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Nobody Listened When Democrats have been harassed

Nobody listened when Democratic Party Murphy voters were harassed by Allen West supporters.  Nobody listened, so now we are supposed to feel sorry for Allen West?  Nothing went wrong in St. Lucie County, except the fact that Allen West is a sore loser – and a mean and vicious person who claims to be a Christian.  The people spoke, Mr. West.  Listen to the people, not to the rednecks and violent people who love to hear your emotional outbursts.  People don’t listen to my emotional outbursts, so why should anyone listen to yours?


Congratulations to President Barack Obama as he was re-elected president of the USA!

Congratulations to Allan Grayson for his return to Congress.  Mr. Grayson was correct when he once commented about the Republican solution to healthcare is… just die!

Congratulations to Kathy Castor for winning her seat in Congress!

Congratulations to Bill Nelson for winning another term as our Senator!

Congratulations to Debbie Wasserman Schultz for winning another term in Congress!

Congratulations to all the other Democrats who won!

Now for the negative.

Boo!  To Allen West and his Republican goons for harassing Democrats in St. Lucie County by repeatedly phone calling such people, even when they told him they had voted early for Patrick Murphy.  My question is this.  Was his phone calling some type of Army-intelligence type thing to gather information about Democrats who voted against him – and then do what Fox Noise and Rush Limbaugh does best – dredge up negative “improprieties?”  I wonder.  Allen West is a sick, paranoid, sad man on the level of Richard Nixon.


West – A Sore Loser

Imagine the year 2000 when George Bush never won the popular vote and certainly never won the state of Florida, but was allowed to reside in the White House anyway, doing a great deal of damage, financially, to many of us.  Did we act like sore losers then?  No, we might have protested in words, but no sore losers.  Scalia should have recused himself and there could have been many accusations of vote rigging and payoffs by Bush.  But it never happened.

When Republicans lose close elections, they are the biggest sore losers around.  Allen West is no exception.  The race is over, Allen West.  You have lost by some 2400 votes.  Give it up and give us all a sense of peace from this divisiveness which has been brought no by you and the tea party.  Give it up.

A Note from Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy reminds us all that a few votes can make a difference.  EVERY VOTE COUNTS.

My additional remark:  don’t let people tell you that “your vote will not make a difference.”  This is a Republican strategy to keep people away from the polls.

This is what Patrick Murphy wrote:

In that time [since spring of 2011], I’ve met tens of thousands of voters who want a new direction for Florida.  I’ve laid out a clear, contrasting vision – of protecting Medicare and Social Security for our seniors, of using my experience as a CPA and small businessman to create jobs, of supporting a woman’s right to choose, of treasuring our environment for generations to come, and perhaps most importantly, of putting an end to the divisiveness and extreme rhetoric that is crippling Washington.

But it all comes down to this.  There’s nothing left but the voting.

Vote for moderation.  Vote for Patrick Murphy.

For instance, a woman’s right to choose is an issue of moderation because otherwise, one group forces its will upon another.  No one forces the extreme right wing to obtain an abortion against their will.  I am against abortion myself, but when I think about my great-grandmother – a Scottish woman who died of childbirth in 1901 – I think about a crippling law which killed her and denied her the chance of having other babies.  Those “babies” who disappear from a swingset (an anti-abortion ad)?  They could be the babies who never had a chance at life because the mother disappears, too.

I will also add this.  It is the divisiveness caused by people like Paul Ryan and his support of Ayn Rand attitudes which cause abortions, not the freedom to choose.  It is the greed and selfishness attitudes of a Mitt Romney which causes abortions, not the freedom to choose.  It is the promotion of fascism – “my way or the highway” –  from people like Allen West which promotes abortions, not the freedom to choose.  For if we rid society of the ideas of Ayn Rand, individual selfishness and greed, then we come one step closer to eliminating the idea that abortion is a form of contraception.  Legislating morality has been proven NOT to work, especially when people embrace the greed and selfishness proposed by Ayn Rand.  And THAT is the issue of moderation.

There is a reason America embraces freedom and liberty.  But it takes responsibility and reasoning to maintain it, not selfishness, greed, and macho man attitudes.  The Republicans do not offer the option of responsibility and reasoning.  Period.

Vote for Patrick Murphy.

Observations About Politics in America Today

Recently, I ran into a woman heavily involved in the Romney campaign.  And I mean HEAVILY involved in it.

My friends and I were having a private conversation about our support of President Obama.  This woman chirped in – unsolicited – about how she hates ObamaCare because she is a small business person.  Nothing said of substance, just hatred and emotions.  When we attempted to bring up some important points about the issue, we were shut down.  In fact, at that point, the woman became flustered – apparently she never had anyone attempt to speak some rational thoughts about ObamaCare to her – she resorted to the use of the “N…..” word for black people and President Obama.

Later, I am sitting in a restaurant with stupid televisions blaring and hear a negative Allen West advertisement (also unsolicited for those of us who go to a restaurant to eat, not end up with the indigestion of political crap and television) .  West’s wife is complaining about the racism against her husband.  Funny, all the times I have heard true racist derogatory remarks about Barack Obama and I have NEVER seen Michelle on television crying about how people treat her husband!

Further than that is the fact I have NEVER HEARD RACIST REMARKS SPOKEN AGAINST ALLEN WEST.  Yet, I hear plenty of such remarks spoken against Barack Obama.  Hmmmm….  Michelle prefers not to stir up the mud of racism, even though it is prevalent and she MUST know about it.  But Ms. West, the Republican in a party with plenty of racist supporters of Romney, chooses to stir up the mud.

The ones most uncomfortable with themselves are the ones who lash out.  Most of the remarks about Allen West have not been about his race, but about him being a wacko.  And, Ms. West, I live among the people, not among those in ivory towers who spend money for vicious and deceptive advertisements.  Silly me.

Observations about Allen West and his Nasty Campaign

Allen West has aired some really nasty advertisements, never truly discussing his record.  For he is opposed to Social Security and other measures which make sense for “we the people,” but don’t make sense for the wealthy.

West rakes Patrick Murphy through the coals for an event in which Murphy was acquitted.  Is Allen West so clean or is there something in HIS past in which justice was never done?  Perhaps he never even came to trial – was given a break – and never had a trial to determine a conviction OR an acquittal.  He forgets that his finger pointing is one finger at Patrick Murphy, while there are three pointing back at Allen West, as well as a thumb belligerently pointing at God.  God is a loving GOD who does not condone violence.

Another observation.  West’s wife proclaims “victimhood” of her husband, claiming racism against him.  She is aloof and does not realize what is really going on.  I have heard more people using the “N…..” word against the president of the USA, than I have against Allen West.  People simply think of Allen West as a “nut job.”  There are no aspersions being cast about the color of his skin.  So WHO IS REALLY BRINGING UP THE RACIST ARGUMENT HERE?  West and his wife are living in an ivory tower, away from the true people.  And THIS is the reason NOT to vote for Allen West.

Yet another observation.  In traveling through this new Congressional District 18, I have noticed huge signs for Allen West.  In general, there are no signs with Allen West’s picture.  But when I enter African-American areas, this is what I see:  (1) signs with Allen West’s photo and (2) signs accusing Patrick Murphy of being a racist.   Again, I ask:  WHO IS STIRRING UP THE MUD WITH REGARD TO RACISM?  Allen West or Patrick Murphy?

One more observation.  I work the phone banks for Patrick Murphy.  First of all, the people we call are either Democrats, Independents, or “no party affiliation.”  When we encounter a person who supports Allen West, we are polite (even if we hear crazy people ranting and raving like violent beasts) and say, “Thank you for your time.  Goodbye.”  We don’t have registered Republicans on our lists (yet, based on Colin Powell’s recent comments about how that party, to which Powell still belongs, no longer has moderate people, perhaps we SHOULD be calling moderate Republicans).  I have Democratic Party friends who have been called by the Republican Party.  Apparently, the Republicans don’t care and use the Democratic Party lists!  When my friends explain they are Democrats and support Patrick Murphy, there is no polite response.  No, the Republicans hang up on them.

People on Facebook and other social media groups need to know this because the Media remains silent.  What kind of last-minute vicious and deceptive ads and phone calling should voters expect in the next few days?  Beware of the violent wolf and ask yourself, “is Allen West and Republicans – nasty people – really the ones we want representing us in Tallahassee and Washington?”  Think about that.  The Allen West billboard on the Florida Turnpike is one depicting a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  He is a nasty, vicious person, and we don’t need such a person in Congress.  And those who think we do, go form your own Hitler-type fascist nation – the fourth reich – elsewhere, but not here in America.

To Allen West and others:  violence begets violence.  If you don’t know what that means, then you are stubbornly ignorant and have not learned a thing from your experiences during your life.

Up to this point, I have been negative about a negative person.  Perhaps I hope two negatives will produce a positive?  That positive is Patrick Murphy.

Patrick Murphy has a positive plan with positive solutions.  Being a small business person, he is more in tune with those who own small businesses, than with the wealthy corporate conglomerates who feed money into Allen West’s campaign.  Patrick Murphy intends to protect Social Security and Medicare.  Patrick Murphy has a positive plan for America.

West is NOT a Common Sense Person in Congress

How much does a billboard on the Florida Turnpike cost?  A pretty penny, no doubt.  Again, Allen West is being paid off in order to lie and attempt to destroy an opponent.  The latest lie is a billboard on the turnpike describing Mr. West as a man of common sense.  Lies.  False labels while Mr. West never reveals his true lack of compassion.  West hides behind negativity rather than confront the issues honestly and with integrity.  Mr. West lies while supporting narrow views of life and then force these views on those of us who disagree.  That is not a “common sense” person.

West flip flops – for suckers.  West claims he supports Medicare and Social Security, but his record speaks otherwise.

Aleln West and others like him are fascists.  They believe only in one way to think and then enforce that belief on anyone who disagrees.  That is fascism which is derived by those in an Empire which enslaved good citizens and murdered early Christians.  Many of my ancestors arrived in this land to escape Roman persecution and execution – from the inquisition of the Roman Catholics in Europe.  I resent anyone, whether Southern Baptist, Roman Catholic, Mormon, or other religions which wish to force their way of life on everyone else.  Allen West intends to force his life upon all of us.  He is NOT a representative for all of us, but for the wealthy and for a select few religious fascists.

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