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West is NOT a Common Sense Person in Congress

How much does a billboard on the Florida Turnpike cost?  A pretty penny, no doubt.  Again, Allen West is being paid off in order to lie and attempt to destroy an opponent.  The latest lie is a billboard on the turnpike describing Mr. West as a man of common sense.  Lies.  False labels while Mr. West never reveals his true lack of compassion.  West hides behind negativity rather than confront the issues honestly and with integrity.  Mr. West lies while supporting narrow views of life and then force these views on those of us who disagree.  That is not a “common sense” person.

West flip flops – for suckers.  West claims he supports Medicare and Social Security, but his record speaks otherwise.

Aleln West and others like him are fascists.  They believe only in one way to think and then enforce that belief on anyone who disagrees.  That is fascism which is derived by those in an Empire which enslaved good citizens and murdered early Christians.  Many of my ancestors arrived in this land to escape Roman persecution and execution – from the inquisition of the Roman Catholics in Europe.  I resent anyone, whether Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic, Mormon, or other religions which wish to force their way of life on everyone else.  Allen West intends to force his life upon all of us.  He is NOT a representative for all of us, but for the wealthy and for a select few religious fascists.

26 July 2011

Suggestions for America

Make a truly democratic legislature in Washington.  Forget the crap with ethnic this and ethnic that.  Make all America one America.  Direct democracy is difficult and time-consuming for Americans.  They would not, on the whole, participate.  Do the next best thing.  Expand the size of the House of Representatives.  The current formulas and the horse s*** of gerrymandering needs to go.  Simply place one representative from each county (or parish in Louisiana) in the House of Representatives.  Make the geographic boundaries the voter boundaries.  People would understand it better.  Return the control of the Senate to the governors of the states (as originally written in the Constitution) rather than what is happening today – people THINK they are voting for a senator, but in reality it’s the American Politburo – the U.S. Chamber of Commerce which has purchased these guys to sit in the Congress.  If people don’t have a voice in the senator chosen, then at least place it back in the indirect hands of the people – an elected governor.  But the House of Representatives should be based on a representative from each county.

Actually, the same should happen in the Florida State Senate and House.  The Florida Senate:  one representative from each county.  The Florida House of Representatives should consist of one representative from each municipality.  People don’t understand the numbering of all these different districts.  No one is able to remember the district numbers.  Make it easier for THE PEOPLE.  Lawyers – the career politicians – understand it.  The lobbyists understand it.  The people don’t understand this horse s*** in Florida and America today.

The idea of districts, Electoral College, and all this other stuff is antiquated – established by people who did not have the telecommunications we have today.  We need a change.

We need to also stuff the birds like Rick Scott and their wealthy greedy friends who steal from the people.

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