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The American Wealth Today


There is nothing wrong with wealth.  What is wrong is the gap between have’s and have-not’s.  Capitalism is a good thing and helps to develop wealth.  Capitalism goes sour when it becomes centralized and similar to the economics of a centralized economy in the failed Soviet Union.
The disgust with wealth in America today can be expressed as follows:
  1. Emphasis on quantity over quality
  2. Considering human beings as “economic units,” robots, or slaves (like the plantation owners of the South; like the Romans did)
  3. Cutting corners to make the cheapest possible products and utilize our vastly overrated marketing networks to sell shoddy products (Jesus Christ became violently angry when shoddy products were sold in the temple)
  4. Laziness at the top, making lousy role models for the American work ethic, then blaming American workers for not having a “work ethic”
  5. Emphasis on greed and selfishness of the individual to such extremes that the good of the society is negated completely
  6. Monopolistic attitudes among cronies;  no different than the centralized control and cronyism which eventually aided the destruction of the Soviet Union (Soviet system was not communism)
  7. Mis-aligned ideas of capitalism and wish a return to the economic feudal/landlord/ mercantile systems which preceded capitalism, not recognizing how it was capitalism and democracy which made this nation great
  8. Through large corporations like Wal-Mart and McDonalds (and others), have goals to destroy the mom and pop small retail businesses in America, in the same manner the Ancient Chinese destroyed the Mandarin merchant class and plunged China into centuries of poverty (perhaps the wealthy in America are listening too much to advice of the Chinese today who DON’T have our best interests in mind?)
  9. Anarchists, promoting any type of action, even if it smacks of swindling and deception, to make a buck, and go to extreme lengths to validate these actions – including … “doing this in the name of the LORD!”
  10. No longer do the wealthy put their sons and daughters in the line of duty to defend this great nation and get wackos like Allen West to justify what they do; look back at the wealthy ones like Teddy Roosevelt, George Washington, Marinus Willett, John F. Kennedy, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and countless other wealthy Americans who would put THEIR lives on the line to defend this nation, not just the ones who are unemployed.  Side note:  was it the poor “communist” who deplored the draft and sought an end to it?  No.  It was sons and daughters of wealthy ones who led the protests against Vietnam and the draft, far different than the poor Irish immigrants who protested Lincoln’s draft in the 1860s.  About the only official in the wealthy / elite Washington crew that I have heard has children serving in the Armed Forces is Vice President Joe Biden.   Perhaps there are others?  Please tell me.  The ending of the draft, I believe, was more beneficial for the wealthy ones, not for the Middle and lower classes.  The wealthy today can withhold their investments and create an environment where poor people have no choice but to volunteer to serve in the military.  What sick people the wealthy Americans are today.  Sickos.  The wealthy no longer sacrifice for this nation, and expect the “Roman-warrior” types in the lower classes to sacrifice.  The draft created an equalizing force in America. We need to implement more than just a draft, but a 2-year compulsory service by every American, regardless of wealth.

    I had a wealthy ancestor who sacrificed big time for the American Revolution.  He nearly went broke in funding this new nation when all the tax dollars were going to Britain.  I think the wealthy ones today should do the same thing as my ancestor did by putting this nation first.  And guess what?  There were no “communists” at the time my ancestor lived.  But go ahead – call him a “communist” or a “socialist,” Mr. West.  And while you are at it, Mr. West, call me, a good CAPITALIST supporting SMALL BUSINESS in America, a “communist,” too!  Go right ahead.  You bastard… and all the goons who lack any intelligence who support you.

    This last issue in number 10 is a big one for me.

    I wish to ask Jeb Bush how much HIS ancestor sacrificed for this nation and then ask him to consider how much HE sacrifices for our nation today – with investments and buddies in Saudi Arabia?  HUH?  I learned that Jeb Bush and I are both members of the same organization – the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR).

    How much did George Bush sacrifice for this nation?  Had it been necessary for me to be drafted, I would have gone.  It would not have pleased me.  But the draft ended by the time I became 18.  That would be the same for Neil and Marvin Bush, but not for Jeb and George.

    When guys were STILL leaving for Canada, I remained in this nation.  When I was offered a job opportunity in Canada – teaching – I remained in this nation.  Those were tough decisions for me to make, but I chose the solution which I felt was best.  Jimmy Carter was president when I was offered that job in Canada.  Imagine my disgust when smooth slick Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter in 1980 – and I was told I should just simply put up with the situation.  Imagine it.  I could have been a Middle Class citizen in Canada on the Canadian healthcare system today – which I have heard is not so bad, despite what wealthy Americans beholden to the “black hole money pit” of big insurance and big Pharm, keep propagandizing about.

    The people who run those corporate conglomerates know nothing about sacrifice for America.  Again, they prefer to destroy than to compete.  Compete with companies in the Western world which have lower expenses due to universal healthcare? NAH!  These bastard pigs wish to destroy, rather than figure out ways to compete.  Compete with companies where per capita healthcare costs are 1/3 those of American healthcare costs?  Hell no!  Destroy the idea of lower cost healthcare instead.

    It will be nice to have sensible people like Patrick Murphy in Congress, rather than the divisive wackos doing duty for the Murdock / Norquist / Koch / Rove (racist) wealthy group.

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