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Wake Up, America and Speak Out Against Bigotry; Stop being Frightened about STANDING UP FOR ALL HUMAN BEINGS

Tucker Carlson should resign and/or be fired from Fox because he is nothing but a LGBTQ bigot hiding his bigotry behind a smoke screen. Usually people like that are repressed gay and need to have their heads examined for being sicko. Expose people like Lindsay Graham, too, for who he really is. Wake up America and speak out against such nasty vicious people like Tucker Carlson. Wake up America and speak out for ALL human beings, not just for the fascist bigots who use corporate PACs to work to control this nation, as Hitler and the Nazis did in Germany. Wake up America and stop being frightened by these lousy sickos like Tucker Carlson. 🙂

We Have Freedom to Say Gay and to Teach Sexual Identity and DeSatan the BIGOT has no Right to Remove that From Us; Don’t Tread on Free People

See the following link from Instinct Magazine. Barf if You Agree with DeSatan.

These are important days today to rid us of Republican leadership in all states and this nation, but particularly in Florida. 

Short & To the Point: Being Gay and Dealing with Lousy Preachers who Claim to Follow Christ

This past week, there was a controversy regarding a performance by an openly gay artist named Lil Nas X on Saturday Night Live. He often grabbed his crotch while singing on the show. I viewed a video of this performance. Apparently, Lil Nas X was accused of having a “split in his pants,” to which the singer denies that happening in a tweet to address this slap-happy accusation. I have to think that had he had a split, would not the shoddy puritanical Americans be grateful that he tried to cover up something from being shown? But no. He is attacked instead. And to think of the number of times there is violence on the screens of American television, with blood and guts, so people get upset at someone grabbing at a crotch, but not at the damnable violence? Give me a break. Lil Nas X, you have one gay person who is behind you 100% on this. And this gay person also read an article in The Christian Century (5 May 2021) which featured the blasts from puritanical people who claim to be Christians. My thanks to The Christian Century for pointing out what Lil Nas X has perpetrated in his life, with ire directed at him by lousy people who call themselves Christian preachers (not teachers, but preachers preaching their autocratic ways). Many gay people can relate to what was said about the purported “satanic imagery” which has been blasted at Lil Nas X. It was pointed out that the purported satanic imagery in a Lil Nas X video where Satan is killed, is NOT satanic imagery but actually a wish by many that Satan is eventually killed, as some make the claim will happen by God, based on what is written in the Bible. These damn puritanical crappy people who call themselves Christians would rather see violence on television and see other humans killed than that of Satan or his evil ways. They are more perverted than anyone who holds his crotch in a performance. As q writer’s reaction to the video, attributed to an article in Harper’s Bazaar: “[it] isn’t the satanic imagery. ‘It’s the preaching that made [Lil Nas X] feel less than beautiful, sacred, and beloved.” I’ll drink to that assessment! Oh my goodness! Did I say something crass to the puritanical out there who don’t even accept drinking in moderation and thus drive people to drink? Those who don’t accept choices in life, such as reproductive rights, which sometimes require necessity (i.e., in the case of rape, etc.) while rejecting the help necessary for those born in this world who are born into poverty? I wish to remind those who claim to be Christians that Jesus Christ was a teacher, not a preacher. Thank you, writers and editors of The Christian Century. Oh my goodness! I must go and renew my subscription to The Christian Century.

Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch needs to be challenged and I am one ready for the debate.  But will anyone allow that, or do we have to continue to listen to only one side of every issue without considering there might be some other facts and issues overlooked?

Dana Loesch:  “the godless left.”

Dana, you ignorant slut.  First, you point your finger at a group of people – in stubborn ignorance.  Remember, there are several fingers pointing back at you.

Godless left.  Let’s see.  Some of us supposed “left” believe in the gospels of Jesus Christ and believe that the words of the gospels trump (whoops!  I don’t want to use that word!) – er – negate – negate the words of Paul when there is a conflict.

Conflict!  Conflict!  Conflict!  Paul says “bad associations spoil useful habits.”  Jesus spent a great deal of his time with the dregs of society – “bad association.”  He never would have convinced the hated tax collector, Matthew, to join with Jesus, had Jesus NOT spent time with “bad associations” and remained strong in faith.  Christ was criticized for spending time with Samaritans and lepers and what not.  Today, those with AIDS are considered by pompous people who CALL themselves right wing christians to be, “bad associations.”  Same with transgendered and gay people.  Considered by pompous self-righteous right-wing religionists to be “bad associations,” transgendered and gay people are being attacked – by the likes of Dana Loesch, too.  Dana – you ignorant slut.  You stubbornly ignorant slut because you REFUSE to discuss the issues and do what is basic to our society – synthesize facts which just might not measure up to your own mis-guided interpretations of life.

Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!  Paul said something about men with the same sex.  Jesus Christ never said a word condemning Jonathan’s love of David and Naomi and Ruth.  Jesus also chose NOT to quote the same Hebrew texts which Paul quoted.  And if Jesus Christ quoted Sodom and Gomorrah, it was to inform us that God does not like building walls against aliens – strangers – because God does not tolerate the raping of men AND women in violent acts which put to shame those who visited Sodom and Gomorrah – the “strangers” … the “immigrants.”  If Jesus Christ had quoted from Genesis 19, he was telling us that God hates violent acts of rape.  Period.  Compare Genesis 19 to Judges 19.  In Judges 19, a rape REALLY occurs.  Rape is THREATENED at Genesis, but it does not occur.  And, so.  Tell me, Ms. Right Wing ignorant slut, that God approves of raping and killing women – because GOD never intervened in the story at Judges 19, where a woman was raped and murdered.  It makes no sense to me that God would interfere in an act at Sodom and Gomorrah where rape was only THREATENED, but not at the story at Judges 19.  Makes no sense, Ms. ignorant slut.

And, Ms. Ignorant Slut, Dana Loesch.  Tell me.  Do you support the once-enforced Dixie Jim Crow Laws (until the Federal government stepped in) when a white MAJORITY subjected a black MINORITY to lynchings and unequal treatment?  People voted for those laws – except the minority.  And when a black person wanted services at a restaurant or other business, they were denied, according to the Jim Crow laws.  Because if you support a baker who denies service to a gay couple getting married, you support Jim Crow Laws.  And stubbornly ignorant folks used the Bible to justify those laws, which are false interpretations.  Deceit and being false against the word of God.  That’s blasphemy.  But it’s preached, along with hate based on STUBBORN IGNORANCE, in right-wing churches.

I ask.  Who really are the “godless” ones?  I see left-wing people who reject religious organizations which don’t preach the truth.  But they don’t reject God.  Amen and Allelujah!  So, Ms. Ignorant Slut, Dana Loesch, be careful what you preach because you might be struck by lightning.


Speaking for a PROGRESSIVE AMERICA and HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION, not stubborn ignorance which leads to hatred and a fascist government of the mob, not the people.

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