The intent of this blog is to promote human equality, human progress, human peace and justice, and optimism. To accomplish this, to encourage the discussion of ideas after identifying and discovering problems, and then creating positive solutions for "we the people," in order to provide for the "general welfare" and "domestic tranquility" of America now and its "posterity" into the future. To encourage an emphasis on separation of religion and state for all, no matter if this is for those "of faith" in a Maker / Creator (Deists, God-loving people, Christians, various people of spirituality) and atheists or agnostics.

What IS on my mind? Finding quotations from many different people. Appreciative because I am able to see them. If I think the quote is very pertinent and we can learn from it, I share it because I believe we all need to learn.

When I share these quotes, at times I get some comment about the person and something the person did which was wrong. Here we go again. Let us ignore the quote because it comes from an imperfect human being who did one thing wrong? The society fixated on sin and guilt of people, not on the IDEAS generated by people.

For example. Hemingway speaks about what is indicated with people feeling superior over others and what we need to consider. I have seen a documentary about Hemingway and realize there are some things which that character was not so nice. But there were many things in his life and literature he wrote which were good. Why should I fixate on the bad?

In the more contemporary world, we have former President Bill Clinton. We know about this woman named Monica Lewinsky. Not a pretty picture for Bill nor for Hillary. I know many gay men who fixated on Bill Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell.” They were so fixated on this that they sat out the election of 2000 when Vice President Al Gore ran. Perhaps there are not many gay people to impact an election. But with that election, between a third party candidate, Ralph Nader (with more issues in agreement with Al Gore) and the population of gay men who sat out the election, that tiny difference gave the election to George W. Bush. (Note: there is evidence that Bush never actually won Florida, but Scalia the dumb ass on the SCOTUS, did the bidding of the Bush family and pushed forward the election of Bush, the man who never won the popular vote nationwide). So, that buries everything good that Bill Clinton did. Literally buries the good things.

One good thing Clinton did was to work out an arrangement with the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to give tax credits to the Middle Class. BTW. Those were tax credits Trump decimated, in favor of corporate welfare and loopholes in the tax code which favored his wealthy cronies.

The result of the Clinton-Gingrich tax credits? A balanced Federal budget and no budget deficit. This balanced budget was passed to George W. Bush who within a short time, turned it back to a deficit once again. How many times do I hear the Democrats being blamed for the Federal deficit? But if Fox can tell a lie over and over again, as with Goebbels in Hitler’s Germany, they make this out to be the truth when it is NOT the truth.

Furthermore, President Obama was beginning to reduce the Federal deficit. Then to see asshole Truumpty Dumpty give the credits to the wealthy and the deficit went up again. There is evidence that President Biden, whom self-righteous assholes call “Sloppy Joe,” has been successful, once again, in reducing the Federal deficit. Self-righteous assholes supporting Trumpty Dumpty have overtaken the House and telling the world that Democrats are at fault. Liars, liars, pants on fire. All because these self-righteous bastard SOBs find ONE THING which Democrats like the Clintons, Obama (i.e., because he is black and not pleasing to asshole self-righteous white supremacists from Dixie and other places), Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris did wrong and dwell on that one thing, burying the good things which they did, with LIES and SLANDER.

I saw the same s*** in the 2012 election from people I knew who were such damn self-righteous bastards, they blamed President Obama for a deficit which had been improving and treated Romney like he was a knight in shining armour to come save the day. Ted Cruz, too, a big fat liar who did the same and then later abandoned his fellow citizens when the power grid failed in a storm.

These people, plus others, within the leadership and the ranks of the Republican Party are nothing but repugnant reptiles. And they get money and lousy asshole Tucker Carlson to cover their asses.

Perhaps I need to apologize because I am not perfect? I am quite certain there is something I may have done in my life in which I was not perfect and did not live up to the GUIDELINES provided to us by Jesus Christ. BEING gay is NOT a guideline from Christ as being a sin, either. God made me, in spite of what ever hormones are in my body which have impacted me. (BTW. I am not NORMAL, so at a younger age, the idea was to beef up my testosterone; I did not live up to the levels defined for males, so the idea was to make me “normal,” right? Men get into old age and find they are lacking testosterone; what I am saying about me is that I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH LACK OF TESTOSTERONE AT A YOUNG AGE; and to clarify to the idiots out there, but not all gay men are gay because of this reason, either; so listen, consider, think, and work out conclusions based on seeking wisdom, not certainty – otherwise, shut your damn mouths).

OK. So I am not “normal.” I am not perfect. One thing is for certain, I NEVER could have done what Bill Clinton did with Monica Lewinsky. But. I am a freak, don’t you know? A freak who has seen the handwriting on the wall, years ago under Reagan s*** regime, just as Daniel in the Bible saw the handwriting on the wall and was treated with s*** because “he is being negative.”

And Jesus Christ spoke out against worshipers of money and the hypocrites. It had nothing to do whether they were Jews or Gentiles. The common thread was his ANGER – WITHOUT GUNS – against money lovers who are the basis of evil. Pete Buttigieg and his being gay is not a sin. But Donald Trump and many others have gone against the basic principle of Jesus Christ – love of neighbor – having fellow feeling. There is evidence that Trump broke how many of the 10 Commandments? Did I hear 9 of the 10? You follow the model of Jesus Christ with love (agape) of neighbor, and you are less likely to break ANY of the 10 Commandments. And that was the intent of the message of the WORD OF GOD MADE FLESH (Gospel of John, chapter 1). Trumpty Dumpty manipulates things so he gets self-righteous ones who call themselves Christians to go along. Such self-righteous ones Christians? More like the evil of the Anti-Christ. Example one. Tucker Carlson. There are many others who are so stupid they go along and are convinced that, due to some imperfection, Democrats are the evil ones, manipulating the crowd, as was the case of the Jewish leaders of the first century, to go against the good things which have been accomplished by Democrats, including President Joe Biden, House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (who, had there not been the prevalence of such lying backed up by Tucker Carlson and other evil journalists in the media, would STILL be the House speaker), Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Stacey Abrams, and yes, Hochul and Andrew Cuomo of New York. Many other good people who are imperfect people but the crowd gets fixated on the wrong things so as to tarnish the images of such good people.

If you are self-righteous and attend a Christian church and don’t like what I say, then leave the church if it is so bad. Because you are HYPOCRITES like the ones whom Jesus Christ spoke out against. Self-righteous money-lovers you are. And when you leave a TRUE Christian church, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave. Might bruise one cheek. So turn the other one and see if the door bruises you on the other cheek. Oh, how special it is! Isn’t that special? πŸ™‚

Live long and prosper. πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–πŸ–

GODDAMN Repugnicans. I will keep saying this and I don’t care what people think about this statement. The media is not doing its job as it thinks it needs to just portray both sides, even if one side, Repugnicans, are about hate, bigotry, and inhuman crap to make a barbaric world by pitting common folk against one another. Matters not whether it is Trump, McConnell, Clarence Thomas, Mark Robinson, Marjorie Taylor Green, Matt Goetz, Ron DeSicko, Rick the Prick Scott, or Jebbie.

Repugnicans want to kill people in Congress with second-hand smoke because they believe in “freedom and liberty” to allow smoking. That’s right. Whether it kills others who don’t smoke, they don’t give one damn.

So, how do gay folk kill others? Why is it ok for the bastard Repugnicans to FORCE cigarette smoke down people’s throats (literally), in the name of freedom, but Repugnicans won’t allow the freedom of young people to determine who they are? That’s right. The Repugnicans wish to kill people again, with the number of suicides due to young people attempting to deal with who they are and bullies of society forcing them to think one way. Liberty and justice for all means they force people think only one way regarding sexual identity. Bull manure. And how will there be bullies who attack and kill folk who do not agree with the sexual identity of gay folk? In order to win recognition and dignity for gay folk, never was a gun used to kill. We may live in fear that there will be bullies who fake being gay and kill so as to make their point?

And the lack of consistency of parents of gay folk. They don’t want to kill the fetus, but have no qualms about the death of young gay folk due to suicide or attacks by bullies. Very consistent approach to live, wouldn’t you say?

I will NOT give up in taking this stand while the media does nothing to point out the destructive practices of DeSantis and others who claim they have a mandate when they often never even win more that 50% of the vote. Even if they win 75% of the vote, they don’t have a mandate. The only mandate is to get unanimous approval. Maybe they figure they can get unanimous approval by restricting voting rights and performing genocide on any other voters who vote against them? Wonderful. What nice people. NOT. Repugnicans need to be proven as to their lousy attitudes to anyone who disagrees. The media is not doing this.

I will keep this as short as possible. After all, I am not good enough to have an article the length of a columnist in a newspaper. I am only one of the “others” who writes letters to editors and restricted to a certain length. If more people would read newspapers and the columnists which ONCE were part of the newspapers, this nation might be doing better than it is. Only hope will tell.

The PBS documentary series about Pioneers of Television, like all other PBS documentaries, has been great. A learning tool to enhance the brain cells in our skull! Mom always said, use the brain God gave you. Or. Mind over matter is what Dr. Peale’s message about power of positive thinking was about, not about wishful thinking.

The Pioneers series is on every Monday night. Here in the Binghamton area, it is broadcast on WSKG. Oh, that’s right. Don’t talk about broadcast television because the captains of industry have defined streaming television as what the “in” crowd should like. I don’t follow the “in” crowd, so there. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Each week it is a different topic. The comedy. The drama. The variety show (now there is an antiquated thing) which we need today rather than the manure piled in our faces with violence, violence, and more violence. Guns and bombs, too. No wonder we have a violent society. Blame the guns, but ignore this prevalent manure in the faces of Americans. I don’t blame the guns, except the automatic weapons which should not be available. I blame the captains of industry over the media who find they can make more money from violence and lies on television. Is it that the ones watching are sickos or the ones at the top, with money, are sickos? You might guess my answer.

At any rate, my messages are long because, as with this last part, I diverged into the topic of variety shows on television. Sorry. My apologies.

What I have INTENDED to focus on is the episode in the Pioneers of Television series on evening soap operas. Those old enough to remember may recall the ones about the elitist fat pigs, or Dallas, Dynasty, Falcon Crest (I loved Falcon Crest because it starred Ronald Reagan’s first wife, Jane Wyman; I loved watching her more than her one-time husband). Middle class (upper) was one titled Knot’s Landing. In these pioneers, I would take a nighttime soap opera out of Australia (ran from 2008-2013), Packed to the Rafters, because it demonstrates the TRUE struggles of the financially strapped Middle Class, not the upper Middle Class. It demonstrated the fighting which can occur within a family, but how ultimately a family CAN pull together. It represents a model of reality which DOES exist in some families. So this program is not an example of “pioneers” of evening soap opera, but mention it as a later edition of evening soap opera, after the 1980s and 1990s.

On this Pioneers documentary, Mary Martin’s son and star of Dallas, Larry Hagman, was interviewed (as were Patrick Duffy who played little brother, Bobby Ewing, and other members of the Dallas cast, during years long after their “pioneering effort”).

Hagman’s comments pretty much go along with the egomaniac character he portrayed, JR Ewing. He bragged that the series Dallas was more responsible for “tear down that wall, Mr. Gorbachev” than the credit given to Ronald Reagan for making that statement.

Perhaps Hagman is correct? Well, by saying this, he identifies one of the problems of America today. One-minded thinking, whether correct or not. Many examples of this exist today Hochul is terrible due to ONE THING. Yet, all the nasty crap Trump, Rick the Prick, McConnell, DeSatan, and others do and we look the other way. With Repugnicans, we look the other way. With Democrats, one-track minds zero in on ONE THING, ignoring all the good things. Hagman may be correct, but there are other examples which validate that wall falling, besides JR Ewing and Ronald Reagan.

1. The Coca-Cola company began to extend itself worldwide. It expanded its sales in communist Soviet Union. The common folk loved it and drank it up, while, according to Hagman, the wealthy at that time (and yes, in spite of claims that there are no classes in a communist system, that is liar, liar, pants on fire).

2. The Coca-Cola company put forth advertisements with the Hillside Singers about the world singing in harmony. If the Soviet common folk viewed the ads, it could have been more from Voice of America, not JR Ewing or Soviet television. Perhaps?

3. It was written that Soviet dictators like Breshnev, like JR Ewing, owned vacation homes. The common folk, or “comrades,” did not because they could not afford them. Do I believe that the common folk of Russia, today, own the same type of vacation home which dictator Putin likely owns? No. Has it improved since the days of JR Ewing? Maybe. But by how much?

4. There were secretive lousy wealthy ones from the Soviet Union infiltrating Western society, long before JR Ewing. So JR Ewing did not create them. They already existed. They were considered better than their “comrades.”

With these four examples (and there could be more), I have to conclude that it is possible Larry Hagman’s remarks are not quite accurate. That historical evidence over time can prove he was not accurate in his statement.

Interestingly enough, the documentary also mentions that brother Bobby Ewing was so popular on the series that when they tried to “kill him off,” fans around the world objected. So, they made the “death scene” a dream, at the beginning of the following series. The documentary goes on to say that Bobby Ewing was the alternative to the greed of JR Ewing. In fact, that Bobby Ewing proved that business could be run WITHOUT greed and selfishness. I was one of the fans of Bobby Ewing, plus his wife (played by Victoria Principal???). I also felt sorry for the way JR’s wife, Suellen was treated by the greedy bastard, JR.

If many fans around the world loved Bobby, the one who proved it does not take greed to run a business, then why do we have so much greed from money-worshipers today who are attempting to dictate our lives? If today’s world and the crumbling of the iron curtain was done because of a love of JR Ewing, who really were the ones who loved him and why do they have so much power, as does Putin and other former communists who run Russia today and work to destroy Ukraine? Greed. Selfishness. Egomaniacs. Sure. Likely modeled after JR Ewing.

But what about the fan base, primarily common folk, who loved Bobby Ewing? They don’t worship money and don’t have as much money, so they evidently don’t have the right to control the lives of the world with a Bobby Ewing attitude. Perhaps Larry Hagman’s statement is correct, but only in the sense that those like JR Ewing and their money worship are controlling society. The influence of Putin over America might be part of it. But what about the wealthy moles in the USA an Western civilization who are lethal to our Western society, out of love for and worship of money? What about the Russian Orthodox and other churches who put more emphasis on money and don’t help those in the world whom Jesus Christ wanted to help, but help the wealthy greedy selfish egomaniac money worshipers/lovers like Putin and others, such as Trump, DeSantis, Rick the Prick, the Bush family… other Repugnicans. They don’t give one damn about the human race, only about their definition of being human. Actually they don’t know what it means to be a civilized human being.

Once again. Perhaps Larry Hagman was somewhat correct in his statement on Pioneers of Television. But he does not have a comment which is the end-all.

Side note. Larry Hagman’s mom, Mary Martin, played the role of BOY, not a girl. Peter Pan. She also was the original Maria Von Trapp in the Broadway production of The Sound of Music. We know about Julie Andrews as Maria in the film version. And Julie Andrews also played a role in Victor/Victoria, too. Stuff that up your rear, DeSatan of Florida.

I am not backing down on pointing out the trash of egomaniacs like DeSatan of Florida. To Jebbie. I insist on standing my ground on this issue, except for one thing. I don’t carry a gun. You perverted ones who work to destroy America and its democracy and replace it with an authoritarian regime similar to the Hitler and Stalin regimes.

You bastard, Tucker Carlson, can invent all the crap you wish to invent about Pete Buttigieg, and then sit behind a smoke screen of hatred for gay folk and homosexuality. That way, you can validate what you say in the form of lies, with that smoke screen present. Also, I have evidence that same-sex couples do a great job of raising their adopted children and those children are NOT always gay. That is because God is the Creator, not humans. I can prove that, in many cases, gay couples do a better job in raising kids than many heterosexual couples, especially those who fear their child is gay and want to ban anything in the schools and in books which might help young kids come to grips with who they are. Fear drives these bastard heterosexuals. Or are some of them doing this because they are actually REPRESSED homosexuals? They are the worst ones. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ––

Learned that Repugnicans wish to allow smoking cigarettes in the Capitol building again. Demonstrates just how lousy a character they portray. They want to ban abortions and allow the deaths of countless LIVING people from second-hand smoke. Makes sense to me. (NOT). In other words, people exposed to smoke, 2nd hand, are helpless to do anything about their death, the same thing as the fetus in the womb. Same thing as the older woman who is at risk with a pregnancy. Same thing as the female who is raped. In other words, Repugnicans don’t care about others, only themselves The rest of us be damned. Bizarre example of egomaniacs. 🧐

Ron DeSantis and his goons on the boards of trustees of colleges and universities in Florida, likely hates literal anal intercourse. Oh, yeah. I need to say, “taking it up the rear,” like a tailgating idiot on the roads likes to dish out. Like the tail-gaters, probably Republicans who think they are above the law because the sheriff is a Republican, Ron DeSantis believes he is above the law and can figuratively do anal intercourse to those who disagree with him. Where does his money come from that he thinks he has a mandate when at the times he receives less than 50% of the vote or just receiving a simple majority less than 75% of the vote. A mandate to do figurative anal intercourse to his opposition who don’t like to be on the receiving end of such figurative intercourse. Follow the money which is funneled to Ron DeSantis. Is it the Russian Mafia or South Florida? Is it Russian wealth hidden as moles in Britain (a real estate person from Britain worked for Donald Trump…)? Does the money originate with the drug cartels of America which manipulate illicit drugs coming into America so Trump and company can jail the users and the little guys selling the drugs but conjure up support for a GODDAMN wall and hate for immigrants? Does the money come from American corporate PACs? Does it come from American corporate PACs who, like the Bush family, have a vengeance because Democrat FDR froze their assets some 70 years or so ago. Gee. (Our family did not have our assets frozen and we don’t make enough money today to run for government office). The beef against Democrats is run by assholes with money, due to being vengeful of FDR and LBJ. LBJ? He signed the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and the Voters Rights Act of 1965.

These assholes with the money exemplify a worship of money because their god is money and they believe they have a divine right to rule us. I may have fear of the true GOD, but not the god of money. Where does the money originate with DeSantis and the others? Inquiring minds want to know, not all the bull manure shoved at us by the media these days.

And the academic side of all that bull manure in the media lacks so much understanding by the rank and file common folk, that they fall into line with lies and conspiracy theories spread by the money which goes to DeSantis and others.

I repeat. Where does the money to DeSantis, Trump, Rick the Prick, and other Repugnicans originate? Those folk are probably paranoid that the nation might discover where it originates.

Kudos… to Me

In 2005, I went above and beyond the call of duty as a professor in a community college. Not being required to do “publish or perish,” as at the university level, I was not required to be continuously published. In 2004, I took a Sabbatical. There was no requirement for publishing, but I felt I needed to do it. I worked on several publications during that term of the Sabbatical in 2004. One of the publications got published in a peer-reviewed international journal.

Being that I was also working on a graduate degree in music, I also spent the time preparing for a recital on voice I could do. Not required to do it, but my undergraduate degree in Music Education at Crane School of Music, Potsdam College, taught me that educators need to stay in touch with their performing skills. Based on that, I decided I needed to do a recital. I had the plans in place for the recital to be done at Union Congregational UCC, after working with several ladies at the church who liked my singing. In the month before the recital, I came down with a fatal blow to singers: laryngitis. I could not shed myself of this, even though I was following directions of one of my voice teachers which also included taking Musinex. The grouch on the commercials for Musinex won, in my case!

The grouches in my life should be pointed out. Oh, that’s right. I HAVE pointed them out and stupid common folk don’t pay attention!

I still have not completed that recital, but I am not required to do so. It was above the call of duty. Stick that in your hate, you freaking lovers of “right to work” in Florida, including the current governor, asshole Ron DeSantis. Add to that former governors Rick the Prick Scott and Jebbie Bush. The only good governors in Florida, over the past 20-30 some years, have been REPUBLICAN (back when there were good Republicans) Charlie Crist and the late Lawton Chiles. The rest of them have been dildo head bigots with authoritarian manure, proclaiming they have a “mandate” based on winning less than half the votes in Florida. Mandate shamdate.

This peer-reviewed article, as I mentioned (did I say that?), was published in an INTERNATIONAL journal and not published in the USA. I could get none of what I wrote on Sabbatical, including music reference works, in American publications. Oh, well. Se leve, I guess.

I did get to do presentations about what I had published, on my college’s Professional Teaching Learning Center circuit. I also did a presentation about the fake news used by Trump in 2016 and where it was generated from a Putin base in one of the former Soviet states. I collaborated with another person on that project. We uncovered what Tucker Carlson admitted, years later. That there was more money to be made with lies than with the truth. So keep shoveling the manure of lies, right? And there are no waders to help the people work their way through the manure.

To see someone on FB proclaim that the NBC News truck is like a 1940s garbage truck exemplifies what I am saying. The truck which is like a 1940s garbage truck is one run by Australian wealthy bigot, Rupert Murdock, and should have the Fox News logo on it, not NBC.

Perhaps every other news organization can err with a tiny bit of manure. But what comes from Fox is like shoveling chicken shit, with my dad, from the back of a truck, not the occasional piece of cow manure on the farms where I accompanied my dad so he could fix milk coolers when they broke down. In fact, the farmers tried to keep things as clean as possible so visitors did not have to step in any large pile of it. The smell was there, but not the manure.

I collaborated on this with another person and we were working right in Trump’s backyard, just a few miles from Mar-a-Lago.

Music is the universal language. Lang Lang, Yo Yo Ma, of Eastern decent, plus others, can tell you this (I have heard some of them say it). Why is Western culture not producing someone as good as Lang Lang on the piano? Or do we? We think the masses only love the scum which is being produced in America and the west and don’t accept classical music. Again. My experiences tell me that is another lie generated by lousy supply-side Reaganomics in the belief that music is ONLY about money-worship and nothing else. Thus the good stuff is often tossed aside, so as to line the pockets of the money-worshipers. Spotify and other music portals don’t survive the bull manure of money-worshipers. Yet, there are MARKETS OUT THERE for those who don’t like the popular stuff. There are markets out there for many of us who maintain an eclectic interest in music.

One time, I spoke with a choral director in Florida about the music of Karl Jenkins of Wales. His music is played on Classic FM, but never gets exposure in the USA. The two of us could not come up with an answer to that. The conclusion was that Jenkins had an audience, but it was not a massive market which accepts all the stuff, whether music made of manure or not.

Karl Jenkins has composed something similar to the concept of Beethoven. A large-scale music piece in which the message about war and peace are part of the music. Jenkins piece probably concentrates on this more than Beethoven did. Why not? What impact has Beethoven’s music had to get that message across, since about 1816 or so, referencing the manure practices of one called authoritarian dictator, Napoleon.

Jenkins includes Christian, Jewish, and Muslim styles in his music. He embraces a good part of the world in his presentations. He includes videos on a large screen, which demonstrate the ravages of war. Apparently, Americans feel too guilty of that. But wait. Most of those scenes were of Hitler in Europe. Must be too many Americans are Nazis and cannot tolerate the scenes of a bigoted Hitler? Feeling guilty, huh?

Jenkins has also composed music which incorporates African music. I said African, not African-American. Meant to differentiate the two, not to put down African-American music. I am a big fan of jazz, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Gloria Gaynor, the Supremes, the Mills Brothers, the Temptations…. on and on. I have an eclectic interest in music.

Oh. I guess I already said that.

But to those not paying attention. I have an eclectic interest in music. As did Dvorak when he composed the New World Symphony and then John Williams used some of that music when he composed music for a movie called Jaws. As did Aaron Copland when he incorporated American and Latin American folk music in his music. And used music for an American hoedown dance, too.

Karl Jenkins incorporating African music into some of his music is awesome. Spoken by a man with an eclectic interest in music. Oh, I said that already, did I not?

So why is the Jenkins music not programed on the stages of America? Where is the Mass for the Armed Man? It is designed in the form of a mass, but incorporates other world religions into the mass.

Leonard Bernstein, gay and Jewish man, wrote a mass based on the format of a Christian mass, too. Why is that no longer being programmed on American stages? Because dildo heads like Roman Catholic Ron DeSantis, wishes to censor because the people involved are gay and often many different religions, including Jewish. They also have many black people involved.

Perhaps Mark Robinson of North Carolina would only allow any event, as long as black non-gay and black non-Jewish ones are involved? Watch out, Sammy Davis, Jr., types! Not because he was gay, but because he was a black Jewish man.

Dildo head Roman Catholic Ron DeSantis tries to invoke an authoritarian dictatorship in Florida. He does so proclaiming a mandate given him by less than 50% of the voters of Florida. I have news for the son of a bitch. He was granted the right to lead, but not a right to have a mandate to do what dildo head Ron DeSantis wishes.

And is Ron DeSantis behind the lainbrained cardinals at the Vatican who wish to install another Benedict? So, he gets money and support from them, when there are people starving and without homes in the USA? There are people like me who wish we could serve in Congress, but we don’t have any possibility for getting money from barbaric corporate PACs or the ones of the Antichrist in the Vatican.

Pope Francis needs to excommunicate DeSatan. After all, his predecessor excommunicated a gay priest in South Florida who wrote a book proclaiming it is all wrong to consider “original sins” and only consider we were born with “original blessings” and “to err is human.” After all, guilt by sin gives ammunition to dildo heads like DeSatan to invoke their authoritarian control over other people. And we cannot get rid of the false idea of sin of gay folk. That way, those people like dildo head DeSatan has no weapon to BLACKMAIL and keep under their thumbs the repressed gay folk like a dildo head Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. Instead they try to bring down an openly gay man like Pete Buttigieg. What sickos to want such a world.

In 2018, I worked for Jeff Gillum to become Florida governor. The race was so very close in the end and dildo head DeSatan won by a super slim margin. DeSatan believes he has a mandate to rid Florida education about the travesties of injustice – TRUE FACTS – from the books. After all, he hates the fact that someone who is descended from those who survived such travesties of justice came so close to beating the white supremacist. Like Japanese culture, bone head, dick head, dildo head DeSatan just measures life by whether you win or lose and tough noogies to those who loose.

A gay priest gets excommunicated by another bone head, dick head, dildo head named Benedict. But Francis would not excommunicate Ron DeSatan dildo head authoritarian? Who on the Cardinals push Francis NOT to do that? Supporters of Benedict, as they throw their money around for only THEIR cause, not the causes of the TRUE JC. Human causes overlapping the cause of the word of God made flesh? That alone is blasphemy. Apparently, it is being done by some of the cardinals in Rome. Hypocrites in Rome. JC spoke against hypocrites in the 1st Century. I speak out against hypocrites today.

So, in 2005, I wrote a peer-reviewed article about music information literacy. This is related to music as the universal language, but sadly I did not say that in my article, as I wrote about the details of music information literacy. I did in later years, as I presented similar information in presentations of the college PTLC. And another was a presentation about how videos were incorporated into music and voila, we got the music video, with the original pioneers of music videos dating back to the days of the Beatles, etc., but really picking up STEAM with Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones with the music video with the voice of Vincent Price in Thriller. Is it true that Quincy Jones studied music composition with the same French woman with whom Aaron Copland and numerous other America composers studied? Have not answered that question conclusively.

STEAM is also related to music information literacy. I learned about information literacy from a former professor in library science at the upstate NY Syracuse University. Music information literacy is different from music literacy. Music literacy means you have mastered the ideas and can practice such ideas, for performing music. Music information literacy is about incorporating information we learn about music (as in my Music Appreciation classes; as in the educational videos produced by Howard Goodall of Britain) into our lives, along with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM without the A to make it STEAM.

Perhaps my article about music information literacy helped boost my ability to push for STEAM to replace STEM? I have no idea. If so, those in power would likely have fear that they went against Rick the Prick and Ron DeSatan, so perhaps I better shut up about that and not receive recognition for what I accomplished? After all, I went against authoritarian assholes like Rick the Prick and Ron DeSatan, so I need to shut up? Yes. I will call them pricks, assholes, dildo heads, dick heads. I make no apologies because that is what they are! I was always on the other side of the table from such pricks who had no idea about what it meant to be human beings and demonstrated it with their authoritarian regimes. I don’t take kindly to authoritarian regimes, as they grab people along with them, thinking by such people with their emotions and not their brains, how detrimental it is to them and their progeny, for going along. I

am blunt, for sure. And I make no apologies for that. If those reading this don’t like it, then I pity them for their closed minds which hurt American society. Likely giving myself accolades for my accomplishments in life hurts me more than helps me. Again. I pity Americans who simply look through rose colored glasses and come up with fantasies about taxes and authoritarian assholes like Rick the Prick and Ron DeSatan.

For I work for THE PEOPLE, not just for myself. I have a broader view of what it takes to be human beings which I learned from the musical Hair, while a teenager. And yes, I applaud my dad for taking me to see that musical and those who don’t like it can simply shut their mouths with their pro-puritanical anti-prurient interests they maintain with an interest to impose authoritarian control over people should people not go along with their puritanical twitty ideas.

The words of various songs are in my heart, as Lawrence Welk always side, “keep a song in your heart.” The ones for human beings and the worldwide human community are “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in perfect harmony.” Also, Aretha Franklin’s R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Stevie Wonder’s “Love’s in need of Love.” The Beatles, “Love, Love, Love.” John Lennon’s “Imagine.” George Harrison’s “Here Comes the Sun.” Shania Twain’s “From this Moment.” Gershwin’s “Love is Here to Stay.” Carole King’s “You’ve Got a Friend.”

There are songs of satire regarding love, due to people being hurt by love in relationships. Gloria Gaynor, “I will Survive.” Tina Turner, “What’s Love Got to Do with it.” The Song, “What the World Needs Now.”

The one which stands out because it is about the concept of the Greek word, agape, which is the love to describe God and His love for God’s children, is The Hilltop Singers and “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing in Perfect Harmony.”

There are plenty of others. From love songs in musicals and operas (i.e., Pippin- “Love Song”).

This is not my two-cents for the day, but my double-nickel for the day. Like it or lump it. I don’t care. I only hope it does permeate some minds who wish to learn, not just follow. πŸ––

P.S. My hand signal in the above emoji does not have the symbol for peace, as projected in America. The two fingers known as the “victory sign, but also used for peace.” On an international basis, I cannot give that two-fingered salute because in some English-speaking nations, the two-fingered salute is the same as the middle finger in America. Thus, my emoji with four fingers comes from Mr. Spock, the Vulcan, on Star Trek and means, “live long and prosper.” That is my wish for all in the human race, no matter who they are or where they are on life’s journey, they are welcomed by me and millions of other people in the world who are evolved past barbarism and who seek a civilized society of coexistence. πŸ™‚ πŸ––

Healthcare for all Americans is capitalism, not socialism. There are Repugnicans who are fixated on calling healthcare for all socialism and attacking Democrats for suggesting healthcare for all. They are so fixated on this belief, I had one tell me, “if I don’t like healthcare and big pharma, then leave this nation.” Telling ME, an American PATRIOT whose ancestors go back before many of those who come from immigrant families of the 19th and 20th Century? Ancestors who helped build this nation with INFRASTRUCTURE projects which helped stimulate the economy (as President Biden’s infrastructure proposals are doing right now!).

Let me set the record straight about this notion that healthcare for all is socialism.

I grew up in the rural town where I am now living. Growing up, we had three country doctors here. Two lived within walking distance of my home in the more densely populated village. One of them was always in a wheelchair, sitting in a wheelchair in his private practice office he ran from his home.

We had an ambulance service in this rural area, consisting of VOLUNTEERS, which could arrive within a matter of a few minutes. Today in this rural area, with PRIVATIZED healthcare, it can take up to 45 minutes to an hour to get an ambulance to a residence. Someone could die in that length of time.

In this town, we once had Wither’s Drug Store. I was a classmate of the pharmacist’s son. One day, he closed the doors and moved out, leaving the town without a pharmacist. My doctor in the wheelchair (was the wheelchair due to polio? I have no idea). would dispense meds from his office. No need for a pharmacy, I suppose. But people in the community came together and did something. They found a pharmacist who wished to open a business in town. So, he built a new building next to the Hollenbecks Grocery store, which had recently built in that section of the town. Valley Pharmacy was born with Don Jordan as the pharmacist. Today, that building is one used by Walgreens for their chain store pharmacy.

One by one, the country doctors died off. Naturally. Two things which we can be sure of. Death and taxes. Even Jesus Christ advised us to render the government its due.

Today, the memories of those doctors are honored in the historical society museum here, as well as streets and roads named after the three doctors.

These are the good old days, don’t you know? We might rarely have access to a doctor in town. But at least it is better than the days following the death of the last doctor when this town, in the 1970s or so, went with no doctor at all in town.

Why did this happen as it did during that era? If we take a historical look at these events and lack of a doctor, we see the coming of doctor love of money over patient. Doctors wanted to be specialists and be located in the cities, not in the rural areas.

What people don’t understand is, during the Nixon years (1968-1974), this nation was subjected to “healthcare for all.” Specialist doctors not giving a damn about people, but about money. Plus. Nixon creating a centralized insurance underwriter for healthcare. Centralized. Government involved, but thinking it is so good because it is “private.” OOOOh so GOOOOD!

People have written about this and there is facts and evidence to support what I say.

Health insurance and specialist MDs have grown exponentially over the years. The old doctor – patient relationship like country doctors or urban doctors who made house calls, has faded away, in the name of materialism and a love of money over human beings. I observed it happening, so this is an observation, not a complaint. I don’t complain but make observations, with the HOPE that people will pick up on the observations and learn from them, ultimately helping to fix the problems. Excuse me for living if you don’t like my observations.

Why was that socialism negating capitalism? Because TRUE capitalism as defined with moral sentiment by Adam Smith is not a central based oligarchy based on the evil love of money.

To the GODDAMN Repugnicans who took over the House, your fixation that healthcare for all is socialism is a figment of the imagination some wealthy idiots have created in your mind. You have a right to your opinion, but you DON’T have the right to declare you have a mandate so you ignore any sense of reasoning and learning which might actually include ideas from the other side.

Medicare was designed as a means for investing long-term (capitalism) in PREMIUMS not taxes. LONG TERM. INVESTMENT. And this means RETURN ON INVESTMENT. The IRS is allowed to have a ROI in the form of interest, should an American default on taxes. But Americans are not allowed to have a ROI from long-term CAPITALIST investment in PREMIUMS for healthcare into a lower risk POOL of money in America. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and vice versa, especially when considering true capitalism with its BALANCE between SUPPLY AND DEMAND, not tilted only to the supply side which then has fat pigs to line th e pockets of Repugnicans to bolster the power of the fat pig oligarchy only. Bolster the power of the 1% in America while the 98% can eat manure.

Under Bush, Medicare privatization was given a boost and Medicare became even worse. Yes. Under Bush, the “government was the problem.” Spoken like a Hitler type thinking only money makes the world go ’round, Shrub told us, “what’s good for [centralized oligarchic supply side] business, is good for America. That was like saying, “what is good for the Kremlin’s politburo is good for Russia.”

How many years have I invested in Medicare PREMIUMS? Let me count the days. Gee. I began to work full time in 1977. That would be an estimate of almost 50 years. But add to that my part-time work for my father who paid me while putting money into Medicare, too. Yes, my father did believe in this nation, as a REPUBLICAN, too! Small business person paying taxes. Rendering unto Caesar his due. But then, I have said that Medicare is not a TAX but an insurance premium.

America has also abandoned the idea, as pushed by Massachusetts Insurance Commissioner, Erasmus Wright in the 19th Century, to pay a dividend or interest on insurance. Big insurance now has been allowed any way possible to skirt around paying dividends of money INVESTED by consumers in the insurance. If that is not socialism or communism, I don’t know what is. For it is large centrally controlled companies, as it is like in a communist state or nationalized industries in socialist states, The difference is that it is private business being the bull manure artists like those in a dictatorial communist or socialist GOVERNMENT. You can complain about taxes in a socialist democracy But with these examples, they also do business as capitalist nations with Volvo, Gevalia, and other companies.

So what does the tax rate have to do with whether a socialist democracy, in and of itself, is a good or bad thing? That is one example. I can name other examples which are not the same. So to hell with cherry-picking what one wishes to use to validate their stupidity about all the facts.

Fact. Over the years, driven by saboteurs of Medicare and Social Security, have stolen the money we Americans invested and tried to work every way possible that the wealthy pay as little into these funds as possible. They have validated their thievery with the notion our PREMIUMS are taxes.

For our Social Security, we have a FICA deduction from paychecks. FICA is an acronym (but try to find the words behind the ACRONYM by using a Google search engine; eventually it is found, but it takes forever to find it when it should be easier to find; even using advanced search options to include ONLY the words we want in the search does nothing). FICA. Federal Insurance Contributions Act. No where is the word, “tax” in the words which give us FICA. Do stupid lainbrained Repugnicans tell the American people this? No. They pretend it is a tax from which the wealthy can destroy the funds in it by stealing. The old fashioned way to make money was once “to earn it,” not to take it. Even in America there was once a hard work ethic so as to EARN money, not steal it like bank robbers similar to Rick the Prick, Donnie the nutso, and others.

Medicare (and FICA Social Security) are low-risk POOLED funds for the long term use for healthcare over age 65 (Medicare) and Social Security retirement. Period. No dipping into those funds. Put Congress on these programs and then watch how quickly changes for the better will be made. They have their own lucrative programs, so why should they care about the American people, as they can also maintain their seat in Congress from the money they get from big corporate PACs. I am speaking primarily about the money Repugnicans get. There are Democrats who try to win election WITHOUT corporate PAC money. God bless them for their efforts.

The inventor of 401(K)s, in a documentary and interview of their executives, admitted that 401(K)s and 403(B)s were not meant to replace pension plans. So why do such executives allow them to be used this way? Answer. For their own piggish benefit only.

We could have healthcare for all in the form of one pooled insurance premium for all and destroy the insurance underwriting system invented by Nixon and his goons who also thought thievery in the Watergate Hotel was justifiable. Tell a lie enough times and it becomes the truth. Such a pooled resource needs to pay dividends over the long term. It needs to be managed by intelligent folk who are not bent on sabotage and destruction, as directed by Repugnicans. The use of actuary tables, invented by the first insurance commissioner in 19th Century Massachusetts, Erasmus Wright, could maintain such a system.

Such a system is already privatized (big insurance underwriter created by Nixon and goons). Add to that the Rick the Prick destruction of public health so HE could make all the money, and one can observe how specialists are much more prevalent with this system and the young ones predominate with a love of money, not patient. So then we call in the lawyers to defend the “victims” but also to defend this lousy privatized healthcare system.

And these folk also work to make public education look bad by defunding it, so they can come in as “white knights” with their privatized education system.

All in all, privatized healthcare and education cost people far more than by utilizing, efficiently and wisely, pooled money from the public.

The Repugnicans follow the practice of seeking power with lies and love of money, with bigotry and hatefulness of portions of the population. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Castro, Mao Tse-tung, Tojo, Putin, the contemporary Hungarian butte head, and others are examples of power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Why do we human beings have to constantly fight these people so they don’t control our lives, while putting up a smoke screen with a smile that they support freedom and liberty. They do not support freedom and liberty, except freedom and liberty which benefits only those people and their cronies. Live long and prosper by seeking opportunities (such as what I propose here), not handouts.

Being a PATRIOT. I am a patriot. I have been accepted into the Sons of the American Revolution. I was accepted into the group just about the same time that Jebbie Bush of Florida was accepted.

I joined the SAR based on my maternal line. None of my paternal line with an English name fought in the American Revolution. Perhaps it was because those in that line happened to be either too old or too young (a kid) to be involved. There were others in that English family who did serve, just not in my line.

My maternal Dutch line, related to several presidents and other leaders from the past, is the line for which I joined the SAR. I have an Irish ancestor who served in the American Revolution, but I am not accepted based on that ancestor. He has the same surname as an idiot who served in the Trump administration has. He worked with another relation to me who was a friend to Aaron Burr.

My Dutch ancestor was a patriot. I am a patriot. That Dutch ancestor was a model for me so as to learn how to be a patriot. Captain Frederick J. Schoonmaker was his name.

Captain Schoonmaker was a wealthy man who lived in Ulster County, NY, along the Hudson River. When his nation to be called, he answered the call. He rejected the Crown of a mentally ill king. That king was on the same level of mental disorder as Trump, DeSantis, Scott, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Kevin McCarthy, Matt Goetz, and numerous others who have been given too much power by wealthy ones who CLAIM to be patriots. They are not patriots when they refuse to pay any taxes at all and want to de-fund the IRS.

When a fledgling government, at the end of the 18th Century, struggled to survive with little or no money, Captain Schoonmaker gave of his money to help get it started and reject a mentally disturbed king across the “pond.” That kind, too, was GERMAN, like Trump is German. Whoops! We should not stereotype. Slap my hand for doing a stereotype. My ancestor was Dutch, not German and that makes him better than the Germans. No wonder Sigmund Freud had many examples with which to work.

Kidding aside. There are many good German people. Why have we, in America, been stuck with such idiots from the German race? First it is King George and then it is little twit Donald who thinks he is a king.

Captain Frederick J. Schoonmaker helped to fund the building of the chain across the Hudson River which was used to stop British boats from sailing up the Hudson. After all, the British occupied New York City for most of the war, so they had easy access to one of the biggest ports in the world and could move up the Hudson from there. Captain Schoonmaker was one who was responsible for curtailing those actions. That chain was run from the area which is now West Point to the opposite side of the river. In those days, West Point was Fort Clinton. Fort Clinton was where Benedict Arnold was caught as a traitor.

My paternal line had relatives who labored for the building of that chain, while Captain Schoonmaker (and others) provided the money and leadership.

Over the years, many good leaders came out of West Point. But two, specifically, were traitors. Benedict Arnold (out of Fort Clinton) and Robert E. Lee. Had U.S. Grant stopped hitting the bottle, perhaps he would have proven himself as a better leader.

Long before JFK gave us the phrase, “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” my ancestor was living those words with his actions. Navy veteran, JFK, gets shot down after saying those words. Shot by a fellow American.

Purportedly, JFK could have survived by ducking down away from the shooter’s range, had he not had the brace he was wearing, due to the injuries sustained by serving his country in the U.S. Navy. A true patriot shot down by an idiotic immature little brat of an American. There is evidence that JFK did NOT wish to commit troops to Vietnam. A true patriot, rather than being subservient to the slick oil men of Texas who THINK they are patriots when they are not. Abbott is not a patriot.

So, we are subjected to lousy Repugnicans today who do the work of the wealthy in today’s America. They claim they work for the little guy so they can grab power based on lies. The group which voted against the infrastructure projects but went home and lied to constituents about supporting it, as they identified with the projects which benefited the constituents. Egomaniacs and hypocrites are what they are. And they now have more power in the House of Representatives.

Infrastructure. Another Dutch person for whom I am related. He had an English surname but a maternal Dutch line. Sounds like me. Shall I boast like a Trumpie? He did one of the first infrastructure projects in the nation, just after the American Revolution. People scoffed at him the way Repugnicans scoff at President Biden. President Washington of Virginia was jealous of this New Yorker because he recognized the benefit of the “wedding of the waters” and the positive impact it would be to New York and not Virginia.

People scoffed by calling the infrastructure “Clinton’s Ditch.” Yet, it had a tremendous impact on helping to build upstate New York. It had more impact on making New York City one of the largest commercial centers in the world. People outside New York are jealous of this commercial development and attempt to scoff at New York today.

Then Repugnicans call President Biden with his infrastructure proposals, “Sloppy Joe,” just as the jealous egomaniacs who existed in the early 1800s did. Fortunate for America, such egomaniacs were not the power base at that time. Sadly, there are too many of them who have, like a Hitler of Germany, been working to become the power base. They proclaim they are the example of “patriots” and remove a person serving on a House committee because she does not measure up to their idea about patriotism which is based more on Benedict Arnold and Robert E. Lee than on what a true patriot is.

And with “Clinton’s Ditch” (in case you don’t know, it was actually called the Erie Canal), people like Jebbie Bush of Florida who joined the SAR at the time I did, I do believe his ancestor, Timothy Bush benefited from that 19th Century infrastructure project. The rest is history.

But I was told (hearsay causes conspiracy theories!) that Jebbie objected to acceptance of African-Americans into the SAR, even when there is evidence they have African-Americans who SERVED in the American Revolution. Same attitudes can be described for the DAR, too, as I am told. My mom, whose ancestor was the same Captain Frederick J. Schoonmaker, refused to join the DAR, due to the racism.

Why did I join? Because I thought the SAR, over time, had changed. Oh, no. Thus, when black guys on an NFL football team wish to “take a knee” during the National Anthem, I am one patriot who stands behind them when they do so. And I am more of a patriot because I accept black folk into the realm of the SAR than those who call themselves patriots.

I had a veteran whom I admire try to condemn black folk for doing so. We agree to disagree over this matter. Furthermore, this veteran’s ancestors were not even here in America during the American Revolution, while many African-Americans had ancestors who WERE here and fought for America.

My above joking to point out the stupidity of stereotypes overlooks the Germans who came to America to fight for General Washington and America’s freedom from a Crown in England which came from Germans. It was one individual, King George, who was mentally disturbed. In pursuing what King George’s granddaughter, Victoria did, she overturned what King George had done. She married a German so all those since the time of Victoria have German blood.

Just in case you think you know everything about life but did not know about this. If so, you are like Repugnicans who think they are experts on life, with their wealth and “divine right” to rule, defining patriotism in your own warped way. I learned about Queen Victoria and I don’t dwell on anything something might think is negative, but on her great accomplishments. There were few great accomplishments of King George, the same as there are few accomplishments of little twit Donnie Trump.

Definition of an expert (as we once defined it when I was working with the U.S. Air Force): an expert is a drip under pressure.

Liars and hypocrites define Repugnicans. I can no longer call them Republicans, unless they are true to the Republican ideas about humanity, being socially progressive and FISCALLY EFFICIENT, as I grew up with as a Republican. Abraham Lincoln had his faults. One was not knowing what to do with those who had been enslaved and then he had freed them. Not knowing what to do? Damn. That was a downfall of Lincoln in his attempt to be a humanitarian.

Ezra Cornell was a Republican abolitionist in upstate New York. During the era of Jim Crow, the university which bears Ezra’s name was integrating black people with white people, in Ithaca, NY. Ezra Cornell’s son, Alonzo B. Cornell, became a governor in Albany, NY A Republican who respected people in humanity. Not like the GODDAMN Repugnicans who just removed a person from a committee in the House of Representatives with a smoke screen hiding the true intent of hatred for other races and what they don’t agree, while defining what a patriot is. Such people can go to h-e-double-hockey-sticks and stay there forever. For with their love of money over human beings, they work for Satan the Devil. πŸ€“πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ–– All human beings are created equal and deserve opportunities to live long and prosper. It has been Repugnicans in Florida who have worked to REMOVE my opportunities to advance, at every chance they had to do so. As Gloria Gaynor sings, “I Will Survive.” I have done so in the past, in spite of some of the hardships imposed by Repugnicans. And they keep getting worse and worse. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. There. That was what was on my mind today, Friday, Feb. 3, 2023, just about 9 days to Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. Be sure to remember him by purchasing the best President Lincoln Birthday sales items you are able to do — celebrate materialism. Then on the heals of Lincoln’s birthday, do the same for President George Washington. Materialism, materialism, materialism – first things first, after all, as is done in remembrance of the birth of a savior, Son of GOD. πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ––πŸ€“

Dear Editors:

Maureen Dowd was great in comparing an Artificial Intelligence “fantasy” to writing like Shakespeare.  It was rather humorous.  And the point made about how we may all be relegated to being like a “family pet,” was a remarkable comment about what A.I. may do to us all. 

Fantasy and reality are important aspects of this issue.  Many of us found reality being pulled out from beneath us as Reagan implemented his “Star Wars” program in the military.  It cost the taxpayers much money and was worth nothing.  At the time, we were working with a U.S. Air Force project to examine the best practices for reliably producing software with consideration of the most productive software engineering practices.  Reagan “Star Wars” ruined the project for reality by using “fantasy” for nowhere’s ville. 

We need reality.  President Joe Biden talks about working towards reality by proposing infrastructure work to improve the semiconductor industry which barely exists in the USA and is threatened by a takeover from Communist China of the Chinese island of Taiwan where most of the semiconductor industry now operates.  The USA would be more controlled by Communists than the conspiracy lies indicate by attacking one another in America and falsely calling some people “communists” or “socialists.”  President Biden is wrongly labeled as “Sloppy Joe” and God knows what other crap hurled at him.  He wants to improve the needs of this nation, economically, and does not wish to be affixed to Communist China when our military needs semiconductors.  It makes more sense to call President Biden Proactive Joe. 

Similarly, a Democratic Party Congressperson in upstate New York loses to Trump-funded Tenney in central New York, after successfully working to have military contracts handing out money to foreign nations and bringing them back to USA concerns in upstate New York.  The man loses to Trumpster Claudia Tenney by how many votes?  Something like only 100 votes, after the recounts?  Hope that I am correct on that count of numbers.  So Brindisi gives up and moves on to something else.  When I wanted to give up on something and do another activity, in high school, I had a high school teacher convince me that we don’t give up.  Perhaps Brindisi needs to learn what the late Nick Rucco taught me. 

With both of these examples, I have to ask the nerds of Silicone Valley how they intend to do well with A.I. if the semiconductors and other “digerati” obsessed are produced outside this nation?  Oh, I get it!  That way the stupidity of those supporting Trump, Repugnicans, and digerati can blame the fantasy world they create on a sloppy Joe, right?  Gosh.  To lame things on a roll stuffed with ground beef and sauce.  How humanly intelligent.   And, as Maureen Dowd concludes, “then we’ll need our dog bowls.”

Perhaps I can be called weird. OK. So I am weird.

For instance, I write on Facebook how much Google and big corporations with no sense of the demand side of the market are hurting me and others. I write on Facebook about how big box corporations with free market advocates like libertarian/anarchists have created supply-side Reaganomics which has become a centralized monopolized oligarchy dictatorship which is just as similar to centralized economics of the old Soviet Union.

My intent may be to teach by explaining things not considered. But when I put a notice of complaint about facing obstacles because Google or Microsoft or Verizon (etc.), plus others, put updates in settings without my permission and then make them so the little guy, after trying hard to remove, cannot remove the settings which were trained.

OK. So you don’t want to hear my OBSERVATIONS. Evidently you don’t wish to work with the grassroots to try to solve and/or stop this from happening. You just want to have “fun, fun, fun til the daddy takes the t-bird away.” Right? Don’t bother me about YOUR complaints, right?

Wrong. These OBSERVATIONS just might be occurring with others, besides me.

So, why do i do this?

There was a song sometimes sung which begins with, “it only takes a spark to get a fire going.” Fires are not a good thing, but one can think in a positive way about a “figurative” fire which is helpful to society.

Having a father who was a jack of all trades with a business selling AND servicing appliances without nickel and diming folks, plus many other “trades” which he had been TRAINED over time, I only hope there are some well-trained jack of all trades out there among the younger generations who would do as my father did. Found a way to make a business out of being a jack of all trades AND be good at it, too.

My dad was trained and had a certificate in being a Maytag repairman. He received this certificate while working for someone else. When the other business sold out to a larger conglomerate of a business from out of town, my dad did not like the big conglomerate. He quit his job, took his training and that Maytag certificate with him, and started his own business. He ran a successful business for about 30 to 40 years (ballpark figure). Meanwhile, the bigger company for which he worked eventually pulled up stakes and departed. Like a big conglomerate buying up a local factory and then pulling up stakes and leaving many here without jobs.

My dad may not have employed as many, but he himself was a self-employed person and successful enough to be able to help put three kids through undergraduate college education.

Thus, I may be weird in thinking maybe, by explaining what is happening with big corporate conglomerate Google in changing my settings and not allowing me to remove those settings, perhaps there are some jack of all trades out there who might see an OPPORTUNITY to begin a business of their own at the local level. I cannot define the type of business such a jack of all trades might start, but if well trained and knowledgeable about computers (not just THINKING that way, but having been open-minded enough to LEARN it), perhaps we all might have a better life if such people moved to meet the DEMAND side of a capitalist market. With big business, that DEMAND side of a capitalist market is being squelched each time a Google changes the settings of PRIVATE computers without the knowledge or permission of the owners.

I am not looking for lawyers to answer the complaints and then file lawsuits. I am attempting to light a figurative “spark” to get a figurative “fire” going.

Apparently this approach is not working, so I am weird. More likely, it is not working because America no longer has younger people who were like my dad. If so, what a shame.

My dad was not an entrepreneur looking to start a business and then sell it off to the highest bidder. Such entrepreneurs are greedy selfish narcissistic fat pigs who only look to make millions in a method of instantaneous results. My dad was not a millionaire, but he was able to make a successful business by building it from the ground up. Where are the folks like him, or they just no longer exist? The better mousetrap my dad built was NOT an invention. It was based on best practices for running a successful business.

Those who are at the top of corporations, particularly one in which I worked, only wish to skim off the top of it, remove pensions and stock from workers, and then spit the workers out like seeds. Only for the benefit of the 1% at the top. This 1% lousy misogynist egomaniac group don’t give one damn about the products and/or services.

They CLAIM they do, but that is a smoke screen for the actual greedy and selfish attitudes.

My dad created and implemented a business by considering the products and services, by paying attention to the DEMAND side of the market for which he was on the SUPPLY SIDE of the market. That is TRUE capitalism.

People have been successful in trying to define capitalism based on the whims of the 1% at the top with their greed for monopolizing and destruction of competition. The model for this lies in the Medieval times when royalty claiming to have a divine right to rule, were in action. The Smithsonian economics called capitalism (defined by a moral man named Adam Smith, who was a colleague of our Ben Franklin) was designed as a means to overturn that Medieval junk of supply-side economics with a divine right which came from worship of money, not the true Deity (whatever wishes to name the true Deity of humans, based on the Deity who designed human beings and the universe, not the god of money).

Here we are in the 21st Century, and we are still trying to fight the notion of supply-side economics as advocated by lovers and worshipers of money who proclaim this as being capitalism. That is not the capitalism defined by Adam Smith (which I coin the word, Smithsonian capitalism). There is also proof that Karl Marx falsely accused the problems of economics being capitalism. In effect, Marx should have accused Medieval system of royalty money worshipers. If one thinks about this, one can also see why Marx and the communists proposed atheism, because the church mis-represented God, just as the Russian Orthodox church (and many others in many other nations) is doing today in support of Putin, the atheist.

So I am weird because I attack the norm which has existed since Smithsonian capitalism was defined in the late 18th Century. It was the same type of economics of the fascist Roman Empire in the 1st Century when Jesus Christ brought us the WORD OF GOD, as the Romans occupied Israel. No surprise, but there is a similarity of the 1st Century tax collectors (i.e., disciple Matthew) to what has been described of 21st Century tax collectors in Italy. Is that true or just hearsay?

So I am weird because I go against the grain of groupthink for what is defined as the norm? OK. Guilty as charged.

Again, my intent is to use examples of what is wrong to ignite a spark within those who seek opportunities to address the demand side of the market.

The inspiration comes from my dad. The inspiration also emanates from a love for God and country in the true sense of the words, as spoken here. If you don’t like my words and approach to inspiring good people to address these “problems” and utilizing such problems to THINK, consider, and create and implement opportunities which can address the demand side of the capitalist market, which is being shoved aside in favor of wealth of bigots, criminals, and lovers and worshipers of money.

Money is not a bad word. Profit is not a bad word. Karl Marx and others have made money and profit bad words (i.e., we common folk are forced to call this, with the forms used to file regressive income tax which punishes us for making a profit, “disposable income”).

A “common folk” person speaks against this “norm” defined by fat pigs and we are weird. Of course I am weird. Just listen to what the fat pigs are saying for which many common folk pick up on. Such fat pigs are afraid of the truth being known with regard to capitalism. Just ask the reporters in the Ukraine who have been shot by Russian troops (probably dead now, so cannot attest to it), out of fear of the truth being told to the outside world. The fat pigs of America, manipulating this nation through Repugnicans and media control in the USA love Putin and the communist Chinese. To cover over the truth, they use smoke screens of blaming Democrats (perhaps those of us who are “weird”) so as to cover up their schemes to lie and not have the truth be known.

The world is not out to get me. I am out to get the world. The intent is to put away pigs like Putin and churches which support him, and fat cat greedy, selfish, narcissistic, American egomaniacs with a love and worship of money. They are afraid because that figurative “spark” to start the figurative “fire” is dangerous to them. Whether it is Russian Putin (starting true fires and brutality against the Ukrainians) or the wealthy fat Russian pigs in nations like Britain, or the Russian mobsters with whom Trump is associated and Tucker Carlson answers to their marching orders to lie; or it’s the centralized fat pigs of American supply-side Reaganomics business with their big boxes and other means of destroying capitalist competition and democracy.

Fact. Democracy runs best when there is a strong and wealthy middle class. The big fat pigs are fearful of such a thing, so work to destroy it with their love of money. Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich recognized this when they increased tax credits for the Middle Class in the late 1990s. The fat pigs hate that, too, because it is a recognition and acknowledgement that the fat pigs are not the ones to stimulate the economy and balance the Federal budget. Big fat pigs are not amenable to helping balance the budget, only make trouble for managing a debt ceiling. Such big fat pigs shiver at the idea of infrastructure improvements because it is the Middle Class which benefits more from such actions. Stupid Americans just went in this past November and voted, based on lies and slander, for the fat pigs of America and their corporate PACs used to put people in Congress.

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