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Florida Governor DeSatan Can Go to Hell

Once again, after the SCOTUS pronouncement on Roe v. Wade, we have Republicunts and Repugnicans forcing upon us religious beliefs. There are many of us who were raised as those pre-K to 3rd grade in the late 1950s/early 1960s who were in need of instructions on sexual identity and our lives would have been made much easier. But vicious people like DeSatan, Trump, and Rick the Prick don’t give one damn about our entire society. GODDAMN all of these people. They don’t deserve a life, as they ruin the lives of many others.

Happiness in life is defined by ourselves, not by FREAKING lousy vicious people who dictate THEIR form of happiness upon the rest of us. I have done NOTHING to ruin the nasty form of “happiness” from the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops and evangelical shitty puritanical bastards. Why do these BASTARDS figure they need to tread on people like me? Go to hell, all of you. I am angry as hell and ain’t going to take it anymore. And I don’t use guns, either, you freaking bastard SOBs within the Republicunts and Repubnicans.

The Majority on the SCOTUS are Evil with a Belief in an Evil god

The SCOTUS has no right to invoke rules from the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops and others in religious groups. All such people have no right to put justices on the SCOTUS by means of corrupt practices of people like Mitch McConnell who delayed an appointment to the SCOTUS so as to put one from his crony unit of Republicans and religious leaders.

By the U.S. Constitution, we have freedom of religion. I have a right to my own religious and spiritual beliefs, but I have no right to force state or Federal governments to place rules upon society which follow their own beliefs.

This is a difficulty because it means that some puritanical groups can put a spin on some issue to favor that group only. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” This statement is flagrantly abused by the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops. They spin it to include the fetus but not the woman raped and sometimes murdered or losing their own life due to unwanted pregnancy and a fetus. This is mean and vicious on the parts of puritanical assholes in the churches who force their beliefs upon the rest of us.

“Love your neighbor as yourself.” Freaking lousy puritanical Roman Catholics and others are lousy and vicious human beings to turn this towards a “neighbor” being a fetus and more important than living human beings. That is MY belief and the freaking SCOTUS, appointed by freaking lousy corrupt individuals, interfere with MY belief. No lawyers stood up and said this because those assholes are more involved with their GODDAMN personal injury lawsuits than to protect the freedoms of the rest of society.

Furthermore, these asshole religionists treading on the rest of us forget to protect the lives of those who are 18 and older who are sent off to war. That is the worse part of their hypocritical oath to their GODDAMN religion which is not of God, but of an evil god. Inconsistent bastards giving rules to run the lives of the rest of us and our own beliefs. A stupid SCOTUS was paid off to do what they have just done with Roe v. Wade. GODDAMN THEM and the U.S. Roman Catholic bishops, and other puritanical religious groups. They are lousy human beings.

I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. Hacks who are like snipers on computers. I have enough knowledge to understand that mobile phones and computers do not change settings on their own.

Yesterday, we nearly had an accident because of the person who shut off our volume on our Verizon phone and we struggled to try to find the setting. Google Maps does not bother to put a mute or non-mute button on their map directions. We were traveling to a location and slowly attempting to look for an address. A bastard SOB in a pickup truck tailgating us was an asshole and almost hit us as we were attempting to find the location without the voice of Google Maps. We slowed and noticed the location on the left side of the road. This asshole in the pickup truck trying to get somewhere too GODDAMN FAST, almost hit us as we attempted to turn left. BASTARD SOB who should be taken off the road. BASTARD SOB. Fortunately, we avoided an accident.

Worse, though, is the person who turned off our “media volume” and it was taking us a long time to find where the GODDAMN setting was on the Verizon phone. Typically, the volume on and the voice would have said, “destination is on left,” as we were attempting to locate the number of the address, driving slowly to do so. BASTARDS who tailgate should be in prison.

Add to this the number of times driving on NYS 38B and having to have tailgating bastards there, as we go about 55 MPH – the speed limit – and those bastards wish to go about 75 to 85 and tailgate. Dangerous things where deer roam across the road. Should we have to stop suddenly for a deer, these bastard tailgaters would run into us from behind. BASTARDS.

That’s what’s on my mind today. GODDAMN THE TAILGATERS for threatening the lives of people driving. It’s a matter of life and death. You bastards. Goddamn the ones who change our digital settings and Verizon, Spectrum, or law enforcement doing NOTHING to stop such cyber attacks.

Neither Ozempic nor insulin injections have brought my A1C below 7. This for some 15 years or more.

Big fat pigs at the head of Nova Nordisk advertise like snake-oil salesmen that Ozempic lowers A1C below 7. They then reap benefits caused by freaking lousy Republican politicians to protect big pharma, $1000 per month. While employed and paying part of my health insurance bill, paid little for Ozempic. Due to Republicans who protect big fat pigs of pharma and others, I have to pay some 25% of the Ozempic bill and never find any health insurance premium for me to INVEST like a CAPITALIST for long-term RETURNS ON INVESTMENTS.

I have written about this dozens and dozens of times and NOBODY WANTS TO DO ANYTHING except to treat me with viciousness and thinking I am trying to get a handout. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR A HANDOUT but to bring to people’s attention that this is a CAPITALIST SOCIETY for which fat pigs endorsing supply-side Reaganomics, like TRUMP, have no idea what supply AND DEMAND means in CAPITALIST economics.

We all have or will have long-term CAPITALIST investments in Medicare and Social Security, yet the freaking lousy ones who follow the big fat pigs like lemmings being led over a cliff, vote for these GODDAMN REPUBLICANS, including Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. GODDAMN fat pig Republican leadership which mesmerizes people by casting aspersions on what Medicare and Social Security are.

They also have turned the mortgage and housing market into freaking short-term instantaneous benefits and the only ones who benefit are the big fat pigs who create slum lords out of themselves.

And we apparently have no wealthy ones who will challenge this shit as Teddy Roosevelt did at one time. We also have no tough people in the Democratic Party to be tough and play hardball with this situation, thinking life in Congress is the same as it was some 20 plus years ago when people there were actually many statespeople, not a predominance of those lining their pockets due to PACs and Citizens United from a lousy politicized SCOTUS unwilling to consider HUMAN JUSTICE as the most important part of the justices ways.


As was once said, “I am angry as hell and not going to take it anymore.” Who said that? I think I know.

American business, with the exception of a few like Disney, really sucks today. It is being run by greedy selfish money-grabbing money-lovers with no concern or sensitivity for human beings. They don’t know what it means to EARN money “the old-fashioned way,” but know how to take money. They may call themselves “capitalists,” but they are not. They are more like Castro and other communists who confiscated property and jammed broadcast signals from sources they did not want people to hear.

The government, as imperfect as any human institution can be, is not the problem. The fascist oligarchs, trying to grab control of this nation, are the problem. Companies like Disney stand up to the puritanical ones who side, like a bunch of lemmings being led off the cliff, with people like DeSatan of Florida and many others elsewhere, like Abbott of Texas and so forth.

For instance. Gannett and the local Pravda, in line with what is happening to eliminate local news and cultural interests (while sports remains tops), has eliminated a local channel listing in the newspaper. It’s bad enough that it is difficult here in this rural hilly area to have a tough job receiving FREE broadcasts and finding no one willing to be hired to install an antenna for local television. But to pay for local television on Spectrum and have no CAPITALIST COMPETITION at work, is simply bizarre and taking America down the wrong road for the sake of the oligarchs who wish to create a nation of haves and have nots. So, what does one do with the elimination of a local television grid which has always been a part of local newspapers as long as television has been with us? I see an ad that Amazon is selling 6-month TV Guide subscriptions at a low price. So I jump at the chance to have a local television grid which has been lacking since the hedge fund greedy owners of Gannett yanked it away from us several months ago.

Sounds like this should have been great, right? Long story short. Here we are after twice being billed by Amazon and receiving subscription notices from TV Guide, trying to get delivery of TV Guide. We ordered it in May. Still, in June, we don’t have it. We are told it will begin in July. American business once ran much better than this. I got angry at the people at Amazon, after being led around and around and around. It was not just one isolated event in which I felt helpless at getting something done. No. This event is added to a list of events from many different American companies.

The nice thing to report. Amazon offered a high-price for a hardcover book and almost half cost for a Kindle. We tried Kindle and we hated it. We tried Nook and we hated it. For cookbooks and reference books, the Kindle app for desktop comes in handy. But to sit and read a book on Kindle? Don’t be absurd. Besides being visually impaired, the complications we have with technology and the costs to keep it going is out of sight. I would rather pay $6.00 for a gallon of gasoline, then all the bullshit of costs surrounding broadband, cable, streaming, desktop and laptop computers, and other media. Sure. The cost to read this book on Kindle is half the cost of a hardcover book. But when I add all of this stuff up over a year’s time, the amount to pay for several hardcover books and/or borrow from a library, is much less over one years time. Even if we pay $6.00 for the Sunday New York Times (when it ever gets delivered, I don’t know), is far less than the technology shit. The subscriptions (if we could ever get them) are less than spending money on the gasoline to go to the store (not sold in my rural hometown) and the price of the newspaper. If we could ever get the newspaper delivered.

Go to hell big business for dropping this shit in the laps of consumers on the DEMAND SIDE OF CAPITALISM, especially for rural folks. We still don’t have the TV Guide delivered and Amazon customer service would rather be vindictive towards me because of my anger. These folks explain, insincerely, “they are concerned.” Concerned? Then do something and resolve the situation to my satisfaction. NOPE. Not done. Only the supply side of the market is supposed to be satisfied, not the DEMAND side. That is tantamount to fascism, Nazi-ism, and communism. Central control and we all just bow down or else get shot, whether figuratively or truly shot.

Such greedy Americans be damned. That is my hope. They be damned.


Headlines (6/21/2022): “Abortion foes have hope…”

I am an abortion foe and have hope, but not hope as indicated in the front page article this morning. I have hope for Democratic Party working to reform and that the Republican Party moves to destroy by using corrupt ways for McConnell and others to put a politically motivated Supreme Court in power.  Democrats want reform. Republican leaders want destruction. There are many other examples besides abortion which uphold this statement.

For me, I am against abortion for the purposes of contraception. There are many more proactive ways for contraception. Abortion is right-wing reactionary.  I am proactive for the purpose of helping our society progress, not go backwards. Reform is the answer, not putting a bunch of heathen justices on to do the bidding of SOME abortion foes. They don’t do what I want, as an abortion foe, so as to work to reform the laws.  I am sick and tired of this and only hope that we can put the Republican leadership on an isolated island with no communications, the way the British did to get rid of such people by putting them in penal colonies away from Britian. 

This issue is not about politics revolving around Roe v. Wade. It’s about justice, morality, and ethical actions. Sure. Argue that taking the life of a fetus is immoral and unethical. Go ahead. Shoot holes in what I am saying. This is about justice, morality, and ethics. This would include women who get raped. We still go back to the BS of Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19) and Judges 19.  Violent rape is the issue and we have people who FORCE us to live by their age-old wrong bias which has attacked gay people and women who are raped.  The actual LITERAL Bible passages do not indicate such things, but people act as if this is a Holy message against a group of people and ignoring the protection of raped women. Even in cases of date rape this happens. We are scratching our heads whether one of the people on the SCOTUS, put there by political unethical crap from Trump and McConnell, committed but it has been kept covered over.

Then there is the black man on SCOTUS who is married to a white woman who is VERY unethical. Nothing wrong with inter-racial marriage. But this black man, Thomas, is a lousy man on SCOTUS and far from the great black man first appointed to SCOTUS: Thurgood Marshall.  Marshall had an idea of what justice was, even to the point that when he helped an African nation write a constitution, he advised that a constitution covers all people, both black and white. Therefore, Marshall was addressing the white people who lived in that nation.  In this case, it’s about humanity and the overall human race. If Thomas does what I know some black racists want, I find him to be just as despicable as those in the KKK and white supremacist groups.  Such black racists don’t want abortion because it “does not help advance the black race.” Excuse me? How about considering the human race, as Io once said to a black man who gave me this BS. 

I am not afraid to be blunt and put things out there as they should be. That, too, is my hope. But I also hope the SCOTUS, with regard to abortion AND reproductive rights of LIVING human beings, are taken into consideration.  I admire the late Justice Thurgood Marshall. I have no respect for SCOTUS justices Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, and several of the others who are there only to uphold the political ideals of Trump, McConnell, and the Roman Catholic bishops, who have absolutely no right to tread on our liberties. 

Here is what is on my mind today. I am as angry as my distant relative, Teddy Roosevelt was back in the early 20th Century when they allowed anger to be expressed without guns and did not give people like TR ritilin. During a time of common sense in America. If TR got reactions of vengeance and vindication like Trump followers do today when receiving criticism, it was likely from super billionaires who falsely called themselves “capitalists” but had no idea what capitalism was intended to be: supply AND demand economics to overturn aristocratic oligarchs and plutocrats. Who were those guys who challenged TR? Carnegie, Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan. Quite possibly the ones behind sending an anarchist to try to kill TR. Why? Because anarchists, like “libertarians” today, want an “anything goes” deregulated environment in order to expand their ruthless ways and call themselves capitalists when they line their pockets by way of monopolies. Monopolies. Feudal lords before Adam Smith defined supply AND demand capitalism ran monopolies and supply side economics only.

So, what do I have to say today? Big fat pharma. Puts out commercials of Ozempic with someone speaking and claiming it lowered A1C from 8.2 to 6.8. That never happened with me with 15 years of taking insulin. Went on Ozempic and finally my numbers did lower, but never below A1C of 7. NEVER. With Ozempic. Big fat monopolist supply-side big pharma charges $1000 for a pen which has helped me a bit, but not like their GODDAMN commercials say.

So. Last night. I took my last dose for the month of Ozempic. This morning, my glucose numbers, after diet, exercise all weekend, were 245. TWO FORTY FIVE. From a medicine Nova Nordisk helps keep glucose down. TWO FORTY FIVE. TWO FORTY FIVE.

So. With a complaint like that, how do people in healthcare react? Doctors and BIG FAT PHARMA? I think they are more prone to vicious vindictiveness about the problem the customer faces, not about SOLVING THE PROBLEM. THERE IS A PROBLEM HERE and I am disgusted at health officials who play the GODDAMN BLAME GAME AND BLAME THE PATIENT. WHY? SO THE DOCTORS CAN CONTINUE TO LINE THEIR POCKETS AND NOT FOLLOW THE HIPPOCRATIC OATH? As the character Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H said about conservative idiotic doctor Frank Burns (another character), “not enough bedside manner” – or Hawkeye would say this in some sarcastic way. We need doctors like Hawkeye Pierce who had concern for the guys being shot up in the war scenes of Korea. Not freaking lousy doctors who like the Trump way or the RICK THE PRICK (supposed founder of HCA) way of “privatized”
medicine, putting money first.

And for others to say, whether we get refused in healthcare or other “business” areas, “it’s not against the law to deny a patient service.” OK. So, you don’t have to tell me that information because I am quite aware of it. Tell me what you intend to do about it? Don’t fill me with the crap of information about “what’s going on.” DO SOMETHING. SHOW THAT YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT, whether you have money or not. Because I worked with college students in the 1970s to do something when Gov. Hugh Carey wanted to shut down several SUNY colleges, by way of the SUNY SGA and other sources. And we were poor and had no money. If we could do something then, what stops people today? DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS SHIT in which the lack of a mean and angry “trust buster” like Teddy Roosevelt DID SOMETHING to bring down the assholes of his day.

BTW. Teddy Roosevelt is related to me by my maternal line of Dutch people. His cousin, FDR, had a granddaughter who married into my Dutch family. But there are plenty of other examples from the past in which there was inter-marriage with my maternal family. And we had a captain who fought for the PATRIOTS who made sense back in the late 18th Century, in spite of his wealth. He also did not AVOID paying taxes, but put forth extra money to help this government get going. A human institution which gave us many good things, in spite of examples of human imperfections which are part of being HUMAN. I am proud of my Dutch ancestor who did this. But do I face vindication and those who have the name or stand up? So I don’t mention the Dutch name. Shameful as this is. But those PATRIOTS of the 18th Century were far better people than the SHIT thugs of Trump MAGA, Proud Boys, Qanon. They attack our Federal Capitol building.

The PATRIOTS of the 18th Century were AGAINST a dictatorial KING of England, not against Parliament. They did NOT go to Parliament in London to take over the Parliament building, but they sure did try to bring King George down. On the same token, there were many IN ENGLAND who disliked such a dictator. The Parliament DID NOT TREAD ON THE COLONISTS and made attempts to COUNTER the taxes King George insisted on pushing on the colonists. Parliament tried the best they could and succeeded on several fronts, but not all. Fact is. They did not all go along with King George. My ancestral AMERICAN PATRIOTS fought the king, not the Parliament, but were forced into a corner by the dictatorial king.

Ben Franklin knew about TRUE capitalism because he spent time in Scotland with the man who defined capitalism to challenge the crown: Adam Smith. Thomas Jefferson and the other Founding Fathers may not have spent time in Scotland, but did so in other European nations. George F. Johnson, a co-founder of Endicott-Johnson Shoes in the Binghamton area, spoke about being “sensitive” to the community and the people and used words like “industrial democracy.” Thomas J. Watson repented of his following the ways of Carnegie, Rockefeller, and J.P. Morgan and created IBM. Due to Teddy Roosevelts trust busting regulations, Watson, in working for NCR in a role to DESTROY competition (another part of capitalism which is NOT monopoly) came close to a jail sentence. I read where John D. Rockefeller was rejected by his own parents because he was such a greedy ass.

Teddy Roosevelt is one of my heroes. So, with anger, like TR, I use some vile language in what I write. I don’t have the money that TR had, but I am still proud, no matter how much I express anger at what is going on and the lack of people doing something about it. The people at the 1968 political convention were beaten by police there, as they attempted to speak out. BEATEN BY CHICAGO POLICE. I have seen the photos. BEATEN BY THE POLICE for the only means they had was to speak out in anger and NOT CARRY GUNS. I have yet to see the Proud Boys or others associated with Trump Republican’s lousy freaking MAGA get beaten. Not once. Gay people congregating together, and not always for sex, either, were BEATEN BY POLICE while attempting to live in peace with one another. You cannot have peace without justice, so they rose up in protest, WITHOUT GUNS, at the Stonewall Inn.

We are HUMANS, not animals. In fact, good and decent hunters who hunt animals have told me they would NEVER use an automatic weapon. But asses use them to kill human beings.

Many of us can live together in peace, while there are those who DISTURB THE PEACE and face no repercussions. Come on, Biden and the Democrats play hardball with such idiots in America today who call themselves patriots. I am a PATRIOT, but such asses like MAGA and so forth ARE NOT PATRIOTS, but traitors and terrorists.

Meanwhile, if I criticize healthcare, I get vindicated. Perhaps the doctor in Florida who put money first with me thinks I turned him in for not paying taxes? I had no idea. But there were many others who were disgusted at that and could have turned him in. I did not do it. But because I speak out against those who don’t pay taxes, as if they are BETTER THAN ME, makes me a bad guy, according to the idea of groupspeak and going along with the crowd? So, I get angry so therefore I go along with the Trust Buster Teddy Roosevelt and not the crowd with groupspeak being defined by FOX NOISE PROPAGANDA BROADCASTING?

Something is wrong with the meds being prescribed to me. For me, this is a matter of life and death. I get lovers of money throwing shit in my face, rather than assisting me. And if I complain, these younger doctors and healthcare providers just want to be vicious towards me, not accepting anger which develops when the criticism and looking for solutions does not work. We don’t have leaders like TR today because they are all taking ritilin. Instead, we have stupid idiots like Trump, DeSatan (DeSantis of Florida), Rick the Prick Scott (of Florida) and many others who don’t want us to live in peace and justice, but to control us like dictators and tell us how to live our lives. Shallow individuals who are corrupt and get away with far more than any others. And they don’t like criticism, either. They don’t even know what it meant when George F. Johnson described “industrial democracy” and was successful in doing it. Same thing with Thomas J. Watson. Those who took over for the two men were absurd in claiming that such means of operating companies don’t work. That is because they sabotaged such efforts so they would not work. Same thing with privatized healthcare today and the destructive forces from Trump MAGA who want to destroy Obamacare, Medicare, Social Security and public hospitals (among many other things on their lists), putting America into a have and have not situation. The wealthy afford the care and those without wealth who are not able to afford proper healthcare. Screw such false divinity people who act like money is god and those who have the most as gods..

Yes. I am here to complain. You can call it complaining. Or you can call me a critic who wants to make life better for all. I am like the local newspaper restaurant critic who has a desire to make life better for the customers going to restaurants. The best ones were the ones who wrote a good analysis and did not just bloviate the bias they have.

Two newspaper music critics I knew in Florida. One I considered to be an ass and a snot because of being an elitist high-brow SOB. The other one was very fair in judgment, even to be kind to the performers in opera. A specific circumstance was when, at the last minute, the maestro fired the orchestra and those on stage had to do the performance accompanied only by a piano. The pianist was great. An opera without an orchestra? This music critic was kind and concentrated on the good parts of what the singers did on stage. And they were very good. That newspaper music critic was a graduate of Eastman School of Music. The snot was from New York City and felt better than everyone else.

These are my experiences to share with the world. Sad to say, America has become a nation of too many snots with money. I recall a day in America when there was not such a predominance of such people. A complaint is no longer considered constructive criticism, but an attack. The reason this happens is because there are too many younger people taught not to get angry, usually on drugs which keep anger to a minimum, and then lack any confidence. They demonstrate the lack of confidence by being vengeful to those who put forth constructive criticism. Refusal to provide service of any kind? Go to hell with such a notion. Too many Americans need an attitude adjustment and that means Biden and the Democrats need to play hardball because the world is NOT the type of world of decent human beings in politics which may have been more predominant when Biden was in the U.S. Senate. It was not a perfect world then. But it sure has not become closer to perfect today. In fact, the imperfections are more a part of life than before. It’s time we accepted constructive criticism, when people feel helpless and go to anger, and other means for human communication, rather than laughing at someone who learned to promote communication because it was one of the skills required on job listings. Silly me for learning to be like that.


Liberty for the soul!

This quote is refreshing, given the predominance of such lousy attitudes today about what this nation is about and how it came about. From the origins of the colonial experience, persecuted people, such as my ancestors, came here only to find out that puritanical people who believed they knew what Christ was all about – many like them today in the evangelical catholic, Baptist and other Protestants, act the same way, chomping at the bit to destroy human rights which make people happy when they are able to live in liberty and justice for all. Human rights are important, whether it’s rights to identify who we are from a young age with regard to sexual identity, to reproductive rights of women, to rights due to indigenous folks and those of different colors of skin, whether from Asia, Latin America, or Africa. Instead of just looking for something to relate to younger people, how about recognizing the wisdom of age and listen to some of us. My parents, one white color and one blue color, were very intelligent people who encouraged me to THINK, as did Thomas J. Watson with his employees at IBM.

Become whole-brained, not lain-brained, left-brained (analytical), right-brained (creative) – striving for that. The human brain has so many brain cells that so many Americans don’t know how to utilize because they prefer to be lazy and let Fox News or some other idiotic people tell them what to believe and then go along with the crowd.

I must have gotten my intelligence from my parents. When I was going through a time of therapy, the therapists all said I should consider joining MENSA, due to my intelligence. Or that I was able to think outside the box for solutions.

Lilly Tomlin played a character in a movie and the character had a great deal of insight. I wish to share that insight with one line which came from that character. “I am not interested in attempting to determine the meaning of life; I am more determined to figure out the mysteries of life. Along this line, an author has said, “seek wisdom, not certainty.”

How about adapting such mantras? How about if the rest of America learns from these models and are able to provide liberty for the soul? 🧐😎😍

Beautiful weather in Upstate New York, this day, 13 June 2022!

Local Newspapers

The Sixty Minutes report tonight regarding the loss of local newspapers in order to keep America as a democracy was a story left in the wings for quite some time. Kudos for the coverage and what was brought to the attention of those who tuned in to the Sixty Minutes program. 

The report comes on the heals of several other reports about this topic.  The Economist article was titled, “The Culture Vultures.”  The hedge fund leader who has been purchasing newspapers such as The Chicago Tribune and The Baltimore Sun was aptly described, along with other such hedge fund people as “vultures.” The man purchases the newspapers and lays off most of the workforce, including a newspaper featured in the story, The Pottstown (PA) Mercury.  Being married to a person who faced a layoff, along with many wonderful reporters and columnists at a Florida newspaper, in 2008, I am somewhat aware of the loss of many of the fine local news people who were laid off in that situation.  It is rather disgusting to learn that the high and mighty one from Alden “profits” of newspapers has lined his pockets while tearing profits from some very good people of local journalism and purchased a huge mansion in Miami.  I say this not to complain, as if me and my spouse never got that possibility. No. It is to say that there are thousands of Americans besides me who have been dumped, so as to have one person line his pockets. The gap between haves and have nots is widening and it has an impact on many thousands and millions of Americans. Some suffer more than I have and that does not make me feel like I am any better.  In fact, many of us have no interest in such a mansion, as we try to make it in this world with just a regular American home, as our parents were able to have. 

While the Sixty Minutes report pointed out how America has lost its coverage of local newspapers which had reporters who had, at one time, uncovered local level corruption, with a quality journalism which has been nixed by fat pigs with a love of money. Love of money, not money or profits, is the root of evil. 

There are other examples of the “vultures” and they could be uncovered. Newspapers which have faced “mob-like” destruction of publishers who have tried to uncover corruption at the local level. Funny, but the excuse might be that a publishing person died by “falling off a bike,” while the real facts for a possible homicide are part of a coverup.  Or a the exposure of a local restaurant owner who got reviewed by a local writer in a newspaper and it was discovered that the owner was substituting one seafood with another one, due to a shortage, selling it like a snake oil salesman of the 19th Century did to fake out customers. Local newspapers can uncover such issues at the local level. Thanks for the examples provided in the Sixty Minutes report.

 Additional information could be provided and the story taken into a more in-depth review of this situation.  As always, the public is made to believe it’s the financial downfall and the fault lies in the competition from social media.   There may be some truth to this. But I also want to offer that the roots of the lower profits and “decline” of newspapers was a deliberate sabotage to do so which began with the George H.W. Bush administration ridding this nation of the FCC Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine was put in place by a BIPARTISAN effort following World War II so as to protect our democracy from the type of propaganda which had brought Hitler to power in Germany.  The end of the Fairness Doctrine saw the development of hate radio led by Rush Limbaugh and eventually led us to the crap we see going unmoderated on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.  What was not mentioned was how newspapers were a form of moderation which does not censor, but which corrects errors in facts and stops emotional outbursts of hatred and libel which have become a much more predominant and common thing happening in America. The “vultures” are cleaning up from the dead meat road kill which has resulted from the deliberate strategies to sabotage newspapers. 

The newscaster doing the interview in this report, sad to say, demonstrated the lack of knowledge about what capitalism is truly about, as the saboteurs, like the “robber barons” (“fat cats”) of the late 19th Century and early 20th Century (Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Carnegie), amass money for the purpose of lining their own pockets. These “barons” have created an environment since the 1970s in which such people have loaded their own pocketbooks and created exponentially bloated purse for one self.  In the meantime, the rest of us have watched as our pocketbooks have not done as well.  Rather than using the words, “robber barons” or “fat cats,” as had been done by the press during the time of the robber barons,   This newscaster commented, as do so many others take as “common knowledge” regarding capitalism, by asking the interviewee describing the wrongful tasks of the Alden man who was laying off and destroying capitalist competition (as the 19th Century “robber barons” did), “is that not what capitalism is?” The response should have been, “no, that is not what capitalism is about.”

A History Channel review of the history of the “robber barons” (Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Carnegie) never addressed them as “robber barons,” but identified that era and Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, and Carnegie as the “golden capitalists.”  Wrong. Never did the History Channel documentary identify those men as “robber barons,” which is what they were. Even John D. Rockefeller’s parents wanted nothing to do with what their son was doing. 

Too many Americans are too wrapped up with the casting of aspersions which falsify what Adam Smith intended with the capitalism he proposed in the 18th Century to counter the “barons” of royalty of his day. People like one of our Founding Fathers, Ben Franklin, had spent time in Scotland with Adam Smith. Smith was a contemporary of those who set forth this democracy in the form of a revolution against monarchies and “barons” who proclaimed that their money gave them a divine right to rule.  Adam Smith wanted to overturn the “supply-side economics” of royalty and “barons” which existed in his day because such royalty controlled in a dictatorial way, the supply side and with no concern for the demand side. Smith, with his moral sensitivity, created an economic plan to provide capitalist competition in order to keep prices down and reaching out to consider the balance of supply AND demand.  Only capitalist competition can accomplish the goal for working with investments over the long term. 

With deregulation, supply side economics, and the gradual elimination of long-term investments (particularly in mortgages), in favor of “supply siders” like potential “slum lords” with their flipping of homes, we have moved to short-term, “Me – I want it NOW” – attitudes. This change has moved America into a dangerous position. One result has been the lack of strong local newspapers, in order to keep democracy, true capitalism, and a concern for humanity – “we the people.”

Keep in mind that this “short-term” attitude has also helped destroy the ideas of long-term investments in savings accounts, as Neil Bush helped to reduce the effectiveness of the Federal Savings & Loan system in this nation, ultimately leading to the destruction of the FS&Ls. 

We have ended up with supply-side control by big banks. Such big banks mesmerize the demand side by providing 5% discounts on gasoline if their credit card is used. Too good to be true.  Such banks then collect a huge interest charge when this discount is used.  In contrast, there was a day in this nation when there was consideration of both supply and demand. We observed this, as children of the 1960s, to put our quarters in a bank machine (before ATMs) in an elementary school classroom. Our savings book would be marked with a deposit.  Today, the demand side is being ripped off by snake-oil bankers who think they are doing a wonderful thing with a 5% discount. Sadly, we receive only “$.01 each month in a savings account.  Turns out, it would have been better to just pay the regular price of the gasoline, even as it is higher now, than to pay all that money in interest charges to snake-oil supply-side dictatorial bankers.   

Now, as presented this evening by Sixty Minutes, we have learned there is a competitor in the establishment of The Baltimore Banner, in order to compete with Alden fat pigs who own The Baltimore Sun.  However, The Baltimore Banner is a digital newspaper. This is supposed to provide competition and we should feel good about it? Yes, feel good about capitalist competition. Feelings are just about as good as the 5% discount by banks, overridden by exorbitant interest charges.   We have already seen the hidden costs of digital newspapers as we try to deal with large costs of technology, visual impairment making it difficult to read digital copy, and, unsuspected cyber attacks, and the lack of computer service people because the local ones are all aiming at commercial customers only. Residential customers pay for service work by the big boxes instead.  Only those who keep up on technology and the changes or the wealthy can afford the digital newspapers. Hidden costs which no one considers.  The Sunday New York Times, in print copy, may cost $6.00. The amount we pay for technology in America far exceeds what the print copies cost. People who are intelligent enough to mange the production of print copies of newspapers never even take into account that more advertising can be sold if circulation (number of people figures) were higher. That can be accomplished by reducing the cost of each issue. Judging by the Alden owner of The Baltimore Sun and others, he is not suffering from print copies, as he purchased a huge mansion in Miami which most of us will likely never be able to purchase.  We are overcharged by banks, streaming television (rather than ability to receive FREE LOCAL BROADCASTS) and technological big boxes. Big boxes which are more concerned about selling products than about servicing the technology and service to overturn cyber attacks.  This is not just money, but the unnecessary stress it puts on our lives, as we are attacked by those who change settings on our phones and equipment.

Let us bring back local newspapers and do so with more than just digital copies. The ones pushing for digital copies don’t work to bring us free local broadcast media and free broadband access.  Print copies of newspapers could also be free and thus advertisers could reach more people. 

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