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“Now why’d you choose such a backward time ‚Ķ And such a strange land?”

In the 1970s, the rock musical, Jesus Christ Superstar was introduced. I purchased the original vinyl album. I have seen the on-stage productions of this rock musical.

At the time JCS was released, we had two students from Cortland State College, student teachers at our high school, boarding with us. I had purchased the album. I found these two guys interesting to speak with about the music of JCS. Many discussions ensued, in addition to discussions about history because the two of them were history history education majors.

Lyrics in JCS were a good description. But I recall the few which asked questions. For example, “Now why’d you choose such a backward time … And such a strange land?” As a junior in high school, it was difficult to answer those questions.

As my life has progressed and I have maintained my faith in God, I believe I have, with wisdom, developed a HYPOTHETICAL answer to those questions. Hypothetical means there is no certainty, but there is plenty of evidence to determine a hypothesis. So we seek wisdom about it.

My wisdom of age, created by humble learning over time, has provided me with a possible answer. Today, we have people who lie, slander, and libel other good people, based on a love of money and materialism. Love of money is evil. Money is NOT evil. Profits are NOT evil, except when done solely for the love of money. I have read about this and learned about this over time.

Guidelines for a civilized society work in creating a civilized society. It is not a perfect solution, but it helps overcome the evils of the selfishness and greed of egomaniacs with a love and worship of money.

The Roman Empire is known as being one of the most brutal and vicious group of people to control a portion of the world which has ever existed. Am I certain about this? No. But I have humbly learned, over time, about this and gained wisdom. There is plenty of evidence and facts to support what I say. Some folks may feel biased against what I say, so go ahead and shoot me down. What will you accomplish in an attempt to find the truth?

The Roman Empire was in control of Israel during the 1st Century. As a Christian all my life, I am aware of most of the teachings of Jesus Christ and consider Him to be the “word” of God made flesh. I consider that Christ came here to be the “light of the world.” Those are MY beliefs and I am not FORCING you, as vicious people do, to believe what I believe.

I feel I have to say all of this because the egomaniacs of the world just work to shoot holes, as if I want control. It’s those people who shoot holes in hypothetical theories, based on their own egotistical bias, who are likely the perverts who wish to control others.

But this brings me to answering that question in the JCS rock musical: “Now why’d you choose such a backward time
And such a strange land?” It was due to the opposition our Deity had to how a group of people are treated badly by those who seek power over others in corrupt and evil ways with a love AND WORSHIP of money.

In my belief, based on what I have learned over time, including Thomas Jefferson’s (remember him? one of the USA’s FOUNDING FATHERS?) documentation about the Gospels. This is a Deity who imparts the message that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (not words from God, but words from human beings who recognize a Deity more powerful than humans; a Deity which imparts a love for His/Her children. (Strange words to say, right? His/Her? God has not always been proven to be a “Father,” but a “Parent”).

Again. I do not expect one to feel controlled by my beliefs. But I also do not have an inkling of desire to follow the beliefs of bashers of other human beings as they resist coexistence.

The word of God became flesh. That is my belief system. The reason was to choose a place and time when one group of people were being controlled by perverted lovers of self and money, while the crowd went along and had the word of God executed. Perverted ones to convince the crowds were lawyers and religious leaders, all with a love of money. Money first. A Deity would choose that time and place to impart the message, as people suffered and were convinced by lovers of money to find a scapegoat.

But is it not possible that scapegoat was determined in order for a Deity to impart the message about loving one another (coexistence)? Is it not possible the message was also about human beings learning to reject those who are hypocrites and lovers of money?

Jesus Christ himself is quoted as hurling accusations at hypocrites of those days; Jesus Christ himself, with actions, not words, overturned tables of the money changers, lovers and worshipers of money. Yet, why is it we relinquish control to give it back to power mongers with a love of money and then blame our government? Even Jesus said, “render unto Caesar his due.” In other words, pay your taxes and look at something else besides scapegoats and a government as the reasons for our problems, out of fear of a “mafioso” in centralized businesses created by supply-side Reaganomics, destroying small business competition in the process.

Adam Smith wrote books about the creation of capitalism. Wealth of Nations and Theories of Moral Sentiments. Adam Smith also intently studied the words of Christ. Yet, the “sheep” in this world go along with the lovers of money who attain the power which corrupts and absolute power which corrupts absolutely. They do not even have knowledge of what Adam Smith wrote which was presented as an economic system with balance and a “moral sentiment” for a process in which humans predominate over money, as presented by Jesus Christ, and not the other way around (money over humans).

Today, we have in place, the SEC which allows the biggest stockholders to have more votes in a corporate stockholder meeting than the common folk who own the stock. It is like these people are money changers during the 1st Century when Jesus Christ walked the earth. They don’t give one damn about the common folk and cheat and lie to get their way. Same thing with those money changers of the 1st Century by not only selling in the temple, but also selling SHODDY and LOUSY animals for sacrifice on the altar.

For many of us, we have experienced the lousy way that those with the most stock have treated us. It was one of the many wars that the shoddy and corrupt people with the most stock, Republicans, pulled the rug out from beneath me and many others. They skimmed money off a cash cow of a company, so as to allow vicious other Republicans (primarily) to come in and buy out the company. The only ones to benefit were the shoddy fat pigs at the top, skimming the money off the corporation. Meanwhile, the rest of us stockholders were not even allowed in secret stockholder meetings held in Houston, Texas (for a Florida corporation) and many of us common folk then lost our stock holdings in the process.

How many times do I have to explain this to common folk, hoping to get support, rather than stupidity hurled at me, as well as hatred from common folk? How many times? And do we really need the return of Jesus Christ when we have the knowledge right here in front of us, given to us in the 1st Century? How many times do we have to pray for “Christ’s return.” A loving Deity may treat us kindly, but that Deity must wonder, “Gosh, I gave them the information when the word became flesh. Why do they not see it?” But I can’t speak for God, as so many TV evangelists and perverted proselytizers try to do – constantly.

My mother even had a problem with proselytizers in her life. But at least there were more people like my mother who understood. My generation and younger generations are apparently full of a bunch of stupid jerks who are not humble enough to learn by seeking knowledge and wisdom, but rely on the hearsay of Fox and other groups who push an end all for everything – a certainty that they have all the answers.

This is a lengthy message. I really don’t care if you don’t like it because it is. Those in the World War II generation and before would read essays of great length. They were able to demonstrate humility and learning for the sake of human beings over money.

JC, JC: “Now why’d you choose such a backward time … And such a strange land?” Because it took that type of environment to get many people to learn. W hat is the problem with those who don’t wish to learn today? Instead, they wish for an Armageddon to start all things over, when the proof is in a Deity who DID teach human beings and there is no excuse for not understanding it. Stop pushing us towards chaos with power and control from lovers and worshipers of money in the form of greedy, self-centered, egomaniac centrally-controlled dictatorial corporations run by an oligarchy. Because you are pushing us towards disaster by supporting such egomaniacs with power. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. The foundations for these problems are not the government created by my ancestors and Founding Fathers. The problem is the oligarchy which attempts to take control of our government and take it out of the hands of the people. WE THE PEOPLE. And there are many of us who have wisdom and knowledge based on the TRUE DEITY and the TRUE Jesus Christ. Supply-side Reaganomics ultimately tosses away those of us who are followers of the true word of God made flesh because the ones who worship money are fearful of the loss of their power – a corrupt one which leads to absolute power which corrupts absolutely. And they become like the vicious Roman Empire of the past. Like the vicious rulers who come out of the hills of Russia.

“Now why’d you choose such a backward time… And such a strange land?” Is it for me to know and you to find out? Because the answer is there before us, just by studying and learning about the word of God made flesh. To learn that this happened and for a purpose.

I pity those who do not understand what I am saying. But that is okay. Because I won’t control you with my belief. I just try to teach. I am not a perfect teacher, but I sure to work towards wisdom, not certainty or purity.

I do this because my grandmother was always saying, “judge not lest you be judged.” But she always encouraged me to be a teacher. Praise the LORD for my grandmother and many others who have encouraged me in my life and offered me opportunities, not always handouts. The ones who provided a temporary safety net which may have been in the form of some handouts, but the word “temporary” is important to note here. Then I would encounter the “jubilee year.” Don’t know what “jubilee year” is? Then humble thyself and learn what it is. Would be good for those money lovers to consider when discussing student loan debt.

On and on I go. But I now understand what was meant in the questions found in lyrics of JC Superstar. “Now why’d you choose such a backward time … And such a strange land?” ūüôŹ ūüĖĖ

Reality Combined with Pessimism

When attempting to gain support in the plight many of us face due to privatized Medicare for medicine, did not take an interest in what I had to say, but instead felt compelled to dwell on his own personal feelings and thereby take what I say as being a personal attack. In defense of his own personal means, he spouted “this is reality.” It was a personal view of reality based on his own personal survival in this world, not to be inspired to take an interest, collectively, in what many of us face. In the process, it comes off as being pessimistic. It is a reality, too, in which those forces most acceptable to the pharmacist are dictating with self-fulfilling prophecy, what “reality” is.

In the Our Daily Bread entry (“The reason for writing”) on Monday, March 8, 2021, there is a discussion about reality and pessimism. The writer, John Blase describes the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John as being “diary account of God’s love for us.” “They’re words to read and believe and share, for they lead us to life. They lead us to Christ” (Blase).

The verse for this discussion is John 10:31. “But these are written that you may believe.”

Blase also says, “The apostle John didn’t sidestep the harsh realities of Jesus’ life on earh; he wrote both the good Jesus did and the challenges He faced. The final words from his gospel give insight into the purpose behind the book that bears his name. Jesus performed ‘many other signs… which are not recorded’ by John. ‘But these,’ he says, ‘were written that you may believe.’ John’s ‘diary’ ends on the note of triumph: ‘Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God.’ The gift of those gospel words allows us the opportunity to believe and ‘have life in His name.'”

Arthur Jackson says, “In John we see Thomas as a pessimist and realist – inquisitive, human, honest. And he’s commonly referred to as ‘doubting Thomas’ because of his words in John 20:25 and Jesus’ response to him in verse 27.

“Doubting Thomas” was skeptical and pessimistic. He was a realist because he was not able to embrace what is described in an epistle as faith: “The assured expectation of those things not beheld.” When Thomas had asked, “so how can we know the way?” Jesus replied with, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” In other words, Jesus is the model of God for which we can get an idea about what God is about.

For the pharmacist and his personal reality, these words have special meaning to me. Reality is faith in God and collectively connecting to the Holy Spirit which emanates from God. Too much reality today, beyond just a pharmacist, comes from fear and intimidation. We can learn how to deal with fear by taking seriously the words of an Episcopalian, President Franklin D. Roosevelt who said: “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” That is truly the reality based on a faith in God. Note, too, that NY Governor FDR worked against fear in taking down the KKK in New York state so that New Yorkers voted for the first Roman Catholic governor, Al Smith. No fear, just do it. Gov. Al Smith then ran for the presidency on the Democratic Party ticket in 1928 and lost to KKK-endorsed Herbert Hoover. In 1932, FDR defeated one-term president, Herbert Hoover. FDR was not a “Doubting Thomas” and he had the reality of faith to stand up against fear. That is the reason I bring a former president into consideration regarding this gospels. It is not about politics. It is about having faith in God and not having fear of those who wave the Confederate battle flag. It is an issue about the basic life of human beings, not politics.

Finally, the Our Daily Bread article of March 8 asks the question, “How are you being led to the heart of Christ through [the gospels]? And the prayer, “Gracious God, thank you for the gift of the [gospels, diaries] written down by [Christ’s disciples] so that I might believe and have life.” Thanks be to God. Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

Not really supposed to say, hallelujah, during Lent, am I? Besides being diaries of the disciples (the gospels), scriptures are also NOT a rule book and I don’t follow religion from a rule book. I look for guidance and guidelines. This is something which was recently said in a religious column in The Press & Sun-Bulletin, by a pastor. The KKK has one religion and one religion only and it wishes to dictate to all Americans ITS idea of a god. Wonder who that god is? The KKK not only dislikes black people, but also Roman Catholics, Jews, and forward-thinking Protestants like FDR and many of us who are of the same way of thinking. We THINK, not just cherry-pick the Bible with a bias towards finding the parts which agree with human thinking and who listen to hateful speech of people who pretend to follow God, like so many of the non-American (Northern) Baptist denominations do (to name one example). Jesus Christ was not afraid to point out the hypocrites of his day. That was the reality of Jesus Christ.

Cowards Will Say Anything

Amidst the outpouring of disgust against Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick’s statement of “you reap what you so” comment on Twitter, was likely to be found some comments which make reasonable sense.¬† Patrick is a politician of hatred, caused by stubborn ignorance in believing traditionalist beliefs in the scriptures, rather than attempting to seek wisdom.¬† He has a finger pointed at the LGBT community, with three pointed back at himself.¬† Only God makes the final say and anyone else who judges is nothing but a self-righteous coward trying to help him or her to feel better about their own irregularities by trashing others.

I suppose that Patrick believes the African-Americans in that church in Charleston “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful white man gunned them down?¬† I suppose the little elementary school kids at Sandy Hook “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful man gunned them down?¬† What about the other attacks of AMERICAN terrorism i this nation?¬† The victims in each case “reaped what they sowed?”

What makes this tragedy far worse is that the religion from which the killer apparently came believes they are not “cowards” and are actually praised by Allah.¬† In a civilized world with a belief in a loving God, people like this killer are considered cowards.

What about the LGBT community in all of this?  Unlike the people in Charleston, LGBT are able to HIDE themselves.  The bigots do not attack them due to a different color of skin.  Perhaps Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria needs to understand this and be a real Christian, not bowing to Muslim beliefs out of fear.  And the same can be said of white people living in African nations like Kenya and Nigeria (and other areas).  In all these situations, people cannot change the color of their skin.  However, LGBT people can live in denial of who they are and therefore find safety from hateful people.

In the end, men and women can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul.¬† Will God judge cowards – deceptive ones – worse than those who are honest about the way GOD MADE THEM?¬† None of us know for certain the answer to this question.¬† But I place my bets that only a loving God would have created the beauty of this earth, including the beauty of human beings, made in God’s image.¬† And a loving God would not condone awful things against other human beings, as often wrongly portrayed in the “Old Testament” by legends and myths of men who reported life the way it was in those ancient times.¬† I really do not believe that God condones the killing of babies in the name of God. I really do not believe that God condones the killing of LGBT in the name of God, either.

Evil hateful men and women will stop at nothing to prove their point that they work “in the name of God.”¬† I said EVIL, did I not?¬† They follow the ways of Satan the devil, with whom Jesus Christ resisted temptation while confined with the evil person in the dessert.¬† Pat Robertson makes money from hate and evil and pretends its about Jesus Christ.¬† Indeed, Robertson is the Anti-Christ.¬† Of whom does Robertson really hold animosity?¬† After Hurricane Katrina, he announced. and many stubbornly ignorant folks swallowed what he said, that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.¬† Yet, what were the facts about that hurricane?¬† Katrina had silently crept over South Florida with virtually little or no damage.¬† Where is there a larger population of LGBT? New Orleans or South Florida and the Keys?¬† Yet, Robertson convinced a whole bunch of gullible stubbornly ignorant folks that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.¬† He never bothered to explain why South Florida was “spared?”

Perhaps it’s a case of – “okay folks, go after the homosexuals first.”¬† Then when homosexuals are destroyed, “okay folks, go after people with a different skin color.”¬† Then when they are destroyed, Robertson and other hateful folks (jihadists in both the Christian and Muslim religions), selling hatred which emanates from the Devil, will keep going after innocent folks, until they go after ME who remained complacent in it all.¬† Who will be there for me?


Dana Loesch

Dana Loesch needs to be challenged and I am one ready for the debate.  But will anyone allow that, or do we have to continue to listen to only one side of every issue without considering there might be some other facts and issues overlooked?

Dana Loesch:¬† “the godless left.”

Dana, you ignorant slut.  First, you point your finger at a group of people Рin stubborn ignorance.  Remember, there are several fingers pointing back at you.

Godless left.¬† Let’s see.¬† Some of us supposed “left” believe in the gospels of Jesus Christ and believe that the words of the gospels trump (whoops!¬† I don’t want to use that word!) – er – negate – negate the words of Paul when there is a conflict.

Conflict!¬† Conflict!¬† Conflict!¬† Paul says “bad associations spoil useful habits.”¬† Jesus spent a great deal of his time with the dregs of society – “bad association.”¬† He never would have convinced the hated tax collector, Matthew, to join with Jesus, had Jesus NOT spent time with “bad associations” and remained strong in faith.¬† Christ was criticized for spending time with Samaritans and lepers and what not.¬† Today, those with AIDS are considered by pompous people who CALL themselves right wing christians to be, “bad associations.”¬† Same with transgendered and gay people.¬† Considered by pompous self-righteous right-wing religionists to be “bad associations,” transgendered and gay people are being attacked – by the likes of Dana Loesch, too.¬† Dana – you ignorant slut.¬† You stubbornly ignorant slut because you REFUSE to discuss the issues and do what is basic to our society – synthesize facts which just might not measure up to your own mis-guided interpretations of life.

Conflict! Conflict! Conflict!¬† Paul said something about men with the same sex.¬† Jesus Christ never said a word condemning Jonathan’s love of David and Naomi and Ruth.¬† Jesus also chose NOT to quote the same Hebrew texts which Paul quoted.¬† And if Jesus Christ quoted Sodom and Gomorrah, it was to inform us that God does not like building walls against aliens – strangers – because God does not tolerate the raping of men AND women in violent acts which put to shame those who visited Sodom and Gomorrah – the “strangers” … the “immigrants.”¬† If Jesus Christ had quoted from Genesis 19, he was telling us that God hates violent acts of rape.¬† Period.¬† Compare Genesis 19 to Judges 19.¬† In Judges 19, a rape REALLY occurs.¬† Rape is THREATENED at Genesis, but it does not occur.¬† And, so.¬† Tell me, Ms. Right Wing ignorant slut, that God approves of raping and killing women – because GOD never intervened in the story at Judges 19, where a woman was raped and murdered.¬† It makes no sense to me that God would interfere in an act at Sodom and Gomorrah where rape was only THREATENED, but not at the story at Judges 19.¬† Makes no sense, Ms. ignorant slut.

And, Ms. Ignorant Slut, Dana Loesch.¬† Tell me.¬† Do you support the once-enforced Dixie Jim Crow Laws (until the Federal government stepped in) when a white MAJORITY subjected a black MINORITY to lynchings and unequal treatment?¬† People voted for those laws – except the minority.¬† And when a black person wanted services at a restaurant or other business, they were denied, according to the Jim Crow laws.¬† Because if you support a baker who denies service to a gay couple getting married, you support Jim Crow Laws.¬† And stubbornly ignorant folks used the Bible to justify those laws, which are false interpretations.¬† Deceit and being false against the word of God.¬† That’s blasphemy.¬† But it’s preached, along with hate based on STUBBORN IGNORANCE, in right-wing churches.

I ask.¬† Who really are the “godless” ones?¬† I see left-wing people who reject religious organizations which don’t preach the truth.¬† But they don’t reject God.¬† Amen and Allelujah!¬† So, Ms. Ignorant Slut, Dana Loesch, be careful what you preach because you might be struck by lightning.


Speaking for a PROGRESSIVE AMERICA and HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION, not stubborn ignorance which leads to hatred and a fascist government of the mob, not the people.

An Open Letter to Rick Scott

Dear Mr. Scott:

As far as I can see, you purchased the Florida Governor’s Mansion. ¬†You took advantage of a low voter turnout in 2010. ¬†That’s a shame, when considering you are practically a minority governor forcing your will upon a large number who voted against you.

You appear to worship money and consider money to be more important than human beings.  In the healthcare industry, this translates to an unsavory idea about making money, rather than healing people.  You are pushing this same ideal upon public education, you money-worshiping louse.

Your number one priority is to make money, so you worship it. ¬†You claim to be a “born again” Christian, but you are not my fellow Christian. ¬†You are not a “brother in the LORD” with me and others who are on the small and cramped road to everlasting life. ¬†“The road not taken,” which does not follow conformity to the crowds of money-loving materialistic shallow folks.

Perhaps you disdain a letter in the scriptures which says, “the love of money is the root of evil [or all kinds of injurious things].” ¬†So how can you maintain a faith in GOD, our CREATOR, and HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST? ¬†As Jesus Christ himself would say, “you hypocrite!”

Jesus Christ became violently angry about those in the temple who were deceiving others.  VIOLENTLY ANGRY.  Seems to point to a very strong message from GOD and that does not indicate WE become violently angry, but learn from the message.

GOD became violently angry at the deception and violence of rape at Sodom and Gomorrah, too.  It was not anger directed at  homosexuality, which never occurred, only suggested.  Because the towns people were selfish and not accepting strangers in their midst, they would often rape strangers of any sex, in order to embarrass the strangers.  The story is about an intervention from GOD, due to his dislike of raping strangers of ANY kind.

Here are some words you should consider:

Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
Thou shalt not make unto thee a graven image.
Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD the GOD in vain.
Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Honour thy father and thy mother.
Thou shall not kill.
Thou shall not commit adultery.
Thou shall not steal.
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Thou shalt not covet.

What part of this don’t you understand? ¬†Shall we discuss false witness? ¬†How about the deception that comes with adultery? ¬†Oh ,perhaps you never cheated on your wife, but how many countless others have you cheated on? ¬†And I am not discussing sex, either. ¬†Let’s discuss the words, “Thou shall not steal.” ¬†You pleaded the fifth, did you not? ¬†Is this deception like that of adultery? ¬†What about “coveting?” ¬†Worshiping money, rather than the true GOD? ¬†What part of this don’t you understand?

One of the original tea party members was able to “get away with murder.” ¬†John Hancock, a scoundrel bootlegging rum into Boston from the islands, murdered a British customs agent and purportedly got away with murder. ¬†He did it all in the name of selfishness, greed, love of money. ¬†Murder¬†is on this list, too. ¬†One hopes you did not do this and get away with it. ¬†But then, you are a part of the modern-day scoundrels called the tea party, are you not?

We now celebrate with a beer named after John Hancock’s partner in crime, Sam Adams. ¬†Sam’s cousin, John Adams, was forced into joining the tea party when he did not wish to do so, due to his repulsion towards their activities. ¬†FORCED, without choice, by scoundrels and shallow low-life people with money made illegally (rum trade) – like drug dealers today.

Shallow low-life scum like you, Rick Scott, who worship money and step on the lives of people are repulsive.  Then you pretend you like people, just enough to get elected.  And at the same time, you destroy those who DO recognize humanity over money Рthe teachers and professors of Florida.  Students are not customers and have no idea what is best for them, when it comes to education.  The legacy of what has been accomplished and made our nation successful, in the centuries prior to these students, is what is important.  Money is not to be worshiped.

John Adams, our second president, was a member of the same church denomination to which I belong and have spent most of my life: ¬†the Congregationalists. ¬†Former Governor and Senator, Bob Graham, who opposes both the Scott and Jeb Bush higher education plans, is also a rational-thinking member of the same denomination. ¬†This denomination’s legacy IS public education. ¬†Our denomination advocated for public education and did so, not in the name of the worship of money, but in the name of humanity. ¬†Now you, Rick Scott, wish to destroy public education. ¬†You wish to project those of us who stand steadfastly in favor of humanist and secular public education as being devils. ¬†“Judge not lest you be judged.”

Jesus identified Satan. ¬†“Satan is the father of the lie.” ¬†You and the Bush family embrace (George Bush is even quoted as saying this) the words of Hitler’s propaganda minister as he said something like: ¬†“Tell a lie enough times and eventually it becomes the truth.” ¬†Jesus said Satan is the father of the lie! ¬†Perhaps you use psychologists to twist this even further and disguise your lies and projecting the words of good humanist people as lies. ¬†The U.S. Constitution protects freedom of the press, not freedom of the false press.

But then, as my grandmother would say to me, “judge not lest you [thou] be judged,” so how can I point out these things about another person? ¬†I would bet one of your friends in Southwest Florida remembers my grandmother, even to the point of picking on her – many times. ¬†And this friend of yours also forgot his past and those who helped along his way to wealth, thus slighting my own mother, who faithfully served the Republican Party for many years, as a party committee person in NY.

Jesus also said, “turn the other cheek,” to enemies. ¬†Here it is, Rick Scott, so begin slapping my other cheek. ¬†Go ahead. ¬†Bear false witness against me. ¬†You are a hypocrite. ¬†If Jesus could call the deceptive lawyers and business people of his day, “hypocrites,” then I am only following the model of my LORD and Saviour. ¬†Deception is in the 10 commandments, but gets hidden by sex. ¬†I guess it makes us feel better, don’t you know?

Douglas W. Cornwell

Tioga Herald


The Forgotten Judeo-Christian Alliances and the Rise of the Fourth Reich in America Today with Hawks Demonizing Good Jews and Christians

Jesus Christ, while living on earth, was a Jew. ¬†Jesus Christ taught us about love. ¬†Paul reiterated it. ¬†Yet, what is the focus of Christians today? ¬†Hateful remarks about important members of our diverse society. ¬†People are swallowing this insanity. ¬†Jews today use the ACLU to defend hate speech as “defended” by our U.S. Constitution. ¬†I argue that hate and violence are NOT defendable, but are part of a larger strategy of implementing the Fourth Reich beyond just the German borders (opinion is mine, based on observations about fascist strategies which have increased in American politics lately; information about a 2013 film is available at ¬†This is negative and should be challenged full force.

The First Reich: ¬†The Holy Roman Empire. ¬†The “remnants” of that Empire assisted the Third Reich – Hitler, right from the pope in Vatican City on down the chain. ¬†Hawkish Jews who assist these Reichs are traitors to humanity. ¬†Case in point. ¬†The ACLU Jew who defended hatred of white racists. ¬†Using logic, this man indirectly defended anti-Semitism – hatred of his own race.

Today’s Holy Roman Empire wishes to enshrine the Roman warriors – the hawkish brutality – which imposed totalitarianism upon Jerusalem and other areas of the world. ¬†It finds allies worldwide, including the Chinese Communists. ¬†Chinese Communists also impose totalitarianism upon it’s people. ¬†It finds allies in the idea of a “manifest destiny” in the USA which destroyed good peaceful native cultures in this land. ¬†It causes paranoia and fear through mind games of intimidation, while most Americans do not even realize this is happening.

If you stand opposed to this idea of totalitarianism and brutal militaristic practices, you are demonized and, as ruthless warrior, Allen West, says, you are a “communist.” ¬†Yet a communist-controlled land creates the political buttons distributed by his political party at the Tampa convention. ¬†If you are patriotic by stating, “we need to defend ourselves, not create more problems through offensive aggression,” we are also demonized for going against the grain of a totalitarian coup d’etat.

The Jewish heritage is about doing something for the overall good of people. ¬†Where did Jesus learn this while on earth? ¬†From Jewish teachers of his day (see¬†B√ľtz, J. J. (2005).¬†The brother of Jesus and the lost teachings of Christianity. Rochester, Vt: Inner Traditions). Silly me! ¬†The answer is there! ¬†Those guys in the 1st Century were all COMMUNISTS! ¬†NOT!

The Fourth Reich consists of an alliance in the religious groups which are supposed to be respecting the separation of church and state which was established in the USA by Deists and Christians who actually understood the love of Christ, even if they were sometimes hypocritical in their approach.  At least they did not IMPOSE brutality, totalitarianism upon the Roman Catholics and a fledgling church (sect?) called the Mormons.  But these groups would turn on good people with judgments which reside only with God.  They would point false fingers at people like Patrick Murphy and Allan Grayson.  For Allan Grayson, a judgmental man like Ron Long would falsely accuse the man of being anti-Christian and anti-Bible.  Long and other fascists need to get their facts straight.  The same with Allen West.

Diana Butler Bass encourages Christians to seek solutions which might be based on traditions, if those traditions make sense. ¬†To me, the traditionalist viewpoint that homosexuality was the main point of Sodom and Gomorrah negates the Third Reich’s value of totalitarian violent brutality and unnecessarily attacks a small group of people. ¬†In fact, the traditionalists miss the point that violence was the main point of Sodom and Gomorrah. ¬†But if violence were acknowledged, then how could the Third (and possible Fourth) Reich justify its existence and the imposition of conformity to a totalitarian regime? ¬†Diana Butler Bass: ¬†“Seek traditions [that make sense for all in our society], not traditionalism.” ¬†(Bass, D. B. (2006).¬†Christianity for the rest of us: How the neighborhood church is transforming the faith. San Francisco, CA: Harper).

Episcopal Bishop, John Shelby Spong, states it very nicely when discussing the love of Christ. ¬†Others in the Anglican communion operate on fear and intimidation from hawks and Muslims, believing that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few [homosexuals].”


Spong, J.S.  (2012, October 25).  Your are profoundly wrong!  A response to the Archbishop of Newark and other Catholic leaders.  A New Christianity for a New World (Newsletter).  Retrieved from

—–.¬† (2012, September 6).¬† Think differently ‚Äď Accept uncertainty.¬† Part XVI:¬† The story of the Crucifixion, Part One.¬† A New Christianity for a New World (Newsletter).¬† Retrieved from‚Äúthink-different‚ÄĚ-‚Äď-‚Äúaccept-uncertainty‚ÄĚ/).

Many people ignore the clear guidance of Jesus Christ: ¬†“Many will be on the road to hell while few will find the road to eternal life.” ¬†The universe progresses, with the help of a loving Creator, to one of life, not violence and death. ¬†Fear and intimidation force hawkish, brutal conformity on the many. ¬†In this case, the needs of the many becomes evil.

Jesus said to those who deceived, “your father is Satan the devil.” ¬† Romney, Ryan, Allen West and others deceive.

Heard on the street: ¬†“I have my health insurance because my employer provides it, so why should I be concerned about others?” ¬†Why were the Founding Fathers concerned about others, rather than merely for themselves, when they began a great document (the preamble to the USA Constitution) with the words, “We the people…”? ¬†Could the Founding Fathers have put words like, “This Constitution is established only for a select group of people”? ¬†Why not? ¬†That is what Allen West believes. ¬†That is what the Bush family believes. ¬†That is what Mitt Romney believes. ¬†That is what Paul Ryan believes. ¬†That is what the pope believes. ¬†That is what Bishop Duncan (Pittsburgh Diocese, Episcopal), Archbishop Akinola (Nigeria), and many Roman Catholic bishops (who falsely judge others before their hapless parishioners) believe. ¬†And if we disagree, we are demonized and called, “communists.”

Why was a brutal man like Andrew Carnegie (a Presbyterian), despite his ideas about how to step on other people’s toes to become wealthy, concerned about the good of all society? ¬†Because he was a communist? ¬†The quality of his business was better than those of lazy American CEOs today who think ONLY about themselves and refuse to consider the good of society. ¬†Silly me! ¬†I guess I missed something about ¬†Carnegie, did I not? ¬†Clarification: ¬†I don’t embrace EVERYTHING the man did, but recognize good and bad.

Why did Adam Smith (a Presbyterian) first express his ideas that capitalism would naturally control itself by “Christian” men and would not need regulation, but later changed his mind after observing a Scottish 18th-century banking crisis similar to the one inspired by George Bush in 2008 (due to lack of regulations and allowing the greedy ones to go amok)? ¬†Silly me! ¬†I guess Adam Smith was ALSO a communist, even if Karl Marx did not arrive on this earth for many years after Smith! ¬†BTW. ¬†Have belligerent bankers today learned one goddamn thing about what they did wrong in 2008 with derivatives? ¬†NO! ¬†These greedy pigs remain stubbornly ignorant about it all.

Mr. West and others: ¬†you are wacko and sicko. ¬†The words of the Republicans today support fascism and assist in the establishment of totalitarianism like a Fourth Reich in America today. ¬†Violence begets violence. ¬†It’s evil and it’s wrong. ¬†It is anti-Christian. ¬†Jesus Christ used violence AGAINST people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – greedy deceptive people in the temple. ¬†Jesus was perfect, though. ¬†He DID NOT speak out so vehemently, as some people claim, against sex. ¬†He encouraged love. ¬†One cannot love their fellow man and woman when deceiving them and acting like greedy pigs.

17 July 2011

Michelle Bachman, the Homophobe

It’s been a long time!

‚ÄúJudge not lest ye be judged.‚Ä̬† My grandmother often said this to me.¬† It seemed irritating as a kid to be lectured with some quote presumably from the Bible.¬† But in actuality, it has stuck.

Michelle Bachman needs to learn about this quote.¬† She may claim she has a ‚Äúloving‚ÄĚ way to ‚Äúconvert‚ÄĚ gay people, but the fact she refuses to acknowledge people are gay tells me she is being judgmental.¬† So right back to Michelle Bachman:¬† by judging others, you are blaspheming our Creator.

John 1:1 speaks about the “Word” sent to the earth.¬† John 3:16-17 says, “For God so love the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.¬† God sent his Son to the world not to condemn the world but to save the world.”¬† The Word – Son of God – sent to the earth with a message about God and his love – not hatred – for humans of all kinds.

My grandmother also told me, ‚Äúactions speak louder than words.‚Ä̬† The message of the ‚ÄúWord‚ÄĚ was in His actions which speak louder than the words which came from His mouth.¬† Jesus Christ never condemned abortion or homosexuality.¬† Jesus Christ was very angry over deceptive greedy people ripping off the common folk while they were attempting to be true to God with their sacrifices.

‚ÄúNow stop right there,‚ÄĚ you say.¬† ‚ÄúJesus spoke about fornicators and adulterers.‚Ä̬† Yes, indeed, He did.¬† But what is the root of the problem regarding fornication?¬† Is it sex or is it greed and selfishness?¬† Furthermore, if people like Michelle Bachman are going to point fingers at homosexuals, they are wrong.¬† There are more heterosexual fornicators in the workplaces of America than there are homosexual fornicators.¬† Homosexuals make up only 10% of the population, so by mere statistics, there are more heterosexual fornicators than there are homosexual ones.¬† So, why do the dimwitted Bible-thumping proof-texters point fingers at homosexuals?¬† Get over it.

JESUS NEVER CONDEMNED HOMOSEXUALITY!¬† (He never condemned abortion, either ‚Äď another issue).¬† He DID condemn, with his actions, people like the American corporate CEOs ‚Äď the ones which Charles Rangel wished to tax heavily on their bonuses (due to their extreme greed and deception).

But alas! Charles Rangel, like Jesus Christ, was figuratively ‚Äúcrucified!‚Ä̬† And that is the fear of people like Michelle Bachman and others as to why they will take a stand against a minority of people in this nation who don‚Äôt have as much money as the greedy CEOs.¬† She preaches her version of morality, but ignores the morality of greedy heterosexual fornicators and CEOs ‚Äď and those who caused the problems ‚Äď and continue to cause them ‚Äď for this economy.¬† The important issues should be about the economy and providing jobs and opportunities.¬† These issues are not important to Michelle Bachman.¬† But get her in the White House so she can appoint new Supreme Court justices who will condemn abortionists and homosexuals.¬† That is her true desire, along with numerous other Republicans.

‚ÄúJudge not lest ye be judged.‚ÄĚ ¬†‚ÄúJesus did not come into this world to condemn the world but to SAVE the world.‚Ä̬† I will not judge Michelle Bachman.¬† But Jesus Christ DID say it was okay to act in self-defense.¬† We may have to ‚Äúturn the other cheek at first,‚ÄĚ but Jesus Christ did not endorse the idea of sitting around like a bunch of wimps constantly being screwed.

Many people may believe what Bachman says, but the road to hell is wide and spacious and many will be on it.

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