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There You Go Again!

Here it is, 2:15 pm. No Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin. Weekend after weekend. Many times, the Saturday edition does not arrive. The Sunday edition might arrive, but late in the morning. That’s better than nothing at all.

Most people on the demand side of this newspaper market would simply drop the subscription. Maybe Gannett would like it if all of us did this?

Calling, submitting complaint by email, and nothing is done. There they go again.

Who is they?

Owego gets the newspapers. Newark Valley does not. The local retail outlets in Newark Valley say they do not get the newspapers to sell. Why?

Over the hill and the retail outlets in Broome County receive the newspaper. Why in this area of Tioga County is the consumer being screwed? WHY? Is the Newark Valley consumer nothing but chopped liver? One time and ok, it is understood. But how many times?

From about 1966 to about 1970 or so, a young kid delivered the Sun-Bulletin in Newark Valley. Those were the years when there was an evening Gannett newspaper (The Evening Press). The Sun-Bulletin was the morning newspaper published by David Bernstein. When Bernstein sold the newspaper to Gannett, ultimately the two became one. The result was one morning newspaper, the Press & Sun-Bulletin.

Young kids could deliver two separate newspapers, Sun-Bulletin in the morning and Evening Press, obviously evening. Those young kids were too young to use an automobile, so they rode a bike most of the year. In the snow, they walked the route.

Sometimes, demanding customers insisted these kids must get the morning paper to the customer before 5 AM because they had to drive to work at IBM. One customer wanting this early delivery may have been separated by about 1 1/2 to 2 miles from another. Obstacles had to be overcome or else the customers would simply cancel their subscriptions. The young kids remained in touch with the customers, often having to go collect the money for the week on a Saturday morning so they could be available to play in the marching band for a football game (sometimes to play JV football on a Saturday).

So, yes, COVID-19 makes life tougher. The question remains, though. If someone has difficulty delivering the newspaper to Newark Valley on Saturdays, then why is it there are not enough others, in this time of high unemployment, who could do a better job? Do others just sit around hoping a check arrives from the government, so why bother? Really? Those kids sometimes did multiple jobs and got money from multiple sources, so “‘splain it, Lucy!”

Oh, well. There you go, again. No paper. There you go again. People on the demand side of the market demanding something better. How dare we do that?

Oscar Wilde: “My tastes are simple. I desire only the very best.”

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