even Jebbie Bush. Jebbie Bush, angered because he could never become president, like his brother (not that his brother was a whole bunch better).

No, Friends of DeSantis, you adopt the Southern ways of bigotry and white superiority which once resided in the Democratic Party of the South. I know. As a Yankee in King Repugnican’s Florida court, I witnessed it. DeSantis is a by-product of what happened. He does NOT support freedom, except to claim so and lead the path to dictatorship, as Hitler did. As Lenin and Stalin did. There. I mention both sides of the extremists. All dictators.

Freedom means it is something we need to work for and we have guidelines, not RULES, for being a civilized society which has people who can coexist. What are you, DeSantis? A supporter of the ways of the Roman Empire, which is where the word fascist derives? They CLAIMED to have freedom and democracy, while putting down the Ancient Greek people of the land where the “cradle of democracy” derived. The Romans destroying democracy and then claiming they had democracy when the leaders acted with vengeance against anyone who disagreed with the leaders. Perhaps the guy with a baseball bat at some home learned it from the Romans? Or the Mafia?

DeSantis, you are not a friend to freedom. Your idea of freedom is solely based on only YOUR interpretation about what it means to be free. It benefits YOU, but what about the rest of the people of Florida or the USA?

What about those who are homeless and not because of their fault, but the fault of Repugnicans like DeSantis who pull the rug out from beneath them?

What about those at colleges and schools in Florida who live in high cost of living areas, but are blocked from receiving a living wage? Speaking from experience, you and Rick Scott micro-manage such colleges, appointing lawyers, not educators, to head the colleges. You and Rick Scott block college faculty in Florida from receiving a living wage. If this is freedom, then you have a warped sense of what freedom is. Sure. Some of those professors got fed up and departed from the state – the “freedom of choice.” But what about the people left behind? Perhaps some really good professors depart and thus deny the FREEDOM of the kids to receive a good education. Sorry. That is NOT freedom and demonstrates how DeSantis and Scott know nothing about freedom, except what benefits THEM, just as Trump does.

Continuing about freedom.

What about the black youngsters jailed in Florida prisons run by for-profit Wackenhut for misdemeanors and, due to the profit margin and the need to fill the cells to make money, some very fine youth end up as hardened criminals so you, Jebbie, Scott, and the others can then blame black folk for being criminals? By placing so many people in jail, you deny them the right to vote. If that is freedom, it is a freedom which sucks. Those prisons sound like Hitler German concentration camps, except not yet as bad as the ones in Hitler land. I said, “NOT YET.” Some freedom, as the prison population in this nation is one of the largest in the world. And our society is one of the most violent ones, too. Freedom? What about the freedom for the victims of all of this bull manure for a prison system?

And have we eliminated murder in Florida by maintaining capital punishment? Freedom for the ones criminalized and freedom for the victims?

Reproductive rights. Another Roman Catholic who does not get heard as much as idiots like DeSantis, pointed out that states in America which worked to make abortions illegal have higher rates of abortions than states which REGULATE abortions. Facts. Just the facts, ma’am, not the opinions of dictatorial puritanical perverts in religious groups.

Freedom? Libertarians (aka, anarchists wanting the “anything goes” attitude). DeSantis and friends love those libertarians, as did Hitler during the period of “springtime in Germany” of the 1930s. Libertarians were Hitler’s best friends, opening the doors wider and paving the roads strongly for Hitler to swoop into power. Libertarians don’t like regulations and guidelines. So, for a dictator to take control, the method used (historically), whether Hitler or others, has been to drop all the rules and make people feel so good about life without rules, and then swoop in as barbarians making a killing. Such people like Hitler spit out the libertarians like seeds. Case in point. Castro in Cuba. Made it look like a libertarian movement, too. Then after taking power, he went after gay people and locked them up. Good for him! Reveal all the gay folk with the smoke screen of “freedom” so as to have a target to go after some people he hated. Libertarian and freedom, Mr. DeSantis (and Mr. Rand Paul)? You are nothing but sick puppies, mentally deranged, with your smoke screen as you spell out the word, freedom.

Freedom and people are losing sight of the important guidelines necessary to live in a civilized nation. Barbarism in the form of mass shootings and then blaming the other side, as Hitler did in Germany. All to then swoop in and say, “see, we need to take control… see, we told you so…” All the bull manure of sickos who only seek power for their own benefit alone.

Mr. DeSantis and friends among the Repugnicans. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I am a Lincoln Republican and believe in TRULY being socially progressive and fiscally efficient. When I was registered Republican, there were many who were of the same mind. In fact, I learned from such Republicans in Yankee-land. A relative of mine, Ezra Cornell, was one of the founders of the Republican Party of New York, at the time of Lincoln. He was accused by Democrats in support of white racism, to be a “radical.” RADICAL? Because he supported the abolition of slavery, which is not human and goes against human equality? RADICAL? Those pointing the fingers were also sick puppies, in going against overall humanity and denying FREEDOM for one group within the HUMAN RACE.

I suppose, Mr. sicko DeSantis, you would ban the showing of Hair in Florida? I can just imagine. Hair makes a dramatic statement about human beings with a very short (perhaps a minute of so) of the entire cast standing on stage in the nude. Then the curtain is drawn. According to one actor who is playing in Hair, the statement is about removing the “barriers” imposed by human society.

One can shoot down what this actor said. It is easy to do, especially when talking about how removing the “barriers makes us all the same.” But, you might say, men and women are not the same. You don’t get the point. The scene is such a flash and so quick, you don’t get to fixate on genitals or boobs, as perhaps many perverted ones do. In your mind, you end up seeing that, stripped down, all on that stage are equal.

That scene is so quick, that one does not have time to say, “there is a black man in this spot or an Asian woman in this spot or a Latino i n this spot over there.” Everyone is the same with one big picture of humanity.

And in my blog, you will see I wrote a review of a production of Hair in South Florida. I pointed out that it was wrong to give the actors the “freedom” to wear clothes or not because the message of that quick scene becomes lost. More likely, it blocks the men who are repressed gay and cannot see other male genitals, so as to compare them! In fact, in that production, there were several who DID put underwear on. One could pick those out more easily than the naked people. I guess, as Dana Carvey’s Church Lady would say, “they’re special!” In other words, more important than others, just because they had clothes and ruined the scene.

My response to that Lake Worth, Florida production of Hair was to say, if you cannot do the scene correctly, as intended, then don’t do it at all. But. That would be encouraging censorship, would it not? Or perhaps for those who did not wish to appear on stage during that short minute, don’t go on at all. That, too, would be curtailing freedom, would it not? The answer is to simply do it for the message intended. When one sees a group of people on stage for just one minute, what the hell is the problem? The world will not end should they appear nude for that one minute. Censoring it curtails the freedom of those on stage and in the audience. If someone in the audience does not wish to see it, then don’t go to the production.

That production is not like Oh Calcutta or Puppetry of the Penis where people are on stage the entire time and in the nude. Have I seen either of those? No. I had no interest. But why should those who might be interested be able to see those productions and NOT be subjected to judgment by sickos and puritanical ones? Freedom.

We were married in Lake Worth with a wonderful ceremony and reception that followed. We are thankful to all our friends and relatives who were there to help us celebrate. Our 7th year anniversary is just around the corner. But our freedom to do that DID NOT come about due to Democrat turned Repugnican, Bondi of Florida. And certainly, we likely can thank Ron DeSantis for the freedom.

Are DeSantis and friends trying to be the John Galt of Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged? If so, being in Florida, you are in the wrong place.

Oh, but I forget. Ayn Rand may have revealed her “virtue of selfishness” in that novel. But unknown to selfish ones who wish to eliminate abortions, Ayn Rand supported abortions and Roe v. Wade. Sorry, but you are not living up to Ayn Rand’s standards regarding freedom. After all, that was freedom based on selfishness.

I could call the man a name right now, but I will avoid it. Instead, I have gotta go now and kiss my spouse good morning. And then thank GOD for the freedom we have by NOT living in Florida. After all, this and every other day is the day the LORD has made, so we give thanks and rejoice in it.

What is on my Mind this morning? (Thurs., June 30, 2022) RE: Reproductive Rights and the Lousy SCOTUS we have put there by Politics, not for the purpose of Justice

😁What’s on my mind? Just reading about a Republican candidate for Congress who said “overturning Roe v. Wade is a victory.” A victory for whom? Who is the winner of this decision? Do these bastards, and I will call them BASTARDS and SOBs of all kind, think it is a victory for all fetus in the womb? Is it really? Will these bastards outlaw things like coat hangers and other devices which will still be used by many females and then take the lives of living and breathing out-of-the-womb females? Really. Some victory for fetus, huh?

Perhaps these bastards think it is a victory for men who harass women and leave their pubic hairs on soda cans, like Clarence Thomas? Or perhaps for men who rape women, like many others, including another person who calls himself a “Justice?”

Look. I don’t like abortions, either. I would try to talk any female contemplating such a thing out of it, should their own life not be threatened or they were raped by a vicious testosterone-laden aggressive freaking male. I would work very hard, as Planned Parenthood does, to TEACH, not PREACH, that young people be proactive with either self-control or considering and using PRE-CONCEPTION contraception. Such measures should be taken BEFORE penetration and conception. In the end, though, the decision remains with the two people involved in the conception, not with a court of law run by corrupt politicians who want favors done with money and a love of money. Hypocritical people who, with their freaking lousy ideas from their own religious beliefs which supersede, truly, any interest in any human life, whether in the womb or outside the womb.

This is a victory, too, for lousy puritanical Protestants, Jews, and Roman Catholics. This government is not based on a “Christian nation.” Anyone who proposes this is perverted and has no sense of what it means to have the democracy which our Founding Fathers, MOST OF THEM DEISTS, wanted for this nation so as to maintain a democracy. You people SUCK big time. If you don’t like what our Founding Fathers laid down here, then LEAVE THIS NATION AND DON’T COME BACK, you lousy imbeciles. Yes, I am being quite blunt here and sounding vicious. But we are dealing with vicious people who want to override many of our religious beliefs, perhaps even the beliefs of atheists, Deists, and agnostics. The freedom of religion and separation of church and state should have been recognized by such assholes as Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Coney-Barrett, Mitch McConnell, and various others. You are just that. Assholes for not recognizing the role of separation of church and state and WHY it was initially proposed by DEISTS. You are nothing but asshole and I will NOT be as kind as Joe Biden who thinks we are still dealing with people who want to work out compromise in a democracy. Joe Biden who was diplomatic with Republicans when he was Judiciary chair and put asshole Clarence Thomas in place on the SCOTUS. And he IS an asshole. Whether black or white asshole. Now the diplomacy of that time has come back to slap Americans in the face because the GODDAMN MAN FROM KENTUCKY, corrupt as he is, IS NOT DIPLOMATIC and WORK for compromise.

Trump and the Republicunt leadership have no sense of ANY human value and would likely perform genocide on those who don’t agree with them. In this way, they can say they “maintain the peace.” But they destroy justice and use the the SCOTUS for POLITICAL MEANS only. That is NOT what the SCOTUS was designed to be.

Justice Thurgood Marshall had definitions of what democracy and SCOTUS are all about. I do not have the exact definitions, but can paraphrase as best as I am able to do. Justice Marshall was one who defined a democracy by majority and minority. Majorities, whether huge majorities or simple majorities, are decide the guidelines (legislation) for life in America. However, Justice Marshall pointed out that the minority needs to be considered too.

OK. So a majority of Americans, in quite large numbers, were against the decimation of Roe v. Wade. So the “victory” goes to a minority of people when the SCOTUS justices are utilized in the perverted manner they have? Sure. A SIMPLE majority in the U.S. Senate, under the guidance of McConnell, weaved this court into place, even to go against precedent when President Obama appointed a justice and we get a political “conservative” court instead. It’s not conservative. I have many conservative ideals and I don’t agree with what the SCOTUS justices have done. This SCOTUS does the bidding of puritanical assholes in religion and I am conservative but NOT puritanical. So go to hell, those who should NOT be on the SCOTUS and prevailing over MY LIFE.

Repugnican leaders are now working, as always, to destroy, not reform. When there is a simple majority, especially, if one were to apply what SCOTUS Justice Marshall said, then there should be reform, not destruction, by means of compromise between majority and minority – NOT, you assholes, by means of liberal and conservatives or Repugnicans and Democrats.

Yes, I am going to continue calling them assholes because that is what they have and I give such assholes no honor or respect for attempting to destroy a great democracy defined by DEISTS and others in the Founding Fathers. You are no longer worthy of being called TRAITORS, but ASSHOLES worse than TRAITORS.

I am like Teddy Roosevelt, a man who refuses to deal with money-loving assholes with diplomacy. No more. Reform COULD have preserved Roe v. Wade and some of its problems. Any liberal unwilling to do this, too, is just as much of an asshole and brought this destruction of Roe v. Wade on, just as much as those who CALL themselves conservatives (when they are not). Theocratic-endorsing, autocratic-endorsing ones have all brought this on to America and disrupted good things we have in this nation, thinking you will bring peace by DICTATING YOUR BELIEFS UPON ALL OF US. I say go to hell because you people suck and I, for one, have had enough of you assholes.

If you don’t like the great democracy and the way it was set up with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, stop pledging allegiance to the American flag and go live with Putin in Russia. Stop acting, doing, and sabotaging this nation in the name of the dictatorial czars, communists, and Putins of Russia. Go live with them and leave this nation – get the hell out because you ruin the peace and justice of those of us who respect other human beings, in spite of how we all think. We have a government which was better than most in helping us to work with each other as human beings.

Even the FREAKING NRA wants to have automatic weapons to kill human beings while most hunters and even members of the NRA have told me they would never use an automatic weapon on an animal when they hunt in the woods. It is all in the leadership in such groups and the money they have that WE THE PEOPLE have been denied with denial of OPPORTUNITIES to succeed in life. Just throw HANDOUTS to WE THE PEOPLE, just as fat pig John D. Rockefeller did as he threw dimes at people during the Robber Baron era of America. Go to hell and go live with Putin, you bastard SOB assholes.

And for quite certain, Rick the Prick in the Senate was put in place by a very tiny, tiny, tiny simple majority win in Florida because of gerrymandering, purchasing the election down there and not addressing ISSUES but throwing dirt at opponents – falsely tarnishing the image of his opponents. Rick the Prick Scott is also an asshole sitting in the U.S. Senate with asshole McConnell.

The governor down there in Florida, Ron DeSatan, won in the same way as the Republicans do. A simple majority over a black man, his purchasing the election, tarnishing and image and the results of gerrymandering in Florida. So, now a nation intent on “winning” likes this example? Perhaps those who put winning above integrity, dignity of WE THE PEOPLE, liberty and justice for all, just are mesmerized, like a bunch of lemmings being led to their destruction, likes the Machiavellian style of these corrupt Republicunt assholes – to WIN – and it does not matter what it takes to WIN because feeling like a winner is more important than providing for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL… LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. If you repeat this in the Pledge of Allegiance, you are a “sleeping dog” of the tyrannical type with hypocritical actions in life. Jesus Christ condemned hypocrites, not abortionists or homosexuals. So you assholes ARE NOT TRUE CHRISTIANS. You are puritanical assholes. I don’t intend to let such “sleeping dogs lie” with hypocrisy, if I can help it at all. But then. I don’t have money and don’t have a “love of money,” do I? So I don’t fit the tyrannical cliques of America, do I?

If you think it’s because I feel bad that I don’t have the money and am begging for the money, like a stupid person asking for handouts. Think again. I am an American who follows the ways of good American ancestors who, over the centuries, fought for the FREEDOMS OF WE THE PEOPLE of AMERICA. This would include my father who was a soldier in the Pacific during World War II. This would include Grandpa Willet who volunteered for the Civil Defense missions of the U.S. Army Air Corps in the 1940s when we were threatened by Nazi planes. I can go further back to the American Revolution.

I don’t look for handouts. I repeat. I don’t look for handouts because I don’t have the money that the asshole puritanical oligarch (plutocrat, autocrat) bastards who call themselves Republicans but I call them Republicunts and Repugnicans. My heroes are not so many who are now still living, but those like Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith of Scotland, and Ben Franklin, among others. They all had iron steel balls and played hardball. I probably should just say “played hardball,” rather than refer to the FIGURATIVE version of “balls.” But it is FIGURATIVE and thus could be applied to women, too. Women like Teddy Roosevelt’s niece, Eleanor Roosevelt. Or women like Gloria Steinem, Belva Lockwood, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, and many other women. I have already mentioned someone who I consider a “hero,” Justice Thurgood Marshall. But there are others of that race, such as Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington, and so forth.

JFK was a hero of mine, too. Struck down and injured while involved with a true American “victory” (see the reference to “victory” earlier in my message) in the Pacific during World War II, was killed by what has been kept secret and a well-kept secret. His opposition to sending troops to Vietnam, which the Texas oilmen wanted VP LBJ to do in order to tighten their control over oil. Big Oil is still performing egregious acts against humanity around the world, even today, and in America as well. Of course, what I am saying can be challenged because it has been kept secret, so therefore I lie. If I lie here, then I guess I will be forced to eat crow. But at least I am a MAN enough to admit the guilt, unlike Trump, DeSatan, Rick the Prick (who, on trial, pleaded the fifth and got away with criminal acts), and McCuntface. Let’s just say these guys, figuratively, “get away with murder.” Perhaps the “prick” in the U.S. Senate goes with the “cuntface?”

Another person whom I find as a hero, but was fearful of the Reagan folks for saying so, is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also President Harry S. Truman. However, the mob groupthink with perverted ideas, like that of the group of Reagan followers, makes people feel guilty if they should not go along with what they are saying. Same thing with the Trump groupthink today, even to the point of Republicunt Repugnicans who work to take money and jobs away from good people, should they not go along with what the Republicunt Repugnicans are saying with regard for hatred of Democrats, including Joe Biden. Is there any possibility small business people in upstate New York do the same things when considering customers? “OH! I want do business with that person because he likes Joe Biden and the Democrats!” But that just makes me paranoid to say this, right? The ones who are doing this are the paranoid ones, especially if they don’t pay taxes and/or refuse to do business with those like me who are Democrats.

And I just expressed a criticism of Joe Biden, in this message. At the same time, I praise Joe Biden for his package of the infrastructure in which Republicunt Repugnicans lie about to their constituents when they return to their home base to campaign for Congress. They voted against the infrastructure, but then go home and take credit for it. “Let sleeping dogs lie,” right? Asshole liars, tyrannical traitors to America and its democratic values, to which these assholes took an oath.

I will continue to stand up for America. I don’t like Big Oil, but that does not mean I am not a patriot. In fact, I am a better patriot than many of the asshole leaders of the Republicunt Repugnican Party.

I now have to hope and pray that I do not face adversity from a bunch of secretive fraternal snots who must have learned their secretive ways from Hitler and Putin.

Now, that is what is on my mind today.


Reproductive Rights, HUMAN BEINGS (WE THE PEOPLE), and America

May 13 is a date which lives in my memory. On May 13, 1965, my mom gave birth to my little sister. But on May 13, 1965, a Thursday and not Friday the 13th, my mom had a stillbirth. She had gone full term – 9 months – carrying this baby and the baby was born already dead. At Johnson City, NY’s Wilson Memorial Hospital (now UHS), my mom had a stillbirth.

In later years, my mom mentioned that she felt the baby die in her womb a few days before, on Mother’s Day. My mom mentioned that the mortician in Newark Valley noted the baby had an enlarged head and several other defects. To my mom, she thought being stillborn saved the life of the only girl for whom she gave birth.

For me who believes in a resurrection, I believe that in some way, God brought my little sister to be with God and some day I may be able to meet her. That is my belief.

What I don’t like is the words of an anti-abortionist whose name shall remain nameless, who felt it was the fault of a god and turned to a religious cult which opposed abortions. This same person also faulted a god for the loss of about three or four fetus due to “spontaneous abortions.” These are better known as miscarriages.

I am opposed to abortions. I teach, not preach. I place the rights of human beings above those of a fetus because there is a resurrection, based on a man who walked the earth and his father sacrificed him for the human race. These idiots who insist on DICTATING to the rest of us do not even consider cradle to grave societal healthcare and follow the words of freaking lousy lawyers who block us from attaining cradle to grave healthcare by making money of their damn lawsuits which are many times made by freaks and liars.

Instead, I go by the words of a Crosby Stills Nash & Young song:

Teach your children well

Their father’s hell

Did slowly go by

And feed them on your dreams

The one they pick’s

The one you’ll know by

Then a change in lyrics:

Teach your parents well

Their children’s hell

Will slowly go by

And feed them on your dreams

The one they pick’s

The one you’ll know by

Don’t you ever ask them, “Why?”

If they told you, you would cry

So, just look at them and sigh

And know they love you

The song is not about a group of puritans dictating to society and destroying reproductive rights. It’s about the human race. I even mentioned this belief to a black man I knew who said he supported anti-abortion efforts for society. The reason? In order to expand the black race. I was blunt and told this man that it is not about a race and the color of the skin, but about the human race. Perhaps I need to tell this to a freaking man with pubic hairs on a soda can and named Clarence Thomas. Maybe this should be said to a white man who sits on the SCOTUS, even though there were allegations given by women about his disrespect for women while dating. I speak of Brett Kavanaugh.

What about some of the others who helped push us to this brink of dictatorship? For instance, female-groping Trump?

How about corrupt McConnell who never earned his money in a legitimate way? McConnell. A lawyer. A career lawyer who does the work of the mob from puritanical s**t of people. Puritanical. He became rich by doing the work of the puritanical s**t of America.

Read the drama, The Crucible. It demonstrates that the TRUE reason for witch trials in New England was because of money, not religion. Yet, everyone believes it is religion to be dictated to everyone. Our U.S. Constitution gives us religious freedom. These dolts and idiots who intend to destroy reproductive rights do so on the basis of THEIR religious beliefs. For the rest of us, the majority of Americans, these s**theads take away our religious freedom. In stories like The Crucible, we hear about attempts to confiscate property, like a bunch of Marxist Communists, especially when the property is water front property. In those years, waterways were the primary means of transportation.

With this being said, if one were to read a book from Cornell University Press, we find a TRUE report of the false execution of a member of the Cornell family in Rhode Island, due to lies about apparitions being admissible in the court. This event happened in colonial America (late 17th Century) before we wrote the U.S. Constitution after throwing off the British Crown. The property in which this man who was falsely executed would have inherited was purportedly (from the best I can figure out, based on some records of the past – and I COULD BE WRONG – so don’t go for being wrong, if I am, but for the point I am TRYING to make here) located on a waterway.

How do I get from reproductive rights to these descriptions? Because the Cornells came here from England in 1638. They are recorded as being members of St. Mary’s Church of England church (Episcopal in America). Their relatives are buried there and the records demonstrate the family being at this church, located in Saffron on Walden, County Essex, England. We still need more research on this, but circumstantial evidence says that 1638 was at a time when there were events on the horizon and certainly the family realized the polarization of a society in England. I speak about the later puritanical dictatorship of Cromwell taking over in England, beheading King Charles, and starting the English Civil War. In the late 1600s, when the puritanical rule ended in England, too many of them apparently ended up coming to New England. it caused great upheaval in the Cornell family by persecuting those who may NOT have been in accordance with the religious practices of puritanical crap.

The Cornells then fled to Rhode Island with Baptist Roger Williams and the one persecuted named Anne Hutchinson. In other words, people came here to America to escape persecution based on religious beliefs. Then, the puritans come here and began to persecute the others who came here to escape persecution themselves. If Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and others on SCOTUS had any brains to understand this type of America. I met add this area in the northeastern area of America was one of the first to shed this nation of enslavement of Africans. The slave ship or two which was confiscated in order to set people free. Other measures for the work of those who wished to end slavery.

In fact, a descendant of this Cornell family, Ezra Cornell, was purportedly an early member of the Republican Party of New York, due to his stand for the abolition of slavery. His son, Alonzo B. Cornell, was one of the first Republican governors of New York. Today, this political party has been commandeered by puritanical s**t who wish to dictate THEIR beliefs on society. These beliefs are ones of hatred for the human race, far from what Ezra Cornell and other members of the original Republicans represented. They protect one element, fetus in the womb, while never taking any interest in those outside the womb, except to impose hateful attitudes and denying cradle to grave healthcare, and not allowing “WE THE PEOPLE” to understand our children and others who have identified that they have a natural inclination towards romance and sex. To add to this last statement, “…the one they pick’s the one you’ll know by…” Ask me about the number of young people from McConnell’s Kentucky who were abandoned by their families, out of fear that “NURTURING” overrides “NATURE.” The kids then go live on the streets in Florida, due to parents who don’t know how to teach their children, but PREACH and DICTATE to their children. WE THE PEOPLE don’t want such idiots and dolts determining their ideas about a supposed “justice” and dictate it in any method they want to do, whether the bitch in the 17th Century and her apparitions and lying, to the bitch (and others) today who think there is a requirement impose THEIR rules on all of us and call it “justice.” Sure. Tarnish the opposition. It ends up more than just the tarnishing. It ends up achieving THEIR justice with execution and genocide, like a Putin in Russia, not like America. America was formed as a result of throwing off royalty and aristocratic SUPPLY SIDER dictatorship. It was the era of “enlightenment” in which enlightened thinkers spoke about using balance, both in politics and economics. Most importantly, America was formed with a quest for religious freedom. You support anti-reproductive rights or same-sex relationships, you are imposing a religious belief on all our society.

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