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Cowards Will Say Anything

Amidst the outpouring of disgust against Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick’s statement of “you reap what you so” comment on Twitter, was likely to be found some comments which make reasonable sense.  Patrick is a politician of hatred, caused by stubborn ignorance in believing traditionalist beliefs in the scriptures, rather than attempting to seek wisdom.  He has a finger pointed at the LGBT community, with three pointed back at himself.  Only God makes the final say and anyone else who judges is nothing but a self-righteous coward trying to help him or her to feel better about their own irregularities by trashing others.

I suppose that Patrick believes the African-Americans in that church in Charleston “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful white man gunned them down?  I suppose the little elementary school kids at Sandy Hook “reaped what they sowed” as a hateful man gunned them down?  What about the other attacks of AMERICAN terrorism i this nation?  The victims in each case “reaped what they sowed?”

What makes this tragedy far worse is that the religion from which the killer apparently came believes they are not “cowards” and are actually praised by Allah.  In a civilized world with a belief in a loving God, people like this killer are considered cowards.

What about the LGBT community in all of this?  Unlike the people in Charleston, LGBT are able to HIDE themselves.  The bigots do not attack them due to a different color of skin.  Perhaps Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria needs to understand this and be a real Christian, not bowing to Muslim beliefs out of fear.  And the same can be said of white people living in African nations like Kenya and Nigeria (and other areas).  In all these situations, people cannot change the color of their skin.  However, LGBT people can live in denial of who they are and therefore find safety from hateful people.

In the end, men and women can kill the body, but they cannot kill the soul.  Will God judge cowards – deceptive ones – worse than those who are honest about the way GOD MADE THEM?  None of us know for certain the answer to this question.  But I place my bets that only a loving God would have created the beauty of this earth, including the beauty of human beings, made in God’s image.  And a loving God would not condone awful things against other human beings, as often wrongly portrayed in the “Old Testament” by legends and myths of men who reported life the way it was in those ancient times.  I really do not believe that God condones the killing of babies in the name of God. I really do not believe that God condones the killing of LGBT in the name of God, either.

Evil hateful men and women will stop at nothing to prove their point that they work “in the name of God.”  I said EVIL, did I not?  They follow the ways of Satan the devil, with whom Jesus Christ resisted temptation while confined with the evil person in the dessert.  Pat Robertson makes money from hate and evil and pretends its about Jesus Christ.  Indeed, Robertson is the Anti-Christ.  Of whom does Robertson really hold animosity?  After Hurricane Katrina, he announced. and many stubbornly ignorant folks swallowed what he said, that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.  Yet, what were the facts about that hurricane?  Katrina had silently crept over South Florida with virtually little or no damage.  Where is there a larger population of LGBT? New Orleans or South Florida and the Keys?  Yet, Robertson convinced a whole bunch of gullible stubbornly ignorant folks that New Orleans was destroyed due to homosexuality.  He never bothered to explain why South Florida was “spared?”

Perhaps it’s a case of – “okay folks, go after the homosexuals first.”  Then when homosexuals are destroyed, “okay folks, go after people with a different skin color.”  Then when they are destroyed, Robertson and other hateful folks (jihadists in both the Christian and Muslim religions), selling hatred which emanates from the Devil, will keep going after innocent folks, until they go after ME who remained complacent in it all.  Who will be there for me?


A Church’s Negative Role Model

The Roman Catholic Church stood complacently by as Adolph Hitler took countless lives and plunged Europe into a war.  Let me remind folks that the opposite of love is complacency, not hatred.  Hatred was what the masses of people had to contain as it raged inside them, particularly the European Jews, among other groups.

The Roman Catholic Church never excommunicated Hitler or Mussolini, either.

As a Protestant, I don’t believe in excommunication because it’s done by a bunch of men who believe they are gods in the flesh.  My grandmother, the daughter of a Methodist pastor, always reminded me of this when she said, “judge not lest you be judged.”

Like the Methodist Church (unfortunately), the Roman Catholic Church remains steadfast in insisting that being gay is a sin and turning to look the other way at promiscuous sex in the heterosexual community.  Ironically, these churches endorse promiscuous homosexual sex, too, as many in the gay community attempt to reduce promiscuity by encouraging monogamous marriages.  Makes sense, right?

The kicker in all of this is the Roman Catholic practice of excommunication.  It encourages the hatred which can fester and grow in homophobic men (and perhaps women) who are uncomfortable with their own sexuality.  How?  Because Hitler avoided excommunication while gay pastors and men do not.  The message from this heretical church is this.  You can murder and steal (and do other things), therefore breaking the 10 Commandments.  The church does not care.  But be a homosexual (like there is some kind of choice – NOT!), and we will go after you.  Then the people who witness this idiocy within the church feel they can be nasty to their fellow human beings who are gay.

Peace be with you.

Douglas Cornwell

Tioga Herald

IndependentLens: Discussion about Bishop Gene Robinson

Jesus spoke of love for one another. The Old Testament focus in Leviticus was about a lack of children in society. Homosexuals did not perpetuate the birth of children, so were going against the grain of the society. Thus stringent measures were taken, which are not necessary in today’s society. Our world is different today, requiring all kinds of forms of loving families, even alternative families with same-sex parents, to lovingly care for children of unwanted pregnancies and from broken homes in an over-populated world.

Jesus Christ never endorsed traditionalism. Yet, in this program about Bishop Gene Robinson, there were those who talked about “2000 years of tradition.” So what? If the traditionalism is not the solution, then why do we stand by it? Jesus did not believe in idolatry. Yet, the man in this IndependentLens program… the man from California who repeatedly used the words, “Bible-believing,” sounded as if he worshiped the Bible, not God. That is idolatry and blasphemous and would NOT have been favorable to Jesus Christ.

In another portion of this program, a man speaking against the pro-same-sex measures of the Episcopal Church said, “The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.” Jesus Christ said, “the road to hell is large and spacious and many would be on that road; whereas the road to everlasting life, few would find it.”  The words this man spoke before the Episcopal gathering were words abrasive to those of Jesus Christ. This recognition is the reason why our American justice system finally abolished Jim Crow measures against a minority. The larger numbers who persecuted the minority were/are evil in God’s eyes. Besides the fact… Jesus Christ said, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “Love God; love your neighbor as yourself.”

The same book of the Old Testament speaking against homosexuality due to the need for more children also endorsed the stoning of rebellious children and forbade eating a number of foods, including shell fish. Why would we pick some and not the other? Because of men who don’t feel comfortable with themselves and who have endorsed continuing “traditions” which don’t mean a rat’s tail.

And at Genesis 19, there was only a threat of homosexual rape, but nothing actually took place. Yet, to hear the word, “sodomy,” one would believe there were explicit sexual acts at Sodom and Gomorrah. There were none. God disliked the violent rape, not the sexual acts.

Furthermore, the “traditions” at Sodom and Gomorrah were about deliverate violent homosexual rape acts with strangers visiting the area in order to discourage strangers from visiting. God had said those people should accept strangers in their midst, but they disobeyed God by promoting rape with strangers.

Glen Beck’s point about accepting civil unions, but not marriage, is not acceptable.  Even when same-sex marriage is accepted, there is no church which can be forced to perform such acts, as long as the separation of church and state remains. No person should be forced or coerced into a same-sex union of any kind. Yet, millions upon millions of GLBT are coerced by tremendous societal / religious peer pressure and intimidation (how many times did we hear, “why are you not dating some girl?”) to marry someone of the opposite sex.

Jesus is about love and acceptance. He never turned anyone away, whether he/she might be a GLBT lay person, a pastor or priest, or a bishop. “There can be no peace without justice.”

17 July 2011

Michelle Bachman, the Homophobe

It’s been a long time!

“Judge not lest ye be judged.”  My grandmother often said this to me.  It seemed irritating as a kid to be lectured with some quote presumably from the Bible.  But in actuality, it has stuck.

Michelle Bachman needs to learn about this quote.  She may claim she has a “loving” way to “convert” gay people, but the fact she refuses to acknowledge people are gay tells me she is being judgmental.  So right back to Michelle Bachman:  by judging others, you are blaspheming our Creator.

John 1:1 speaks about the “Word” sent to the earth.  John 3:16-17 says, “For God so love the world he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.  God sent his Son to the world not to condemn the world but to save the world.”  The Word – Son of God – sent to the earth with a message about God and his love – not hatred – for humans of all kinds.

My grandmother also told me, “actions speak louder than words.”  The message of the “Word” was in His actions which speak louder than the words which came from His mouth.  Jesus Christ never condemned abortion or homosexuality.  Jesus Christ was very angry over deceptive greedy people ripping off the common folk while they were attempting to be true to God with their sacrifices.

“Now stop right there,” you say.  “Jesus spoke about fornicators and adulterers.”  Yes, indeed, He did.  But what is the root of the problem regarding fornication?  Is it sex or is it greed and selfishness?  Furthermore, if people like Michelle Bachman are going to point fingers at homosexuals, they are wrong.  There are more heterosexual fornicators in the workplaces of America than there are homosexual fornicators.  Homosexuals make up only 10% of the population, so by mere statistics, there are more heterosexual fornicators than there are homosexual ones.  So, why do the dimwitted Bible-thumping proof-texters point fingers at homosexuals?  Get over it.

JESUS NEVER CONDEMNED HOMOSEXUALITY!  (He never condemned abortion, either – another issue).  He DID condemn, with his actions, people like the American corporate CEOs – the ones which Charles Rangel wished to tax heavily on their bonuses (due to their extreme greed and deception).

But alas! Charles Rangel, like Jesus Christ, was figuratively “crucified!”  And that is the fear of people like Michelle Bachman and others as to why they will take a stand against a minority of people in this nation who don’t have as much money as the greedy CEOs.  She preaches her version of morality, but ignores the morality of greedy heterosexual fornicators and CEOs – and those who caused the problems – and continue to cause them – for this economy.  The important issues should be about the economy and providing jobs and opportunities.  These issues are not important to Michelle Bachman.  But get her in the White House so she can appoint new Supreme Court justices who will condemn abortionists and homosexuals.  That is her true desire, along with numerous other Republicans.

“Judge not lest ye be judged.”  “Jesus did not come into this world to condemn the world but to SAVE the world.”  I will not judge Michelle Bachman.  But Jesus Christ DID say it was okay to act in self-defense.  We may have to “turn the other cheek at first,” but Jesus Christ did not endorse the idea of sitting around like a bunch of wimps constantly being screwed.

Many people may believe what Bachman says, but the road to hell is wide and spacious and many will be on it.

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