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Kudos… to Me

In 2005, I went above and beyond the call of duty as a professor in a community college. Not being required to do “publish or perish,” as at the university level, I was not required to be continuously published. In 2004, I took a Sabbatical. There was no requirement for publishing, but I felt I needed to do it. I worked on several publications during that term of the Sabbatical in 2004. One of the publications got published in a peer-reviewed international journal.

Being that I was also working on a graduate degree in music, I also spent the time preparing for a recital on voice I could do. Not required to do it, but my undergraduate degree in Music Education at Crane School of Music, Potsdam College, taught me that educators need to stay in touch with their performing skills. Based on that, I decided I needed to do a recital. I had the plans in place for the recital to be done at Union Congregational UCC, after working with several ladies at the church who liked my singing. In the month before the recital, I came down with a fatal blow to singers: laryngitis. I could not shed myself of this, even though I was following directions of one of my voice teachers which also included taking Musinex. The grouch on the commercials for Musinex won, in my case!

The grouches in my life should be pointed out. Oh, that’s right. I HAVE pointed them out and stupid common folk don’t pay attention!

I still have not completed that recital, but I am not required to do so. It was above the call of duty. Stick that in your hate, you freaking lovers of “right to work” in Florida, including the current governor, asshole Ron DeSantis. Add to that former governors Rick the Prick Scott and Jebbie Bush. The only good governors in Florida, over the past 20-30 some years, have been REPUBLICAN (back when there were good Republicans) Charlie Crist and the late Lawton Chiles. The rest of them have been dildo head bigots with authoritarian manure, proclaiming they have a “mandate” based on winning less than half the votes in Florida. Mandate shamdate.

This peer-reviewed article, as I mentioned (did I say that?), was published in an INTERNATIONAL journal and not published in the USA. I could get none of what I wrote on Sabbatical, including music reference works, in American publications. Oh, well. Se leve, I guess.

I did get to do presentations about what I had published, on my college’s Professional Teaching Learning Center circuit. I also did a presentation about the fake news used by Trump in 2016 and where it was generated from a Putin base in one of the former Soviet states. I collaborated with another person on that project. We uncovered what Tucker Carlson admitted, years later. That there was more money to be made with lies than with the truth. So keep shoveling the manure of lies, right? And there are no waders to help the people work their way through the manure.

To see someone on FB proclaim that the NBC News truck is like a 1940s garbage truck exemplifies what I am saying. The truck which is like a 1940s garbage truck is one run by Australian wealthy bigot, Rupert Murdock, and should have the Fox News logo on it, not NBC.

Perhaps every other news organization can err with a tiny bit of manure. But what comes from Fox is like shoveling chicken shit, with my dad, from the back of a truck, not the occasional piece of cow manure on the farms where I accompanied my dad so he could fix milk coolers when they broke down. In fact, the farmers tried to keep things as clean as possible so visitors did not have to step in any large pile of it. The smell was there, but not the manure.

I collaborated on this with another person and we were working right in Trump’s backyard, just a few miles from Mar-a-Lago.

Music is the universal language. Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma, of Eastern decent, plus others, can tell you this (I have heard some of them say it). Why is Western culture not producing someone as good as Lang Lang on the piano? Or do we? We think the masses only love the scum which is being produced in America and the west and don’t accept classical music. Again. My experiences tell me that is another lie generated by lousy supply-side Reaganomics in the belief that music is ONLY about money-worship and nothing else. Thus the good stuff is often tossed aside, so as to line the pockets of the money-worshipers. Spotify and other music portals don’t survive the bull manure of money-worshipers. Yet, there are MARKETS OUT THERE for those who don’t like the popular stuff. There are markets out there for many of us who maintain an eclectic interest in music.

One time, I spoke with a choral director in Florida about the music of Karl Jenkins of Wales. His music is played on Classic FM, but never gets exposure in the USA. The two of us could not come up with an answer to that. The conclusion was that Jenkins had an audience, but it was not a massive market which accepts all the stuff, whether music made of manure or not.

Karl Jenkins has composed something similar to the concept of Beethoven. A large-scale music piece in which the message about war and peace are part of the music. Jenkins piece probably concentrates on this more than Beethoven did. Why not? What impact has Beethoven’s music had to get that message across, since about 1816 or so, referencing the manure practices of one called authoritarian dictator, Napoleon.

Jenkins includes Christian, Jewish, and Muslim styles in his music. He embraces a good part of the world in his presentations. He includes videos on a large screen, which demonstrate the ravages of war. Apparently, Americans feel too guilty of that. But wait. Most of those scenes were of Hitler in Europe. Must be too many Americans are Nazis and cannot tolerate the scenes of a bigoted Hitler? Feeling guilty, huh?

Jenkins has also composed music which incorporates African music. I said African, not African-American. Meant to differentiate the two, not to put down African-American music. I am a big fan of jazz, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor, the Supremes, the Mills Brothers, the Temptations…. on and on. I have an eclectic interest in music.

Oh. I guess I already said that.

But to those not paying attention. I have an eclectic interest in music. As did Dvorak when he composed the New World Symphony and then John Williams used some of that music when he composed music for a movie called Jaws. As did Aaron Copland when he incorporated American and Latin American folk music in his music. And used music for an American hoedown dance, too.

Karl Jenkins incorporating African music into some of his music is awesome. Spoken by a man with an eclectic interest in music. Oh, I said that already, did I not?

So why is the Jenkins music not programed on the stages of America? Where is the Mass for the Armed Man? It is designed in the form of a mass, but incorporates other world religions into the mass.

Leonard Bernstein, gay and Jewish man, wrote a mass based on the format of a Christian mass, too. Why is that no longer being programmed on American stages? Because dildo heads like Roman Catholic Ron DeSantis, wishes to censor because the people involved are gay and often many different religions, including Jewish. They also have many black people involved.

Perhaps Mark Robinson of North Carolina would only allow any event, as long as black non-gay and black non-Jewish ones are involved? Watch out, Sammy Davis, Jr., types! Not because he was gay, but because he was a black Jewish man.

Dildo head Roman Catholic Ron DeSantis tries to invoke an authoritarian dictatorship in Florida. He does so proclaiming a mandate given him by less than 50% of the voters of Florida. I have news for the son of a bitch. He was granted the right to lead, but not a right to have a mandate to do what dildo head Ron DeSantis wishes.

And is Ron DeSantis behind the lainbrained cardinals at the Vatican who wish to install another Benedict? So, he gets money and support from them, when there are people starving and without homes in the USA? There are people like me who wish we could serve in Congress, but we don’t have any possibility for getting money from barbaric corporate PACs or the ones of the Antichrist in the Vatican.

Pope Francis needs to excommunicate DeSatan. After all, his predecessor excommunicated a gay priest in South Florida who wrote a book proclaiming it is all wrong to consider “original sins” and only consider we were born with “original blessings” and “to err is human.” After all, guilt by sin gives ammunition to dildo heads like DeSatan to invoke their authoritarian control over other people. And we cannot get rid of the false idea of sin of gay folk. That way, those people like dildo head DeSatan has no weapon to BLACKMAIL and keep under their thumbs the repressed gay folk like a dildo head Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. Instead they try to bring down an openly gay man like Pete Buttigieg. What sickos to want such a world.

In 2018, I worked for Jeff Gillum to become Florida governor. The race was so very close in the end and dildo head DeSatan won by a super slim margin. DeSatan believes he has a mandate to rid Florida education about the travesties of injustice – TRUE FACTS – from the books. After all, he hates the fact that someone who is descended from those who survived such travesties of justice came so close to beating the white supremacist. Like Japanese culture, bone head, dick head, dildo head DeSatan just measures life by whether you win or lose and tough noogies to those who loose.

A gay priest gets excommunicated by another bone head, dick head, dildo head named Benedict. But Francis would not excommunicate Ron DeSatan dildo head authoritarian? Who on the Cardinals push Francis NOT to do that? Supporters of Benedict, as they throw their money around for only THEIR cause, not the causes of the TRUE JC. Human causes overlapping the cause of the word of God made flesh? That alone is blasphemy. Apparently, it is being done by some of the cardinals in Rome. Hypocrites in Rome. JC spoke against hypocrites in the 1st Century. I speak out against hypocrites today.

So, in 2005, I wrote a peer-reviewed article about music information literacy. This is related to music as the universal language, but sadly I did not say that in my article, as I wrote about the details of music information literacy. I did in later years, as I presented similar information in presentations of the college PTLC. And another was a presentation about how videos were incorporated into music and voila, we got the music video, with the original pioneers of music videos dating back to the days of the Beatles, etc., but really picking up STEAM with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones with the music video with the voice of Vincent Price in Thriller. Is it true that Quincy Jones studied music composition with the same French woman with whom Aaron Copland and numerous other America composers studied? Have not answered that question conclusively.

STEAM is also related to music information literacy. I learned about information literacy from a former professor in library science at the upstate NY Syracuse University. Music information literacy is different from music literacy. Music literacy means you have mastered the ideas and can practice such ideas, for performing music. Music information literacy is about incorporating information we learn about music (as in my Music Appreciation classes; as in the educational videos produced by Howard Goodall of Britain) into our lives, along with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM without the A to make it STEAM.

Perhaps my article about music information literacy helped boost my ability to push for STEAM to replace STEM? I have no idea. If so, those in power would likely have fear that they went against Rick the Prick and Ron DeSatan, so perhaps I better shut up about that and not receive recognition for what I accomplished? After all, I went against authoritarian assholes like Rick the Prick and Ron DeSatan, so I need to shut up? Yes. I will call them pricks, assholes, dildo heads, dick heads. I make no apologies because that is what they are! I was always on the other side of the table from such pricks who had no idea about what it meant to be human beings and demonstrated it with their authoritarian regimes. I don’t take kindly to authoritarian regimes, as they grab people along with them, thinking by such people with their emotions and not their brains, how detrimental it is to them and their progeny, for going along. I

am blunt, for sure. And I make no apologies for that. If those reading this don’t like it, then I pity them for their closed minds which hurt American society. Likely giving myself accolades for my accomplishments in life hurts me more than helps me. Again. I pity Americans who simply look through rose colored glasses and come up with fantasies about taxes and authoritarian assholes like Rick the Prick and Ron DeSatan.

For I work for THE PEOPLE, not just for myself. I have a broader view of what it takes to be human beings which I learned from the musical Hair, while a teenager. And yes, I applaud my dad for taking me to see that musical and those who don’t like it can simply shut their mouths with their pro-puritanical anti-prurient interests they maintain with an interest to impose authoritarian control over people should people not go along with their puritanical twitty ideas.

The words of various songs are in my heart, as Lawrence Welk always side, “keep a song in your heart.” The ones for human beings and the worldwide human community are “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in perfect harmony.” Also, Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in need of Love.” The Beatles, “Love, Love, Love.” John Lennon’s “Imagine.” George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun.” Shania Twain’s “From this Moment.” Gershwin’s “Love is Here to Stay.” Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend.”

There are songs of satire regarding love, due to people being hurt by love in relationships. Gloria Gaynor, “I will Survive.” Tina Turner, “What’s Love Got to Do with it.” The Song, “What the World Needs Now.”

The one which stands out because it is about the concept of the Greek word, agape, which is the love to describe God and His love for God’s children, is The Hilltop Singers and “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony.”

There are plenty of others. From love songs in musicals and operas (i.e., Pippin- “Love Song”).

This is not my two-cents for the day, but my double-nickel for the day. Like it or lump it. I don’t care. I only hope it does permeate some minds who wish to learn, not just follow. ūüĖĖ

P.S. My hand signal in the above emoji does not have the symbol for peace, as projected in America. The two fingers known as the “victory sign, but also used for peace.” On an international basis, I cannot give that two-fingered salute because in some English-speaking nations, the two-fingered salute is the same as the middle finger in America. Thus, my emoji with four fingers comes from Mr. Spock, the Vulcan, on Star Trek and means, “live long and prosper.” That is my wish for all in the human race, no matter who they are or where they are on life’s journey, they are welcomed by me and millions of other people in the world who are evolved past barbarism and who seek a civilized society of coexistence. ūüôā ūüĖĖ

The Forgotten Judeo-Christian Alliances and the Rise of the Fourth Reich in America Today with Hawks Demonizing Good Jews and Christians

Jesus Christ, while living on earth, was a Jew. ¬†Jesus Christ taught us about love. ¬†Paul reiterated it. ¬†Yet, what is the focus of Christians today? ¬†Hateful remarks about important members of our diverse society. ¬†People are swallowing this insanity. ¬†Jews today use the ACLU to defend hate speech as “defended” by our U.S. Constitution. ¬†I argue that hate and violence are NOT defendable, but are part of a larger strategy of implementing the Fourth Reich beyond just the German borders (opinion is mine, based on observations about fascist strategies which have increased in American politics lately; information about a 2013 film is available at ¬†This is negative and should be challenged full force.

The First Reich: ¬†The Holy Roman Empire. ¬†The “remnants” of that Empire assisted the Third Reich – Hitler, right from the pope in Vatican City on down the chain. ¬†Hawkish Jews who assist these Reichs are traitors to humanity. ¬†Case in point. ¬†The ACLU Jew who defended hatred of white racists. ¬†Using logic, this man indirectly defended anti-Semitism – hatred of his own race.

Today’s Holy Roman Empire wishes to enshrine the Roman warriors – the hawkish brutality – which imposed totalitarianism upon Jerusalem and other areas of the world. ¬†It finds allies worldwide, including the Chinese Communists. ¬†Chinese Communists also impose totalitarianism upon it’s people. ¬†It finds allies in the idea of a “manifest destiny” in the USA which destroyed good peaceful native cultures in this land. ¬†It causes paranoia and fear through mind games of intimidation, while most Americans do not even realize this is happening.

If you stand opposed to this idea of totalitarianism and brutal militaristic practices, you are demonized and, as ruthless warrior, Allen West, says, you are a “communist.” ¬†Yet a communist-controlled land creates the political buttons distributed by his political party at the Tampa convention. ¬†If you are patriotic by stating, “we need to defend ourselves, not create more problems through offensive aggression,” we are also demonized for going against the grain of a totalitarian coup d’etat.

The Jewish heritage is about doing something for the overall good of people. ¬†Where did Jesus learn this while on earth? ¬†From Jewish teachers of his day (see¬†B√ľtz, J. J. (2005).¬†The brother of Jesus and the lost teachings of Christianity. Rochester, Vt: Inner Traditions). Silly me! ¬†The answer is there! ¬†Those guys in the 1st Century were all COMMUNISTS! ¬†NOT!

The Fourth Reich consists of an alliance in the religious groups which are supposed to be respecting the separation of church and state which was established in the USA by Deists and Christians who actually understood the love of Christ, even if they were sometimes hypocritical in their approach.  At least they did not IMPOSE brutality, totalitarianism upon the Roman Catholics and a fledgling church (sect?) called the Mormons.  But these groups would turn on good people with judgments which reside only with God.  They would point false fingers at people like Patrick Murphy and Allan Grayson.  For Allan Grayson, a judgmental man like Ron Long would falsely accuse the man of being anti-Christian and anti-Bible.  Long and other fascists need to get their facts straight.  The same with Allen West.

Diana Butler Bass encourages Christians to seek solutions which might be based on traditions, if those traditions make sense. ¬†To me, the traditionalist viewpoint that homosexuality was the main point of Sodom and Gomorrah negates the Third Reich’s value of totalitarian violent brutality and unnecessarily attacks a small group of people. ¬†In fact, the traditionalists miss the point that violence was the main point of Sodom and Gomorrah. ¬†But if violence were acknowledged, then how could the Third (and possible Fourth) Reich justify its existence and the imposition of conformity to a totalitarian regime? ¬†Diana Butler Bass: ¬†“Seek traditions [that make sense for all in our society], not traditionalism.” ¬†(Bass, D. B. (2006).¬†Christianity for the rest of us: How the neighborhood church is transforming the faith. San Francisco, CA: Harper).

Episcopal Bishop, John Shelby Spong, states it very nicely when discussing the love of Christ. ¬†Others in the Anglican communion operate on fear and intimidation from hawks and Muslims, believing that “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few [homosexuals].”


Spong, J.S.  (2012, October 25).  Your are profoundly wrong!  A response to the Archbishop of Newark and other Catholic leaders.  A New Christianity for a New World (Newsletter).  Retrieved from

—–.¬† (2012, September 6).¬† Think differently ‚Äď Accept uncertainty.¬† Part XVI:¬† The story of the Crucifixion, Part One.¬† A New Christianity for a New World (Newsletter).¬† Retrieved from‚Äúthink-different‚ÄĚ-‚Äď-‚Äúaccept-uncertainty‚ÄĚ/).

Many people ignore the clear guidance of Jesus Christ: ¬†“Many will be on the road to hell while few will find the road to eternal life.” ¬†The universe progresses, with the help of a loving Creator, to one of life, not violence and death. ¬†Fear and intimidation force hawkish, brutal conformity on the many. ¬†In this case, the needs of the many becomes evil.

Jesus said to those who deceived, “your father is Satan the devil.” ¬† Romney, Ryan, Allen West and others deceive.

Heard on the street: ¬†“I have my health insurance because my employer provides it, so why should I be concerned about others?” ¬†Why were the Founding Fathers concerned about others, rather than merely for themselves, when they began a great document (the preamble to the USA Constitution) with the words, “We the people…”? ¬†Could the Founding Fathers have put words like, “This Constitution is established only for a select group of people”? ¬†Why not? ¬†That is what Allen West believes. ¬†That is what the Bush family believes. ¬†That is what Mitt Romney believes. ¬†That is what Paul Ryan believes. ¬†That is what the pope believes. ¬†That is what Bishop Duncan (Pittsburgh Diocese, Episcopal), Archbishop Akinola (Nigeria), and many Roman Catholic bishops (who falsely judge others before their hapless parishioners) believe. ¬†And if we disagree, we are demonized and called, “communists.”

Why was a brutal man like Andrew Carnegie (a Presbyterian), despite his ideas about how to step on other people’s toes to become wealthy, concerned about the good of all society? ¬†Because he was a communist? ¬†The quality of his business was better than those of lazy American CEOs today who think ONLY about themselves and refuse to consider the good of society. ¬†Silly me! ¬†I guess I missed something about ¬†Carnegie, did I not? ¬†Clarification: ¬†I don’t embrace EVERYTHING the man did, but recognize good and bad.

Why did Adam Smith (a Presbyterian) first express his ideas that capitalism would naturally control itself by “Christian” men and would not need regulation, but later changed his mind after observing a Scottish 18th-century banking crisis similar to the one inspired by George Bush in 2008 (due to lack of regulations and allowing the greedy ones to go amok)? ¬†Silly me! ¬†I guess Adam Smith was ALSO a communist, even if Karl Marx did not arrive on this earth for many years after Smith! ¬†BTW. ¬†Have belligerent bankers today learned one goddamn thing about what they did wrong in 2008 with derivatives? ¬†NO! ¬†These greedy pigs remain stubbornly ignorant about it all.

Mr. West and others: ¬†you are wacko and sicko. ¬†The words of the Republicans today support fascism and assist in the establishment of totalitarianism like a Fourth Reich in America today. ¬†Violence begets violence. ¬†It’s evil and it’s wrong. ¬†It is anti-Christian. ¬†Jesus Christ used violence AGAINST people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan – greedy deceptive people in the temple. ¬†Jesus was perfect, though. ¬†He DID NOT speak out so vehemently, as some people claim, against sex. ¬†He encouraged love. ¬†One cannot love their fellow man and woman when deceiving them and acting like greedy pigs.

Today’s Protestants and Roman Catholics

There are some Protestants who worship the Bible.  Many Roman Catholics worship the pope and the dogmatic doctrines created by past popes Рmen, not God.  When Moses came down from the mountain and discovered the people were worshiping a human-created golden calf, he reminded the people about the idolatry of such a practice.

I was raised in a Protestant faith which has transformed itself from one involved in 17th-century puritanical witch hunts in New England to a denomination which recognizes the love of God and the original blessings given to us all as a gift from God.  This religion does not advocate a hateful god which encourages worship of the Bible, proof-texting, self-righteous human judgments, and the importance of doctrines of men which negate the love of God, our Creator.  Today, the Puritans are right-wing Protestants, Mormons, Roman Catholics, Jews, and Muslims.  They prioritize hate before love.

IndependentLens: Discussion about Bishop Gene Robinson

Jesus spoke of love for one another. The Old Testament focus in Leviticus was about a lack of children in society. Homosexuals did not perpetuate the birth of children, so were going against the grain of the society. Thus stringent measures were taken, which are not necessary in today’s society. Our world is different today, requiring all kinds of forms of loving families, even alternative families with same-sex parents, to lovingly care for children of unwanted pregnancies and from broken homes in an over-populated world.

Jesus Christ never endorsed traditionalism. Yet, in this program about Bishop Gene Robinson, there were those who talked about “2000 years of tradition.” So what? If the traditionalism is not the solution, then why do we stand by it? Jesus did not believe in idolatry. Yet, the man in this IndependentLens program… the man from California who repeatedly used the words, “Bible-believing,” sounded as if he worshiped the Bible, not God. That is idolatry and blasphemous and would NOT have been favorable to Jesus Christ.

In another portion of this program, a man speaking against the pro-same-sex measures of the Episcopal Church said, “The needs of the many outweighs the needs of the few.” Jesus Christ said, “the road to hell is large and spacious and many would be on that road; whereas the road to everlasting life, few would find it.”¬† The words this man spoke before the Episcopal gathering were words abrasive to those of Jesus Christ. This recognition is the reason why our American justice system finally abolished Jim Crow measures against a minority. The larger numbers who persecuted the minority were/are evil in God’s eyes. Besides the fact… Jesus Christ said, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” “Love God; love your neighbor as yourself.”

The same book of the Old Testament speaking against homosexuality due to the need for more children also endorsed the stoning of rebellious children and forbade eating a number of foods, including shell fish. Why would we pick some and not the other? Because of men who don’t feel comfortable with themselves and who have endorsed continuing “traditions” which don’t mean a rat’s tail.

And at Genesis 19, there was only a threat of homosexual rape, but nothing actually took place. Yet, to hear the word, “sodomy,” one would believe there were explicit sexual acts at Sodom and Gomorrah. There were none. God disliked the violent rape, not the sexual acts.

Furthermore, the “traditions” at Sodom and Gomorrah were about deliverate violent homosexual rape acts with strangers visiting the area in order to discourage strangers from visiting. God had said those people should accept strangers in their midst, but they disobeyed God by promoting rape with strangers.

Glen Beck’s point about accepting civil unions, but not marriage, is not acceptable.¬† Even when same-sex marriage is accepted, there is no church which can be forced to perform such acts, as long as the separation of church and state remains. No person should be forced or coerced into a same-sex union of any kind. Yet, millions upon millions of GLBT are coerced by tremendous societal / religious peer pressure and intimidation (how many times did we hear, “why are you not dating some girl?”) to marry someone of the opposite sex.

Jesus is about love and acceptance. He never turned anyone away, whether he/she might be a GLBT lay person, a pastor or priest, or a bishop. “There can be no peace without justice.”

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