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SHORT & TO THE POINT: Thomas Friedman in Print

NOTE: it is quite possible that WordPress blocks this article from being sent to my personal email in Google. Damn WordPress for doing this and not being willing to help me out in stopping it.

The other day, I picked up a newspaper that was not from Binghamton. Binghamton has a newspaper which has scaled back its content, lost circulation in the process and now wants to fulfill its fat cat, Dickey’s plans to eliminate print copies and go exclusively to digital. The claim is a blatant false claim that “newspapers are dying, so therefore we need to only cater to the younger people with digital.” BS. That is a false statement and a blatant means of sabotaging the newspaper industry for the sake of more dollars i the individualist jackasses at the top dictatorial levels. It’s not true. Newspapers have reduced content and gone digital for one purpose only. To dictate and force technology and the COSTS of technology upon us all, the same as a lousy cable television industry has done to us without offering ala carte in choices of channels but DICTATING and FORCING Americans to pay huge amounts for television we don’t want to watch. It’s like going into a restaurant and paying for EVERYTHING on the menu, whether we eat any of it or not. Cable television making money from consumers with 250 or 350 channels or more, THEN making money from commercials from bastards like big pharma and lousy lawyers, all of them moaning and groaning about not making enough money. That is a boldface lie to which no Americans will speak proudly and bravely out en masse against. Newspapers, too, charging for digital and paper copies when many of us refuse to use the digital copies and COULD choose to purchase a huge number of archived newspapers from The newspapers make double the amount and force us to pay for the entire menu, like what would happen should we visit one restaurant. However, it was nice to recently read a newspaper from outside Binghamton and find an op-ed columnist which is no longer available in Binghamton in a print copy. Thomas L. Friedman, we were blessed to read your column once again and to LEARN (as Americans should be trying to do) from the overall bulk of information which is available out there, not the jackass shallow crap from a menu of entertainment on cable television. We want a print copy of a newspaper that contains op-eds from Friedman, George Will (conservative), Maureen Dowd (liberal), Paul Krugman (liberal), Michael Gerson (conservative), Kathleen Parker (moderate), Cynthia Tucker (moderate), Leonard Pitts (anti-white-racist and moderate-liberal), Jeff Jacoby (?), and many local columnists, religious writers, food and recipe writers, advice columnists, puzzle games (enough with the GD video games in which players on a basketball punch each other out) with interests tailored to people at the local level. America is being dictated and forced into accepting digital copies of newspapers and huge menus of lousy entertainment on cable television. We want the columnists and others back in the newspapers and stop the GD false claim, after eliminating and paring back so much of it, “no one is interested.” Of course, no one is interested and cancel subscriptions because these young whippersnappers taking over the industry following the Recession of 2008, have deliberately set up things this way – for their own individualistic, selfish, greedy, egotistical, snot Ayn Rand ways. Thank you for giving me a light at the end of the tunnel with a choice (“life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”) to enable me to purchase another newspaper. Only wish I could get the other newspaper delivered to me in print copy. But of course the snots like Dickey head of Gannett, and others, wish to snuff out that light at the end of the tunnel because, like jackass, Trump, they don’t like the criticism from loyal readers and newspaper subscribers of print editions. Dickey face and the others should go to plumb h-e-double-hockey-sticks and burn there in their own stench of evil anti-human-being styles. BTW. If you read this and are so low-life scum so as to reject lengthy detail in an op-ed or article, don’t bother reading the Thomas Friedman op-ed to which I just referenced. It might be too hard on your damn brain. Is this short and to the point enough? Tastes like chicken.

Day Number 30 & Lousy Delivery of Gannett’s Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin & Lousy Treatment by the Fat Pigs at the Top of the Corporation

We never received our Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Again after how many days that this has happened? Yesterday the morning newspaper arrived by 2 PM. At least we received it. How many times have we complained? How many times has the customer service at Gannett made a promise to fix it? I really believe them, don’t you know, to be telling the truth?

I am the “man in the arena.” This “man in the arena” was described by Teddy Roosevelt in a speech he gave at the Sorbonne in Paris on 23 April 1910. This date was a number of years before I was born, but is on the same day in April which is my birthday. Teddy was disappointed in the Republican president, Taft, who had taken over after Teddy decided not to run for office again (1908). He did run in 1912 as a third-party candidate and became the first candidate to come close to winning the presidency by a third-party candidate. He proved that he was the “man in the arena,” but was fired upon by libertarian types whom they called, in those days, anarchists. TR had to curtail his campaigning. Some say, had the anarchists not shot at TR, he may have become the first 3rd-party candidate to win the presidency.

He did prove that his progressive ideas about capitalist supply and demand in a political arena of democracy were worth the effort because nothing ventured is nothing gained. TR exemplifies that man in the arena “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” What TR accomplished made an indelible mark on America and the success of America for many years after the era of TR, the “trust buster.”

My words against Gannett, big business fat pigs, private insurance for health and other needs, and a really foul healthcare system designed for the wealthy and to suck taxpayer money from a costly court system based on greedy lawyers and the stench of their personal injury and workman’s comp frivolity.

My teachable moments in my writings reflect the ideas of the “trust buster,” TR. However, no one today wants to take such thoughts supporting ethics as being serious and support those of us in a collective voice. They likely have no idea of the success and greatness of the state of New York (TR once governor of NY) and nation.

I, am a man who has concern for all fellow Americans. With these thoughts in mind, I, too, am the man in this arena of contention with brutal forces in our nation who have no care or concern for one another but have only care and concern for their individualist selfish wealthy ideas based on the evil love of money.

I do plan to remain in that “arena” with tenacity and perseverance in order to make life better in America for we the people of all colors, ethnic groups, religions, sex, and sexual identities. We the people. All lives matter. We work to attain, for all, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I shall be persistent in challenging the vulgar lies of those who make the most money from stocks and sit at the top of the big business hoodlum groups, fat cats (term coined back about TR’s days), and fat pigs who have no concern for their fellow Americans but just love to wallow in the mud and get nothing done for the good of America and its progress towards the future.

Print copies of morning newspapers need to arrive early in the morning, not at 2 or 3PM in the afternoon. They need to arrive. If I want digital copies, I can subscribe to and find articles from many different newspapers, not just one. Those copies can go back a century or more. Being visually impaired, I cannot read digital copies on computers with my morning coffee. A MD newsletter from a major medical center recently reversed course and said we DO need to consumer caffeine. We are not going to sit at a computer, drink the coffee, and try to read the news.

In 2008, at the height of the Bush Recession, newspaper tycoon fat pigs decided to utilize this to the advantage of technology. They pared back the newspapers and many columns of interest to readers, kept the sports section, and had no surprise as readers left in droves. In this way, this idiocracy could make claim that “no one wants to read print copies of newspapers.” I’d say it was a deliberate sabotage by a younger group of jackasses taking control and putting love of money first. People I knew were laid off and I don’t believe it was due to a natural loss of money, but a effort to sabotage what was working quite well, making people believe that “it’s broken,” when it was not.

For me, I had lost my job with thousands of others, with a claim that “more money can be made” and manipulating the brains of people to make them think that the corporation was suffering, when, indeed, the corporation was considered a “cash cow” and was not losing money. I think these fat pigs use accountants and lawyers to cook the books and manipulate figures to the advantage of the fat cats and fat pigs. Meanwhile, the hard-working people lose their jobs and the stock in the process. And the fat pigs go running off with millions in the process, making everyone think it is for the better for all of us. NOT.

Thus, don’t have any care and concern for those who ended up losing out and work with a collective voice to make certain these things don’t happen again, including the lousy pigs with their lousy ideas about newspapers. Stop doing this incredible sabotage to newspaper delivery and give us our newspaper early in the morning. No excuses, you bastards. Just do it. As I speak as a man in the arena of contention “whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…” while there are those who have lost their lives due to some of this crap, including loss of life and limb due to the fat pig leaders of a dismal American healthcare system designed for the wealthy. Tell me we are speaking about socialism and let me puke in your face because you are a liar with no proof, while I have proof that I am speaking like TR, the “trust buster” who recognized the economics of supply AND demand, even when it comes to large demands in healthcare or smaller demands in newspapers. For newspapers, these fat pigs make it sound like there is no demand and that is a lie. This describes my pet peeves while in the “arena.” Ignore them and you are a fool.

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