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Carpet Baggers

President Abraham Lincoln said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.”  As with the strategists in today’s tea party, the rebels in Abraham Lincoln’s days were “states’ rights” people.  Lincoln was pro-Federal government.  The people are being fooled by the Koch brothers, Karl Rove, and the Bush family today.  They are vengeful people who are opposed to Lincoln’s stand for a strong central Federal government.

Think about it.  Romney implemented legistlation similar the Affordable Care Act, but in Massachusetts.  Yet Romney and the Republicans stood opposed to President Obama implementing a similar plan on a national level?  Kentucky has a similar plan, but Mitch McConnell opposes Obamacare.  On and on are examples of hypocrites.  Why?  Because they support states’ rights, wish to debunk the Federal government and make it impotent, and place a wealthy politburo run by the Koch brothers in charge of our economy.  An impotent government, unlike the one implemented by the wealthy Roosevelt cousins which made this nation the greatest on earth – until Reagan and Bush – would be able to destroy the common man and woman.  This would destroy us in many ways.  Force us into slavery.  Force us to pay colluded high prices for EVERYTHING – and be able to afford very little.  Force us to accept a polluted atmosphere and soil – killing animals at will.  Force us to live in an over-populated world with few who could afford health care.

Think about it.  A “politburo” like that of the former Soviet Union.  Rumors abounded in the 1980s that George H.W. Bush was a “double agent, CIA and KGB.”  In the 1970s, Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller was appointed by Gerald Ford to convene a committee to investigate the CIA.  Perhaps this got too close to the truth about Bush, so he staged the death of Nelson Rockefeller?  The Bush family of Connecticut was once exposed as Nazi lovers during World War II.  FDR froze their assets.  To these unpatriotic and treasonous fools, they can justify vengeance and get many to agree.  Why?

The Bush family was Carpetbaggers – scallywags, scoundrels – moving from Connecticut to Texas.  That is due to their hatred of a liberal Republican governor in New York, Nelson Rockefeller, and a liberal Republican senator, Jacob Javitz, let alone those in Connecticut.  They wish to use subtle and deliberate strategies to turn this nation into a fascist one.

Jebbie Bush and Rick Scott both come to Florida from out of state.  They are both the worse governors in this state.  Bob Graham and Lawton Chiles, native Floridians, were great governors.  Bob Martinez, Democrat turned Republican, was also native Floridian and was far better than Jebbie and Rick.  Too bad Madison Avenue stuck it’s unwelcome nose in Florida business – like scallywags.  Then there is Charlie Crist, an apparent party jumper like Bob Martinez (except in the opposite direction).  Charlie is also a native Floridian.  His governorship was better than Jebbie and Rick.

Let us toss out the Carpetbaggers who with their snake oil and unregulated banks.

When will “all the people, all the time, come forward?”   Why not all of us challenge these wealthy pigs who intend to destroy our lives.  Take our stand against the wealthy pigs who wish to destroy our government.  We are blessed to have had such a successful government which gave us successful lives.  All the people show some respect and recognize the blessings and benefits.

28 July 2011

Some people think I will come out better if I just go along with the religious right and ultra conservatives.  I have not come out better in the past, so why should I now?  When the toombifier gang at my former employer (remember the words of Grayson) gave us this horse s*** about the layoffs being some kind of altruistic measure for “deregulation” and making it better for the consumer – and for the way electric utilities do business, I knew it was a bunch of horse s*** then.  It is still a bunch of horse s***. But alas, for the sake of my family, I was FORCED to conform.  Oh, yes.  I had a choice:  an offer I could not refuse (words from the movie, The Godfather).

The company shut down its administrative / management operations in St. Petersburg, forcing thousands of employees out of work and the industry never really became a more competitive one – as portrayed by the liars who earned millions as a result of those actions of the early 1990s.  Instead, the company joined the ranks of the company “flipper”-type CEOs who lost sight of the goals and missions of companies and merely purchase them to “flip” them and make money that way.  These people are lazy SOBs who don’t know how to EARN money – just take it from others.  Rick Scott is one of them.

My bet is these guys in the early 1990s were pissed off at the election of Bill Clinton, which made George Bush, Sr., a one-term president.  Most of them were of the younger baby boom generation who f***ed us older guys over – at the request of the greedy SOBs who were closer to my age and did have the money – quite possibly because they f***ed our government by not paying back student loans – as I had faithfully done, despite the lack of “profit” in my family unit.  Oh, yeah, it’s called “disposable income” – something us “little guys” are not supposed to have because we are too stupid to know what to do with it.

These are the same guys who are TRYING to manipulate a one-term presidency out of Barack Obama.  Why?  Not out of altruism, but out of vindictiveness.  We don’t need vindictive leaders, we need those who will get the job done – like Nancy Pelosi and a House of Representatives which accomplished more – perhaps things distasteful to these lazy bums with money – but more.  Excuse me, but were these guys elected by the people or by lazy bums with money and only one motive?  That motive (besides stubborn fascist ideology which nixes any form of reasoning or logic) is vindictiveness towards Bill Clinton and the Democrats.

These wealthy pigs mock democracy while repeating words like, “democracy,” “liberty,” “freedom.”  The “Empire” is getting too big, so they feel compelled to destroy democracy, while giving the appearance we still have it.
“You hypocrites!  You offspring of vipers!  Your father is Satan the devil!”


Gee!  Where did we hear these words before?

27 July 2011

Balance the U.S. budget on the backs of the wealthy who need to begin sacrificing for this nation.  The Middle Class has sacrificed enough.

22 July 2011

Blog 0707

(Getting ahead of myself!)

I am disgusted with the fascist line of the Republican Party.  I am disgusted with the wimpish reaction of President Obama and the Democrats to the fascist line of the Republican Party.

We don’t need tax cuts for the wealthy and an austerity budget in America today.  This will only lead to disaster.  Use your heads, America.  It was the same type of Republican stonewalling that dug us deeper into the Great Depression.

Americans need a lesson in determining the difference between “a cup of vanilla ice cream and a cup of horse shit.”  (borrowed from Lee Iacocca’s 2007 book, Where Have All the Leaders Gone?)

We have a bunch of career politician / lawyers in Congress who “don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground” (borrowed from my outspoken, now deceased, Republican mother).  They live in a fantasy world of writing legislation.  George Bush was an expert about beer kegs.  It showed.  Our current president is an apparent expert on compromising, compromising, compromising – until the ultra-conservatives WIN!  It shows!  Sad what the Ivy League is teaching people (Georgie at Yale and Obama at Harvard) these days.

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