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SCOTUS Today is Destroying Religious Freedom and NEEDS TO BE STOPPED from this DESTRUCTION

😁😁😁The SCOTUS just rubber-stamped its approval of violent rape. Those so-called politicized justices who voted this approval need to be removed. I mean. Remove the bastards and the bitch who voted in favor of this. Start playing hardball with these politically PAID people who force this upon the American people by means of enforcing THEIR OWN religious beliefs upon all of us. We have a freedom of religion and separation of church and state for a reason, so WE THE PEOPLE need to take action against those who destroy this.

What is on my Mind this morning? (Thurs., June 30, 2022) RE: Reproductive Rights and the Lousy SCOTUS we have put there by Politics, not for the purpose of Justice

😁What’s on my mind? Just reading about a Republican candidate for Congress who said “overturning Roe v. Wade is a victory.” A victory for whom? Who is the winner of this decision? Do these bastards, and I will call them BASTARDS and SOBs of all kind, think it is a victory for all fetus in the womb? Is it really? Will these bastards outlaw things like coat hangers and other devices which will still be used by many females and then take the lives of living and breathing out-of-the-womb females? Really. Some victory for fetus, huh?

Perhaps these bastards think it is a victory for men who harass women and leave their pubic hairs on soda cans, like Clarence Thomas? Or perhaps for men who rape women, like many others, including another person who calls himself a “Justice?”

Look. I don’t like abortions, either. I would try to talk any female contemplating such a thing out of it, should their own life not be threatened or they were raped by a vicious testosterone-laden aggressive freaking male. I would work very hard, as Planned Parenthood does, to TEACH, not PREACH, that young people be proactive with either self-control or considering and using PRE-CONCEPTION contraception. Such measures should be taken BEFORE penetration and conception. In the end, though, the decision remains with the two people involved in the conception, not with a court of law run by corrupt politicians who want favors done with money and a love of money. Hypocritical people who, with their freaking lousy ideas from their own religious beliefs which supersede, truly, any interest in any human life, whether in the womb or outside the womb.

This is a victory, too, for lousy puritanical Protestants, Jews, and Roman Catholics. This government is not based on a “Christian nation.” Anyone who proposes this is perverted and has no sense of what it means to have the democracy which our Founding Fathers, MOST OF THEM DEISTS, wanted for this nation so as to maintain a democracy. You people SUCK big time. If you don’t like what our Founding Fathers laid down here, then LEAVE THIS NATION AND DON’T COME BACK, you lousy imbeciles. Yes, I am being quite blunt here and sounding vicious. But we are dealing with vicious people who want to override many of our religious beliefs, perhaps even the beliefs of atheists, Deists, and agnostics. The freedom of religion and separation of church and state should have been recognized by such assholes as Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Coney-Barrett, Mitch McConnell, and various others. You are just that. Assholes for not recognizing the role of separation of church and state and WHY it was initially proposed by DEISTS. You are nothing but asshole and I will NOT be as kind as Joe Biden who thinks we are still dealing with people who want to work out compromise in a democracy. Joe Biden who was diplomatic with Republicans when he was Judiciary chair and put asshole Clarence Thomas in place on the SCOTUS. And he IS an asshole. Whether black or white asshole. Now the diplomacy of that time has come back to slap Americans in the face because the GODDAMN MAN FROM KENTUCKY, corrupt as he is, IS NOT DIPLOMATIC and WORK for compromise.

Trump and the Republicunt leadership have no sense of ANY human value and would likely perform genocide on those who don’t agree with them. In this way, they can say they “maintain the peace.” But they destroy justice and use the the SCOTUS for POLITICAL MEANS only. That is NOT what the SCOTUS was designed to be.

Justice Thurgood Marshall had definitions of what democracy and SCOTUS are all about. I do not have the exact definitions, but can paraphrase as best as I am able to do. Justice Marshall was one who defined a democracy by majority and minority. Majorities, whether huge majorities or simple majorities, are decide the guidelines (legislation) for life in America. However, Justice Marshall pointed out that the minority needs to be considered too.

OK. So a majority of Americans, in quite large numbers, were against the decimation of Roe v. Wade. So the “victory” goes to a minority of people when the SCOTUS justices are utilized in the perverted manner they have? Sure. A SIMPLE majority in the U.S. Senate, under the guidance of McConnell, weaved this court into place, even to go against precedent when President Obama appointed a justice and we get a political “conservative” court instead. It’s not conservative. I have many conservative ideals and I don’t agree with what the SCOTUS justices have done. This SCOTUS does the bidding of puritanical assholes in religion and I am conservative but NOT puritanical. So go to hell, those who should NOT be on the SCOTUS and prevailing over MY LIFE.

Repugnican leaders are now working, as always, to destroy, not reform. When there is a simple majority, especially, if one were to apply what SCOTUS Justice Marshall said, then there should be reform, not destruction, by means of compromise between majority and minority – NOT, you assholes, by means of liberal and conservatives or Repugnicans and Democrats.

Yes, I am going to continue calling them assholes because that is what they have and I give such assholes no honor or respect for attempting to destroy a great democracy defined by DEISTS and others in the Founding Fathers. You are no longer worthy of being called TRAITORS, but ASSHOLES worse than TRAITORS.

I am like Teddy Roosevelt, a man who refuses to deal with money-loving assholes with diplomacy. No more. Reform COULD have preserved Roe v. Wade and some of its problems. Any liberal unwilling to do this, too, is just as much of an asshole and brought this destruction of Roe v. Wade on, just as much as those who CALL themselves conservatives (when they are not). Theocratic-endorsing, autocratic-endorsing ones have all brought this on to America and disrupted good things we have in this nation, thinking you will bring peace by DICTATING YOUR BELIEFS UPON ALL OF US. I say go to hell because you people suck and I, for one, have had enough of you assholes.

If you don’t like the great democracy and the way it was set up with LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, stop pledging allegiance to the American flag and go live with Putin in Russia. Stop acting, doing, and sabotaging this nation in the name of the dictatorial czars, communists, and Putins of Russia. Go live with them and leave this nation – get the hell out because you ruin the peace and justice of those of us who respect other human beings, in spite of how we all think. We have a government which was better than most in helping us to work with each other as human beings.

Even the FREAKING NRA wants to have automatic weapons to kill human beings while most hunters and even members of the NRA have told me they would never use an automatic weapon on an animal when they hunt in the woods. It is all in the leadership in such groups and the money they have that WE THE PEOPLE have been denied with denial of OPPORTUNITIES to succeed in life. Just throw HANDOUTS to WE THE PEOPLE, just as fat pig John D. Rockefeller did as he threw dimes at people during the Robber Baron era of America. Go to hell and go live with Putin, you bastard SOB assholes.

And for quite certain, Rick the Prick in the Senate was put in place by a very tiny, tiny, tiny simple majority win in Florida because of gerrymandering, purchasing the election down there and not addressing ISSUES but throwing dirt at opponents – falsely tarnishing the image of his opponents. Rick the Prick Scott is also an asshole sitting in the U.S. Senate with asshole McConnell.

The governor down there in Florida, Ron DeSatan, won in the same way as the Republicans do. A simple majority over a black man, his purchasing the election, tarnishing and image and the results of gerrymandering in Florida. So, now a nation intent on “winning” likes this example? Perhaps those who put winning above integrity, dignity of WE THE PEOPLE, liberty and justice for all, just are mesmerized, like a bunch of lemmings being led to their destruction, likes the Machiavellian style of these corrupt Republicunt assholes – to WIN – and it does not matter what it takes to WIN because feeling like a winner is more important than providing for life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness FOR ALL… LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. If you repeat this in the Pledge of Allegiance, you are a “sleeping dog” of the tyrannical type with hypocritical actions in life. Jesus Christ condemned hypocrites, not abortionists or homosexuals. So you assholes ARE NOT TRUE CHRISTIANS. You are puritanical assholes. I don’t intend to let such “sleeping dogs lie” with hypocrisy, if I can help it at all. But then. I don’t have money and don’t have a “love of money,” do I? So I don’t fit the tyrannical cliques of America, do I?

If you think it’s because I feel bad that I don’t have the money and am begging for the money, like a stupid person asking for handouts. Think again. I am an American who follows the ways of good American ancestors who, over the centuries, fought for the FREEDOMS OF WE THE PEOPLE of AMERICA. This would include my father who was a soldier in the Pacific during World War II. This would include Grandpa Willet who volunteered for the Civil Defense missions of the U.S. Army Air Corps in the 1940s when we were threatened by Nazi planes. I can go further back to the American Revolution.

I don’t look for handouts. I repeat. I don’t look for handouts because I don’t have the money that the asshole puritanical oligarch (plutocrat, autocrat) bastards who call themselves Republicans but I call them Republicunts and Repugnicans. My heroes are not so many who are now still living, but those like Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Adam Smith of Scotland, and Ben Franklin, among others. They all had iron steel balls and played hardball. I probably should just say “played hardball,” rather than refer to the FIGURATIVE version of “balls.” But it is FIGURATIVE and thus could be applied to women, too. Women like Teddy Roosevelt’s niece, Eleanor Roosevelt. Or women like Gloria Steinem, Belva Lockwood, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, and many other women. I have already mentioned someone who I consider a “hero,” Justice Thurgood Marshall. But there are others of that race, such as Frederick Douglass or Booker T. Washington, and so forth.

JFK was a hero of mine, too. Struck down and injured while involved with a true American “victory” (see the reference to “victory” earlier in my message) in the Pacific during World War II, was killed by what has been kept secret and a well-kept secret. His opposition to sending troops to Vietnam, which the Texas oilmen wanted VP LBJ to do in order to tighten their control over oil. Big Oil is still performing egregious acts against humanity around the world, even today, and in America as well. Of course, what I am saying can be challenged because it has been kept secret, so therefore I lie. If I lie here, then I guess I will be forced to eat crow. But at least I am a MAN enough to admit the guilt, unlike Trump, DeSatan, Rick the Prick (who, on trial, pleaded the fifth and got away with criminal acts), and McCuntface. Let’s just say these guys, figuratively, “get away with murder.” Perhaps the “prick” in the U.S. Senate goes with the “cuntface?”

Another person whom I find as a hero, but was fearful of the Reagan folks for saying so, is Franklin D. Roosevelt. Also President Harry S. Truman. However, the mob groupthink with perverted ideas, like that of the group of Reagan followers, makes people feel guilty if they should not go along with what they are saying. Same thing with the Trump groupthink today, even to the point of Republicunt Repugnicans who work to take money and jobs away from good people, should they not go along with what the Republicunt Repugnicans are saying with regard for hatred of Democrats, including Joe Biden. Is there any possibility small business people in upstate New York do the same things when considering customers? “OH! I want do business with that person because he likes Joe Biden and the Democrats!” But that just makes me paranoid to say this, right? The ones who are doing this are the paranoid ones, especially if they don’t pay taxes and/or refuse to do business with those like me who are Democrats.

And I just expressed a criticism of Joe Biden, in this message. At the same time, I praise Joe Biden for his package of the infrastructure in which Republicunt Repugnicans lie about to their constituents when they return to their home base to campaign for Congress. They voted against the infrastructure, but then go home and take credit for it. “Let sleeping dogs lie,” right? Asshole liars, tyrannical traitors to America and its democratic values, to which these assholes took an oath.

I will continue to stand up for America. I don’t like Big Oil, but that does not mean I am not a patriot. In fact, I am a better patriot than many of the asshole leaders of the Republicunt Repugnican Party.

I now have to hope and pray that I do not face adversity from a bunch of secretive fraternal snots who must have learned their secretive ways from Hitler and Putin.

Now, that is what is on my mind today.



Ronald Reagan, Jr., is on my mind.

Noticing that is in his commercial, is trustworthy. He mentions “freedom FROM religion,” in defense of activities to work for separation of church and state. As a Christian, I am fully in support of separation of church and state. I always have been supportive of separation of church and state.

Seems strange for Ronnie Junior to say “freedom FROM religion,” while attempting to endorse the ideas of separation of church and state. For separation of church and state is related to “freedom OF religion,” not “freedom FROM religion.”

During the 1980s, I always had a problem with Ronnie Senior and the lip service he played to ridding us of communism. I really did not believe the man with charisma. I felt he was a fake then. Now it is evident, even more, what kind of fake Ronnie Senior was.

My father served with the occupation troops in Japan in 1945 after the war ended. Before my dad passed from us in 2018, he spent time telling me about the trip he and the others serving in Japan under USA Supreme Commander, General Douglas MacArthur, from Tokyo to the northern end of Japan.

If one reads the history of the A-bomb and all else which happened in Japan, one discovers that one thing our leaders wanted to do was to block the Soviets from entering Japan from the north. Was my dad part of those troops who were sent to northern Japan? This is written in the documentation of MacArthur biographer, William Manchester. Manchester also describes the emphasis MacArthur took to decimate the communists in Japan.

A few years later, when MacArthur was put in charge of troops in Korea, what did he want to do? He wanted to send troops north and into China. He was no longer the USA (or UN) Supreme Commander in Korea, so he was not able to do that. In fact, MacArthur was fired for attempting to do it. He had led Japan but was not given the leverage to do the same in Korea. My writing this is NOT to discuss whether this firing and the facts surrounding it are right or wrong. It is a matter of making a comparison between the two commands that General MacArthur had. One immediately after the war with Japan and the other during the Korean Conflict. Today, there is a very lousy communist leader in North Korea, while South Korea has been a successful capitalist democracy.

In fact, South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan have all been very successful with bringing down the COVID-19 positivity rate, while the communists and other autocratic SOBs have not. Meanwhile, stupidity in America with DeSantis, Trump and others, is siding with the communists in China, while not fighting the war which needs to be fought against COVID-19.

Back to the discussion about Ronnie Junior and religion. Considering that the Soviets created a “religion” and forced people to abide by this “religion” (which many people have indicated atheism is actually a form of religion), then what makes us believe that “freedom FROM religion” is NOT an autocratic and dictatorial way to force one way upon our American population? What makes this any different from a Matt Gaetz or others who want to force one way for those of us who meditate and seek a spiritual means of life, whether in the name of Christ or any other religious belief, different from what Gaetz wants to force down the throats of Christian believers, is any better than Gaetz? As far as I am concerned, Gaetz is a lawyer / politician who is as much a traitor to the USA as Benedict Arnold, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and numerous others.

How about considering “freedom of religion” among all “religious practices” within a secular society of coexistence? What is wrong with that?

Or else damnation on all those who wish to dictate beliefs to society and upon one another. Period. Damnation to the proselytizers of beliefs about a god or gods as a means of a theocracy, as well as those who wish to dictate an atheistic autocracy upon us.

Too many who are involved in religions use the Bible as a rule book which comes from myths and other writings designed to create a god in the image of men. We have a Creator / Maker / God of love. Humans are made in the image of this God.

The problem lies in those who are hypocrites within religious organizations and turn off people to the true God. This is done in the process of working to maintain power and control over human beings and doing so in the name of a god for which they have made a graven image based on the images of men writing the myths and rule books. Human beings need guidelines for reasoning and common sense in life, not a rule book based on the power of men over other human beings. Men are big on power. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Along with such situations, hypocrisy and a love of money reigns.

Matt Gaetz and other fundagelicals are part of such heathens who do this. The American Founding Fathers, if Ronnie Junior and others were intelligent enough to study them, were more than just Masons.

The American Founding Fathers were Deists who believed in a powerful Creator and balance in the universe which can be proven. Translating that to democracy, our Founding Fathers established a government with checks and balances.

Adam Smith, a contemporary to the Founding Fathers, established and wrote about ideas for which there is balance in economics, in a system called capitalism.

During the days of Adam Smith, the aristocracy were, as Trump is today, too fearful of losing their power and money, should there be the balance as proposed by Smith and his theories about capitalism. So, therefore, these powerful wealthy ones did everything possible to put their own spin on what capitalism is all about. Many today don’t realize how much they follow along with the spin put on capitalism by the aristocracy of the 19th Century.

That aristocracy fooled a stupid man like Karl Marx and others in the process, mesmerizing them with mind control, that capitalism is the problem. Capitalism is not the problem and in the 20th Century, people like Teddy Roosevelt, associated with his Progressive Bull Moose Party in later years (after being known as the “trust buster”), proved that regulation does work. The founder of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, and others at NCR Corporation ended up serving time for their roles in going against regulations by attempting to destroy competition. Watson eventually turned around and created a great corporation, IBM, in which he rewarded his employees with good salaries and benefits, regardless of whether they had college degrees or not.

Ronnie SENIOR worked to remove that BALANCE in economics by proposing one-sided economics, SUPPLY SIDE ECONOMICS, based on his attempts to project that all things in America need to be “privatized.” This led to the movement to destroy capitalist competition and many dictatorial businesses with no concern for human beings who work for the head honchos AND no concern for the DEMAND SIDE of a balanced capitalism. Since the time of Ronnie SENIOR, these guys have been attempting to make the government look bad because it is the means for regulating that balance in economics.

Democracy can provide balance. Capitalism can provide balance. Freedom OF religion with separation of church and state can provide balance. Ronnie Junior stating, “freedom FROM religion” and associating it with separation of church and state is no different from what daddy Ronnie said with regard to “government is bad so let’s push for deregulation.” Thousands of Americans were hurt financially by this shit from Ronnie Senior. I was one of them, I know a thing or two.

Ronnie Junior is attempting to destroy balance in a secular society. If Ronnie Junior were truly interested in separation of church and state, he would find allies with those of us who have beliefs in God in order to accomplish his goal. Somehow it does not sound like he wants to work by pulling all Americans together, but has a hidden agenda here.

Ronnie Junior is a “chip off the old block,” in this sense. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Just as Ronnie Senior worked to deregulate and work towards, “freedom by ridding us of government,” Ronnie Junior uses this same method regarding religious beliefs and the spirituality which is very important to so many people.

This crap is nothing but a libertarian and anarchist approach. It is being used as a means to thrust dictatorial ways down our throats. The results of such actions will be barbaric, bullying, and vicious, just as what happened within the Roman Empire with its uncivilized gladiator games and arenas with Christians thrown to the lions.

You might read this and say, “how can this be true?” Trust me. I am not the only one to give warning. Adam Smith gave warning in his writings about “The Theory of Moral Sentiment.” There are many others who have given warnings, too.

For the sake of America and its democracy, capitalist ideas, and spirituality of people, please stop this bullshit. America might not be perfect because we have human institutions and such institutions are not perfect. But let us not destroy the great parts of this system. There are other nations in the world who have worked successfully under such conditions. Stop the destructive aspects based on “individual rights” only which come from libertarians and anarchists.

Come Together and Coexist

I have respect for Ronald Reagan, Jr. Far more respect for him than with Sleepy Ronnie in the Cabinet (Ron, Jr.’s dad).

Recently, Junior has been pleading for continuing separation of church and state. That is great. I learned about separation of church and state from pastors in the religion to which I was born and raised. One such pastor was asked to run for political office and he said he would do no such thing because that would be against his principles for separation of church and state. 

What I did not like about his announcements was that Reagan Junior seemed, to me, to identify his ideas for separation of church and state to only be important to atheists and agnostics. Really? He overlooks, entirely, those of us who have a belief in God but do work for separation of church and state. To which, I wish to address Reagan Junior with this. Are you out of your mind and think of those of us with a belief in God and work for separation of church and stare are nothing but chopped liver?

Suppose I analyze what is happening here. Reagan Junior is stupid? I don’t think so, but have to consider whether he is stupid when considering this particular issue. Does Reagan Junior have a hatred for all Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, etc.? Gosh, I hope not, but have to consider this. Does Reagan Junior think only about dictatorial and autocratic control by atheists and agnostics, while the rest of the people be damned, as what has been done in communist states like the former Soviet Union, Cuba, China, etc.? I rather think this is not the case. However, he has spoken out against his father and his father was adamantly against the communists and atheists of Russia.  Interesting that Reagan Senior was against communism, but embraced ideas from Ayn Rand who departed Russia, due to her adverse reactions to communism (and knowing NOTHING about capitalism, the dumb jerk she was on that count). So, it makes us scratch our heads in puzzling thoughts about what Reagan Junior is thinking here.  After all, Ayn Rand was an atheist. 

Having a difficult time in figuring all this out, for sure. AHAH!  Perhaps if we say that Reagan Junior and his statements have to be taken in light of following the money behind what he is saying? Reagan Senior had corporations like GE back him up and most Americans did not know this.  But the money is about helping to put a spin on things in order to help the fundagelical Christians who DON’T LIKE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE? By making statements regarding Reagan Junior’s thoughts about atheism and agnostics really puts a thorn in the side of such people, does it not? Therefore, the idea is about playing lip service to the goal of separation of church and state when the TRUE strategy here is to divide and conquer the Christians. Is this not a possible motive? Turn off all Christians to thoughts about someone who identifies as atheist and agnostic. Divide and conquer. By all means, right?This way, it truly promotes atheists and agnostics for grabbing power over our society and thus destroys ALL Christians, even those who are allies of someone like Reagan Junior when it comes to separation of church and state.

Why do Americans never look to a plan to come together and find allies for which we can achieve a goal? This example of separation of church and state will help sustain our society better than any type of autocratic control by the bloody Matt Gaetz or the bloody atheists and agnostics. the ideas here are about advancing the causes of autocracy, whether by one side or the other, with a great deal of fighting going on. 

I am a Christian who recognizes that it is the fundagelicals who push people into atheist environments because people see too much of religious organizations which portray themselves as BEING God. My beliefs are sometimes in line with atheist beliefs because I believe that men created rules in the Bible, from fig leaves to white supremacy to bigotry against the LGBT+ to justification of murder and thievery, to justification of slavery (etc., etc., etc.). Most of the justification is done by mythical elements in what we call “scriptures,” as men tried to portray God as an image of men, not the other way around. Thus, many become fed up with churches and the stupidity of hypocrisy, ignoring the fact that Jesus Christ himself ranted about hypocrisy and money changers ripping off the people.  People like Rasputin of Russia, with his hypocrisy really did a number on a man who HAD been seeking the priesthood in Russia, but then joined the Bolsheviks. That man was named Joseph Stalin.  Just like autocratic theocratic dildo heads within the Christian fundagelicals today, Stalin is an example of working to develop an autocratic government all right. That of a communist state.

Come together and coexist on common ground, before it is too late. That meaning is about coming together to promote a secular democracy separate from church and religion, but with a freedom of religious belief. That also means to not allow any style of brutal autocracy forcing ANY style of religion, whether Christian or atheist (etc., etc., etc.), upon the American population.

Libelous People Promoting and Worshiping the Bible or “Idiot Wind”

Letter from Democratic Party candidate, Allan Grayson:

On Wednesday, on the radio, my deranged opponent Todd Long said that I “want to remove the Bible . . . from this country.”

That’s a quote.

I actually would like to remove libel, not the Bible, from this country. But clearly that’s impossible as long as Todd Long resides here. Todd Long is the Mount Pinatubo of libel.

When the interviewer expressed, shall we say, a certain skepticism, Long doubled down. He said that I not only want to remove the Bible from America, but that I also want to “kick Christianity out of this country.”

Admittedly, Todd Long said this on Halloween. Trick or treat. But he was serious. Demented, but serious.

We have these asinine remarks on tape. Which is a good thing. Because Todd Long, like a certain Republican Presidential candidate, has a habit of denying any prior statement that he deems inexpedient. As Nixon’s Press Secretary Ron Ziegler once said, such inconvenient truths become “inoperative.”

Actually, all this started when Long was brought face to face with his own nuttery. The interviewer asked Long, on Hispanic radio, whether he wanted to make English the official language. Long replied, “That’s totally false. I’ve never said that.” The interviewer then referred Long to page 169 of his own book, “The Conservative Comeback,” which says just that.

Things went downhill from there. It was a fascinating athletic event – could Todd Long lie faster than the interviewer could fact-check?

It’s not the first time that we’ve had some giant whoppers heaved at us. In July, an opponent said that if I’m elected, I will triple gas prices, prohibit guns and ammunition, and close down children’s lemonade stands. I guess we’ll find out.

But Todd Long has made one contemptible charge again and again: that I am “the most anti-Christian Congressman in history.” No one has any idea what that means; even Long can’t explain it. But his obvious intent is to stir up anti-Semitism against me, because I’m Jewish.

Somehow or other, our voters have not found Long’s disgraceful smear campaign to be a compelling political platform. And here we are, with less than one week to go before the election. Long feels that he has to up the ante. So he says now that I’m not only “the most anti-Christian Congressman in history,” but also that I want to “remove the Bible” and “kick Christianity out of this country.”

“Remove the Bible” – how would that work, exactly? Would they be incinerated, like Long’s crackpot allies did to all those Harry Potter books a few years ago? Or would we send earnest young atheists door to door to collect them, and then ship them all off to Communist China, postage due? Or perhaps just pile them all on Mt. Sinai, with a short note politely asking God to please take them back?

I don’t know. What I do know is this: We have to defeat Todd Long, …l.


Alan Grayson

“Idiot wind – blowing every time you move your mouth,
Blowing down the backroads, heading south,
Idiot wind – blowing every time you move your teeth,
You’re an idiot, babe;
It’s a wonder that you still know how to breathe.”

– Bob Dylan, “Idiot Wind” (1974)


Note:  I am a Christian and judgmental Christians have said I am “not a Christian.”  LIBEL.  I am against abortion and would work to take responsibility for my own family, but I don’t believe government should interfere by criminalizing those who might make a mistake.  Because of the religious stand and my recognition of the separation of church and state, I was told, “I am not a Christian.”

The finger judgmental people point at others, whether a false co-worker or this guy named Long, there are three fingers pointing back – and thumbing God at the same time.  I don’t blame Allan Grayson for being upset over this.  Let’s hope voters come to their senses.  It was a Republican who said, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.”

Separation of Church and State

Separation of church and state works better than any theocratic government.  It is the responsibility of the people to learn to discern and pass ideas of responsibility to their children.  Only lazy people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions (or lack of training their children) would scapegoat a free secular society where everyone can learn to live together and savor the diversity of such a culture.

“Men [and women] never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction.” — Blaise Pascal.

“Teach your children well.” — Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.  But recognize that human beings are not perfect.

Church Bishop involved in Politics?

Whatever church bishop told his congregants they would “go to hell, if they vote for President Obama” needs to consider something called a tax-exempt status.  Better yet, this person needs to consider how he blasphemes God by attacking “Caesar.”  It’s written in the Bible, so it must be true, don’t you know?  The bishop might be the one  going to hell.

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