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29 July 2011

George Bush, Jr, promoted the idea of the Chilean retirement system.  The Republicans today wish to tear apart our PUBLIC SOCIAL INSURANCE RUN BY CAPITALISM (in reference to Social Security) and create a culture like that of the Chinese Communists (actually, it is an age-old Chinese culture, but the communists are in charge):  children take care of their parents and senior citizens are relegated to the garbage heap with no independence and no choices.

To Georgie Porgy and the fat cat Republicans:  what’s wrong with AMERICAN ideals and to fix them when they are broken?  Fixing means getting to the root of the problem:  “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

Ayn Rand’s philosophies are evil because they promote the love of money, which is translated as greed.  Ayn Rand is an antithesis to Jesus Christ, yet proclaimed “Christians” such as Georgie Porgie, Jebbie, Rick Perry, and other fascist bigots proclaim Ayn Rand as god.  Selfishness and greed are the number one priority.
Jesus Christ was against fornication and adultery.  But both fornication and adultery are the products of greed – “the love of money [greed] is the root of all evil.”   Those who push their religious thoughts down our throats – regarding anti-abortion, anti-recreational sex among consenting partners, anti-homosexuality – are greedy.  Fascists who stubbornly insist on only ONE WAY of doing something are greedy.   Yet I never hear these fascists condemn Rick Scott or others for stealing and acting in a deceptive manner.

Deception is another product of greed.  Jesus Christ took an adamant stand against deception and greed.  Two times.  It led to his crucifixion.  In order to make people forget this little fact, the “opiate of the people” mesmerize the people with Jesus dying on a cross and the “passion” which is evoked due to that.  Fact is, Jesus Christ got their due to his CLEAR opposition to deception and greed by lousy SOBs who called themselves “business people.”  The truth hurts, so Jesus got crucified.

Jesus Christ actually stood among the prostitutes, pornographers, and homosexuals of his day.  He did not call for their arrest – like a bigoted bitch from Minnesota might do.  Christ’s beef was with the deceptive lawyers of his day.  Christ’s beef was with corrupt government officials of his day.  Christ’s beef was with deceptive, greedy business practices of his day.  Taking undeserved bonuses and raising CEO salaries beyond belief are greedy and deceptive practices today.  Yet, conservative bitches and bastards look the other way while condemning the lives of peaceful people in the Middle Class who attempt to do the best they are able to do –  in order to survive in a world created, perpetuated, and sustained by these beasts of the devil.

28 July 2011

Some people think I will come out better if I just go along with the religious right and ultra conservatives.  I have not come out better in the past, so why should I now?  When the toombifier gang at my former employer (remember the words of Grayson) gave us this horse s*** about the layoffs being some kind of altruistic measure for “deregulation” and making it better for the consumer – and for the way electric utilities do business, I knew it was a bunch of horse s*** then.  It is still a bunch of horse s***. But alas, for the sake of my family, I was FORCED to conform.  Oh, yes.  I had a choice:  an offer I could not refuse (words from the movie, The Godfather).

The company shut down its administrative / management operations in St. Petersburg, forcing thousands of employees out of work and the industry never really became a more competitive one – as portrayed by the liars who earned millions as a result of those actions of the early 1990s.  Instead, the company joined the ranks of the company “flipper”-type CEOs who lost sight of the goals and missions of companies and merely purchase them to “flip” them and make money that way.  These people are lazy SOBs who don’t know how to EARN money – just take it from others.  Rick Scott is one of them.

My bet is these guys in the early 1990s were pissed off at the election of Bill Clinton, which made George Bush, Sr., a one-term president.  Most of them were of the younger baby boom generation who f***ed us older guys over – at the request of the greedy SOBs who were closer to my age and did have the money – quite possibly because they f***ed our government by not paying back student loans – as I had faithfully done, despite the lack of “profit” in my family unit.  Oh, yeah, it’s called “disposable income” – something us “little guys” are not supposed to have because we are too stupid to know what to do with it.

These are the same guys who are TRYING to manipulate a one-term presidency out of Barack Obama.  Why?  Not out of altruism, but out of vindictiveness.  We don’t need vindictive leaders, we need those who will get the job done – like Nancy Pelosi and a House of Representatives which accomplished more – perhaps things distasteful to these lazy bums with money – but more.  Excuse me, but were these guys elected by the people or by lazy bums with money and only one motive?  That motive (besides stubborn fascist ideology which nixes any form of reasoning or logic) is vindictiveness towards Bill Clinton and the Democrats.

These wealthy pigs mock democracy while repeating words like, “democracy,” “liberty,” “freedom.”  The “Empire” is getting too big, so they feel compelled to destroy democracy, while giving the appearance we still have it.
“You hypocrites!  You offspring of vipers!  Your father is Satan the devil!”


Gee!  Where did we hear these words before?

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