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Food Network & a Polarized Shallow Society with Predominance of Competition, Violence, Guns, Rather than Information and Knowledge

Food Network has ruined its morning schedule on Thursdays and Fridays beginning at 8 AM. It’s bad enough they have all the damn infomercials before 8 AM, unlike HGTV which sometimes begins earlier. On Thursday and Friday mornings, Food Network has pre-empted informative programs with competitive s**t of programs, such as Chopped, Worst Cooks. Let the prime time audience see those shows because there are few other choices at that time of the morning. Thanks for continuing with informative programs the early mornings of the other days of the week. How about if Food Network adds to its all-white people programs some informative cooking shows from CLEO and other non-white-people programs? I must say, though, that Molly Yeh with Jewish and Chinese features is great. Delicious Miss Brown (an African-American) on Tuesdays is great. But what about soul foods and other cooking shows? But overall, informative and not competitive “cutthroat” s**t needs to be the word of the day.

Spectrum Streaming buries Create TV deep in the schedule, rather than as part of the local television lineup and the Customer Service validates this with an emphasis on technological handle this to our advantage – a complicated process with “favorites.” This process is not easy to discover and learn. For things like this, with the regular print media and times when we had a stronger local business and news.  Gannett newspaper in this area, a monopoly in the Southern Tier, has eliminated local columnists and local news and reporting.  The newspaper has been condensed by eliminating many things. The elimination includes local arts and music critics, food critics, restaurant critics, or other types of columns.  Instead, it is limited ONLY to political analysis at the national level and little or no local political analysis. And if it is political analysis, the fat pigs purchasing the newspapers often put bias according to one side of the political spectrum or another. 

Gannett, most recently, eliminated the TV matrix which provides local television programming. This is creepy and run by fat pigs who have little or no desire to meet the OVERALL needs of WE THE PEOPLE. In other words, if my interest is part of the non-shallow crowd and more intellectual part of society, we are being told to go to hell by the fat pigs at the top of so many corporations today. Even TV Guide does not contain some of the local programming. For instance, try to find WSKG’s Create TV in the lineup.

This is all designed to favor the lowest common denominator and the nerds of technology. 

Catering to the lowest common denominator is predominant today and it is crap.

According to, lowest common denominator (or least common denominator) is defined as such:

“something of small intellectual content designed to appeal to a lowbrow audience”

Examples (from

Cinemas are currently offering a pretty easy program tailored to the lowest common denominator that simply gets the audience only used to event films. — Alex Ritman, The Hollywood Reporter, 11 Feb. 2022.

Managing to the lowest common denominator, changing compensation, more bureaucracy, and increasing pressure to cross-sell bank products are examples of how big firms are asserting their power over advisors and their businesses. — Mindy Diamond, Forbes, 25 Jan. 2022

When will we have a “village” to change this s**t whi8ch predominates society today? It needs to end. People need to learn to take responsibility for any actions which polarize and divide our society.

Perhaps if people were to apply the intent of Roe v. Wade (making false claims that it goes against the U.S. Constitution), rather than waste our times by fighting it with corrupt practices of Trump and McConnell and others who claim to be Christians, parents and others would take advantage and teach their children to be responsible for their actions. They could explore with their children all the options with cause and effect. Instead, prohibiting something and enforcing this with children does more to NOT teach their children very well. The same thing happened with the prohibition of alcohol about 100 years ago.

Same thing with sex when the English language has only ONE word for love. With the English language, the word, “love,” is applied to romance, sex, brotherly love,  love without strings attached, and other aspects of love. From the example of Greece, the cradle of democracy, comes, numerous different words representative of different aspects of love.  Those words were used in the Gospels (written in Greek) and all translated to English with ONE WORD only: “love.”

Sorry. I cannot help explaining details and going into so much. When the world was not shallow and catering to non-intellectual values, I had more happiness and did not need to write. I don’t use guns, I use the writing of words. Part of the non-intellectual and appeal to the lowest common denominator presents the teaching of violence and guns, whether in the media or in the home. Won’t the lowest common denominator be happy when the intellectual become the lowest common denominator. When these perverted shallow people predominate, they will have their wish. They are happy if they can spend time fighting Roe v. Wade, the teaching of the truth about racist history, and destroying the teaching of sexual identity. Time ends up being spent on such contentions and polarizations than on what we can all do for the overall human race. In this case, we end up with corruption from people like Trump and McConnell and the statement about “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” also becomes firm with evil people.

Thomas Friedman & Putin’s Russia

Dear Editors:

Thomas Friedman always provides interesting reading. However, some of his latest writings are very lengthy (longer than what I write) and go into great detail regarding the economics behind dealing with Putin and the Russians as they invade the Ukraine.

In 1977, I was enrolled in a college class in Soviet History. I was working to complete a second major besides my music education degree.  The professor of that class predicted that unless the West comes to grips with the fact that dealing with matters regarding the Soviets and the Middle East and focusing on the issue of oil, there was little chance of success. He told the class that ideology had nothing to do with it, but it was oil that would guide who succeeded, unless we developed alternative fuels to oil and saved oil like a savings account in reserves to be used when it became necessary.

America has not learned about this, but the Russians and the Chinese have.  Same with Saudi Arabia and even Iran. It is the Muslim sect in Saudi Arabia which inspired the U.S. and faked us out with Middle Eastern wars. Most Afghans are of the same sect. That was why a man named Osama bin Laden was located in Afghanistan.  The control over Hussein was something the Saudis wanted. When George W. Bush left a vacuum in Iraq after bringing down Hussein, it opened doors for supporters of the Saudis in both Iraq and Syria. America was faked out with the ISIS group which does executions in the same manner that the Saudis do. A sword or knife  to chop off a head.  America was faked out.

America was faked out with the Reagan push for Gorbachev to “take down those walls.”  It was a strategy on the part of the Russians to make it look like peace was achieved, as the Russians collected their power base.  I saw it and spoke about it, but was scoffed at because everyone just wanted peace and was willing to sacrifice American justice in order to achieve peace. 

Recent events which demonstrate that ultra right wing, not ultra left wing, movements are happening in former Soviet bloc nations. one is East Germany. The other is Hungary.  Friedman and the rest of the media are totally ignoring all of this. In those years, it had nothing to do with communism.

Figures I have heard in recent years is that the Soviet state killed more Jews than Hitler’s Germany did.  Such figures were presented at a speech on the campus where I was a professor. All the speaker did was blame communism, not the Russian leaders like Stalin.  I thought it was rather crude and rude as Americans were being faked out. A fake is a good gesture in football, but not in running our lives in America.

Even PBS is biased against Joe Biden and snubbing him on the eve of his State of the Union address by ignoring the good things which are happening in the economy, in favor of a Trump-like approach to dwell only on the bad. Unemployment is down. Yet a PBS announcement about the State of the Union address and they feature a woman complaining about “needing to eat.” Last I knew, the Republicans don’t like the Democrats because of the food stamp program. So what gives with a woman who has trouble eating? It simply does not make sense, at all. 

In line with what I am saying about energy and the predictions made by the professor in Potsdam in the 1970s, what about the Chinese? A few years back a CBS Sixty Minutes report told us about how new alternative energy sources were not good money makers, but could develop into such over a long term investment. Americans were not willing to invest, but the Chinese did see the possibility for long-term investments which would pan out over time.  Just as the professor predicted in the 1970s, but it was the Chinese, not Americans, who were putting forth the investments for the long-term, while Americans have been, and still are, faked out by the evangelical horde of puritanical bastards who get upset if someone somewhere is having a good time. Americans are also being faked out by Rick the Prick Santorum and his wishes to block service in healthcare to anyone who is opposed to his own personal beliefs.  Then there is Rick the Prick Scott and Ron DeSatan of Florida who keep shoving into our faces the fake stuff about socialism and how all Democrats are socialist. They make certain that no one like me and MANY OTHERS, don’t get heard as we try to address issues of healthcare in line with Adam Smith and Teddy Roosevelt types of thinking that it is best to have regulated capitalism. Regulated capitalism is NOT socialism, if one would dare look it up. In fact, central based newspapers and any businesses in energy, communications, and other trades is a form of socialism and even communism, put in place by Reagan’s supply side economic theories which are bizarre. They create the centrally planned corporations with monopolies, doing so in the name of “free markets.”  No one listens. And America is suffering from losses in technology, alternative fuels, and newspapers, plus other commodities, due to it. Local control of newspapers and media have been wrestled away from local areas and consolidated into a communist type central bureaucracy, in the guise of “capitalism.”  And the media, including Thomas Friedman, never mention these things. Instead, we read two pages of details, some of it repetitive, about all this drivel regarding Russia and Ukraine which is absolutely bizarre and lacks much meaning for the situations we are facing.

We need a Teddy Roosevelt. I have never really cared for TR’s statement, “speak softly but carry a big stick.” TR came in second place as a third-party candidate in 1912, losing to Woodrow Wilson. The more I think of it, Wilson spoke softly but did not carry a big stick, when it came to dealing with the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, as did the Republican candidate, Taft. Too bad TR lost that election in 1912 and never ran again in 1916. 

Who and what money is manipulating our media with mind control with these issues?  Why are so few in the media considering what I am saying?

​What I hope and pray for, rather than letting Robertson and other evangelical shitheads place fear in people’s minds, is that there is a leadership contingent made up of people like TR and the generals from World War II, particularly, General Dwight D. Eisenhower who led one of the greatest military invasions from the sea which has ever happened.  The true God is a caring and loving God and would not bring on Armageddon by way of pushing humans into war.  However, the true God to whom I believe does want peace WITH justice. In World War II, after great losses, we did achieve peace with justice.  It was a tough one. But we need to remember that Chamberlin sat by when Hitler invaded Poland and did nothing.  Even DEMOCRAT FDR wanted something done, but his hands were being tied by Republicans and threats of an overthrow by many Republicans, in the USA. Thank God it was discovered before it was hatched. Here we go again, though. Threats by people from southwest Florida like fascist-leaning ones in those days gone by – Lindburgh, Ford, and others.  Today it is Ric the Prick Scott from Southwest Florida.  That area of the nation is NOT the only area, as we learn about lunkhead Republicans in Wisconsin and Michigan, too, plus other areas. 

​Shut up the perverted puritanical types and televangelists (plus others who fake the population), as they endeavor to work to divide and conquer in the name of fascist autocratic theology of hate, and other autocratic means.  They do this in the name of a god which is made in the image of the human lunkheads with money and fascist ideals.

SHORT & TO THE POINT: Thomas Friedman in Print

NOTE: it is quite possible that WordPress blocks this article from being sent to my personal email in Google. Damn WordPress for doing this and not being willing to help me out in stopping it.

The other day, I picked up a newspaper that was not from Binghamton. Binghamton has a newspaper which has scaled back its content, lost circulation in the process and now wants to fulfill its fat cat, Dickey’s plans to eliminate print copies and go exclusively to digital. The claim is a blatant false claim that “newspapers are dying, so therefore we need to only cater to the younger people with digital.” BS. That is a false statement and a blatant means of sabotaging the newspaper industry for the sake of more dollars i the individualist jackasses at the top dictatorial levels. It’s not true. Newspapers have reduced content and gone digital for one purpose only. To dictate and force technology and the COSTS of technology upon us all, the same as a lousy cable television industry has done to us without offering ala carte in choices of channels but DICTATING and FORCING Americans to pay huge amounts for television we don’t want to watch. It’s like going into a restaurant and paying for EVERYTHING on the menu, whether we eat any of it or not. Cable television making money from consumers with 250 or 350 channels or more, THEN making money from commercials from bastards like big pharma and lousy lawyers, all of them moaning and groaning about not making enough money. That is a boldface lie to which no Americans will speak proudly and bravely out en masse against. Newspapers, too, charging for digital and paper copies when many of us refuse to use the digital copies and COULD choose to purchase a huge number of archived newspapers from The newspapers make double the amount and force us to pay for the entire menu, like what would happen should we visit one restaurant. However, it was nice to recently read a newspaper from outside Binghamton and find an op-ed columnist which is no longer available in Binghamton in a print copy. Thomas L. Friedman, we were blessed to read your column once again and to LEARN (as Americans should be trying to do) from the overall bulk of information which is available out there, not the jackass shallow crap from a menu of entertainment on cable television. We want a print copy of a newspaper that contains op-eds from Friedman, George Will (conservative), Maureen Dowd (liberal), Paul Krugman (liberal), Michael Gerson (conservative), Kathleen Parker (moderate), Cynthia Tucker (moderate), Leonard Pitts (anti-white-racist and moderate-liberal), Jeff Jacoby (?), and many local columnists, religious writers, food and recipe writers, advice columnists, puzzle games (enough with the GD video games in which players on a basketball punch each other out) with interests tailored to people at the local level. America is being dictated and forced into accepting digital copies of newspapers and huge menus of lousy entertainment on cable television. We want the columnists and others back in the newspapers and stop the GD false claim, after eliminating and paring back so much of it, “no one is interested.” Of course, no one is interested and cancel subscriptions because these young whippersnappers taking over the industry following the Recession of 2008, have deliberately set up things this way – for their own individualistic, selfish, greedy, egotistical, snot Ayn Rand ways. Thank you for giving me a light at the end of the tunnel with a choice (“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) to enable me to purchase another newspaper. Only wish I could get the other newspaper delivered to me in print copy. But of course the snots like Dickey head of Gannett, and others, wish to snuff out that light at the end of the tunnel because, like jackass, Trump, they don’t like the criticism from loyal readers and newspaper subscribers of print editions. Dickey face and the others should go to plumb h-e-double-hockey-sticks and burn there in their own stench of evil anti-human-being styles. BTW. If you read this and are so low-life scum so as to reject lengthy detail in an op-ed or article, don’t bother reading the Thomas Friedman op-ed to which I just referenced. It might be too hard on your damn brain. Is this short and to the point enough? Tastes like chicken.

Newspaper, Newspaper, Where Art Thou Fair Newspaper (& the Fairness Doctrine)?

When I was living and working in Florida, we had hurricanes quite frequently. Homeowners’ insurance, for a tiny little villa less than living space of 1000 square feet was far more expensive than for a 2300 square foot home in upstate New York. You ask, what does that have to do with newspapers? It does not, I suppose. Except that it was a newspaper article where I read about the condo commandos of Florida who were given license by the Republican Party of Florida in a one-party state, to go after a retiree there when the condo association was fraudulent in their actions to run the association. Repeat. They were given “license” to have the upper hand over the demand side of the market or the consumer. Buyer beware, they would say, as if to mock the consumer and the demand side of the market for “not knowing enough so therefore it is the FAULT of the consumer. No lawyers to protect such abuse, either, as I see lawyers like William Mattar and their stupid advertisements which teach America to go after one another and have no love of neighbor, as Jesus Christ and the Judeo-Christian belief system has been about.

Thus, I am taking a whole paragraph of introduction to begin to describe the media in Florida in which, at one time, it worked to uncover such abuses. Not anymore.

A newspaper such as the Orlando Sentinel publishes to an area of Florida which carried Donald Trump, Rick Scott, and DUH-SATAN (DeSantis). The Orlando Sentinel proved that people ARE still interested in reading print copies. When on the campus of the University of Central Florida and carrying a “Knight” student card, one had access to a FREE copy of the Orlando Sentinel. I know. I was once a student at UCF. The boxes with newspapers were like those anyone could once find in order to purchase any newspaper. But one could access these boxes on campus with a “Knight” card. As a student who once delivered newspapers and has always loved reading newspapers, I would rush to a box on campus and rarely got there before they were emptied.

Think about this. A more conservative newspaper and the ONLY voice in Orlando (because there was no “liberal” one) made money from advertising because their FREE newspapers went like hotcakes. In contrast, The Palm Beach Post, a more moderate to liberal newspaper in South Florida (owned by Cox Media), complained and complained and complained about losing money. So bad that they eventually sold the newspaper to a more conservative chain called Gannett. Yet, when this former UCF student returned to Palm Beach County and wrote to recommend they set a similar “free” newspaper availability with a Panther Card and Owls card at Palm Beach State College and Florida Atlantic University, both located in Palm Beach County, the accountants there must have thought this former student was a real dolt. They had blinders on and were operating within a box. They could not understand that advertising dollars could be increased by selling a larger number of papers – the “circulation.” By handing out free newspapers to the younger generation at these colleges, they could (1) sell a larger number and (2) teach the younger generation to like newspapers, including the print copies. Why such Republican money-crunchers have such blinders on is beyond this former Republicans brain, I guess. (Here the number-crunchers with all the money go again – opposition to ways to increase the coffers of our Federal budget – PROVEN by past BIPARTISAN efforts which recognized, if you give money to the Middle Class, it will more likely stimulate the economy AND bring down the Federal deficit – WE STILL FIGHT THIS GODDAMN NOTION WITH BLINDERS ON THE FREAKING LOUSY NUMBER CRUNCHERS WHO MAKE MORE THAN PROFESSORS DO).

My point here? That big corporate CEOs of big corporate monopolies are wrong when they say “young people don’t read newspapers or young people don’t read print copies.” You are freaking wrong, you idiots who only look at a LOVE OF MONEY than you do about how to MAKE money and EARN money. You bastards have a lousy thought with blinders on and there is evidence to the contrary for what you say. No. Perhaps you idiot dolts would rather cling to the lies of a Trump regarding fraud, right?

Another example (EVIDENCE!). A hurricane’s destructive force destroying a portion of the library where I worked. Contrary to the LIES, LIES, LIES of big corporate publishing executives in America…. the ones who perpetrated mergers and acquisitions to bring together all these publishing houses into a monopolized business… (terrible way to write this, don’t you know? I don’t give one damn). These executives with their LOVE OF MONEY. I repeat for those who don’t get it…. I don’t say MONEY…. I say LOVE OF MONEY. There is a big difference. I don’t think like the dolt who inspired the Bolsheviks in Russia who thinks profits are bad so thus earning MONEY is bad. I think like a CAPITALIST who knows what TRUE CAPITALISM of SUPPLY AND DEMAND and EARNING A PROFIT by being the BEST in a competitive market is all about. I know what INVESTMENT and RETURN ON INVESTMENT is about, but supply side freaking asinine ones have no idea what this means. I have written this for some 20 years and now appear angry that I STILL HAVE TO WRITE THIS so people will LEARN HOW TO LEARN —— AND LEARN.

SIDE NOTE: Thank you, the late Ms. Steinkamp and so many others who taught me this when we used the Cornell University library while in high school. Thank you, Professor Mike Eisenberg (today affiliated with the west coast’s University of Washington, as professor and dean emeritus) and the late Professor Jeff Katzer, both professors of mine at Syracuse University School of Information Studies, among others, who taught me this. Some wonderful teachers and professors in my life. LEARN TO LEARN.

Why do I expand upon this capitalism stuff while speaking of newspapers and the media? You might think I am dumping crap out here. You might think “I want a little cheese with my whine.” If that is the case, and it is not, then let me explain. I want CHEESE WITH MY WINE because I remove the “H” which stands for hatred.

Look at Orlando and its support of Trump. Why? Yet, in Palm Beach County, Trump cannot win there. Why? “Blame the damn liberals and Democrats,” Trumpicans say. They are full of bull manure in saying this. All lies. Bull manure by any other name smells just as stinky.

Let’s see. How many times have I heard the blame put on liberal professors, too? We, the ones who teach students with LEARN TO LEARN. That is such a liberal thing, don’t you know? Yet, I have heard graduates where conservative professors predominate and they speak more disgustingly of the professors at such universities than I do with students who have the so-called “liberal” professors. I won’t mention the names of the universities because I am a nice guy who recognizes that even at THOSE universities, there is a combination of “red AND blue.” Understand that one? If you don’t, then LEARN TO LEARN.

When I was a kid, I delivered what some considered to be a more liberal newspaper. Oh, yeah? Then why did this newspaper feature CONSERVATIVE William F. Buckley, Jr., the FOUNDER of the CONSERVATIVE magazine named The National Review? That was before Gannett Newspapers purchased this more “liberal” newspaper and shut down the “competing” voice and “competing” business. They shut down a newspaper better able to handle the “Fairness Doctrine” than I consider was done by Gannett, especially today.

In Palm Beach County, there were also two newspapers. In St. Petersburg, FL, there were also two newspapers. I lived in both those areas. I recall the Evening Independent, in St. Petersburg, promising they would give out free newspapers any day in St. Petersburg when the sun did not shine. They could do that and not lose much circulation money. Not possible in Binghamton, NY. That newspaper in St. Petersburg no longer exists, as well as the competitor across the bay, the Tampa Tribune. No longer. Merged. The newspaper which won out? A Republican-based one in a Republican-majority county. Not so in Palm Beach County where there are more Democrats. Yet, Democrats are blamed, should they have the ONE voice, but no one blames the more conservative (Orlando) or Republican (St. Pete) ones.

This shoots holes in the stupidity of the lies of the Trumpicans who blame all of the bad conditions on liberals and Democrats and wishing to shut down media which is opposed and have a one-comment media from Australian Rupert Murdock. Get the hell out of America, Murdock, because you are one of the major ruining factors of America and its ability to have competitive forces in media and newspapers. Go to hell Rupert Murdock because many of us don’t want you around to disturb what ever peace we have which can bring about human justice. You are a jackass Murdock… or Sean Hannity or Carson Daily or Steve Bannon or … others. You lie when you blame it all on liberals, while we have watched so many liberal newspapers and media destroyed. It’s like saying the election in Georgia was a fraud, unless a Republican won. And believe me, there were plenty of Republicans who won. The entire Georgia legislature and governor and lt. governor are all Republicans. Must be they all one by fraudulent means, right?

When I was on the union negotiating team at a college, we were faced with a desire by a Republican Rick Scott board of trustees – the wealthy ones of the community who likely got on the board by sending Rick Scott tons of campaign money – to destroy faculty tenure. The union, with a wonderful and vivacious woman, stepped up to the plate and said, “ok, here are solutions in which we can help make certain any qualms about tenure are laid to rest. We put on the table a proposal, before these lousy Republicans, in which we proposed an administration working with a peer-reviewing group of faculty in order to determine tenure. We had examples of academic institutions which did it this way and, with peer-review, it was found that peers were tougher on granting tenure than administrators were. In any method of doing it, though, we acknowledged that it was tough to remove the foul stench of politics and favoritism. DOes not matter who determines it. And. That administrators receive an “unwritten” tenure when there was a white racist administrator who condemned our black president. She had tenure, all right. She did not maintain her position, but was moved to an isolated office where she could continue to draw a paycheck and DO NOTHING which was pertinent for the college. A white racist FEMALE administrator. Did I say that? Imagine if a black man serving as an administrator had done something wrong. Would he or she be given an isolated office and continue to draw a paycheck? Nah.

With this negotiation, what was the Republican reply? Similar to the freaking lousy governor and lt. governor of Georgia regarding the pissy laws passed by the Georgia legislature. And then when questioned about how, if there is such fraud in the elections, then how do they have a large number of Republicans running the Georgia legislature? In this case at the college, the faculty was threatened with firing all those who already had tenure, as if to say, our proposal was telling these goddamn Republicans that administrators did not do a good job in approving tenure. I say. Fire the entire Georgia legislature because they must have gotten there, due to fraud, right? Only Democrats do the fraud, right?

You bastards who think like this are on a path to destruction of democracy and propping up a one-party state. You have destroyed the Fairness Doctrine in media, which brought on hate monger Rush Limbaugh and have worked with a strategy to “burn publications” by getting rid of the opposing voices which provide choices in a SUPPLY AND DEMAND SIDE newspaper print copy market. It has been shown this way all around, from Murdock to Gannett to Newsmax to Breitbart to … and what else? What will Jeff Bezos do to the Washington Post? Got a clue? What about other newspapers who provide an alternative voice and thus give us a protection of the FIRST AMENDMENT. Worthless gun slingers of America (NRA) who still believe the barbaric and savage frontier still exists, don’t protect the First Amendment and lie with paranoia and fear that the Second Amendment will be removed from them so they can no longer protect hatred in America. That is the issue, not militias or the other crap promoted by the NRA which pushes people to run for cover and demand gun control These bastards are at fault, with their hatred, for such gun control proposals. Nations like Canada, where there is less racial divide and less hatred, they have more guns per capita than in America. ‘Splain that to me, Lucy?

Oh, yeah. Go ahead. Come up with some kind of twisted fabrication in order to explain. The people of America have had enough of that s**t. We want the fairness of capitalist competition which once existed in the news media, before the bastards of neocons and Nazi loving white supremacy worked their little fingers of manipulation. We the people don’t want to repeal the Second Amendment because we recognize the TRUE intent of it which was not to pit American against American with hateful, bratty, and immature lousy attitudes, as exemplified by the dolts of Proud Boys, Qanon and other idiotic brats who don’t recognize that it was this one-time mixture, due to the Fairness Doctrine, and competitive capitalism of print journalism which gave these bastards the life they have which is far better than in many other nations, such as those in South America where they clamor to come here and escape the Nazi loving bastards from Germany who, following World War II, fled to South America in order to bolster the banana republic ideology of plantations. They escaped execution in the war-time trials in Germany and have influenced this hemisphere too damn much. They need to be STOPPED.

Newspaper, newspaper, where art thou fair newspaper and a competitive world with journalists who seek the truth, not lies, as does Murdock’s lousy media empire (hate-generating Fox) and others. The BIPARTISAN intent of the 1940s-implementation of the Fairness Doctrine in journalism and media was to assure we did NOT have a propaganda s**t like that of Goebbels of Germany who said, “tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth.” We need to bring back that Fairness Doctrine and challenge the lies of those with tons of money and preclude those of us without money from being able to speak the truth. Who destroyed the Fairness Doctrine? Think. Which political party works to destroy EVERYTHING which might be good? It is not the Democrats who wish to destroy the ACA rather than come up with a plan which might reform it and make it better. Shall I bring up other things? And even when the Democrats SHOULD, for the sake of preserving our democracy, cannot even come forward to abolish and destroy the U.S. Senate filibuster which is used to advocate the status quo some white bastards think are so important regarding a Jim Crow type of society. These white bastards with the NRA make a society on earth which looks like hell on earth, disturbing the peace of civilization and humanity and ending up destroying JUSTICE FOR ALL. Maybe these bastards need to stop their goddamn hypocrisy by reciting words like this. Where are these words found and repeated many times? “…with liberty and justice for all.” You bastards will find some way to flip this idea to your satisfaction. How about if we isolate all such people to an island somewhere so they cannot freak us all over with their idea of “justice only for white wealthy male Americans, not for those of non-white colored skin or… LGBTQ … or even for many females.”

I have had enough of this. I have had enough of trying to get people to speak out in favor of what I say and they seem to be freaking WIMPS who are afraid of some retributions or other crap, so they remain silent. This silence is like “a cancer which grows” in the herd mentality of the Wimps of America .

Newspaper, newspaper, where art thou fair newspaper? A good newspaper or media outlet, which follows the Fairness Doctrine appropriately, by any other name, would smell just as sweet. We cannot have peace unless we strive for justice.

TECHNOLOGY: It’s Humans, Stupid, Not Technology

Technology is a blessing and curse. The Internet is a blessing and a curse. With Spectrum Internet, it is all so slow in loading many items that we are back in the 1950s when it took minutes for a television to begin because of the vacuum tubes in the televisions. Mattered not whether there was an antenna on the roof or “rabbit ear” antenna indoors. The vacuum tube was slow in warming up. Besides, in the 1950s, there was NO cable television. That did not come into the homes, particularly in hilly areas like Upstate New York and Pennsylvania, until the 1960s. The signal was more reliable and not subjected to those who do the hacking.

In the 1960s and later, Castro, with his centrally planned supply side economics, figured a way to “jam” the signals he did not wish for his people to view. It was usually Miami and South Florida signals he jammed, but perhaps there were Voice of America signals he jammed as well(?). IT was not the technology, stupid. It was humans, stupid, who were running Castro’s island and did not wish for the people to have happiness.

In America, we face such “jamming” and removal of our happiness. Many times. Just recently, a favored streaming radio station was “jammed.” Yep. Jelly all over the place (NOT). It was taken off a Favorites list on one streaming service within Roku. When checking another streaming service, it was claimed, earlier this week, that this station would not be available on this other service until Saturday, March 20, 2021. Here we are, today, Saturday, March 20, and where is our favorite station on this streaming service. Returning to the original streaming service to discover if, “we’re back!” The results were that it was not there, but to search it, the station was found once again.

Technology and computers do not take a favorite station away from a listener. It’s humans, stupid. It’s humans, stupid, to do such a thing as this which is comparable to Castro (maybe Hitler book burning, too?) removing happiness of the people and pushing American citizens into a corner of helplessness in the process.

People have more important things to do with their lives than to try to work through such obstacles. With warmer weather here, perhaps we would like to do some outdoor gardening or cleaning up lawns after the snow goes away. Removing our happiness so as to push us into a corner and spend more time trying to solve the problems resulting from hackers. Repeat. Computers don’t just do this kind of crap alone. It takes humans, stupid.

We hear about nations such from South Korea to Taiwan to New Zealand to those on continental Europe where the Internet is not like what is being described here. Do they spend time with Trumpicans fighting with good people. Same thing here. People being pushed into a corner with technological crap of hackers and not having time to work with the things which are best for our lives. Why does the states like New York or Florida or the Federal government providing as good an Internet service as the other democratic capitalist nations provide? WHY? Those nations also have political parties which iron out differences, too. But what the Trumpicans are doing to control the Republican Party and gain a foothold in pushing for a dictatorship is disgusting, as they marginalize voters so they won’t vote and suppress many other voters so they CANNOT vote.

These people are vicious barbarians who cannot win elections unless they carve out voting districts by way of GERRYMANDERING. Gerrymandering has been around for a long time. But at least many states, even with gerrymandering, had a two-party system. Right now, Florida has a one-party state of Republican and has never had a Democratic Party governor since before 1998. The gerrymandering has done that.

Go ahead and say, “well New York State is the same.” BULLSHIT. George Pataki was NOT a Democrat, so at least there were a number of years when it went back and forth between Democrat and Republican. There was a day when Senator Warren Anderson of Binghamton headed the MAJORITY of Republicans in the New York State Senate and TYPICALLY, the Assembly was Democrat. Two-party system with more compromise than what there is today.

(1) we rid this nation of gerrymandering
(2) we rid this nation of voter suppression
(3) we stop the marginalizing of voters by Trumpican dictatorial people
(4) stop the (please excuse the frustration and the resulting language) BULLSHIT of lies and coverups done by Trumpicans who hold people’s feet to the fire with retribution if they don’t follow the DICTATOR Trump (and Roger Stone and others)
(5) abolish the Electoral College and replace it with two voting times, one with all parties and the second one between the top two recipients of votes
(6) create capitalist competition through government regulation for the sake of SUPPLY AND DEMAND
(7) acknowledge the role which long term, not just egotistical short term, investments mean and encourage pooled lower-risk investments without a cap on percentage invested so wealthy bastards pay less into FICA (Social Security) and Medicare for all, due to LONG TERM investments in a CAPITALIST system; damn it all, don’t close your minds to what some of us are saying
(8) return to a two or more party system with STATES PEOPLE who are rational enough, on ALL sides, to know how to find common ground and lead this nation
(9) abolish PACs and lobbyists from Congress and government, and stop the trash of people with too much control over our legislators. The PEOPLE should speak, not the damn lobbyists and put Congress on the SAME THING the rest of the nation has for Social Security and Medicare (I said, FOR ALL)
(10) Reform the tax system so as to rid the paper shuffling number crunching business of tax accountants and lawyers, which TAKES AWAY from the productivity for REAL things for America, its economy and its people; sales tax and businesses have to hire people and it cuts into the overhead for the small self-employed business person; income taxes the same consideration as it is a regressive one penalizing Americans from making money or PROFIT (which is called “disposable income” – BULLSHIT ON THAT to those who mock those of us pointing this BULLSHIT out); there was a day when conservatives promoted the value added tax because it was a tax added as a value to every product and this did not mean small business has to account for it and cut into their profit margins; today, there is NO DAMN CONSERVATIVE who promotes this, so I say, you damn bastards are NOT conservatives, you are dictatorial neo-cons.

Wrapping this entire discussion together and we end up realizing that the FCC does a lousy job in regulating media and the Internet because they do it to favor their OWN industry, rather than have THIRD PARTY people who look on and regulate in line with CAPITALIST DEMAND AND SUPPLY. The consumer. As with Castro “jamming” signals for Castro’s benefit only, here we are with a return to the discussion about technology. It’s human hackers “jamming” demand-side access, stupid, not technology.

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