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It’s 11 AM Sunday June 6, Do you Know Where Your Print Copies of Newspapers, Delivered to Home, Are?

It is 11 AM Sunday, June 6. Our morning newspapers have not yet been delivered here in the Binghamton, NY, area. We are being treated like shit by fat pigs at the top of the Gannett Corporation which refuses to give us the name and phone number of the person who is mocking us with retribution because we complain. I can only hope that these idiots all go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks. SOBs and lousy human beings who have no concern for fellow Americans.

Day Number 30 & Lousy Delivery of Gannett’s Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin & Lousy Treatment by the Fat Pigs at the Top of the Corporation

We never received our Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Again after how many days that this has happened? Yesterday the morning newspaper arrived by 2 PM. At least we received it. How many times have we complained? How many times has the customer service at Gannett made a promise to fix it? I really believe them, don’t you know, to be telling the truth?

I am the “man in the arena.” This “man in the arena” was described by Teddy Roosevelt in a speech he gave at the Sorbonne in Paris on 23 April 1910. This date was a number of years before I was born, but is on the same day in April which is my birthday. Teddy was disappointed in the Republican president, Taft, who had taken over after Teddy decided not to run for office again (1908). He did run in 1912 as a third-party candidate and became the first candidate to come close to winning the presidency by a third-party candidate. He proved that he was the “man in the arena,” but was fired upon by libertarian types whom they called, in those days, anarchists. TR had to curtail his campaigning. Some say, had the anarchists not shot at TR, he may have become the first 3rd-party candidate to win the presidency.

He did prove that his progressive ideas about capitalist supply and demand in a political arena of democracy were worth the effort because nothing ventured is nothing gained. TR exemplifies that man in the arena “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” What TR accomplished made an indelible mark on America and the success of America for many years after the era of TR, the “trust buster.”

My words against Gannett, big business fat pigs, private insurance for health and other needs, and a really foul healthcare system designed for the wealthy and to suck taxpayer money from a costly court system based on greedy lawyers and the stench of their personal injury and workman’s comp frivolity.

My teachable moments in my writings reflect the ideas of the “trust buster,” TR. However, no one today wants to take such thoughts supporting ethics as being serious and support those of us in a collective voice. They likely have no idea of the success and greatness of the state of New York (TR once governor of NY) and nation.

I, am a man who has concern for all fellow Americans. With these thoughts in mind, I, too, am the man in this arena of contention with brutal forces in our nation who have no care or concern for one another but have only care and concern for their individualist selfish wealthy ideas based on the evil love of money.

I do plan to remain in that “arena” with tenacity and perseverance in order to make life better in America for we the people of all colors, ethnic groups, religions, sex, and sexual identities. We the people. All lives matter. We work to attain, for all, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I shall be persistent in challenging the vulgar lies of those who make the most money from stocks and sit at the top of the big business hoodlum groups, fat cats (term coined back about TR’s days), and fat pigs who have no concern for their fellow Americans but just love to wallow in the mud and get nothing done for the good of America and its progress towards the future.

Print copies of morning newspapers need to arrive early in the morning, not at 2 or 3PM in the afternoon. They need to arrive. If I want digital copies, I can subscribe to and find articles from many different newspapers, not just one. Those copies can go back a century or more. Being visually impaired, I cannot read digital copies on computers with my morning coffee. A MD newsletter from a major medical center recently reversed course and said we DO need to consumer caffeine. We are not going to sit at a computer, drink the coffee, and try to read the news.

In 2008, at the height of the Bush Recession, newspaper tycoon fat pigs decided to utilize this to the advantage of technology. They pared back the newspapers and many columns of interest to readers, kept the sports section, and had no surprise as readers left in droves. In this way, this idiocracy could make claim that “no one wants to read print copies of newspapers.” I’d say it was a deliberate sabotage by a younger group of jackasses taking control and putting love of money first. People I knew were laid off and I don’t believe it was due to a natural loss of money, but a effort to sabotage what was working quite well, making people believe that “it’s broken,” when it was not.

For me, I had lost my job with thousands of others, with a claim that “more money can be made” and manipulating the brains of people to make them think that the corporation was suffering, when, indeed, the corporation was considered a “cash cow” and was not losing money. I think these fat pigs use accountants and lawyers to cook the books and manipulate figures to the advantage of the fat cats and fat pigs. Meanwhile, the hard-working people lose their jobs and the stock in the process. And the fat pigs go running off with millions in the process, making everyone think it is for the better for all of us. NOT.

Thus, don’t have any care and concern for those who ended up losing out and work with a collective voice to make certain these things don’t happen again, including the lousy pigs with their lousy ideas about newspapers. Stop doing this incredible sabotage to newspaper delivery and give us our newspaper early in the morning. No excuses, you bastards. Just do it. As I speak as a man in the arena of contention “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” while there are those who have lost their lives due to some of this crap, including loss of life and limb due to the fat pig leaders of a dismal American healthcare system designed for the wealthy. Tell me we are speaking about socialism and let me puke in your face because you are a liar with no proof, while I have proof that I am speaking like TR, the “trust buster” who recognized the economics of supply AND demand, even when it comes to large demands in healthcare or smaller demands in newspapers. For newspapers, these fat pigs make it sound like there is no demand and that is a lie. This describes my pet peeves while in the “arena.” Ignore them and you are a fool.

Update: Gannett Lousy Delivery of Press & Sun-Bulletin (May 24, 2021)

My war with Gannett continues. We received our Press & Sun-Bulletin today by 10 AM. At least we received it in the morning, not the afternoon. Promised delivery time is 8 AM and Gannett is not holding up to its bargain of customer service. I have never experienced such lousy service.

I am happy to say that two representatives of the company have been in touch with me and are promising an improvement. That is a step in the right direction. Hopefully there will be success.

The complaints I hear from the autocratic idiocracy of fat cats and Trumpicans is that the problems stem from unemployment checks which mean nobody wants to work. That is a lie. But what does one expect from Trumpicans? First of all, the stimulus package under the Trumpicans, last year, provided a great deal of money to the autocratic idiocracy of fat cats, rather than to hire more people. Who CAUSED the high unemployment and what were the increases of the fat cats and stockholders with the most money? The statistics are pretty clear about this ripoff of the people. So to blame the workers for being lazy, I have to say the ones to bear the blame are the fat cats and Trumpicans. The Democrats have done nothing but try to alleviate a bad situation when the wrong people at the top received a large increase, sometimes estimates are for more than 100% increases to the big bastard fat cats at the top. Yet the Democrats get blamed? Go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks.

Also, how can Gannett blame the COVID-19 virus for this? They closed their local offices in the Southern Tier BEFORE COVID-19 struck. They were the ones who left a hole in service by disconnecting the local people, perhaps causing UNEMPLOYMENT locally before COVID-19 even struck.

The ones to blame are the sucky wealthy ones at the top. The problem then is in the management. So the workers are to blame? I refuse to accept that explanation.

Newspaper Delivery Problems or a Management Problem? (Part 2)

According to an article in the Press & Sun-Bulletin this morning (May 23, 2021), there is a problem finding delivery people in order to get newspapers delivered. I suppose we are supposed to feel sorry for management, right? Let’s see. Management closed down all the offices of Gannett here in the Southern Tier. No local management, only management from above. Secondly, what would have happened if, as an employee of a corporation, I used an excuse that there is “a problem and I can’t solve it?” I would have been out on my ass in a minute. With the lack of local people to discuss this issue (my letter to the “executive editor” at the Press & Sun-Bulletin was returned as “undeliverable”), I have written to the guy at the top of Gannett, Bob Dickey. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Who was it that closed the local New York State offices of Gannett? I’m sorry, but I cannot give a benefit of the doubt on this one. Instead, I feel insulted that a newspaper would close down its local offices here, so that guy at the top can continue to receive huge increases in salaries and then the “lack of workers” being blamed on the Trumpican idiocracy ideas that “unemployment checks” are to blame. As with Trump, perhaps some of these jackasses need to look in the mirror for the problems, not blame others. I am not going to stop on this, even if you call it a rampage. It is insulting in America, today, to put up with this crap.

Blasphemy from a Newspaper

It’s 11:51 AM on Sunday, May 23, 2021. Our Press & Sun-Bulletin and New York Times newspapers have STILL not been delivered for morning reading. No retail outlet in Owego had the New York Times, but sometimes Price Chopper does. Not today. Made a claim on the Press & Sun-Bulletin and the only choice in a free country such as America is to explain we did not get delivery. False. Our delivery is late. No choice in America the free, as put there by lousy computer programmers who program the website, probably at the direction of greedy and selfish money-loving and money-grubbing CEOs. What happens when we reply with the only choice in America the free? “You will receive a credit.” This means we won’t deliver your newspaper because Gannett is too damn lazy to find someone to deliver it properly to Newark Valley, NY. Instead, what was found at the base of our post where the newspaper is to go? A small bottle of booze. Ludicrous, right? Mockery. Patronizing us in a foul way. We are sick and tired of this attitude in America and we won’t stop in being persistent in letting America know what is being done to us, the consumer on the demand side of a newspaper market. Damnation to Gannett for not getting a responsible delivery person and brushing us off with a lousy lack of choices in a “free America.” May Gannett go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks and burn there.

Short & To the Point: Retribution Because We Complain?

It’s 2 PM. Our morning newspaper, The Press & Sun-Bulletin, from Gannett, still has not arrived. Morning newspaper. Afternoon. Still not here. Afternoon newspapers went out of business in favor of morning newspapers. The Evening Press of Gannett purchased the morning newspaper, the Sun-Bulletin. Afternoon. The morning Press & Sun-Bulletin has still not been delivered. How many times have I complained about this on our blog? How many times have I had to spend money on gas to go to Broome County or Owego, from Newark Valley. Written letters have gone out to the CEO at Gannett and to the Better Business Bureau, as well as other people. Perhaps we don’t get delivery out of Trump-style retribution about complaining? What pigs and fat cats who won’t correct a situation or apologize due to this crap and the consumer on the demand side of the market is treated like customers of centrally-controlled Moscow Pravda in a communist state. What do we have to do to get another newspaper to publish AND DELIVER print copies in this area to those of us who must only be chopped liver? What does it take in American business to make this better, rather than ad screwball top-down crap done by fat cats in TELLING us how we need to receive our newspaper so THEY can hoard the money at the top. This is a SICK America when fat cats take such charge and tell US what we want for our products. Go ahead. Keep giving us retribution when we, as the customer, complain. Go ahead, you damn jackasses because this is the ONLY means I have to complain and get something done. You bastards and SOBs. And the ones who are just silent, want no confrontation and say, “too bad, too bad.” Shame on you.

Newspaper Delivery of the Morning Newspaper

With so many people lacking jobs and income today, why is it that we, the customer of the local MORNING newspaper, Press & Sun-Bulletin, have to tolerate the lack of delivery and/or the delivery of a morning newspaper at 3 PM? Why?

When, as a kid, I delivered the morning newspaper called the Sun-Bulletin, I had the newspaper in the hands of my customers by 5 – 6 AM each morning. It never mattered whether the skies were clear, cloudy, rain coming down, or snow falling. I had the newspaper to my customers early in the morning. I wanted to provide QUALITY service.

How do the big corporate fat cats at Gannett handle this problem? They close the local offices of the Press & Sun-Bulletin, as well as the one for the Ithaca Journal. Everything operated out of Virginia and customer services provided by people with foreign accents. Perhaps these people pick up their phones in India or elsewhere? When someone wishes to cancel the subscription, the answer is to convince them … CONVINCE THE DEMAND SIDE OF THE MARKET… to read the newspaper online. If the newspaper does not get delivered, customer service then tries to convince THE DEMAND SIDE OF A CAPITALIST MARKET to read it online. We on the DEMAND SIDE OF THE CAPITALIST MARKET don’t want waste American energy reading newspapers because the newspapers are not readable for us. Thus, the big fat cats at the top can convince everyone that “no one wants to read the print copy and it costs us too much.” Who does not want to read print copies? It’s the damn fat cats at the top of the corporation. They are like the early days of a young Anakin Skywalker (who later becomes Darth Vader, the evil dark side of the Jedi knights) who would use his powers to CONVINCE people. The big fat cats want to horde money by destroying pensions and benefits of the hard-working folks and then horde the money for the fat cats only. Just like Southern plantation owners. Since the 1970s, fat cats have found their incomes increase exponentially, over 1000%. Hard working people have not seen such an increase, while published print copies of newspapers and books are taken from them.

A claim I have heard, possibly created by lousy accountants whose lips are brown after supporting the fat cats, that circulation of the newspaper no longer helps set the price of advertising. Oh, really. I don’t really believe such BS. If I do believe such BS, I have to ask, then WHO made the change in the newspaper industry that we have arrived at such a circumstance and for what reason was the change made? So as to allow fat cats to horde more money, like an Ebeneezer Scrooge.

No one stands up to this, as I do. But I won’t tolerate the crap. What kinds of retributions should I see, as I criticize and people act like a lousy coward like Donald Trump and attack us, as if there should be no free speech or criticism. Only speech of hatred allowed, right? But absolutely no criticism for making life better for all American citizens, right? Is that where we are today? BS on that.

A morning newspaper at 3 PM. How bizarre. There are three morning newspapers within about equal distance to my home. The Press & Sun-Bulletin, the Ithaca Journal, and the Morning Times of Sayre, PA. The ONLY one to deliver newspapers here, outside of the Sunday edition of The New York Times from NEW YORK CITY, is the Press & Sun-Bulletin. No competition and choice for delivery of a LOCAL daily newspaper. The Morning Times of Sayre, PA, is published six days of the week, as was the Sun-Bulletin, when I delivered it, and Gannett did not own it. But the Morning Times does not deliver to this area and one has to subscribe to it for mail delivery. It arrives several days late. Unlike Gannett, though, the Morning Times is still run at the local level. One can actually call a local office and speak to a human being, not a damn computer with extensive useless sequence through a “menu” of options.

This is just one part of the disgust I feel about American business and the fat cats who horde the money and don’t give one damn about what happens at the local level. As long as they get their pockets lined, these fat cats run a supply side economics which is NOT capitalism which is intended to be supply AND demand, providing choices in the market which give each organization a chance to make money through profits the old fashioned way: “to earn it.”

I am being such a damn conservative when I say this, don’t you know? For the sake of progress, I believe in some conservative methods and principles which have been abandoned by the fat cats who support the Trumpicans. These fat head fat cats are NOT conservative, but a bunch of fascist neo-cons.

There is no thanks to give to fat cats, lawyers, accountants and the other dimwits who allow this all to happen because, with their pockets heavily lined, they can encourage Americans of the Middle Class and below to pit one against the other and can afford really lousy commercials to do it. Shallow commercials. They laugh and think this is all humorous. It is not humorous, including the Trump dimwitted crap about “you’re fired” on a lousy freaking reality show. Shallow crap. Or should I say I need to put on my hip boots to walk through the muck (meaning something else with a different word, but I won’t use that other word).

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