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Fundies, FB Communication, & True Spirituality

Have received a comment from a FB person. Not from this FB post page. But I need to comment about it.

The person described me as a “fundamentalist.” HUH?

The dictionary defines fundamentalist as “a person who believes in the strict, literal interpretation of scripture in a religion:”

This does not describe me at all. So, I feel I need to comment.

First of all, I was raised in the 1st Congregational United Church of Christ of Newark Valley. I have a great deal of thankfulness for this upbringing. I could say Hallelujah and PRAISE THE LORD. But one thing this church was NOT was a church to take a “strict, literal interpretation of scripture.” Not one single bit.

Secondly, in this church we, as kids, were educated in Sunday School. What a shame that this education is no longer being done. We memorized scriptures. For instance, Psalm 23. “…yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…” Psalm 100: “Make a joyful noise unto the LORD. Serve the LORD with gladness. Come into His gates with Thanksgiving…”

Through church and family with its education from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, I learned about Psalm 118:24. “This is the day the LORD has made so let us rejoice and give thanks in it.”

From singing in choir, there were a number of things I learned from Dick Kerr (and Pastor Dick Leavitt, too). I learned my mom’s favorite piece was John Stainer’s music based on John 3:16-18: “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son…. God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world.” We learned that the message about “love of neighbor,” not rules from the Bible to make us feel guilty about sin, was the reason God did not CONDEMN the world, but sent his Son to SAVE the world with love.

My grandmother would often quote scriptures. “Judge not lest you be judged.” So don’t throw the book at people based on someone’s interpretation of what sin is. “Idle hands are the devil’s playground.” Perhaps this one justifies a “community center” in NV, but a community center is not the ONLY thing necessary because teaching about spirituality is being dumped down the drain, otherwise.

Does this not prove I am NOT a fundamentalist, or fundie? Perhaps the person who made that comment does not know me. But I have to think it is more about ignorance of what a fundie is. Not reading enough. Not looking into definitions and just throwing out the first thing which comes to mind, even if it is inaccurate.

Recently, someone in NV wanted to argue with me. Lack of knowledge and he claimed there have “never been shootings in the USA due to automatic or semi-automatic rifles.” I said, “REALLY?” And what about Las Vegas, Nevada, a few years back?” Reply: “oh, that never happened.”

With such ignorance of a person aiming at me for being a “fundie” and not knowing what the hell he was talking about, to someone else who thinks no shootings int he USA have been done by automatic weapons (semi-automatic —– WHATEVER —- let us split hairs), demonstrates to me just how bad things are.

Perhaps FB needs to be moderated, not for bad or vulgar language or full frontal nudity or gay sites or drag shows or… but moderated for false information. Fake stuff. And moderated for ignorance which needs correcting. After all, Ben Franklin’s newspaper had an “errata” when there was a correction needed. And this nation was begun in earnest by people like Franklin. Why have we abandoned this approach, except when it comes to censoring gay folk or frontal nudity or… all that other stuff WHICH REALLY DOES NO DAMAGE. But the ignorance does a great deal of damage.

The man who spoke falsely of semi-automatic weapons is much older than me. Which means he got his education perhaps BEFORE Dick Kerr who headed the BOE here? I don’t know. Maybe it was not here in NV, either. For before Dick Kerr, the BOE was directed by Congregationalist Bill Stimming. This man might have been closer in age to this man and I mentioned my dad, as a hunter of animals with guns, was disgusted with allowing semi-automatic rifles to the public. “Why would I shoot a deer or any other animal with a semi-automatic rifle?” Meaning. I don’t shoot people. I shoot animals and would never use such a thing on animals.

I just had to say this. That people need an attitude adjustment towards being humble to LEARN and seek LIFELONG LEARNING which leads to wisdom, not the stupidity of their certainty.

But it takes more than a United Community Center. It takes something like United Church of Christ in order for people to learn about GOD. And there is nothing wrong with LEARNING the CORRECT information about GOD, not the fire and brimstone preaching crap in other churches. Teach, not preach the certainty based on crappy rules invented by control freaks. Seek wisdom, not certainty of crappy stuff.

19 July 2011

Fascist Hypocrites

To those people who believe it is “unfair” to be paying for Medicare which also pays for abortions and Planned Parenthood, I say:  get a life.

Here are a few of the things which I find “unfair,” yet I am forced to pay for these things anyway:

  • Roman Catholic church channel on cable television
  • Fundamentalist church channels on cable television
  • Fox “Propaganda” News
  • All sports on cable television rather than a “pay-as-you-go” system which was around in the 1970s when I could CHOOSE to attend a Syracuse Orangemen football game in Archbold Stadium rather than paying all of the NCAA, NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and what not – through my cable television bill
  • Censorship on television I watch
  • Making the American Dad look stupid in sitcoms on cable television
  • Stupid political advertisements which make derogatory statements about the people and issues I choose to support – hoping I will conform because I pay for this shit on cable television – so “if you can’t beat them, join them!”
  • Stupid political advertisements about how wealthy people are more intelligent than the common folk (yes, indeed, I have viewed such a heinous ad)
  • Thrillers, Suspense movies – the stuff with blood and guts all over the cable television screen
  • Violence on cable television
  • War and the murder of innocent people
  • Lawyers fees paid through higher insurance premiums
  • Paper-pushing non-productive jobs in insurance companies (particularly in healthcare)
  • Accountant and lawyer fees due to the myriad loopholes and deductions in a very stupid income tax system
  • Supplies for my education classroom
  • Increased homeowners’ insurance premiums, even after paying thousands of dollars over 40 some years
  • Increased health insurance premiums for my son
  • Increased insurance premiums paid after never receiving a DIME after investing in the premiums for some 40 years
  • Decreased FICA in Jan. 2011 due to a wimpy president and the stupidity of ideological jerks in the Republican Party – which threatens my INVESTMENTS I have made over 40 some years – INVESTMENTS which stupid ideological bastards in the Republican Party call, “entitlements.”  I am entitled all right – to the MONEY I INVESTED in the hopes of reaping a RETURN ON INVESTMENT OVER THE LONG TERM
  • CEOs who receive bonuses they don’t deserve and a pay rate differential from the common American from what it was in the 1970s
  • My tax dollars to banks which refuse to help those of us who have paid our bills responsibly over 40 years and find the unresponsible Americans currying more favor than we receive
  • The 13% interest I paid on my mortgages in the 1980s after Ronald Reagan promised to reduce interest rates – in order to defeat Jimmy Carter for the presidency
  • Increased prices on the NEEDS of the consumer (the demand-side) due to the EXCESSIVE GREED of the supply side who look at the continuing DEMAND for NECESSITIES like housing (rent, too), food, healthcare, energy heating and cooling human needs, and education as a reason for jacking up prices – because the demand will always be there – and re-creating the mercantilist / feudal landlord system of the Middle Ages – DESPITE evidence that society was better without such horse shit economics
  • Monetary support of regimes in Pakistan and the Middle East – especially those who funded Osama Bin Laden; in fact, any foreign funding while America’s infrastructure crumbles and we have nothing left to deal with crisis situations
  • Money paid to immigrants which is derived from MY government investments into Medicare and Social Security (oh, yeah, many are Roman Catholic who will support the Roman Catholic takeover of our government – the conformity which will create utopia and which I do not support)
  • Monetary support for the anti-competitive pro-monopolistic measures of big business which contain people who are cowards to compete with Fidel Castro and Chavez head on – and prefer to remove competition rather than meet it head on
  • Monetary support for drilling oil in this nation rather than keep our oil as a “savings” account and invest in non-oil energy products and make such products more competitive
  • Monetary support for continued monopolistic ventures in electricity rather than truly opening up the field of energy to competition which will help drive down prices – competition between electric and propane gas, natural gas, and other sources which will provide the necessary cooling and heating for basic human needs

Is this list long enough?  Oh, it’s not?  Well there are more items to add to this list.

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